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Characteristics of Person born on november 6th :

You possess a strong talent in the direction of an artistic life. You would do well in music, especially in concert or opera, also in painting, in sculpture or on the stage, sometimes as a writer. You are often forced in to position of great responsibility and come in the lime light. For the sake of this you always want to seek the attention of other. If you should by circumstances be placed in the routine of a business life, you work hard and are extremely sincere in your service. In fact in such positions you are too self-satisfying.

You like to gain fame and honour in whatever your career may be and in many case you acquire great wealth and high position. You like to get the freedom and also like to give freedom other. You also possess a strong magnetic personality through which you may able to attract the people of your same and opposite gender. But as a general rule you do not choose well your life partner. You may able to prove that love is blind in proper sense.

You meet with long delays in marriage and in a moment of impetuosity rash off and married a wrong person. You are extremely love ale to others. You like to sacrifice your things for the sake of others especially for your relatives and parents but as a rule you have someone to support or acre for. You may expect to meet with many difficulties and hard ship in the early part of your life. There is also a possibility that you may lose your parent in your childhood and it may be a great loss for your whole life. This incident may throws responsibilities on your shoulder and hold you back in following your ambition.

You also meet some disappointment and trouble in the fields of your love affair and any kind of affectionate relationship. You like to hold a strong social position. You have the hobby to maintain your pet and birds. But you are advised to be very selective before choosing your pets and birds. You may follow a life in accordance with the wishes of others. You will be disposed to marry early, generally to someone beneath your station and so make trouble for yourself in the very beginning.

Friends of Person born on november 6th :

Due to your reserved and less talking attitude, you may not able to make a huge number of friends. But you are advised to be very careful before selecting your friends because there is a huge possibility that you may be harmed by your surroundings. The peoples, who are born on the month of May, may able to match their views with you and these persons will always try to help you out from every kind difficulties at your life. But the persons, who are boner on the month of September and last week of October, will never able to match their point of views with yours. Some of these persons will always try to take undue advantages from you. So try to avoid them. it is a very good news for you that your parents may be your best friends especially your mother. So be happy with them.

Health of Person born on november 6th :

You should take exceptional care of your eyes and if you have to wear glasses, you should have them change often, so as not to strain your eyes sight. So you are advised to be in regular check up of eyes. You may have very wiry constitution, capable of sustaining long period of fatigue. You dont have enough capability to fight against any ailments because you dont have possessed sufficient immunity power. For this reason you are very proneness of cold and cough. In health you may be inclined to have periodical break down from over work or exhaustion of the nervous system. There is a possibility that you may suffer from severe head ache, neuralgia, neuritis and trouble with the lungs or breathing in general. So take care of yourself very carefully.

Colour: for Person born on november 6th :

All shades of green are the favourable colour for those who are working in the business field. Those, who are suffering from the nervous break-down, are advised to use the dresses related colour of white because this colour may give you a mental peace and pleasure. Yellow is favourable colour for the students. If you have the any serious interview related to the new job, you must wear the dresses with the colour of orange. This colour may give you a proper luck and fortune. The persons who are related to the fields of architecture, they may use the cloths of brown colour at their important dates. All light colours with glistening materials may be fortunate for those who are related to fields of self financed projects. You may also use all shades of grey colour also favourable for you.

Finance of Person born on november 6th :

You are more or less fortunate in terms financial matter. You may be careful in speculation, investing your money in solid concerns and building up industry and business. You may have to depend largely on your own effort to make money which you could do by the constructive work. You may always be more successful when working alone. You may be liable to meet with treachery from employees, servant and even from the inferiors. You will be fortunate in investments and in finance generally, especially if you follow your own intuition. You may be lucky in partnership or in business investments in matters dealing with the public. But it is also true that you could make a success in your financial condition as a banker also. You may at times have stroke so good luck but as a rule you cannot put money aside for your advanced years. You have a run of good fortune that you may protect yourself from any kind of difficult situations relate to your economic condition with the help of your intellectual ability. You may receive help and assistance from your relatives or from your friends in your moment of difficulty. Dont needed to lend money to others and dont borrow money from others.

