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Characteristics of Person born on september 24th :

You may have a natural serious disposition. You will be a deep thinker, good in reasoning and planning g for others. You are also excellent in debate. If the argument presented should sufficiently rouse you to either attack your opponent or defend yourself. You will, be very decidedly ambitious, not from vein glory or the love of power, but especially if you can see your way to be of help to others. You may be likely to make strange attachment to those inferiors to you mentally and morally, which will leave you tom open criticism and under hand opposition.

You may be inclined to develop your perspectives and views towards the life. There may be two courses opening before you at the very beginning. One may be a very strict, pure kind of life with a devotional or deeply religious trend much influenced by your family and your upbringing. The other one is that a desire for freedom from your home, love of adventure and an active life. You may follow one or the other, according the circumstances ruling your early years and the interests you develop.

You are really fond of travelling and most of the time of year you love to spend in your outdoor life. You also very good and very interested towards all kinds of outdoor sports and games. You are also very fascinated towards very animals specially dogs, cats and even horse. You are also a bird lover. You might be very successful at firming or in some large agricultural development or in the opening up of countries. You also like the gardening and flowering in small areas.

There is a possibility that you may face many difficulties in connection with your affections. You always ready to continue two love affairs at the same time. And the basic problem is that you never able to again any a heartily love from any one. In your early years of life you will be inclined to be attracted to the wrong person, the person may be already married or inferior to your own position and age. You are really sympathetic by nature. You are also love the romance. There is another side of your career and it is that you may sometimes be forced by others. You may go inferior some artistic career, such ads music, art or theatre. Through this field you will able to achieve considerable success. In any case, you may be likely to rise to some high position in whatever your career may be.

Friends of Person born on september 24th :

You are a person who have a lots of friends both good and bad qualities. So be selective while you are selecting your friends. Your good friends may help you a lot to overcome your bad situations. The persons who are born in the months of February, April and December, may be the favourable person for you. You also have the great fortune because you will able to get the pleasure of your supportive colleagues at your respective working fields. But the persons, who are born on the months of later part of February, and July, may be very dangerous for you. So try to stay apart from them.

Health of Person born on september 24th :

You may be well at your childhood but with the gradual process of time you may suffer from various kinds of ailments. It is a security statement for you that you may suffer from high blood pressure and heart disease from the very beginning of your middle age. You must be very careful and stay yourself apart from fire because there is a great possibility of an accident from fire. You are advised to be careful while you are in road because there is a great possibility of accident and all kind wounds from your journey. You also keep away from fire arms, explosions or even any kinds of fuels. You are endowed with a splendid constitution and great vitality. You possess the strength and immunity with the help of that you may able to recover yourself from any kind of diseases very quickly.

Colour: for Person born on september 24th :

The all shades of blue are favourable colour for the persons who are related to the government and municipal affairs. These colours may give you a proper vibration of fortune. You must wear the colours especially at your important dates. Mauve is the lucky colour for the students. If you have any important and serous interview, you must wear the dresses coloured by all shades of violet and mauve from lightest to the darkest because these colours may bring the luck for you. Red or rose is the favourable colour for the persons who are related to the any self financed projects. It may help you to flourish your career at a large scale.

Finance of Person born on september 24th :

You may able to earn a huge amount of money but you cant able to save them. You seldom die in rich. Money seems to melt in your hands and you rarely, if ever, make provision for your advanced years. You are advised to change your nature and save some money for the future because you may face some difficulties regarding your financial condition during the advanced period of your life and it may happen because in your old age you may have to suffer from some expensive diseases or may have to take some surgical operations which are very costly. As your business luck is favourable to you, you may gain a considerable amount of money from it but you are also advised to think twice or take experts decision before taking any serious decision regarding your business. The persons who are related to their self financed organization or projects may able to flourish their organization or projects within the help of their money which may come their respective fields of working.

Career of Person born on september 24th :

The students are more or less favourable at their career. But if you want to make your future more prosperous you have to pay more attention towards your studies. You may attach with the fields of literature because you possess a genius in your writing skill. You also have the artistic talent. So you may put you and into this fields also. This will able to make your career very smooth and prosperous. You may also involve with the entertainment world. From this you may get a huge popularity and success.

Famous Persons born on september 24th

They are historian, Film actors, Politician, Leaders, Artists, Scientists, Novel Winners, etc.

