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Characteristics of Person born on september 25th :

You are intensely independent in work. You must do everything in your own way and if other interferer you generally make muddle of your plans or step back and let the other person to take their palaces. As a general rule you are unhappy in your domestic life. You rarely meet members of your opposite gender who understand you properly. On the domestic front opposition for you comes through you children. You are inclined to lack caution, being impulsive by nature and quick in thought and action. You go to extreme in all things and you are frank and outspoken, and you are inclined to make enemies for want to tact.

You are enormously ambitious and as a general rule you succeed in life. You would also do well in association with any form of mental science. You have a strong fascination towards literature and art. You may attract older people to you and your best friend may be those more or less ward and eccentric. You like the individualism and you are strongly individualistic in your work and ideas. You like to accumulate money because you have to pass through a poor condition in terms of financial condition during your childhood.

This urge may help you to make a good position for yourself in terms of economic status. You may be successful chemist. You also have luck for industries or business. You may be endowed with the same class of idealism. You like to refine the imagination and all thoughts of others. You may likely to be more materialistic. You may also be much attached to mysticism and fond of to the studies related to ghost and mythical elements.

You are critical at your heart. You may want to reason things out, but if once your reason is satisfied you may be extremely earnest in your conviction, but you may not be inclined to force your views on other people. You are generally high strung and your nerves are generally overwrought. You often lose control of yourself and then you say or do things that you bitterly regret later. You are generally very active for the public good and you may often give all you have to relieve the distress of others. You are a good reasoned. You are also very successful in debate and argument and you are difficult to convince. You generally have a scientific bend of minds.

Friends of Person born on september 25th :

The persons, who are born on the months of November and the later middle part of January, may have the quality to make a good friendship with you. On the contrary, the persons of March may not able to match their views and mentality with yours. So must be selective while you will select our friends. You may have a huge number of friends at your school life. But few of them may not be your type. Some of your college friends will be with you for your whole life and they may try to help you out from all kind of problems which may come at the way of your life. You may get some supportive office mates and it is applicable for those who are working at the private sectors.

Health of Person born on september 25th :

You may have the tendency to do over work. It may be mentally and physically. So there have a chance of a break-down of your nervous system. But if so the left rest may restore in to your good health. So you are a person who has a strong belief in some special form of diet which will be a great advantage to you and your health. It may make you strong and energetic than before. To live a long and healthy life you may select a dry climate. There is a possibility that you may suffer from the various troubles which are related to your eyes. So you need a regular check up for your eyes. You have also the faults like weakness, delicacy or even curvature of the spine. So try to take a proper rest with a regular habit of nutritious food. You should prevent yourself from all types of rheumatism and gout.

Colour: for Person born on september 25th :

If you want to meet your fortune more vibrant and prosperous, you must wear the dresses which have the touch of red colour. The persons who have the tendency of mental exhaustion, they may wear the dress of light colours because this colour may produce a saluted peace to you. The persons who are related to the fields of business, they can wear the dress with the colour of crimson at their important dates because this colour may bring a proper fortune for them. If you have any important interview related to service or any admission, you must wear the dress with the colour of rose which must be in light shade.

Finance of Person born on september 25th :

As you are an ambitious person and you want to make money a lot, you may somewhat able to gather a considerable amount of money in your life. You are very careful regarding your name and reputation and for this reason you may save some money from your earnings. You may able to flourish your financial condition if you engage with any enterprises. You also make your fortune bright in terms of financial condition if you make a prominent position at your business field. You are also able to gain a lot of property from your parental side. But it is also true that you have to face some difficulty and problems to achieve these properties. You are advised not lend money to others because there is a least chance to get back your money.

Career of Person born on september 25th :

Though you dont have the proper attention towards your career, but sometimes you feel that you have to be prosperous at your career. You may in touch with the history or historical assignments because these may give you a successful career at a large scale. You also have the good power of reasoning. For this reason you may attach with the field of any kind of administrative sections. You also be a good orator or preacher due to your good quality of speech and quickness of thought.

