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saddam hussein Numerology

Born on: 28th April, 1979

The ex-president of Iraq Saddam Hussain also called the Butcher of Baghdad was born on 28 th April, 1937 and his father figure was Kharaillah Talfah who brought him up. He died on 30 th Dec, 2006 at the age of 69 due to execution by hanging. He married Sajida Talfah and Samira Shahbandar and five children. He gained power from 1979 and was known for his brutality. He was the president of Ba ath Party. In 2003 with the combined forces of US and UK he was captured from Iraq and was convicted with the charges of killing 148 Iraqi Shi a.

Talents/Strengths : Loving, peace-maker, analytical, ideal partner.

Areas of Concern : Hanging back, not speaking up. Stuck on details, lonely

General Learning : Finding the right relationship. Needs harmony, order

Practical Expression : Diplomatic corps, counselor, partner in small business

  • 1. He is endowed with high idealism. He is full of new hopes and ideas.
  • 2. However, Saddam Hussein is very fickle minded and does not think about the deeper aspects.
  • 3. He is multi-taskers. Nonetheless, he cannot stay on an absolute path.
  • 4. Saddam Hussein has a substantial amount of knowledge on every subject. His fickle nature, however, prevents him from having a more in-depth understanding of any one discipline.
  • 5. He is mentally alert person. He is visionary. He can quickly grasp things.
  • 6. He is very fierce and bold. However, Saddam Hussein lack the focus to stick to a plan. He is conqueror, not a ruler.
  • 7. He is naturally endowed with skills and talents in multiple sectors that can make his super successful. However, he tends to start numerous ventures at a time, leaving everything incomplete.
  • 8. Saddam Hussein needs to learn that he must concentrate on only one task at a time to execute successfully.
  • 9. He is having a sharp brain. He can work fast. New ideas and implementations make them smart worker. Initially, he can be super-achievers. He will find difficulties in maintaining success.
  • 10. He never stick with his preference. He loves new experiences. He loves to explore new places and taste multiple cuisines. From dressing up to lifestyle, he loves to add a touch of varieties.
  • 11. Saddam Hussein craves for freedom more than anything. He never stick to one job and are expert in doing multiple trades. He is avid adventurers and travelers.
  • 12. He makes numerous friends very quickly. Likewise, his nature never permits his to maintain a lifelong permanent friendship.
  • 13. He believes in the famous proverb, 'you reap what you sow.' He will stay with you if you are righteous. Once he sense negativity and dirt, he wont hesitate to leave.

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