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Characteristics of Person born on october 25th :

You have the great ability to commit to memory from books and you are often very successful in literary works. But as a general rule you love pleasure and society too much to make the best use of your gifts. You are governed by your sensations and by your loving nature. But affection has greater hold on you than passion. You are very unyielding in your determination and you are often called stiff-necked and obstinate, but when you love you are the most yielding and pliable of all, but only to those to whom you are attracted. You possess a great power of endurance, both physically and mentally.

You can pass through an enormous strain of fatigue as long as the excitement or determination lasts. You are easily influenced by your surroundings and you may be morbid and morose when trying to live under uncongenial conditions. The basic foundation of your character is that you like to describe yourself and the surroundings of you. You may have a considerable amount of self reliance and you are really creative and original in all your plans. You may be very patient and gentle, unless prodded to anger by jealousy and under hand work, but you may be, at times, liable to sudden outbursts of temper and passion if opposed in your plans and ambitions.

You would meet with success in any career that you would bring before the public. You may also be successful as an officer or you may involve yourself with any kinds of executive work. You may be the head of any institutions, business enterprises or often hospital. You have to be very careful before getting married or to be ain any relationship or partnership. You are attracted by hostile criticisms, calumny and in many cases from open scandal. You are really unconventional in your thoughts and actions. You are inclined to be daring and impulsive in your life.

You are more adventurous in your undertaking. You are extremely brilliant in brain. You may turn out remarkable work in whatever career you chose. You simply may shrug your shoulders and you will make no effort to change your attitude. You may have many changes in places of residence. You may be rather restless. You may find considerable difficulties in your love. You may have a naturally affable disposition. You are really attractive to the strangers and you really adaptable to your new surroundings. You may able to make a n enormous members of friends, almost too may for your own good, but a s general rule you may be very lucky, especially in your relationships with your opposite gender.

Friends of Person born on october 25th :

The persons who are born on the month of June and September may not be your friend because the mentality between you and these persons may not match at all. But the person who are born on the later part of January and early middle part of February may be your most close friend because they may able to match their vibes and views with you very easily. Your school friends may not be with you after your school life. But some of your college friends may be with you after your passing of college. The colleagues are supportive for the businessmen but the persons who are working with the administrative sections may get good and cooperative higher authority.

Health of Person born on october 25th :

You are a person of short temperament and it will lead you to the over strained condition both your mental and physical states. At times you may be liable to have fits of despondency which have a depressing effect on the digestive organs, leading eventually to acidity of the blood causing pains especially in the joints, bones and the knees. There is a possibility that you may suffer from heart problems in the later part of your life. You may suffer from the fever in the first part of their life. You also may suffer from the nervous disorder due to your excessive work pressure. You need to take the food in time to avoid your tendency of high per acidity. You have to maintain a diet balance food through-out your day and it must be continued through-out your whole life. It gives you a strong and everlasting life.

Colour: for Person born on october 25th :

Those who are related to the electrical sector like electrical engineers or any kind, they must wear the dress of all shades of dove grey, especially those known as electric greys. The mauve is lucky colour for the students if you have any important interview and you want to make your fortune favourable for you, you must wear the dress of all shades of violet from lightest to the darkest. The all shades of green colour are lucky for the people who are attached with the administrative section. Crme colour is favour able for those persons who are often suffer from mental anxieties. Purple is also favourable for the persons who are related to art and architecture because this colour may help you to think more deeply. All these above colour may make your fortune more vibrant and special with the help of their respective vibration.

Finance of Person born on october 25th :

You may be in trouble for the properties of your parents. So you need to be very careful and alert regarding that matter. Thereafter, to the end you may need to exercise great prudence and care if you want to keep your position and wealth at the fixed state. In the later part of your life you may be likely to control or have large sums of money passing through your hand. There is a requirement that you need to be very careful before any serious and large investment.

