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Characteristics of Person born on october 17th :

Your sympathies may be easily aroused for the sufferings of others and you may many demands in your working field and locality. You may have remarkable intuitions and you are really accurate in your dreams. You may be very favourable to you but you may have to guard against a desire for too much pleasure entertaining and love of good things of life. You may be highly intellectual. You are inclined to devote yourself to some serious study than being involved in social life. You may be an excellent doctor, scientist or even a lawyer. If you are a woman you have a great passion for reading. So you have the quality to be a good writer. As a general rule you will be a social reformer.

You may become interested in far reaching political questions that affects the masses, or you may throw yourself heart and soul into some cause which you believe is for the good of humanity at large. You possess a great opposition due to your unconventional views. You have to face many difficulties to reach your goals. From the material point of view you may be able very wealthy and rich but in the most if the cases you like to adapt the unusual ways. You like to find the institutions or hospitals by donate your money and land. You are really a home sick personal and you like to spend time with your family.

You also be an example of lots of sorrows and afflictions because you have to lose someone whom you really love. You have to suffer from various kinds of disease. You are often misunderstood by others and it may happen especially with your parents. You are not good at defending yourself. As employee you often experience broken contacts and harass treatments from superiors. You have to work hard to earn money and it also true that you may have few inherited money.

There is a possibility that you may face the death of your parent or your any close relatives. You may be fortunate in associations with large concern, especially those engaged industry, mining, the opening up and development of land, transportation and possibly shipping. You are really ambitious but you have to face some difficulties to attain your goal. You may have an intense longing for outdoor life and you are also fond all kinds of sports. However you should be extremely careful in all matters of carrying guns. You may be extremely generous if allowed to have your own way, but as hard as iron is opposed, or if anyone should try to advantage of you even in the smallest way.

Friends of Person born on october 17th :

Those who are born in the months of June and early middle part of September may be very close to you. So try to make friendship with them. They may try their level best to help you out from any kind of problems and difficult situations. But the persons, who are born on the middle of November and early part of December, may not be suitable for you at all. They may always try to make harm to you. So try to avoid them deliberately. The friends from your school life may sustain with you up to your college life. Some of your school friends may remain with you up to the end of your middle age. You cannot be able to make any friends in proper term at your college life. You may get few good officemate at your working place and applicable for those who are working and privet and government sectors. The persons who are attached with the political sections may achieve a supportive higher authority

Health of Person born on october 17th :

You may have the severe tendency of acidity, indigestion, pain in feet. Instead of that you may have a great vitality. You have a tendency to get cold very early and you may suffer a lot for this. This also leads you a severe breathing problem. Before taking any kind of medicine, you must get a wide regarding that medicine because there have a chance that you will suffer due to unnecessary and wrong intake of medicine. If you want to avoid these kinds of problems, you may stay in such places with dry climate.

Colour: for Person born on october 17th :

If you want to make your life and career more prosperous and flourishing, you must wear the dress coloured by violet or mauve. Purple colour is lucky for students and even for the doctors. All dark colours are favourable and fortunate for those who are related to the fields of psychology to the administrative sections. You must wear the dress of this particular colour at your important dates. The persons who are working at the aircrafts and airlines always wear a dress of yellow colour because those colours may bring fortune for you.

Finance of Person born on october 17th :

Those who are attached with the business and any kind of self financed projects, are advised to take a second opinion or think twice before taking any major decisions or invest a lump-sum amount of money at your business field or yourself financed project because there is a great possibility of huge loses. You may get a lot of opportunities to increase your financial condition but it entirely depends upon you because you need to take the right opportunity at the right time. With the help of your good fortune, you may able to earn a huge amount of money but the pathetic forecast is that you can-not be able to save the money even a bit and it would be happen due to your unnecessary spending and luxury. These kinds of activities may have a horror of getting you into a debt. Though a lot of money may be in your hand, you are advised to have a sound and practical ideas as to investment.

