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moushumi chatterjee Numerology

Born on: 26th April, 1970

The Bengali and Hindi film actress turned politician Indira Chatterjee aka Moushumi was born on 26 th April, 1948 in Howrah to father Prantosh Chattopadhyay. Her debut film was Balika Badhu in 1967 which won her BFJA best actress and Hindi debut in the film Anuraag in 1972. She married Jayant Mukherjee and has two children. She was very close to Mother Teresa and also did social works. She won another BFJA for her performance in Roti Kapda Aur Makaan in 1974. She used to juggle films in Bengali also won Filmfare for Goynar Baksho in 2014.

Talents/Strengths : A deep thinker, spiritually inclined. Unique, eccentric.

Areas of Concern : Too aloof and fears not living up to high standards. A loner.

General Learning : To seek answers to life's questions. Observe. Discover.

Practical Expression : Analytical field. Or self-employment in small business.

  • 1. She is endowed with high idealism. She is full of new hopes and ideas.
  • 2. However, Moushumi Chatterjee is very fickle minded and does not think about the deeper aspects.
  • 3. She is multi-taskers. Nonetheless, she cannot stay on an absolute path.
  • 4. Moushumi Chatterjee has a substantial amount of knowledge on every subject. Her fickle nature, however, prevents her from having a more in-depth understanding of any one discipline.
  • 5. She is mentally alert person. She is visionary. She can quickly grasp things.
  • 6. She is very fierce and bold. However, Moushumi Chatterjee lack the focus to stick to a plan. She is conqueror, not a ruler.
  • 7. She is naturally endowed with skills and talents in multiple sectors that can make her super successful. However, she tends to start numerous ventures at a time, leaving everything incomplete.
  • 8. Moushumi Chatterjee needs to learn that she must concentrate on only one task at a time to execute successfully.
  • 9. She is having a sharp brain. She can work fast. New ideas and implementations make them smart worker. Initially, she can be super-achievers. She will find difficulties in maintaining success.
  • 10. She never stick with her preference. She loves new experiences. She loves to explore new places and taste multiple cuisines. From dressing up to lifestyle, she loves to add a touch of varieties.
  • 11. Moushumi Chatterjee craves for freedom more than anything. She never stick to one job and are expert in doing multiple trades. She is avid adventurers and travelers.
  • 12. She makes numerous friends very quickly. Likewise, her nature never permits her to maintain a lifelong permanent friendship.
  • 13. She believes in the famous proverb, 'you reap what you sow.' She will stay with you if you are righteous. Once she sense negativity and dirt, she wont hesitate to leave.

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