Career of Person born on november 6th :

The career of the students is more or less favourable to them. But they need to be more careful and attentive towards their studies because there is a possibility that their career as a student will hamper due to the unnecessary affection towards the evil companies and opposite gender. If you want to make your career flourished in proper sense, you have to avoid all kinds of gambling and smoking and alcoholic stuffs. You have a great love for book especially in literature and history. So you may try your hand in these fields. You should try to follow some diplomatic, artistic or professional occupation to flourish your career. But the important thing is that you need to wait up to the end of your first phase of life to achieve the success of your career.

Famous Persons born on november 6th

They are historian, Film actors, Politician, Leaders, Artists, Scientists, Novel Winners, etc.

Famous PersonBorn On
Jurgen Bartsch 06/11/1946
Frank Carson 06/11/1926
Lynne Carter 06/11/1924
Jacques Charrier 06/11/1936
Sally Field 06/11/1946
Laura Flessel 06/11/1971
Althea Flynt 06/11/1953
Andrew Hayden Geiger 06/11/1956
Louis Haeusser 06/11/1881
Wade E Hall 06/11/1921
Nigel Havers 06/11/1951
Andrew Daniel Howarth 06/11/1996
Dr Jonas 06/11/1928
James Ramon Jones 06/11/1921
Erik Kramer 06/11/1964
Alexis Lauren 06/11/1933
Judy Lewis 06/11/1935
Robert Musil 06/11/1880
Katherine Ramsey 06/11/1874
Maria Shriver 06/11/1955
Elke Sommer 06/11/1940
John Philip Sousa 06/11/1854
Evelyn Tomko 06/11/1909
Phillip Worthington 06/11/1986
Hugh Prosser 06/11/1900
Juanita Hall 06/11/1901
Gordon Westcott 06/11/1903
June Marlowe 06/11/1903
Edwin Rochelle 06/11/1906
Erik Ode 06/11/1910
Toke Townley 06/11/1912
Dick Cherney 06/11/1914
Dr. Dow 06/11/1915
Joyce Heron 06/11/1916
Ray Conniff 06/11/1916
Harlan Warde 06/11/1917
Ronnie Brody 06/11/1918
James Jones 06/11/1921
Sam O'Steen 06/11/1923
Dick Cathcart 06/11/1924
Ted Hartley 06/11/1924
Michel Bouquet 06/11/1925
Haradhan Bannerjee 06/11/1926
John Lasell 06/11/1928
John Carlin 06/11/1929
June Squibb 06/11/1929
Donald Churchill 06/11/1930
Irene Ware 06/11/1930
Mark McCormack 06/11/1930
Gilbert R. Hill 06/11/1931
Arthur French 06/11/1931
Gordon Wharmby 06/11/1933
Carolyn Stellar 06/11/1934
Francesca Bellini 06/11/1936
Jacques Charrier 06/11/1936
Emil Loteanu 06/11/1936
James Kiernan 06/11/1939
Jack Ong 06/11/1940
Selena Royle 06/11/1940
Grazina Frame 06/11/1941
Fred Penner 06/11/1946
Sally Field 06/11/1946
Kathryn Grody 06/11/1946
Anatoliy Vasilev 06/11/1946
Edward Yang 06/11/1947
Bobby Beausoleil 06/11/1947
Vivienne Chandler 06/11/1947
Glenn Frey 06/11/1948
Ernest Thompson 06/11/1949
Brad Davis 06/11/1949
