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The graphic symbol used nowadays in the Western Country to symbolize the number one, a line in vertical, often with a short line at the top and occasionally a tiny horizontal line at the foot, draws its heredity return to the Indians who marked one as a single horizontal line, like the Chinese character. The Guptas marked one as an arched line. The Nagari sometimes joint a small circle at the left side. The people of Nepal rotated it at the right side. But they kept the ring small. It is ultimately turns into the top short line in the current numeral. The occasional very small horizontal row at the foot probably created with keeping the similarity with the Roman’s numeral. In some European states such as Germany, the small short line at the top is occasionally extended into a big horizontal line. Sometimes it is marked as big as the vertical line. It may lead to mystification with the graphic symbol for 7 in the other states. Where the number one is marked with a big horizontal line, the number seven possesses a horizontal row through the vertical line.
Number 1
People with number 1 have ruling planet as sun. They are having the most individualistic approach and having faith in their originality and acquire full strength. They have got an exceptional leadership quality with highly ambitious temperament. They wish to do something exceptionally great with the power which they have in their mind. They have a great enthusiasm to fulfill their goal with their courage as well as determination.

Since they follow their own conviction, they are none other than the leaders. They have a wonderful sense of creativity as well as a fair attempt to solve any problems associated to them.

They are really inclined towards their personal acquisitions. They also have got materialistic as well as worldly desires. People with number 1 as their numerological digit have a great association with love but in a dominating as well as commanding way. Since they are having a nature of authoritarian, this nature will always help them to get their status as well as ego.

The number one always possesses the prospective for greatness as a leader although they may fail as an admirer.

They are having some weaknesses as well. They are egoistic, self centered and aggressive. Since they have a desire to have a command on others, they easily get to lose their patience. They want to get respect from others and also wish to get attention from people. They also have got arrogance and pride with themselves. They have got selfishness in within their blood. Some group of people may like them for a particular period of time but disliking with develops gradually once they are opened to view the nature of their arrogance and dissatisfaction.

As per their career is concerned, they can be an innovator as well as an inventor in many fields. Even they would have their managerial skills. They can be their own boss in their business empire.