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Characteristics of Person born on november 7th :

You may find some difficulties to find your true career and you pass your entire life searching for to. If however you do find some purpose to occupy your attention you may cling to it with great obstinacy and determination. Being extremely sensitive to your surrounding and the vibration of others, you should be most careful where you live, or with whom you come in contact. You are likely to be gifted with some unusual quality of imagination, idealist and romance.

You will be inclined not to have enough self confidence or belief in yourself to force your way in to public notice unless the call come from some external sources. You may be instinctively drawn towards unusual phenomena such as telepathy, spiritualism, magnetism, Astrology or astronomy. You may be inclined to study minds. You are a person of peculiar combination, you may be inclined to live apart from material things and you may likely to be considered a crank for doing so. However you could rise to great prominence due to your own ideas and thoughts.

You may also develop into a healer or advanced worker of new thought. You may be much misjudged and misunderstood, although over sensitive to the actions of others. You may be more or less indifferent to their opinions. You love to stay in the subconscious state of mind because you love to see dream. Sometimes it would be true that few hallucinations will haunt you. You are a person of high inventive ability. Your negative aspect is that you are a person of ill tempered and it is also true that you cannot stay in your anger for a long. You like to live under unconventional conditions.

You may be extremely happy and discontented. You may be inclined to be too introspective for your own good and you will find it difficult to mix with other people. You have a deep love for secret arts of chemistry. You have a great fascination for science subjects and all forms of scientific researches. You have an ability to read the mind others very easily and correctly and with the help of this you may be a successful psychologist. You may study the functioning of human brain.

You like to precede over anything whatever you take as your own responsibility. You will be also extremely secretive. You are a person who possess the quality of less talking and with this quality you cannot be able to make a number of friends and it may also be a cause due to which the other people may misunderstand you. Si you are advised to express yourself properly.

Friends of Person born on november 7th :

The persons, who are born on the first week o f February and third week of May, may able to make a good friendship with you. These persons also may able to match their vibes and views with you. But it is also true that they also need a help from you. You must stretch your helping hand towards them and it may maintain your friendship with them. You may select your life partner from these people also. But the persons, who are born on the month of December, may not able to make friendship with you because they may not able to understand your mentality. With the help of you pleasing attitude you may able to make huge friends in your school life. Some of your neighbour may also helpful to you. But most of them cant tolerate your progress in terms of progress. Those who are working in the private sector will able to get a supportive and cooperative boss and it may help them to flourish their career.

Health of Person born on november 7th :

You may have a slender symmetrical form in your early years which are likely to ruin, as you advance in your life by over indulgence in suit stuffs. There is also a possibility that you may suffer from the problems related to the eyes and ears. You are also advised to test your eyes on a regular basis. There is a possibility that you may suffer from the ailments related to your lungs, bronchial tubes and throat and it may happen due to your proneness of cold. So try to avoid the cold things and cool nature. You may be liable to fatty detention of the heart and dropsically condition in your later years. But such things are in your own power to control.

Colour: for Person born on november 7th :

White is the favourable for those who are suffering from mental anxieties and weakness. If you want to recover the weakness regarding your financial matter, you may wear the dresses of electric colours. White colour is favourable for those who are related to the fields of teaching profession. All shades of green are the favourable colour for the persons who are related business. All shades of yellow colour are lucky for the engineer. Grey may bring fortune for those who are working at the private sector. All shades of purple are the favourable one for those who are related to the fields of entertainment. Rose is teh favourable colour for the students.

Finance of Person born on november 7th :

You are very lucky for in terms of economic condition because you are able to make a considerable amount of money firm your respective fields of works. You may able to earn money with the help of your due intellect and voracious knowledge. You may have remarkable prevision as to the course stocks and shares and industry in general are likely to take. You will be strongly inclined to speculation and any form of taking chances. You are likely to be successful in such things if you can follow your own ideas and plans.

Career of Person born on november 7th :

You may begin your career with the fields of any government sectors. You may join the executive fields also. You may flourish your career if you want to be an officer or head of any organization or institution like any hospital, large enterprises etc. You possess a good sense of words and with the help of this quality you may able to manage the public very well. So you may attach with the politics or even any kind of social welfares. It may produce you a respective respect and popularity as per your work.

Famous Persons born on november 7th

They are historian, Film actors, Politician, Leaders, Artists, Scientists, Novel Winners, etc.