Famous Persons born on september 25th

They are historian, Film actors, Politician, Leaders, Artists, Scientists, Novel Winners, etc.

Famous PersonBorn On
Jacqueline Audry 25/09/1908
Leila Berkheim 25/09/1948
Leon Boellmann 25/09/1862
Robert Bresson 25/09/1901
Kathleen Brown 25/09/1945
Matthew Garrison Chapman 25/09/1987
Gilberte Cournand 25/09/1913
Marlene Cummings 25/09/1935
Maurilio De Zolt 25/09/1950
Charlotte Diedrich 25/09/1909
Michael Douglas 25/09/1944
William Faulkner 25/09/1897
Joe Greene 25/09/1946
Mark Hamill 25/09/1951
Prince Johan Frisco 25/09/1968
Randy Kerber 25/09/1958
Amyr Klynk 25/09/1955
Heather Locklear 25/09/1961
Bob McAdoo 25/09/1951
Robert Muldoon 25/09/1921
Loredana Nimis 25/09/1965
Silvana Pampanini 25/09/1925
Sandro Pertini 25/09/1896
Wendell Phillips 25/09/1921
Barbara Plekker 25/09/1938
Christopher Reeve 25/09/1952
William M Rossetti 25/09/1829
Dimitri Shostakovich 25/09/1906
Red Smith 25/09/1905
Cheryl Tiegs 25/09/1947
Johannes Vaihinger 25/09/1852
Patric Walker 25/09/1931
Barbara Walters 25/09/1929
Dee Dee Warwick 25/09/1942
Cecil Womack 25/09/1947
Catherine Zeta-Jones 25/09/1969
Karl Alfred von Zittel 25/09/1839
Zucchero 25/09/1955
Frederick Kohner 25/09/1905
Salvo Randone 25/09/1906
Michael Brennan 25/09/1912
Pitt Herbert 25/09/1914
Victor Saville 25/09/1915
Eduardo Noriega 25/09/1916
Jorge Martínez de Hoyos 25/09/1920
Luciano Salce 25/09/1922
Silvana Pampanini 25/09/1925
Jack N. Young 25/09/1926
Edward Penn 25/09/1926
Aldo Ray 25/09/1926
John Ericson 25/09/1926
Harold Becker 25/09/1928
Don Draper 25/09/1929
Barbara Walters 25/09/1929
Shel Silverstein 25/09/1930
Elsa Aguirre 25/09/1930
Brian Murphy 25/09/1932
Glenn Gould 25/09/1932
Mitzi Hoag 25/09/1932
Henry Kendrick 25/09/1933
Claire Brennen 25/09/1934
Robert Bresson 25/09/1934
Jay Sheffield 25/09/1934
Jean Sorel 25/09/1934
Irène Tunc 25/09/1935
Louisa Moritz 25/09/1936
Ronnie Robertson 25/09/1937
Feroz Khan 25/09/1939
Drew Snyder 25/09/1946
Cheryl Tiegs 25/09/1947
Colleen Atwood 25/09/1948
Caroline Kava 25/09/1949
Jack Bender 25/09/1949
Anson Williams 25/09/1949
Jim Moody 25/09/1949
David Irving 25/09/1949
Bernard Le Coq 25/09/1950
Cynthia Wood 25/09/1950
Eric Ellis Overmyer 25/09/1951
Leslie Bohem 25/09/1951
Christopher Reeve 25/09/1952
Colin Friels 25/09/1952
Tommy Norden 25/09/1952
Deirdre Berthrong 25/09/1952
Eva Ein 25/09/1952
Jayne Houdyshell 25/09/1953
Lee Aaker 25/09/1954
Shelley King 25/09/1955
Teresa Kelly 25/09/1955
Heidi Von Beltz 25/09/1955
Debra Dusay 25/09/1956
Marty Schiff 25/09/1956
Robert Lee 25/09/1957
