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pooja sharma Numerology

Born on: 12th July, 1989

Pooja Sharma is an Indian television actress and model. She was born on 12th July 1989. She is notable for her role as Draupadi in Indian epic series Mahabharath(2013)aired on Star Plus. She began her career in a sports-based talk show in Doordarshan channel. She was also among the top 10 finalists of Femina Miss India 2006. She also did some ramp walks. She was part of modeling and ramp walks. She bagged her first acting debut in Teri Meri Love Story of Star Plus in 2012. She portrayed the character of Goddess Parvati/Kali in Colors TVs Mahakali-Anth Hi Arambh Hai.

Talents/Strengths : Inspired, intuitive, creative. Seeks to mprove the world.

Areas of Concern : Needs to avoid bad habits, and attend to life's details.

General Learning : To see the "big picture". To dream the dream.

Practical Expression : Community leader, organize small business owners.

  • 1. Pooja Sharma is expert in winning everyones heart. This is her secret to a successful life.
  • 2. She is prodigies who tend to make an impact on humankind.
  • 3. She is blessed with strong willpower. Her strength is to run or become the leader of an organization or group.
  • 4. Pooja Sharma is blessed with immense physical and mental strength.
  • 5. She is incredibly focused on her goals. Pooja Sharma is very bold and can face any obstacles to get what she wants.
  • 6. However, she do not seem to pay heed in trivial matters. This is not recommended. To achieve something in life, she must always look into the detailed aspects.
  • 7. Pooja Sharma is incredibly stubborn. Once she sets her heart onto something, there is no turning back.
  • 8. She must bring her focus and dream into reality. Her extreme hard work and presence of mind will bring her success . Not following her dream may make her inefficient.

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