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Born on: 22nd January, 1950

Born on 22 nd Jan, 1950 in Mumbai, India Pamela Salem s best features are The great train robbery which was her debut film in 1978, never say never again in 1983, monsters etc. she was moved to Germany and there she completed her education and went to Central School for Speech and Drama in London. Her best work could be the negative character from Into the Labyrinth and Doctor Who. She was married to actor Michael O Hagan. Some of her television careers are The Onedin Line, the Adventurer, Party of Four etc.

Talents/Strengths : Decisive, forceful, good with money. Accomplished.

Areas of Concern : Often lacks feeling for those who stands in the way of goals.

General Learning : To take control, seek power, status.

Practical Expression : Professional field or operator of small business franchises.

  • 1. She is epitome to practicality and pragmatism. She is resilient and reliable.
  • 2. She is never concern with superficiality. Pamela Salem is entirely focused on her own world and self-attainment.
  • 3. She goes by the rules. She execute her work in a complete and tidy manner.
  • 4. Pamela Salem is less of a talker and more of an action taker. She never trades her principle for anything.
  • 5. She is incredibly confident. Pamela Salem is rigid to her idealism. She never get distracted by sensual pursuits.
  • 6. She is known to be a bit of a dogmatic. She is having particular respect for the old ways of life and etiquettes.
  • 7. Due to her extreme practical nature, she is having lesser imagination power.
  • 8. Pamela Salem, however, prone to jealousy. Nevertheless, she quickly regains her self-confidence and start working on her skills. She is devoid of emotions.
  • 9. She is a great manager. She can tactfully head the task by organizing her co-worker or group members. However, she tends to lose her sensitive side by overworking.
  • 10. She can be aptly compared to a mega concrete building. Her determination is famed. She do not trust the unknown.

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