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Characteristics of Person born on november 5th :

You are quick in your intuition of people and things, but you are as a rule, too easily discouraged and lack self confidence. Although you appear cold, you have warm heart towards sufferings and as general rule you give largely to charities, but subscribe more generously when giving to institutions than when giving to the individual. If you incline to be religious, you usually go to the extremes and you may become fanatical in your zeal. You should aim for some form of public life as in such career you generally do best, such as in the government and in responsible positions of control and management of others. You worship intellectual, clever people.

You have an extremely independent spirit. You must control all your dictated power. You have a great tenacity of purpose and will power and if once you set your mind on some plan, purpose or position, you usually reach your goal in spite of all kinds of difficulties and obstacles. However you must be always actively employed. If circumstances deny your activity, you often become morbid and disappointed. Though you may make good numbers of friend, often you feel lonely and isolated in your life and if not meaningfully employed, you become melancholy and sad at heart.

You are a deep thinker. You rarely interfere with the affairs of other and you may never stand interference from others. You may give a penetrating knowledge of human nature, with a curious strong influence over other. You have a remarkable power of eyes because you easily will subdue excitable people and compelling them to listen to reason or logic. You are sceptical of theories and yet at heart you are metaphysically inclined.

You are not seeker for wealth or position but at the sometime you are extremely ambitious that your work should be recognized. Although you are very self contained, you deeply appreciate encouragement and will do almost anything for a few words of praise or kindness. You are a person of excellent mental ability.

You may be much attracted towards your opposite gender. You have many love affair but you may be changeable and in consistent in your affection, none of these affair making any deep or lasting impact on your nature. In consequences of your disposition, you would do better not to marry, at least not until you are past your middle life. You may make yourself very quick witted with considerable humour sense. You also possess a great capacity for organization and good judgement regarding your fellow beings.

You may be keen, shrewd and inclined to be suspicious and mistrustful of others. You are also likely to make money by unusual methods or in some class of profession or career rather out of ordinary. You may have a deep love for art and beauty and you may be highly gifted by all imaginative works. Sometimes you may feel restless because of your excessive work pressure. You like to travel over the world and you love to make the circumstance at your own choice.

Friends of Person born on november 5th :

The persons, who are born on the months of December and January, may be favourable for you to make the friendship. Your office mate may not supportive to you. The persons, who are born on the month of August and November, may be very harmful to you. You can-not be able to make a good circle of friends because of your impatience attitude. But the few of your friends may be the real friends to you. These friends may give you the company through-out your whole life even to your hard and good times. So try to be vibrant while you may select your friends.

Health of Person born on november 5th :

There is a possibility that you may suffer from mental agony and depression and you may be inclined to come on periodical melancholic situation. You may be affected by your general agate your health due to this reason. You may be a subject of cold and it may be a large on scale during your childhood. There is also a possibility that you may suffer from the problem related to your lungs. Your blood circulation capacity is also very poor. So you need to take a proper diet to increase the level of you blood of your body and to maintain the proper circulation of blood, you, must exercise regularly. You are liable to have some peculiar experiences through the mind acting on teh4 body. You also suffer from the problem related to your stomach and indigestive organ because these possess a least capacity of digestion and it may affect your health and skin at a large.

Colour: for Person born on november 5th :

Those whom are related tit eh fields of tourism, must use the dresses of all shades of green colour. Crme colour is lucky for the doctors. Those who are suffering from mental depression or agony are advised to wear the dress coloured by white. This colour may able to bring the peace to you. All shades of grey are lucky for the students. All light colours are favourable for the athletes. If you are related to law and order, you may use the dress coloured by sky blue. Red is favourable for the office going person. Those who are related to entertainment world may wear the dress at their important days coloured by yellow. Brown is favourable for the engineers.

