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Characteristics of Person born on november 8th :

You love to search out or investigate the unknown things, the philosophical and even the mysterious matters. Although generous, you do not allow your generous instinct to get the better of you, unless you are under the influence of someone you love. In such a case you become easily influenced and you are as likely as not to give away all you possess. You are a person who can overcome your sensitiveness very easily and you may also develop your may power. There is no position in life which you could not attain. You may engage in but inclines to be rather impetuous and head strong in your action.

You should develop patience and you may give yourself as much of time as possible to think out your plans. You may incline to be over optimistic, too hopeful and rebel against delays or the difficulties that you may have to meet. You may slowly and surely develop a sense of power and self confidence which may have been missing in the early years of your life and it may be well for you develop this feeling. You are a home sick person and you possess a strong love of home and home ties.

You may often find yourself at variance with members of your family and you may be liable to loss to their actions. You will make head way and you may gain as much success as others in the scheme of life. It is also possible that you may achieve the greatest victory of your life. You may able to spend your quality times with your life partners and with your children. You may able to overcome all the fatalistic problems with the help of your proper intellect and may power. You possess an independent view of life.

You have a tendency that you like to precede over others and you love to establish your views and ideas whether it is right or wrong. You may be rather one sided in your approach. You are inclined to feel that everyone is against you and if you do not conquer such feelings, you have to be affected due to this. You may be liable to bring great sorrow in to your life through unfavourable love affairs and secret aliens.

You may be egoistical in such matters and you will find it difficult to accept the advice. You are an extremely clever person. You like to take decisions from your brain not by using your heart. Your persistency could be put to good use in striving for what you want to accomplish. Your intensely sensitive nature could be raise by self sacrifice to the highest plane of thought. Your strong emotional temperament if under proper control could be the liver to remove all obstacles from your path and you will win people over to you.

Friends of Person born on november 8th :

The persons, who are born on the month of January and third week of March, may not be able to match their mentality and vibes with you and it would be a cause of misunderstanding between you and these people. So try to stay yourself apart from these particular people. But those, who are born on the month of April, may be your good and supportive friend in proper sense. So try to be with them and stretch your helping hand towards them also. You may make a huge number of friends at your school life but it is not applicable during your course in college and higher studies. But at the working filed you may successful to achieve few cooperative office-mates and a cooperative boss also. This achievement may help you to make a prosperous career.

Health of Person born on november 8th :

There is no special disease you may be liable to except acute attacks of indigestion, principally brought on by excessive mental effort, and stain on your nerves, together with some tendency for lung trouble especially in your early years. So you are advised to take care of yourself and try to get food on regular basis and in time. You are also advised to take the regular exercise and morning walk for fresh air and healthy life. You may also suffer from the aliments for lack of sleep. So you must take at least eight hours sleep. You may live on your fund of nervous energy. But you will at times run down like an electric battery that has been over worked.

Colour: for Person born on november 8th :

All shades of violet are favourable for those who are dealing with the fields of business. Mauve is favourable for the students. If you have any interview for new job, you must wear the dress or at least in some part of your clothing with the colour of purple. All shades of light colour with glistening materials are fortunate for those who are related to the social work as well as politics. All shades of green are favourable colour for those who are attached with government and private sector. All the above mentioned colours are favourable and lucky for the respective fields of people and all these above colours may bring a smooth and prominent luck for everyone.

Finance of Person born on november 8th :

You have to face an uncertainty in terms of your financial condition in your whole life. Though you may able to earn a considerable amount of money, but you have to face ups and downs in your life regarding the financial condition. You are advised not to lend money to others because there is a less possibility to get back the money easily. You must keep yourself away from any kind of gambles, horse race etc because this may be the cause of your monetary drop down. Your ideas may be inclined to be too large for your power of execution and invest you make may not be liable to give you security or peace of mind. You must think several times before confirming any big deals at your business because it may be a great loss and it also affects your financial condition.