Career of Person born on october 17th :

The persons who are related to the business, they may able to flourish their business field with the help of a great person. So be thankful to the person. You may also start your career with any private sectors because this opportunity may help you to increase your career to a large scale. As you are a person of with due literary sense, you may start your career with the field of literature. It may be the any kinds of writer, or literary personnel. It may able to make your career more flourishing and prominent. The students may able to reach their goals. But they have to be very careful at their studies, especially for those who are at the higher studies.

Famous Persons born on october 17th

They are historian, Film actors, Politician, Leaders, Artists, Scientists, Novel Winners, etc.

Famous PersonBorn On
Dana Allman 17/10/1964
Paul Anderson 17/10/1932
Andra Jr 17/10/1913
Juliana Appenrodt 17/10/1990
Robin Armstrong 17/10/1946
Alain Jean Assailly 17/10/1909
Borlinghaus Jr 17/10/1916
Sam Bottoms 17/10/1955
Jen Caltrider 17/10/1972
Montgomery Clift 17/10/1920
Elizabeth Patrice Cupples 17/10/1989
Archibald Duncan 17/10/1926
Theodor Eiche 17/10/1892
Elinor Glyn 17/10/1864
Rita Hayworth 17/10/1918
Marsha Hunt 17/10/1917
Lavina Jo King 17/10/1929
Evel Knievel 17/10/1938
Laura Krall 17/10/1956
Linda Leitch 17/10/1946
Jay McGillis 17/10/1970
Arthur Miller 17/10/1915
Antonio Ottaviano 17/10/1965
Pope John Paul I 17/10/1912
Ingrid Porteale 17/10/1981
Sharon Powers 17/10/1946
Gary Puckett 17/10/1942
William Rauscher 17/10/1932
Franca Ravedone 17/10/1945
Edouard Albert Roche 17/10/1820
Jimmy Seals 17/10/1942
Sydney Brooke Simpson 17/10/1985
Simon Vestdijk 17/10/1898
Michael Vrontakis 17/10/1964
Barbara H Watters 17/10/1907
Eva Wildes 17/10/1935
Casey Robinson 17/10/1903
Arthur Miller 17/10/1915
Olive Brasno 17/10/1917
Rita Hayworth 17/10/1918
Don Hanmer 17/10/1919
Rudolf Hrusínský 17/10/1920
Montgomery Clift 17/10/1920
Zully Moreno 17/10/1920
Bud Townsend 17/10/1921
Tom Poston 17/10/1921
Antony Gibbs 17/10/1925
Alan Bergmann 17/10/1927
Jimmy Breslin 17/10/1928
Ann Crowley 17/10/1929
Marian Marsh 17/10/1930
Jerry Siegel 17/10/1931
Paul Anderson 17/10/1932
Bill Anders 17/10/1933
Rose Gregorio 17/10/1934
Gretchen Cryer 17/10/1935
David Buck 17/10/1936
Delores Wells 17/10/1937
Zulu 17/10/1937
Paxton Whitehead 17/10/1937
Evel Knievel 17/10/1938
Robert F. Lyons 17/10/1939
Marion Michael 17/10/1940
Jim Seals 17/10/1941
Earl Thomas Conley 17/10/1941
Gary Puckett 17/10/1942
Kelly Monteith 17/10/1942
Sabrina Scharf 17/10/1943
Elaine Taylor 17/10/1943
Michael Reeves 17/10/1943
Carol Cole 17/10/1944
Thomas Kopache 17/10/1945
Clive Clerk 17/10/1945
Manuel 'Flaco' Ibáñez 17/10/1946
Cameron Mackintosh 17/10/1946
Bob Seagren 17/10/1946
Michael McKean 17/10/1947
Nuno Leal Maia 17/10/1947