Famous PersonBorn On
Pedro Almodovar 24/09/1951
Thomas Dickson Armour 24/09/1896
Stella Del Banderas 24/09/1996
Natacha Canoletti 24/09/1972
Marjorie Claprood 24/09/1949
Jacqueline Courtney 24/09/1946
Elaine Defico 24/09/1950
Diedre Duncan 24/09/1906
F Fitzgerald 24/09/1896
Robert E Groves 24/09/1935
Ron Hale 24/09/1948
Phil Hartman 24/09/1948
Jim Henson 24/09/1936
Joseph Patrick II Kennedy 24/09/1952
Diana Kouassi 24/09/1962
Nico F March 24/09/1924
Linda McCartney 24/09/1941
Anthony Newley 24/09/1931
Kristina Pomukov 24/09/1953
Diaulas Riedel 24/09/1920
Kevin Sorbo 24/09/1958
Dorina Vaccaroni 24/09/1963
Albrecht von Wallenstein 24/09/1583
John Watts Young 24/09/1930
Victor Wong 24/09/1906
Renee Roberts 24/09/1908
Fern Barry 24/09/1909
Jean Servais 24/09/1910
Billy Bletcher 24/09/1913
Mary Jane Gumm 24/09/1915
Abel Salazar 24/09/1917
Joan Winfield 24/09/1918
Dayton Allen 24/09/1919
Sheila MacRae 24/09/1921
Laurie Williams 24/09/1922
Meche Barba 24/09/1922
Paul Baxley 24/09/1923
Theresa Merritt 24/09/1924
Arthur Malet 24/09/1927
Kelly Brown 24/09/1928
Henry 'Spike' Lee 24/09/1928
Lee Goodman 24/09/1929
Byrne Piven 24/09/1929
Angelo Muscat 24/09/1930
Herb Jeffries 24/09/1930
Eriprando Visconti 24/09/1932
Dominique Michel 24/09/1932
Robert Lang 24/09/1934
Annalena Lund 24/09/1934
Mickey Deans 24/09/1934
Stanley Lebor 24/09/1934
Donald Wrye 24/09/1934
Dee Pollock 24/09/1937
Michael Wadleigh 24/09/1939
Rick Vallin 24/09/1940
Igor Yasulovich 24/09/1941
Linda McCartney 24/09/1941
Hector Elias 24/09/1941
Mike Berry 24/09/1942
Kenneth Tigar 24/09/1942
Randall Duk Kim 24/09/1943
Tony Swartz 24/09/1943
Diana Körner 24/09/1944
Sandra Payne 24/09/1944
Catherine Burns 24/09/1945
Lou Dobbs 24/09/1945
Kuan Tai Chen 24/09/1945
Jacqueline Courtney 24/09/1946
Uschi Obermaier 24/09/1946
R.H. Thomson 24/09/1947
Erik Hivju 24/09/1947
Phil Hartman 24/09/1948
Harriet Walter 24/09/1950
Marie-Christine Adam 24/09/1950
Alan Colmes 24/09/1950
Rick Zumwalt 24/09/1951
Heinz Hoenig 24/09/1951
Rados Bajic 24/09/1953
Alan Wilder 24/09/1953
Mary McDonald-Lewis 24/09/1953
Helen Lederer 24/09/1954
Jim Henson 24/09/1955
Gene Corman 24/09/1956
Larry Gates 24/09/1956
Benedikte Hansen 24/09/1958
John Sampson 24/09/1958
Theo Paphitis 24/09/1959
Steve Whitmire 24/09/1959
Eartha Robinson 24/09/1960
Jack Dee 24/09/1961
Fiona Corke 24/09/1961
Luc Picard 24/09/1961
Pierre Cosso 24/09/1961
Rosamund Kwan 24/09/1962
Bert I. Gordon 24/09/1962
Nia Vardalos 24/09/1962
Bridget Jones 24/09/1964
Lena Wisborg 24/09/1965
Kieran Mulroney 24/09/1965
Gretchen Bonaduce 24/09/1965
Stacy Galina 24/09/1966
Kelly Jo Minter 24/09/1966
Megan Ward 24/09/1969
Goya Toledo 24/09/1969
Lisa Matthews 24/09/1969
Jeffery Scott Lando 24/09/1969
Jackie Guerrido 24/09/1970
Kristina Wayborn 24/09/1970
Malinda Williams 24/09/1970
Marc Guggenheim 24/09/1970
Mystery 24/09/1971
Shane Conrad 24/09/1971
Kate Fleetwood 24/09/1972
Finty Williams 24/09/1972
Pablo Rago 24/09/1972
Katherine Pine 24/09/1972
Neil Hope 24/09/1972
Eddie George 24/09/1973
Matleena Kuusniemi 24/09/1973
Kristofer McNeeley 24/09/1974
Suparn Verma 24/09/1974
Shirly Brener 24/09/1974
Jessie Camacho 24/09/1974
Larkin Malloy 24/09/1974
Jackie Sandler 24/09/1974
Fawnia Mondey 24/09/1975
Jan Gunnar Røise 24/09/1975
Ahmet Saraçoglu 24/09/1975
Louis Nero 24/09/1976
Reagan Dale Neis 24/09/1976
Stephanie McMahon 24/09/1976
Ian Bohen 24/09/1976
Jason Sarcinelli 24/09/1978
Denis Gómez 24/09/1978
Manuel Vignau 24/09/1978
Ross Mathews 24/09/1979
Erin Chambers 24/09/1979
Justin Bruening 24/09/1979
Ted Jan Roberts 24/09/1979
Paul Sutera 24/09/1979
Ginevra Elkann 24/09/1979
Casey Johnson 24/09/1979
Toygan Avanoglu 24/09/1979
Sebastian Achilles 24/09/1980
Tanit Phoenix Copley 24/09/1980
Andrew Leeds 24/09/1981
Rodene Ronquillo 24/09/1981
Tina Rodriguez 24/09/1982
Aaron Milo 24/09/1984
Lara Jean Chorostecki 24/09/1984
Jessica Lucas 24/09/1985
Kimberley Nixon 24/09/1985
David Anspaugh 24/09/1986
Nanda Costa 24/09/1986
Eloise Mumford 24/09/1986
Brit Morgan 24/09/1987
Kyle Sullivan 24/09/1988
Lauro David Chartrand-DelValle 24/09/1989
Pia Wurtzbach 24/09/1989
Izïa Higelin 24/09/1990
Jeremy Vincent Coman 24/09/1990
Stav Strashko 24/09/1992
Gordon Clapp 24/09/1993
Ben Platt 24/09/1993
Jeffery Bridges 24/09/1993
Aleksandra Bortich 24/09/1994
Timo Vasara 24/09/1994
Kevin Sorbo 24/09/1995
Albert Baró 24/09/1996
Stella Banderas 24/09/1996
Nicole Leduc 24/09/1999
Grace Wethor 24/09/2001
Marieh Delfino 24/09/2001
Mirja Turestedt 24/09/2002

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