Career of Person born on october 25th :

You may to start your career from any private organisation. It may help you to flourish your talent at a large scale. The persons, who are with the fields of business, may able to flourish their business career with the help of a great person. So be thankful to the person. The private jobs also favourable for you too. But you need to be attentive towards your works. The students may able to make their career flourishing, if they able to pass themselves during the school life career because there is a possibility that you may get some great opportunities at your higher studies. But the main thing is that you need to use the proper choice at the proper time.

Famous Persons born on october 25th

They are historian, Film actors, Politician, Leaders, Artists, Scientists, Novel Winners, etc.

Famous PersonBorn On
Anne Amster 25/10/1946
John Berryman 25/10/1914
Jean Bruhnes 25/10/1869
Richard E Byrd 25/10/1888
Primo Carnera 25/10/1906
Dave Cowens 25/10/1948
Madame Davia 25/10/1861
Georgianne Dieson 25/10/1934
Robin Eldridge 25/10/1979
Tony Franciosa 25/10/1928
Evariste Galois 25/10/1811
Mary Ellen Glass 25/10/1944
Orso Maria Guerrini 25/10/1942
Fritz Haarmann 25/10/1879
Haley Jr 25/10/1933
Arlene Howell 25/10/1939
Gale Anne Hurd 25/10/1955
Bob Jansky 25/10/1932
Patricia Kleck 25/10/1957
Marjorie Ladd 25/10/1915
Jennie Larkin 25/10/1894
Ian MacGillivray 25/10/1920
Micheal MacLiammoir 25/10/1899
Carole Marvin 25/10/1929
Pablo Picasso 25/10/1881
Helen Reddy 25/10/1941
Eric Todd Richardson 25/10/1950
Lucinda Robb 25/10/1968
Rusty Schweickart 25/10/1935
Charline Shipman 25/10/1912
Achille Silverstrini 25/10/1923
Chad Smith 25/10/1962
Bartolemeo Sorge 25/10/1929
Johann II Strauss 25/10/1825
Russell Thaw 25/10/1910
Arthur Woodburn 25/10/1890
Catherine Yates 25/10/1900
William Ruhl 25/10/1901
Polly Ann Young 25/10/1908
True Boardman 25/10/1909
Ignacio F. Iquino 25/10/1910
Margaret Lacey 25/10/1911
Al Lewis 25/10/1912
Marjorie Thomson 25/10/1913
Maudie Prickett 25/10/1914
Emperatriz Carvajal 25/10/1917
Rico Alaniz 25/10/1919
Peter Howell 25/10/1919
Belita 25/10/1923
Jean Duceppe 25/10/1923
Billy Barty 25/10/1924
Marilyn Gleason 25/10/1925
Biff McGuire 25/10/1926
Steve Shagan 25/10/1927
Jeanne Cooper 25/10/1928
Anthony Franciosa 25/10/1928
Anil Chatterjee 25/10/1929
Robin Parkinson 25/10/1929
Sabine Bethmann 25/10/1931
Peter Dennis 25/10/1933
Jack Haley Jr. 25/10/1933
Eugene 'Porky' Lee 25/10/1933
Burt Brinckerhoff 25/10/1936
Masako Nozawa 25/10/1936
Nikos Nikolaidis 25/10/1939
Terry Gill 25/10/1939
Whit Bissell 25/10/1940
Jimmy Herman 25/10/1940
Valorie Armstrong 25/10/1941
Gloria Katz 25/10/1942
Orso Maria Guerrini 25/10/1943
James Carville 25/10/1944
David S. Ward 25/10/1945
