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Characteristics of Person born on october 2nd :

In ordinary matters of life you may be inclined to be too sensitive and feel criticism keenly. But the call of emergency you will bring the strong side of your nature to the fore. For this reason you should be careful to decide on important issue when you are alone and free from the influence of the minds of others. You are a person of full of affection. You always feel a strong need of love. You are also sensitive and that is why it is really easy to hurt you. You have a tendency to believe others easily and for those reason you may be cheated or betrayed by others.

The people surrounded you always try to take the advantages of your simplicity. So you are advised to be a bit critical and careful. You may liable to miss good opportunities and it may affect your career at a large scale. You may be much influenced by your opposite gender and you may have many romantic experiences in the path of your life. You are really fond of travelling and always like to spend times in the outdoor. You also have the fascination for games and sports. You may be the fond o f the ocean or broad expense of water. But you are likely to experience considerable danger of drowning or accidents during travel.

All these situations and incidents may make you are strong at your personality. You have a great fascination towards art and artistic life. You may able to make a sincere appreciation for music, paintings and all the fine arts. You should lead a career which may lead you to such things from which you would find considerable a success to attain your career. You have a great taste in dresses. You also have a greater desire for luxury and the approbation of others. You like to spend money for the sake of your dresses, jewellery and even for your make over. You also have a strong liking for different types of aromas. You may be likely to suffer from models and severe fits of depression. You may be inclined to be doubtful of your own power of execution. You like to execute you r plans at your actions. You may be a strong inspiration for others. You have a keen sense of intuition in any great emergencies. You have the capability through which you able to visualize the outcome of your plans and having done so you may carry your plans out in spite of every opposition. It may be possible due to your super intellectual power.

Friends of Person born on october 2nd :

The persons who are born on the months of February and the later part of November may be very favourable for you in terms of friendship. Due to your outspoken quality you may able to make many friends as well as many enemies too. You love travelling and due to this very quality you also may make many friends over the country. You cannot be able to continue your friendship with a single person for a long. The friends, who are from your school life, may not be with you until the ends of your life. But you may able to get few supportive officemate in your working place and they will also be your good friends too. The persons, who are born on the month of May, will not be friendly towards you. They may try to make harm to you.

Health of Person born on october 2nd :

You may not able to maintain a good health in your life. You are ill by your health and from your mind too. You may able to make yourself healthy and well, if you be happy and contented. If you will unhappy, you may be ill and not all the medicine in the world may affect a cure. So you are advised not to take any mental pressure or anxiety. You may suffer from malnutrition, of blood, bad circulation and a general weakness of the spine. So it is very dangerous for you. You may also suffer from lumbar region and kidneys, all depending on whether you are in a depressed mental condition.

Colour: for Person born on october 2nd :

With the help of dark green coloured dresses, you may able to make your fortune more promising and prominent. The all shades of blue colour are fortunate for those who are related to the any government organization. The persons, who are related to art and architecture, may use the all shades of grey from the lightest to the darkest to make their fortune bright. The persons, who are related to the teaching profession may use the dresses coloured by mauve, purple and even violet. The all shades of white are very fortunate for the doctors. So all the persons related to their respective field, are advised to wear the dresses of their respective colours during their important dates and events. Yellow is the lucky colour for the students.


There is good news that you may able to possess the more or less well financial condition through-out their whole life. There is a possibility that you may able to gain a huge proportion of property form more than two sources. It may be form your fathers, mothers side and even from your father-in-laws side too. So there no need to take the any tension regarding the matter of your financial condition. You may prosper at your business too. So this may also able to flourish your financial condition.

Career of Person born on october 2nd :

You like the art and you may make your career more prosperous with the help of those fields which are related to artistic field. You may start your career as a painter or as a musician. You also may get involved with the field of cinema, theatre or even any kind of acting line. You also be able to flourish your career if you want to be a writer because you have a good literary sense. You are also able to write romantic poems and any other kind of poetry. The other professional field except the art and architecture may give you a bright future in terms of career. So you are advised to be very serious and thoughtful before selecting your respective field of action.

Famous Persons born on october 2nd

They are historian, Film actors, Politician, Leaders, Artists, Scientists, Novel Winners, etc.