Career of Person born on november 8th :

If you want seriously to make you and your career prominent and prosperous, you may able to achieve it from every kind of fields. The career of the students may more or less smooth and well. But if the students want to make their result bright and hold their position strongly, they must have to give more labour and concentration regarding their particular syllabus. There is a possibility that your career may be hampered due to your many love affairs and your unusual and unnecessary attraction towards your opposite gender. If you marry early, it may also affect your career strongly. You are very fond of reading. So you may able to gather a voracious knowledge. With the help of this quality you may able to gain a prosperous career at your life. You also prosper at the field of architecture because you possess a proper sense of art and life.

Famous Persons born on november 8th

They are historian, Film actors, Politician, Leaders, Artists, Scientists, Novel Winners, etc.

Famous PersonBorn On
Rupert Allason 08/11/1951
Christiaan Barnard 08/11/1922
E Chamberlain 08/11/1869
Barry Cowger 08/11/1957
Patricia Crossley 08/11/1917
Dorothy Day 08/11/1897
Guy Delage 08/11/1952
Alain Delon 08/11/1935
Robert Deveza 08/11/1957
Jeanette M Era 08/11/1939
Raymond Famechon 08/11/1924
Micol Fontana 08/11/1913
Lief Garrett 08/11/1961
Edmond Halley 08/11/1656
Mary Hart 08/11/1950
Christie Hefner 08/11/1952
Florence F Linn 08/11/1911
Virna Lisi 08/11/1936
Chloe Malle 08/11/1985
Jayne Marie Mansfield 08/11/1950
Guru Nanak 08/11/1470
Patti Page 08/11/1927
Marc Penfield 08/11/1942
Bonnie Raitt 08/11/1949
Hermann Rorschach 08/11/1884
James Santa Mo 08/11/1946
Karl Schweickhardt 08/11/1877
Margaret Rhea Seddon 08/11/1947
Philip Sedgwick 08/11/1950
Angel Thompson 08/11/1944
Bodo Zinser 08/11/1947
Margaret Mitchell 08/11/1900
Bob Schiller 08/11/1918
Cy Grant 08/11/1919
Gene Saks 08/11/1921
Richard Bartlett 08/11/1922
Robert Homans 08/11/1923
Joe Flynn 08/11/1924
Asunción Balaguer 08/11/1925
Kay Hawtrey 08/11/1926
John Louis Mansi 08/11/1926
Lennie Mayne 08/11/1927
Juanita Bartlett 08/11/1927
Ken Dodd 08/11/1927
Patti Page 08/11/1927
Morley Safer 08/11/1931
Darla Hood 08/11/1931
Stéphane Audran 08/11/1932
Simo Salminen 08/11/1932
Vilma Szécsi 08/11/1933
Ayako Wakao 08/11/1933
Marie Prevost 08/11/1936
Arvind Trivedi 08/11/1938
Meg Wynn Owen 08/11/1939
John Santucci 08/11/1940
Lawrence P. Casey 08/11/1940
Nerys Hughes 08/11/1941
Margaret Ladd 08/11/1942
Libby George 08/11/1942
Juan Ferrara 08/11/1943
Boaz Davidson 08/11/1943
Bonnie Bramlett 08/11/1944
Edie Baskin 08/11/1945
Angela Scoular 08/11/1945
Robert Burton 08/11/1946
Paolo Taviani 08/11/1946
Minnie Riperton 08/11/1947
Jenny Boyd 08/11/1947
Rhetta Greene 08/11/1947