Aparna Sen 25/10/1945
Leigh Christian 25/10/1945
Krzysztof Piesiewicz 25/10/1945
Monie Ellis 25/10/1947
Bobby Rhodes 25/10/1947
Jake Glaser 25/10/1947
Jan Kanyza 25/10/1947
Ata Johnson 25/10/1948
Ross Bagdasarian Jr. 25/10/1949
Soledad St. Hilaire 25/10/1950
Mark L. Taylor 25/10/1950
Shelley Smith 25/10/1952
Nora Chavooshian 25/10/1953
Hannes Hellmann 25/10/1954
Lito Lapid 25/10/1955
Gale Anne Hurd 25/10/1955
Glynis Barber 25/10/1955
Paul Regina 25/10/1956
Soni Razdan 25/10/1956
Nancy Cartwright 25/10/1957
Simon Gipps-Kent 25/10/1958
Phil Daniels 25/10/1958
Lenore Smith 25/10/1958
Tom Eplin 25/10/1960
Jon Anderson 25/10/1960
Sang-soo Hong 25/10/1960
Milton Selzer 25/10/1960
Chad Smith 25/10/1961
David Furnish 25/10/1962
Darlene Vogel 25/10/1962
Steve Gainer 25/10/1962
Nick Hancock 25/10/1962
Erika Anderson 25/10/1963
Mike Müller 25/10/1963
Stina Rautelin 25/10/1963
Michael Boatman 25/10/1964
Navneet Nishan 25/10/1965
Mathieu Amalric 25/10/1965
Þorsteinn Bachmann 25/10/1965
Nancy Lynette Parker 25/10/1968
Helen Reddy 25/10/1970
Adam Pascal 25/10/1970
Chely Wright 25/10/1970
Ed Robertson 25/10/1970
Craig Robinson 25/10/1971
Michael Soltis 25/10/1971
Pietro Sermonti 25/10/1971
Athena Chu 25/10/1971
Leslie Grossman 25/10/1971
Promise LaMarco 25/10/1972
Brian Kerwin 25/10/1972
Anna Getty 25/10/1972
Dan Wells 25/10/1973
Michael Weston 25/10/1973
Eve Blangiardo 25/10/1973
Pau Freixas 25/10/1973
Gordon Tootoosis 25/10/1974
Marion Ross 25/10/1974
Maya Dagan 25/10/1975
Antony Starr 25/10/1975
Sebastien Vandenberghe 25/10/1976
Dimitri Vantis 25/10/1976
David Tainton 25/10/1976
Julia Malik 25/10/1976
Annie Girardot 25/10/1977
Anita Rani 25/10/1977
Andre Meadows 25/10/1978
Zachary Knighton 25/10/1978
Sarah Thompson 25/10/1979
Rosa Mendes 25/10/1979
Mikhail Galustyan 25/10/1979
Bat for Lashes 25/10/1979
Ben Gould 25/10/1980
Joseph Garner 25/10/1980
Geneviève Appleton 25/10/1980
Oliver Goodwill 25/10/1982
Dmitriy Vorontsov 25/10/1982
Michael Justice 25/10/1982
Kelly Aldridge 25/10/1984
Dylan Bridges 25/10/1984
Ami Haruna 25/10/1984
Sabrina Aldridge 25/10/1984
Natalie Scheetz 25/10/1984
Sophie Gradon 25/10/1985
Ciara 25/10/1985
Peng Lin 25/10/1986
Will Harris 25/10/1986
Katelyn Gault 25/10/1987
Rylan Clark-Neal 25/10/1988
Anh Duong 25/10/1988
Krista Marie Yu 25/10/1988
Neha Saxena 25/10/1989
Seth Mumy 25/10/1989
Jonathan Torrens 25/10/1989
Bessie Carter 25/10/1993
Zeno Robinson 25/10/1993
Kelley Missal 25/10/1993
Lauran Irion 25/10/1994
Victoria Scott 25/10/1994
Conchita Campbell 25/10/1995
Taisiya Vilkova 25/10/1996
Tyler Alvarez 25/10/1997
Willem Herbots 25/10/1999
Josh Henderson 25/10/2000
Chloe Rose 25/10/2001
Johnny Sequoyah 25/10/2002
John Robinson 25/10/2003

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