Famous PersonBorn On
Raoul Reheme Abdul 07/11/1929
Ary Barroso 07/11/1903
Antonella Bellutti 07/11/1968
Arthur Blackwell 07/11/1942
Helen Mansur Brewster 07/11/1902
Albert Camus 07/11/1913
James Cook 07/11/1728
Marie Curie 07/11/1867
Leela Bryan Davis 07/11/1859
Billy Graham 07/11/1918
James Hynes 07/11/1899
Jinnifer Jacobs 07/11/1981
Kristen Jennifer Jalbert 07/11/1985
Konrad Lorenz 07/11/1903
Ruggero Mastroianni 07/11/1929
Kathy McMillan 07/11/1957
Joni Mitchell 07/11/1943
Robert Cockburn Mossman 07/11/1870
Barbara Ojack 07/11/1931
Su Polland 07/11/1949
Isabella Rivera 07/11/1992
Jennifer Sindorf 07/11/1954
Antoinette Skelton 07/11/1924
Sandra Smith 07/11/1948
Matthew Socha 07/11/1958
Rosa Spier 07/11/1891
Joan Sutherland 07/11/1926
Barry Tellman 07/11/1948
Leon Trotsky 07/11/1879
Luli Deste 07/11/1902
Dean Jagger 07/11/1903
Nacho Galindo 07/11/1908
King Baggot 07/11/1909
Pearl Argyle 07/11/1910
Marion Darlington 07/11/1910
Joe May 07/11/1911
Victor Beaumont 07/11/1912
Albert Camus 07/11/1913
Archie Campbell 07/11/1914
John Welsh 07/11/1914
Joe Cobb 07/11/1916
Titos Vandis 07/11/1917
Leatrice Joy 07/11/1917
Edith 'Little Edie' Bouvier Beale 07/11/1917
Billy Graham 07/11/1918
Edward F. Cline 07/11/1922
Derek Francis 07/11/1923
John Stratton 07/11/1925
Melissa Stribling 07/11/1926
John Pearce 07/11/1927
Ivor Emmanuel 07/11/1927
Lila Kaye 07/11/1929
Derek Vanlint 07/11/1932
Ernesto Gómez Cruz 07/11/1933
Jackie Joseph 07/11/1933
Wendy Williams 07/11/1934
Elvira Quintana 07/11/1935
Tom Busby 07/11/1936
Mary Allin Travers 07/11/1936
Thomas Browne Henry 07/11/1940
Judy Knaiz 07/11/1940
Herman J. Mankiewicz 07/11/1941
Dennis Holahan 07/11/1942
Jean Shrimpton 07/11/1942
Michael Byrne 07/11/1943
Miguel Rellán 07/11/1943
Garn Stephens 07/11/1944
Julian Christopher 07/11/1944
Beverly Adams 07/11/1945
Earl Boen 07/11/1945
Daniela Giordano 07/11/1946
Anne Marit Jacobsen 07/11/1946
John Aylward 07/11/1946
Peter Von Berg 07/11/1947
Rebecca Eaton 07/11/1947
Holmes Osborne 07/11/1947
Ron Leavitt 07/11/1947
Kathleen Doyle 07/11/1947
James Houghton 07/11/1948
Garrett M. Brown 07/11/1948
Gerry Lopez 07/11/1948
Billy Booth 07/11/1949
Su Pollard 07/11/1949
Bennet Guillory 07/11/1949
Lindsay Duncan 07/11/1950
Lawrence O'Donnell 07/11/1951
Lynne Naylor 07/11/1953
Nancy Kilgas 07/11/1954
Kamal Haasan 07/11/1954
Cristina Donadio 07/11/1954
Judy Tenuta 07/11/1956
Christopher Knight 07/11/1957
Kevin Huvane 07/11/1958
Joe Dassin 07/11/1959
Henrik Ruben Genz 07/11/1959
Scott Martin Gershin 07/11/1960
Ann Burbrook 07/11/1960
Dee Hepburn 07/11/1961
Tracie Savage 07/11/1962
Bill Allen 07/11/1962
Rita Sever 07/11/1963
Franck Dubosc 07/11/1963
C.K. Steefel 07/11/1963
Garret Sato 07/11/1964
Dana Plato 07/11/1964
Peter Flinth 07/11/1964
Mike Henry 07/11/1965
Lisa Robertson 07/11/1965
Billy Gallo 07/11/1966
Oksana Fandera 07/11/1967
Chris Case 07/11/1967
Alan Stocks 07/11/1967
David Guetta 07/11/1967
Julie Pinson 07/11/1967
Tom Waes 07/11/1968
Nandita Das 07/11/1969
Jess Hill 07/11/1969
John Wildman 07/11/1970
Morgan Spurlock 07/11/1970
Lisa Maris 07/11/1971
Rituparna Sengupta 07/11/1971
Christopher Daniel Barnes 07/11/1972
David Shumbris 07/11/1972
Jimmy Gary Jr. 07/11/1972
Melinda Allen 07/11/1972
Shigeyuki Totsugi 07/11/1973
Yunjin Kim 07/11/1973
Carl Steven 07/11/1974
Florencia Peña 07/11/1974
Diana Amft 07/11/1975
Mark Reeb 07/11/1975
Marcus Luttrell 07/11/1975
Gabriele Mainetti 07/11/1976
Melyssa Ade 07/11/1976
Melyssa Ford 07/11/1976
James Vincent 07/11/1977
Dudu Azevedo 07/11/1978
Stephanie Dees 07/11/1978
Lasse Enersen 07/11/1978
Joey Ryan 07/11/1979
Matthew Hurley 07/11/1979
Lotta Losten 07/11/1981
Krystal Harris 07/11/1981
Murathan Muslu 07/11/1981
Sarah Pachelli 07/11/1982
Rick Malambri 07/11/1982
Michael Papajohn 07/11/1983
Adam Devine 07/11/1983
Lauren-Elaine Powell 07/11/1983
Amelia Vega 07/11/1984
Lucas Neff 07/11/1985
Paul Terry 07/11/1985
Katherine Wang 07/11/1985
Preston Vanderslice 07/11/1985
Olimpia Melinte 07/11/1986
Carley Shimkus 07/11/1986
Natalie Madueño 07/11/1987
Jesús Carroza 07/11/1987
Nadezhda Tolokonnikova 07/11/1989
Barron Hilton 07/11/1989
Ishan Davé 07/11/1989
Ronen Rubinstein 07/11/1993
Anna Mintzer 07/11/1993
Sophia Ali 07/11/1995
Bethany Mota 07/11/1995
Michelle Connor 07/11/1995
Lisa Canning 07/11/1996
Lorde 07/11/1996
Aline Towne 07/11/1996
Nicole Burke 07/11/1997
Oliver Chris 07/11/1997
Otep Shamaya 07/11/2000
Noah Lomax 07/11/2001

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