Famous PersonBorn On
Joyce Balbontin 02/10/1939
David Birney 02/10/1984
Mollie Birney 02/10/1984
C Cooke 02/10/1941
Joanna Davis 02/10/1937
Saverio Ferrari 02/10/1950
Ferdinand Foch 02/10/1851
Mahatma Gandhi 02/10/1869
Mohandas Gandhi 02/10/1869
Betsey Goodspeed 02/10/1926
Graham Greene 02/10/1904
Paul Von Hindenburg 02/10/1847
Margaret Hone 02/10/1892
Augusta Kettendorf 02/10/1893
Persis Khambatta 02/10/1948
Willie Ley 02/10/1906
Gay Gaer Luce 02/10/1930
Groucho Marx 02/10/1890
Don McLean 02/10/1945
Dr Montgomery 02/10/1925
Michel Morin 02/10/1945
Sean O'Donnell 02/10/1934
Sydney George Old 02/10/1901
Ruth Bryan Owen 02/10/1885
Romina Power 02/10/1951
Ralph Arthur Roberts 02/10/1884
St 02/10/1932
Sting 02/10/1951
Alexander Todd 02/10/1907
Michel Trudeau 02/10/1975
Maury Wills 02/10/1932
Rita La Roy 02/10/1901
Harry Sweet 02/10/1901
Charles Drake 02/10/1917
Herb Voland 02/10/1918
Shirley Clarke 02/10/1919
Barton Yarborough 02/10/1920
James Dobson 02/10/1920
Tapan Sinha 02/10/1924
Clay Felker 02/10/1925
George 'Spanky' McFarland 02/10/1928
Rudy Challenger 02/10/1928
Moses Gunn 02/10/1929
Robin Hardy 02/10/1929
Robert Gothie 02/10/1929
Gabriel Woolf 02/10/1932
Pauline Chamberlain 02/10/1932
Noriko Ohara 02/10/1935
David Gale 02/10/1936
Johnnie L. Cochran Jr. 02/10/1937
Juliette Kaplan 02/10/1939
Sam Dastor 02/10/1941
Asha Parekh 02/10/1942
Karsten Johansson 02/10/1943
George DiCaprio 02/10/1943
Johnny Murphy 02/10/1943
Eduardo Serra 02/10/1943
Don McLean 02/10/1945
Regina Torné 02/10/1945
Laura Nicholson 02/10/1945
Gail Mutrux 02/10/1945
Eric Peterson 02/10/1946
Dale Soules 02/10/1946
Persis Khambatta 02/10/1948
John Romano 02/10/1948
Avery Brooks 02/10/1948
Sandy Ratcliff 02/10/1948
Donna Karan 02/10/1948
Annie Leibovitz 02/10/1949
Johnny Eimen 02/10/1949
Angelyne 02/10/1950
Bob Badami 02/10/1951
Romina Power 02/10/1951
Sting 02/10/1951
David Bradley 02/10/1953
Paul Thomas Arnold 02/10/1954
Belinda Mayne 02/10/1954
Jack Finney 02/10/1955
Mike Scully 02/10/1956
Charles Seabrook 02/10/1956
Freddie Jackson 02/10/1956
Rich Christiano 02/10/1956
Kymberly Herrin 02/10/1957
John Mighton 02/10/1957
Chip McAllister 02/10/1957
Daniel Peacock 02/10/1958
Mark Bish 02/10/1958
Lauren Sinclair 02/10/1958
Shinji Aramaki 02/10/1960
Terence Winter 02/10/1960
Kevin Booth 02/10/1961
Wyatt Earp 02/10/1962
Jeff Bennett 02/10/1962
Anders Engström 02/10/1963
Evgeniy Sidikhin 02/10/1964
Ellen Harvey 02/10/1965
Richard Ashton 02/10/1965
David Wu 02/10/1966
Kay Kay Menon 02/10/1966
Yokozuna 02/10/1966
Carlos Cuarón 02/10/1966
Jim Hanna 02/10/1967
Suki Kaiser 02/10/1967
Lew Temple 02/10/1967
Joey Slotnick 02/10/1968
Lucy Cohu 02/10/1968
Daniel Götschenhjelm 02/10/1968
Rohit Roy 02/10/1968
Dan Montgomery Jr. 02/10/1969
Murat Garibagaoglu 02/10/1969
Dragomir Mrsic 02/10/1969
Maribel Verdú 02/10/1970
Catherine Kellner 02/10/1970
Andrea Ragsdale 02/10/1970
Richard Hell 02/10/1970
Sandra Seacat 02/10/1970
James Root 02/10/1971
Julian Rozzell Jr. 02/10/1971
Chris Savino 02/10/1971
Ian McNeice 02/10/1971
Tiffany 02/10/1971
Nashawn Kearse 02/10/1972
Katherine Pope 02/10/1972
Jeffrey Weissman 02/10/1972
Susana González 02/10/1973
Proof 02/10/1973
Andrey Danilko 02/10/1973
Lene Nystrøm 02/10/1973
Lorraine Bracco 02/10/1974
Simon Gregson 02/10/1974
Courtney Hansen 02/10/1974
Rachana Banerjee 02/10/1974
Özlem Çinar 02/10/1974
James 'Kimo' Wills 02/10/1975
Eran Riklis 02/10/1975
Jon Valera 02/10/1975
Cemal Hünal 02/10/1976
Phil Oakey 02/10/1977
Adrian Quinonez 02/10/1977
Steffinnie Phrommany 02/10/1978
Adam O'Byrne 02/10/1979
Nathan Marlow 02/10/1979
Michael Fredianelli 02/10/1980
Goran Bogdan 02/10/1980
Arta Dobroshi 02/10/1980
Chad Bishoff 02/10/1980
Michele Nordin 02/10/1980
Sung-Jin Lee 02/10/1981
Stephanie Linus 02/10/1982
Michael Stevenson 02/10/1982
Alan Simpson 02/10/1983
John Morris 02/10/1984
J.J. Nolan 02/10/1985
G. Larry Butler 02/10/1985
Filip Berg 02/10/1986
Pancho Magno 02/10/1986
Joshua Grothe 02/10/1987
Chris Kendall 02/10/1987
Dia Frampton 02/10/1987
Kirara Asuka 02/10/1988
Danielle Miller 02/10/1988
Janina Uhse 02/10/1989
Danny McCarthy 02/10/1989
Marta Gastini 02/10/1989
Kristina Shannon 02/10/1989
Karissa Shannon 02/10/1989
María Evoli 02/10/1990
Samantha Barks 02/10/1990
Castille Landon 02/10/1991
Moriah Peters 02/10/1992
Katie Austin 02/10/1993
Cleo 02/10/1994
Joseph Baena 02/10/1997
Zack Morris 02/10/1998
Jordan Wright 02/10/2001
Christopher Larkin 02/10/2001
Jacob Sartorius 02/10/2002

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