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daily horoscope gemini Mithun Rashi today
Gemini Moon Sign Or Mithun Rashi Today : Your Moon Sign is Gemini or Rashi is Mithun. Which means in your birth chart moon is positioned in Zodiac sign Gemini or Mithun. If you do not know your moon sign then please click here to Know your Moon Sign (Rashi) ..

Currently (Today 24th, May, 2019) Moon is transitioning through Capricorn Moon Sign or Makara Rashi owned by planet Saturn and Uttarashada Nakshatra 2nd, 3rd, 4th padas, Shravana Nakshatra, Dhanishta Nakshatra 1st, 2nd padas. Nakshatra owners are Mars, Venus and Moon. Daily Horoscope Today Prediction of Gemini Moon Sign Or Mithun Rashi is following.

Your accomplishments may inflame jealousy in your rivals. This can lead them to conspire against you. Be extremely careful before stepping your foot. Neither loss nor profit may effect on your economic status but you may have to worry about both your mental and physical health.

Green is unlucky for you today. Avoid situations where there are threats and disputes may crop up. Today you shouldn’t enter into sale and purchase of goods, decision making, new projects and financial investments. Today is a good day to start a journey. Identify your detractors and stay away from them. Try to overcome your internal enemies like desire, greed, anger and complex and try to control them.

Remain careful while working. Today is a good day to repay long pending loans. Keep your house safe from thieves and keep your expenditure under control. In case of ailment, consult a doctor today. Today your mind will remain preoccupied with evil thoughts. Worship Lord Shiva and Krishna. Evaluate your relationship with your followers.

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