David J. Burke 08/11/1948
Julian Barnes 08/11/1949
Beano 08/11/1949
Bonnie Raitt 08/11/1949
Jayne Marie Mansfield 08/11/1950
Mary Hart 08/11/1950
Beverly Cunningham 08/11/1951
Susan Melvin 08/11/1951
Christie Hefner 08/11/1952
Alfre Woodard 08/11/1952
John Musker 08/11/1953
Sal Lopez 08/11/1954
Kazuo Ishiguro 08/11/1954
Rickie Lee Jones 08/11/1954
Martin Walsh 08/11/1955
Richard Curtis 08/11/1956
Randi Brooks 08/11/1956
Gigi Bermingham 08/11/1957
Porl Thompson 08/11/1957
John Brancato 08/11/1958
Aden Gillett 08/11/1958
Don McManus 08/11/1959
Anne Dorval 08/11/1960
Oleg Menshikov 08/11/1960
Karin Argoud 08/11/1960
Megan Cavanagh 08/11/1960
Nell Scovell 08/11/1960
John Costelloe 08/11/1961
Scott Alan Smith 08/11/1961
Leif Garrett 08/11/1961
Julieta Rosen 08/11/1962
Tamara Landry 08/11/1962
Steve Caballero 08/11/1964
Pierre Salvadori 08/11/1964
Erin Everly 08/11/1965
Bruce Somers 08/11/1965
Mary Ann Hermansen 08/11/1966
Marco Pontecorvo 08/11/1966
Courtney Thorne-Smith 08/11/1967
Phil Parsons 08/11/1968
Dorte Rømer 08/11/1968
Roxana Zal 08/11/1969
Joe Duer 08/11/1969
Rolf Peter Kahl 08/11/1970
Michael Jackson 08/11/1970
Ingrid Vandebosch 08/11/1970
Esther Rolle 08/11/1970
Tech N9ne 08/11/1971
A.D. Miles 08/11/1971
Gonzalo Menendez 08/11/1971
Markus Schleinzer 08/11/1971
Serge Bozon 08/11/1972
Gretchen Mol 08/11/1972
David Muir 08/11/1973
Sam Levine 08/11/1973
Florence Foresti 08/11/1973
Matthew Rhys 08/11/1974
Masashi Kishimoto 08/11/1974
Tara Reid 08/11/1975
Antony Hickling 08/11/1975
Thom Fell 08/11/1976
Bart Ruspoli 08/11/1976
Anne Clements 08/11/1976
Jennifer Banko 08/11/1978
Debbie Goh 08/11/1978
Jane Danson 08/11/1978
Keir O'Donnell 08/11/1978
Derek Tsang 08/11/1979
Tom Wren 08/11/1979
Jensen Karp 08/11/1979
Salvatore Cascio 08/11/1979
Morann Peri 08/11/1980
Brooke Lyons 08/11/1980
Phil Fondacaro 08/11/1981
Azura Skye 08/11/1981
Deja Kreutzberg 08/11/1982
Chad Sellers 08/11/1982
Connie Fletcher 08/11/1982
Ted DiBiase Jr. 08/11/1982
Ethan Juan 08/11/1982
Masa Dakic 08/11/1982
Eleonora Giovanardi 08/11/1982
Quinn Culkin 08/11/1984
Steven Webb 08/11/1984
Magda Apanowicz 08/11/1985
Bradley Gregg 08/11/1985
Jack Osbourne 08/11/1985
Boman Modine 08/11/1985
Chloe Malle 08/11/1985
Heidi Lewandowski 08/11/1986
Audrey Genevieve Holland 08/11/1986
Maryjun Takahashi 08/11/1987
Samantha Droke 08/11/1987
Jared Kusnitz 08/11/1988
Matt Braly 08/11/1988
Jessica Lowndes 08/11/1988
Courtney Enea 08/11/1988
Riker Lynch 08/11/1991
Rose Chan 08/11/1992
Tanner Scott Richards 08/11/1992
Cody Arens 08/11/1993
Gage Maynard 08/11/1993
Caroline Ford 08/11/1993
Willow Anwar 08/11/1993
Allison Andreas 08/11/1994
Chuck Cooper 08/11/1996
Jaylen Davis 08/11/1998
Lauren Alaina 08/11/2002

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