Finance of Person born on november 5th :

You are somehow lucky in money matters. You will able to gain a large of money from any unexpected sources. You also have the fortune to get some costly presents or gifts, it may be the costly jewels or may be a considerable amount of money or may be a proportion of property. These will help you to increase your financial condition. Though you have gained a lot of properties, money and jewels, you cannot be able to sustain them due to your unnecessary expenses and your addictions towards the any kind of gambling or alcoholic stuffs. For these reasons you may suffer from bad conditions regarding your finance matters during the advanced periods of your life. So you are advised to be careful regarding your finance.

Career of Person born on november 5th :

You may invent some unusual things and prove your individuality. The career of the students is more or less favourable to them. But they need to be more attentive towards their studies. You also start business with a small or large amount. With the help of your literary sense, you may put your hand into any literary work. You may be a philosopher. You possess the ability of unusual characteristics often artist. So you may be an artist in your career. You may choose paintings or composing music as your career. You may also flourish your career in the fields of any self financed organization.

Famous Persons born on november 5th

They are historian, Film actors, Politician, Leaders, Artists, Scientists, Novel Winners, etc.

Famous PersonBorn On
Dusty Bunker 05/11/1937
Queen Catherine de Valois 05/11/1401
Das Chittaranjan 05/11/1870
Todd Collins 05/11/1971
may Durant 05/11/1885
Art Garfunkel 05/11/1941
Jon-Erik Hexum 05/11/1957
Cameron Michael Hooker 05/11/1953
Clifford Irving 05/11/1930
Truman Jacques 05/11/1936
Michael Keelekooper 05/11/1971
Vivien Leigh 05/11/1913
Georgia McGuire 05/11/1903
Lucille McLauchain 05/11/1965
Peter Noone 05/11/1947
Tatum O'Neal 05/11/1963
Gianni Poli 05/11/1957
Roy Rogers 05/11/1911
Paul Sabatier 05/11/1854
Sam Shepard 05/11/1943
Doug Stephan 05/11/1946
Sir George Trevelyan 05/11/1906
Mark Urban-Lurain 05/11/1950
Bill Walton 05/11/1952
Harris Yulin 05/11/1937
Hugh Allan 05/11/1903
Joan Barry 05/11/1903
Allan Bohlin 05/11/1907
Marie Osborne 05/11/1911
Richard Oswald 05/11/1914
Willoughby Gray 05/11/1916
Jennifer Gray 05/11/1916
Madeleine Robinson 05/11/1917
Alan Tilvern 05/11/1918
S. John Launer 05/11/1919
Russ Grieve 05/11/1923
Fred Carson 05/11/1923
Annabelle Weenick 05/11/1924
Robert Fortier 05/11/1926
John Berger 05/11/1926
Buster Phelps 05/11/1926
Kenneth Waller 05/11/1927
Roy Rogers 05/11/1930
Richard Davalos 05/11/1930
Ike Turner 05/11/1931
Jan Shutan 05/11/1932
Herb Edelman 05/11/1933
Donald Madden 05/11/1933
George Lloyd 05/11/1933
Kira Muratova 05/11/1934
Victor Argo 05/11/1934
Lindsay Shonteff 05/11/1935
David Battley 05/11/1935
Paul Dehn 05/11/1936
David Pendleton 05/11/1937
Sandy McDonald 05/11/1937
Chris Robinson 05/11/1938
Isela Vega 05/11/1939
Jan Nowicki 05/11/1939
Yoshiyuki Tomino 05/11/1941