Edie Lehmann Boddicker 25/09/1957
Ian Reddington 25/09/1957
Robyn Nevin 25/09/1959
Sam Whipple 25/09/1960
Satyajeet 25/09/1960
Heather Locklear 25/09/1961
Mehmet Aslantug 25/09/1961
David Bedella 25/09/1962
Aida Turturro 25/09/1962
Beth Toussaint 25/09/1962
Christina Veronica 25/09/1962
Maria Doyle Kennedy 25/09/1964
Anita Barone 25/09/1964
Kikuko Inoue 25/09/1964
Carlos Ruiz Zafón 25/09/1964
Josh Taylor 25/09/1965
Saffron Henderson 25/09/1965
Rob Schmidt 25/09/1965
Scottie Pippen 25/09/1965
Alex Reid 25/09/1965
Ramon 'Bong' Revilla Jr. 25/09/1966
Niccolò Ammaniti 25/09/1966
Tracy 'Twinkie' Byrd 25/09/1966
Sergey Bondarchuk 25/09/1966
Jason Flemyng 25/09/1966
Ashwin Sood 25/09/1967
Eddie Baroo 25/09/1968
Will Smith 25/09/1968
Pedro Almodóvar 25/09/1968
Catherine Zeta-Jones 25/09/1969
Hal Sparks 25/09/1969
David Benioff 25/09/1970
Ernesto Alterio 25/09/1970
Tarina Pouncy 25/09/1970
Frank Howard 25/09/1970
Corinne Clark 25/09/1970
Tanja Lorentzon 25/09/1971
Jeff Bollow 25/09/1971
Sasha Behar 25/09/1971
Richard Harvey 25/09/1972
Claire Borotra 25/09/1973
Bridget Marquardt 25/09/1973
Bridgette Wilson-Sampras 25/09/1973
Declan Donnelly 25/09/1975
Marc Vigil 25/09/1975
Maya Sansa 25/09/1975
Michael Douglas 25/09/1975
Ervin Nagy 25/09/1976
Santigold 25/09/1976
Charlotte Ayanna 25/09/1976
Joel David Moore 25/09/1977
Robbie Jones 25/09/1977
Clea DuVall 25/09/1977
Mark Hamill 25/09/1977
Philip Haldiman 25/09/1977
Gonçalo Waddington 25/09/1977
Jodie Kidd 25/09/1978
Ashley Cooper Kerns 25/09/1978
Francisco Celhay 25/09/1978
Johanna Goldsmith 25/09/1979
T.I. 25/09/1980
Chris Owen 25/09/1980
Elizabeth Hart 25/09/1980
Elio Germano 25/09/1980
Sawsan Badr 25/09/1980
Van Hansis 25/09/1981
Lee Norris 25/09/1981
Sarah Jayne Dunn 25/09/1981
Hyun Bin 25/09/1982
María Aura 25/09/1982
Luke Sholl 25/09/1983
Mark Chao 25/09/1984
Zach Woods 25/09/1984
Tate Donovan 25/09/1985
Jun-yeol Ryu 25/09/1986
Yoon-young Choi 25/09/1986
Nicole Fugere 25/09/1986
Gordon Currie 25/09/1987
Raja Fenske 25/09/1988
Joe Prospero 25/09/1988
Edison Wang 25/09/1989
Jordan Gavaris 25/09/1989
Zac Fox 25/09/1990
Daria Strokous 25/09/1990
Alix Bénézech 25/09/1991
Emmy Clarke 25/09/1991
Beste Kanar 25/09/1991
Ada Lupu 25/09/1991
Rosalía 25/09/1993
Elliott Cho 25/09/1994
Lily Mariye 25/09/1994
Jansen Panettiere 25/09/1994
Piper Anderson-Klotz 25/09/1994
Chadwick Pelletier 25/09/1996
Simon Barry 25/09/1998
Vilmos Heim 25/09/2000
Jamie Kovac 25/09/2001
Ali F. Mostafa 25/09/2003
Michael Madsen 25/09/2003

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