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Born on: 5th November, 1976

Sahil Khan was born on 5 November 1976. He is a professional bodybuilder. He started his career with the Stereo Nation Nachenge Sari Raat. His first film was offered by N. Chandra Style in the year 2001. This was a comedy film which became a box office hit. This was followed by its sequel Xcuse Me (2003) which is also a comedy movie. He went to star in movies like Yehi Hai Zindagi (2005), Double Cross( 2005), Aladin (2009), Ramaa: The Saviour (2010). He currently owns Indias first gym beach in the state of Goa.

Personal Year

He is to deal with everything old and prepare for the fresh cycle. Necessary and sometimes uncomfortable transitions are on the cards. Letting go and moving towards a fresh start is another essence of him. He must finally learn to rely on his inner instinct to make decisions. He will eventually learn that nothing good may come by making choices based on outsider's advice. He would tend to become self-conscious about his appearance and mental state now. Sahil Khan would make the natives obsessed with the art of perfection. He is advised to keep only those people closed who matter most in his life.

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