Simon Langton 05/11/1941
Art Garfunkel 05/11/1941
Patricia Harty 05/11/1941
Norma Lazareno 05/11/1943
Warwick Sims 05/11/1944
Jimmy Baird 05/11/1945
Gram Parsons 05/11/1946
Peter Noone 05/11/1947
Steve Hodson 05/11/1947
Diana Davila 05/11/1947
Carol Williard 05/11/1947
Charles Bradley 05/11/1948
Debbie Dozier 05/11/1948
Pepper LaBeija 05/11/1948
Armin Shimerman 05/11/1949
Philip Needs 05/11/1950
J. Cynthia Brooks 05/11/1951
Teresa Rabal 05/11/1952
Bill Walton 05/11/1952
Kelley Miles 05/11/1952
Oley Sassone 05/11/1952
John Hillner 05/11/1952
Howard McGillin 05/11/1953
Zelah Clarke 05/11/1953
Mike Gabriel 05/11/1954
Teresa Barnwell 05/11/1954
Ljiljana Blagojevic 05/11/1955
Kris Jenner 05/11/1955
Nestor Serrano 05/11/1955
John Paul Getty III 05/11/1956
Eugene Lipinski 05/11/1956
P.J. Brown 05/11/1956
Jeff MacGregor 05/11/1957
Elizabeth Bracco 05/11/1957
Mo Gaffney 05/11/1958
Robert Patrick 05/11/1958
Tobias A. Schliessler 05/11/1958
Eddie Pepitone 05/11/1958
Loyda Ramos 05/11/1958
Shawn Ora Engemann 05/11/1959
Vincent Hirsch 05/11/1959
Eric Menyuk 05/11/1959
Teresa Mo 05/11/1959
Bryan Lourd 05/11/1960
Elke Sommer 05/11/1960
Yolanda Vazquez 05/11/1960
Philip Moon 05/11/1961
Gina Mastrogiacomo 05/11/1961
Per Graffman 05/11/1962
Gabby Concepcion 05/11/1963
Tatum O'Neal 05/11/1963
Andrea McArdle 05/11/1963
Scott Sowers 05/11/1963
Natalie Schafer 05/11/1964
Ed Herzog 05/11/1965
Agnese Nano 05/11/1965
Dominique Davalos 05/11/1965
Leni Parker 05/11/1966
Judy Reyes 05/11/1967
Joselin Reyes 05/11/1967
Keith Coulouris 05/11/1967
Terry McGurrin 05/11/1968
Aitana Sánchez-Gijón 05/11/1968
Seth Gilliam 05/11/1968
Sam Rockwell 05/11/1968
Sofie Stougaard 05/11/1968
Jennifer Guthrie 05/11/1969
David Mattey 05/11/1969
Tamzin Outhwaite 05/11/1970
Jonny Greenwood 05/11/1971
Zeba Bakhtiar 05/11/1971
Derrick Kardos 05/11/1971
Dana Jacobson 05/11/1971
Nichole Van Croft 05/11/1973
Johnny Damon 05/11/1973
Jamel Aattache 05/11/1974
Ryan Adams 05/11/1974
Sebastian Arcelus 05/11/1976
Sahil Khan 05/11/1976
Lana Ettinger 05/11/1976
Nasrdin Dchar 05/11/1978
Josh Minnie 05/11/1980
Jon-Erik Hexum 05/11/1980
Feride Çetin 05/11/1980
Jordan Christianson 05/11/1981
Javier Pereira 05/11/1981
Megan Hauserman 05/11/1981
Ji-min Han 05/11/1982
Allison Kyler 05/11/1982
Bryan Adams 05/11/1983
Andrew Hayden-Smith 05/11/1983
Alexa Chung 05/11/1983
Zara Taylor 05/11/1983
Ashley Totin 05/11/1984
Famke Janssen 05/11/1984
Mario Yedidia 05/11/1984
Elizabeth Rice 05/11/1985
Maartje van de Wetering 05/11/1985
Roxy Olin 05/11/1985
Yael Cohen 05/11/1986
Dianne Medina 05/11/1986
Nicole Tindall 05/11/1986
Kevin Jonas 05/11/1987
Pavel Priluchnyy 05/11/1987
Caglar Ertugrul 05/11/1987
Rowan Witt 05/11/1988
Tharun Bhascker Dhaassyam 05/11/1988
Montanna Thompson 05/11/1988
Virat Kohli 05/11/1988
Alvin Alvarez 05/11/1989
Clemency Hallinan 05/11/1990
Odell Beckham Jr. 05/11/1992
Antonio Holmes 05/11/1992
Leila Mimmack 05/11/1993
Zak Henri 05/11/1994
Chris Addison 05/11/1994
Pat Kilbane 05/11/1995
Landon Gimenez 05/11/2003

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