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Born on: 22nd January, 1950

Born on 22 nd Jan, 1950 in Mumbai, India Pamela Salem s best features are The great train robbery which was her debut film in 1978, never say never again in 1983, monsters etc. she was moved to Germany and there she completed her education and went to Central School for Speech and Drama in London. Her best work could be the negative character from Into the Labyrinth and Doctor Who. She was married to actor Michael O Hagan. Some of her television careers are The Onedin Line, the Adventurer, Party of Four etc.

Destiny Number

She is symbolic of a magnetic persona and gravitating nature. Pamela Salem is highly pragmatic in her approach to life. She is not the dreamers; she is go-getters. She has a particular interest in materialistic elements. In fact, material gain acts as her main motivation to work for success. Her eye for detail and perfection makes her perfect manager. She can be great bureaucrat and influencers who can go to any extent to get things done. Her commitment to her profession makes her impossible to devote her time to romance. Pamela Salem likely picks her partner from the work-place. She is with determination to reach great heights.

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