Barney Kessel 17/10/1947
Karel Hermánek 17/10/1947
Simi Garewal 17/10/1947
Valentina Kosobutskaya 17/10/1947
Robert Jordan 17/10/1948
Kuo-Chu Chang 17/10/1948
Bill Hudson 17/10/1949
Marsha Hunt 17/10/1950
Howard E. Rollins Jr. 17/10/1950
Joan Prather 17/10/1950
Michael Tolkin 17/10/1950
Dean Shek 17/10/1950
Özkan Ugur 17/10/1953
Daniela Poggi 17/10/1954
Smita Patil 17/10/1955
Sam Bottoms 17/10/1955
Hans Petter Moland 17/10/1955
Mae C. Jemison 17/10/1956
Anthony Ruiz 17/10/1956
Bud Klasky 17/10/1957
Michael Ritchie 17/10/1957
Joshua Blyden 17/10/1957
Vincent Van Patten 17/10/1957
Kenneth J. Hall 17/10/1958
Alan Jackson 17/10/1958
Norm MacDonald 17/10/1959
Richard Roeper 17/10/1959
Andy Ostroy 17/10/1959
John Marley 17/10/1960
Rob Marshall 17/10/1960
Irene Ryan 17/10/1962
Mike Judge 17/10/1962
Hilary Edson 17/10/1962
Stuart Quan 17/10/1962
Cynthia Bain 17/10/1963
Toby Young 17/10/1963
Bill Boes 17/10/1963
Casey Niccoli 17/10/1964
Rhys Muldoon 17/10/1965
Gina Portman 17/10/1965
Sanjay Kapoor 17/10/1965
Andrea Powell 17/10/1965
Keith Fulton 17/10/1965
Venus Terzo 17/10/1967
Christopher Reed 17/10/1967
Ziggy Marley 17/10/1968
Matthias Matschke 17/10/1968
Nancy Sullivan 17/10/1969
Wyclef Jean 17/10/1969
Ernesto Contreras 17/10/1969
Rick Mercer 17/10/1969
Steve Maslow 17/10/1969
Mahtab Keramati 17/10/1970
Shauna O'Brien 17/10/1970
Eva Dorrepaal 17/10/1970
Chris Kirkpatrick 17/10/1971
Andy Whitfield 17/10/1971
Britt George 17/10/1971
Lauren Clair 17/10/1973
Björn Bengtsson 17/10/1973
Rizwan Manji 17/10/1974
Myroslav Slaboshpytskyi 17/10/1974
Ambrose Hui 17/10/1976
Brooke Richards 17/10/1976
Adrian Sturges 17/10/1976
Aleksandr Ustyugov 17/10/1976
Bryan Bertino 17/10/1977
Laura Regan 17/10/1977
Del Synnott 17/10/1977
Erin Karpluk 17/10/1978
Bruce Mackinnon 17/10/1978
Deanna Russo 17/10/1979
Giles Daoust 17/10/1979
Luciana Paes 17/10/1980
Conor Timmis 17/10/1980
Holly Holm 17/10/1981
Sophie Dal 17/10/1981
Jessica Zucha 17/10/1982
Daniel Booko 17/10/1983
Cosima Coppola 17/10/1983
Luke Rockhold 17/10/1984
Chris Lowell 17/10/1984
Aymeline Valade 17/10/1984
Max Irons 17/10/1985
Scott Bolger 17/10/1985
Baran Kosari 17/10/1985
Cecilia Dazzi 17/10/1986
Görkem Sevindik 17/10/1986
Kristine Leahy 17/10/1986
Sarah Minnich 17/10/1987
Bea Alonzo 17/10/1987
Autumn Lynn 17/10/1987
Marina Salas 17/10/1988
Dee Jay Daniels 17/10/1988
Tôri Matsuzaka 17/10/1988
Sophie Luck 17/10/1989
Lyndsi LaRose 17/10/1989
Anastasiya Evgrafova 17/10/1990
Scarlett Moffatt 17/10/1990
Marie-Josee Dionne 17/10/1990
Brenda Asnicar 17/10/1991
Bárbara Paz 17/10/1992
Lawrence Bender 17/10/1992
Nanami Sakuraba 17/10/1992
Witney Carson 17/10/1993
Alexandria Calabrese 17/10/1995
Megan Calabrese 17/10/1995
Karen Reyes 17/10/1996
Alyssa Baker 17/10/1997
William Hagedorn-Rasmussen 17/10/1998
Cristine Rotenberg 17/10/2000

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