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shreya ghoshal Numerology

Born on: 12th March, 1984

Shreya Ghosal, the Bengali singer of Bollywood was born on 12 th March, 1984 in Murshidabad to parents Bishwajit and Sarmistha Ghosal. She studied from SIES College, Mumbai. She got her first singing debut in the film Yen Chellam in 2002 in Tamil and Dola Re Dola in 2002 with Bollywood. She married Shiladitya Mukherjee. She has four National Film awards for Devdas, Paheli, Jab We Met and the list is endless with present Deewani Mastani and Ghoomar. 26 th June is known as Shreya Ghosal Day which is given by US State of Ohio. Shreya judged the shows namely Voice of India, Indian Idol Junior.

Talents/Strengths : Loving, peace-maker, analytical, ideal partner.

Areas of Concern : Hanging back, not speaking up. Stuck on details, lonely

General Learning : Finding the right relationship. Needs harmony, order

Practical Expression : Diplomatic corps, counselor, partner in small business

  • 1. She possess a magnetic personality. She makes sure her thoughts and voice are heard loud enough.
  • 2. Shreya Ghoshal is attracted towards the field of philosophy, literature and performing arts. Even if she unable to make the profession, she never stop practicing them.
  • 3. She is never meek. She always love to express her views.
  • 4. Shreya Ghoshal is filled with high idealism and are adaptable.
  • 5. She as leaders or managers is incredibly generous to her subordinates. She is open-minded and liberal.
  • 6. She is very cheerful. Shreya Ghoshal ever hopeful and motivated in her life.
  • 7. She is talented and highly get appreciated in sports, film, acting, singing. She loves to watch her.
  • 8. She always thinks high about her. She can add sugary additives to her narratives!
  • 9. Shreya Ghoshal is extremely talkative. This quality earns the distrust of others.
  • 10. She never concern about the future. She actively lives in the present.

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