Donald Houston 06/11/1949
John Falsey 06/11/1951
Andy Friendly 06/11/1951
Michael Cunningham 06/11/1952
Debra Tate 06/11/1952
Gary Goetzman 06/11/1952
Paul Perri 06/11/1953
Kate Forte 06/11/1953
Maria Shriver 06/11/1955
Rob LaDuca 06/11/1956
Lori Singer 06/11/1957
Cam Clarke 06/11/1957
Gregory Singer 06/11/1957
Ingrid Lacey 06/11/1958
Trace Beaulieu 06/11/1958
Puneet Issar 06/11/1959
Michael Cerveris 06/11/1960
Lance Kerwin 06/11/1960
Eddie Korbich 06/11/1960
Georg Uecker 06/11/1962
Annette Zilinskas 06/11/1962
Patrick Richwood 06/11/1962
Eric Leighton 06/11/1962
Rainer Sellien 06/11/1963
Tsuyoshi Ihara 06/11/1963
Jonna Lee 06/11/1963
Coleman Lannum 06/11/1964
Danny Keough 06/11/1964
Kerry Conran 06/11/1964
Tara MacGowran 06/11/1964
Arkie Whiteley 06/11/1964
Brad Grunberg 06/11/1964
Lisa Azuelos 06/11/1965
David Pressman 06/11/1965
Lisa Fuller 06/11/1966
Peter DeLuise 06/11/1966
Giovanni Guidelli 06/11/1966
Emmanuelle Bercot 06/11/1967
Vidal Peterson 06/11/1968
Kaki Hunter 06/11/1968
Leona Cavalli 06/11/1969
Manou Lubowski 06/11/1969
Carolyn Seymour 06/11/1969
Ethan Hawke 06/11/1970
Dorothy Meyer 06/11/1970
Dean Murphy 06/11/1970
Jonna Liljendahl 06/11/1970
Peter Shaw 06/11/1970
Ian Stanley 06/11/1971
George Hertzberg 06/11/1972
Arndt Schwering-Sohnrey 06/11/1972
Rebecca Romijn 06/11/1972
Sandy Robson 06/11/1973
Susan Downey 06/11/1973
Josh Holland 06/11/1974
Susan Calman 06/11/1974
Zoe McLellan 06/11/1974
Sal Vulcano 06/11/1976
Wiley Wiggins 06/11/1976
Sarah Manninen 06/11/1976
Pat Tillman 06/11/1976
Pádraic Delaney 06/11/1977
Anna Mercedes Morris 06/11/1977
Casey Nelson 06/11/1978
Jeong-hun Yeon 06/11/1978
Nicole Dubuc 06/11/1978
Jolina Magdangal 06/11/1978
Myolie Wu 06/11/1979
Andrew Kasch 06/11/1979
Jason Jurman 06/11/1979
Lamar Odom 06/11/1979
Kelsey White 06/11/1980
Eric Kocher 06/11/1980
Ahmed Fahmy 06/11/1980
Gabe Fonseca 06/11/1980
Chris Soules 06/11/1981
Theresa Tilly 06/11/1981
Dong-Wook Lee 06/11/1981
Jean Brassard 06/11/1981
Jane Lind 06/11/1981
Denise Pillott 06/11/1982
Vera Graziadei 06/11/1982
Robin Poage 06/11/1983
Caroline Wilde 06/11/1983
Luke Allen-Gale 06/11/1984
Christin Balogh 06/11/1985
Shayne Lamas 06/11/1985
Corey Glover 06/11/1986
Adam Saunders 06/11/1986
Nick Aldis 06/11/1986
Corey Price 06/11/1986
Chapman Way 06/11/1986
Zishan Yang 06/11/1986
Brandi Engel 06/11/1986
Anna Herrmann 06/11/1987
Conchita Wurst 06/11/1988
Mercedes Kastner 06/11/1989
Jasmin Lord 06/11/1989
Shaina Magdayao 06/11/1989
Pax Baldwin 06/11/1991
Ho-Sung Pak 06/11/1991
Orit Morami 06/11/1994
Sam Andrew Parker 06/11/2001
Mya-Lecia Naylor 06/11/2002
Vince Colosimo 06/11/2002
Pål Sverre Hagen 06/11/2003

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