Person Born on October 6th

If you are born on October 6th then Astrology or numerology can predicts many information about you as every year on October 6th Sun will be in same position. Every planets has different frequency and take more or less time to revolve around Sun compared to earth , hence all the other planet will be in different location every year on October 6th. Sun is the most powerful among all other powers hence Being Sun on a fixed location on October 6th on your birth date, a lot can be predicted about you from your horoscope or kundali..

Astrology Characteristics of October 6th :

You will have a great appreciation for literature, music, painting, poetry, the drama and even towards all form of fine arts in general. If you dont work in some of these things yourself, you will be a patron of them and you have a patronage in these fields. You will have a great personal magnetism. With this quality you will able to attract the people towards you very easily. You will be easily influenced by the people of your opposite gender. There is a possibility that you may have many love affairs and more than one marriage. You will have to face many trails, disappointments.

You will be popular among both your inferiors and those of your own station in life, especially if you allow your-self to take the responsibilities that will be offered to you from time to time. You will view life from a higher and more intellectual standpoint than most people, and you should do well in positions of authority over others and in public, municipal or governmental work of any kind, or as the head of large enterprises. You will have a very decided love for home and country and at the same time have a keen desire to extend your knowledge by travel and to investigate the conditions of other lands.

You will have to pass through a number of curious experiences and unusual situations through-out your life. You will love to entertain your friends and your family members. You also like to spend a quality time with them. You are a person who really likes the luxury and you also love to spend unnecessarily. It will be a cause of your monetary drop down at a large scale. Due to your pleasing and charming personality you will able to create a larger circle of friends and you will be a great general what even you may live. You are likely to take an interest in organization connected with benevolent institutions.

You also might do well if you become associated with national and political work on such fields. You are liable to take strong aversion to many people you come in contact with. You will have an interest to travel. Though you have a large circle of friends, sometimes you really fell restless and lonely. In ordinary business you would have many changes but any life of routine you do not be suitable to you. You will be likely to attempt things on a big scale, but with the help of your persistency, great will power and determination you are likely to see you through in the end. You will be tormented by the fear of poverty and so at times you may be considered as mean by those who go by the appearance. You are inclined to lack patience with others and lose control over your temper on the least provocation.

You are likely to be drawn into many law suits in the course of your life. You will never get through life without facing considerable danger from accidents also from cuts, Wounds, fires, explosions and surgical operations. You will be liable to have injuries to the eye and an upper-portion of the face and head. You are really fond of animals but you are advised to be careful before choosing your pets.

October 6th :

You will able to achieve few good friends at your school life and they will be with you up to the last part of your life. These friends also help you some of your problems. As you have a great quality of host or hostess, you will also get some good friends who are also your relative. You will be very friendly and entertaining towards your friends. You will achieve few supportive officemate at your working place and it is applicable for those who are working at the government sector. The persons who are working at the private sectors will get a helpful boss. The persons who are born on the month of July and later middle part of august will be very supportive and friendly towards you. But the persons, who are born on the first part of October will not able to be your friend because they will not able to agree with your views and ideas. So be selective and careful before selecting your friends and companies.

Astrology Health of Person born on October 6th :

There is a possibility that you may suffer from the various troubles which are related to your eyes. So you need a regular check up for your eyes. You have also the faults like weakness, delicacy or even curvature of the spine. So try to take a proper rest with a regular habit of nutritious food. You should prevent yourself from all types of rheumatism and gout. You will have the tendency to do over work. It may be mentally and physically. So there have a chance of a break-down of your nervous system. But if so the left rest will restore in to your good health. So you are a person who has a strong belief in some special form of diet which will be a great advantage to you and your health. It will make you strong and energetic than before. To live a long and healthy life you may select a dry climate.

Astrology Colour of Person born on October 6th :

If you want to make yourself more fortunate and prosperous, you must wear the dress with the colour of all shades of green. It may be from the lightest to darkest. You may also wear in some part of your dress or clothing of the above mentioned colour. The blue is lucky for those who are involved with any kind of charitable organizations. Violet colour is favourable for the students. If you are involved with social works or political party, you may wear the dress of the colour of mauve at important dates. Purple is lucky for the persons who are related to administrative sections. You may also wear the white dress. This white colour is mostly favourable for who are suffering from cardiac problem.

Astrology Finance of Person born on October 6th :

Your magnetic influence on others gives you a better success at your financial condition. At the same time you may put your leg in the scandals and calumny situations if you are hankering after money and fame. You will prosper a lot in the field of business and even industrial fields. So you can invest youre a proportion of money in the above respective fields. It will return you a huge amount of money which will make your financial condition to a high level. You will able to flourish your career to a long extent if you will attach with the public sectors.

Astrology Career of Person born on October 6th :

The business fortune is also available to you. So you may invest your money at your business ground and by this effort you may enlarge your career. You may start your career with the help of an individual project. It may be a small or a big one. You may be the leader of any project because through this you may able to flourish your career at a large scale. The career of the students is also smooth. But the students who are at the higher studies, they have to pay extra attention towards their studies. Other-wise they can-not be able to make their career perfect.

Famous Persons born on October 6th are listed bellow. They are historian, Film actors, Politician, Leaders, Artists, Scientists, Novel Winners, etc.

Famous PersonBorn On
Stephen Arroyo 06/10/1946
Ottavio Bianchi 06/10/1943
Georges Bidault 06/10/1899
Michael Boxleitner 06/10/1995
Tom Carradine 06/10/1972
Barbara Castle 06/10/1910
Jennifer Chute 06/10/1969
Frank Coppola 06/10/1899
Vin Custer 06/10/1919
Klaus Di Biasi 06/10/1947
Britt Ekland 06/10/1942
Edwin Fisher 06/10/1886
Jean Forrest 06/10/1921
Janet Gaynor 06/10/1906
Marion Goldstein 06/10/1955
Thor Heyerdahl 06/10/1914
Maria Jeritza 06/10/1887
Gene Johns 06/10/1927
Amy Jo Johnson 06/10/1970
William J Kennedy 06/10/1922
Patricia Kluge 06/10/1948
Le Corbusier 06/10/1887
Lord James Leechman 06/10/1906
Brigitta Liebstueckel 06/10/1954
Jenny Lind 06/10/1820
Carole Lombard 06/10/1908
Dan McCormick 06/10/1964
Kathleen Morford 06/10/1924
Paul Popham 06/10/1941
Cyrus Shepherd-Oppenheim 06/10/1987
Molly Shepherd-Oppenheim 06/10/1987
Cynthia Joan Smith 06/10/1967
J Stokes 06/10/1972
M Tantri 06/10/1885
Melody Vilbert 06/10/1976
George Westinghouse 06/10/1846
Edgar Young 06/10/1883

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