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Characteristics of Person born on november 29th :

You have clever ideas in business and politics. But you are best as an adviser to others. You should be warned against putting off things until tomorrow for procrastination in one of your besetting things. Your worst fault is that you are too adaptable to the people with whom you come in contract you possess a strong magnetic personality and with the help of this very quality you may able to attract the people around you.

You are generally loved and adored by those who know you. But there are very few persons who may try to make a great harm to you generally possess a strange psychosocial power over others. You have the capacity to reads the minds of others very easily and with the help of this quality, you may able to earn a great respect from others. You also achieve the social respect and fame. You may come to the close of the mass very easily.

You make natural healers, for this you may give your vitality to others and when your emotions or sympathies are roused, you will love to give and to help. It is also possible that you may face danger to execute your all plans. You are as highly ambitions persons and you may do everything to achieve your desired goals. But you have to face many difficulties to reach towards your ambitions. Apart from this, you also have to face many difficulties, problems and hurdles on the journey of your magnetic and strong personality, you may able to overcome all these things very easily.

You also possess some peculiar combination in your characteristics. You have to careful to examine your tendencies in order to make the best out of your lives. So you must give your every effort to be decisive and self- reliant. You have possessed the tendency that you often take any decision whether it is an important or not. It may make harm to you and your career also. You are a person of high emotion and sentiment and due to this reason you may take few wrong decisions in your life especially regarding your marriage. This may be a cause if your dooms day unwillingly. You may be a good writer, poet, lyricist and even a good musician and composer too.

You possess a good literary sense. With the help of this artistic quality you may able to achieve a great success at your life and your career too. You are inclined to lose yourself in a maze of romance and pay too high a price for your love. You may not able to get an ideal and pure love. It may come to you several times and hurts you. But may not stay with you for long.

Friends of Person born on november 29th :

The persons who are related tom fields of technology may not able to get any good and supportive officemates or friends at their working fields. But with the help of your charming personality you will able to make a huge number of friends surround you. But it is also true that most of them may try to take the undue advantaged form you especially in terms of economic matter. There is a possibility that you have to face a great loss in terms of business due to your partner. So you are advised to be selective and careful before selecting your business partner. The persons whom are born on the amount of October and September may be your very close and dear friend. But the persons who are born on the month of may may not able make friendship with you.

Health of Person born on november 29th :

You should avoid drags because it may produce you a bad health. You must avoid the alcoholic and smoking stuffs. As a general rule you may not feel very strong and robust and you may be tired easily in any continuous effort. You are lazy in terms of your nature. You may not be likely to have as much physical stamina as mental stamina, perseverance and even endurance. You like to take unnecessary mental strain which would be a cause of your mental depression and anxiety at your later life.

Colour: for Person born on november 29th :

The favourable colours for the persons who are working in the offices are sapphire. So if you want to make your future more vibrant you need to wear the dresses of the above colour. You may go for the interview or to any important works with the dresses coloured with the all shades of grey and ultramarine blue. These may make your fortune more favourable. The dark violet, purple and black colours are favourable for the persons who are born on the particular days. These colours may bring a good fortune for you. The persons who are involved with the business fields, their lucky colours are lime white and blue. So try to wear the dresses with the colours of the previously mentioned.

Finance of Person born on november 29th :

You may able to earn the proportionate money but can-not be able to save them because you are a person who likes to spend a lot of money that may necessary or unnecessary. You possess a good fortune related to the business. So you may start your career with the help of business and even self financed project, whatever it may be a short or a king size one. There is a possibility that you may be a fortunate person in case of finance. But the entire process may be a slow but steady one. You need to concentrate on your own deeds because there is a probability that some of your near and dear ones will try to harm your monetary condition. Be careful regarding the properties related to your parents because few of your relatives may try to snatch your properties from you.

Career of Person born on november 29th :

The students may able to achieve their desired goal with the help of their own creative creativity and ideas. The persons who are related to the fields of literature also may able to gain their name and through it they may able to achieve their desired financial goals. You may start your career with the field of business. This field may bring you a good luck in terms of financial condition. But be careful before confirming any serious and important deal related to your business. Otherwise there would be great chance of great loss. So think twice before confirming any deal regarding your business.

Famous Persons born on november 29th

They are historian, Film actors, Politician, Leaders, Artists, Scientists, Novel Winners, etc.

Famous PersonBorn On
Amos Bronson Alcott 29/11/1799
Louisa May Alcott 29/11/1832
Francisco Assis 29/11/1967
E Bailey 29/11/1876
F Burnand 29/11/1836
Ylenia Carrisi 29/11/1970
Jean-Martin Charcot 29/11/1825
King Charles I 29/11/1600
Tracy Cole 29/11/1971
S Demauro 29/11/1932
Maria Fanfani 29/11/1922
Teresa Ferro 29/11/1986
Flutie Jr 29/11/1991
Marie-Celine Grandjean 29/11/1974
Roberto Gucci 29/11/1932
Bruno Huber 29/11/1930
Petra Karin Kelly 29/11/1947
Jonathan Knight 29/11/1968
James Alexander Lamond 29/11/1928
Marcel Lefebvre 29/11/1905
Lois Livermore 29/11/1945
Chuck Mangione 29/11/1940
Irene Marshall 29/11/1893
Jeanne Modigliani 29/11/1918
Andre Noyelle 29/11/1931
Kevin W O'Neil 29/11/1971
Mary Renalter 29/11/1895
Frank Reynolds 29/11/1923
Stephanie Santerre 29/11/1979
Paul Martin Simon 29/11/1928
Billy Strayhorn 29/11/1915
Arlena Twigg 29/11/1978
Mildred Harris 29/11/1901
J.W. Cody 29/11/1902
Luis Van Rooten 29/11/1906
Dale Van Sickel 29/11/1907
Genevieve Tobin 29/11/1910
Noriko Honma 29/11/1910
James Nolan 29/11/1915
John Alexander 29/11/1917
Roberto Camardiel 29/11/1917
Madeleine L'Engle 29/11/1918
Reg Thomason 29/11/1918
Busby Berkeley 29/11/1918
Dagmar 29/11/1921
Jackie Stallone 29/11/1921
Laurie Main 29/11/1922
Frank Reynolds 29/11/1923
Ralph James 29/11/1924
Naomi Stevens 29/11/1925
Teressa Tunney 29/11/1926
Vin Scully 29/11/1927
Rupert Crosse 29/11/1927
Dan Kemp 29/11/1927
Connie Izay 29/11/1928
Ping Ou Wei 29/11/1929
Shintarô Katsu 29/11/1931
Rexella Van Impe 29/11/1932
Julio Alemán 29/11/1933
Don Eitner 29/11/1934
Amanda Walker 29/11/1935
Subhendu Chatterjee 29/11/1936
Michel Duchaussoy 29/11/1938
Chuck Mangione 29/11/1940
Virgil W. Vogel 29/11/1940
Steve Oliver 29/11/1941
John Grillo 29/11/1942
Michael Craze 29/11/1942
Robert Cameron 29/11/1943
Peter Elbling 29/11/1943
Samantha Doane 29/11/1946
Nathan Jung 29/11/1946
Gonzalo Vega 29/11/1946
John Calvin 29/11/1947
David Rintoul 29/11/1948
Dutch Mantell 29/11/1949
Garry Shandling 29/11/1949
Jerry Lawler 29/11/1949
Fran Ryan 29/11/1950
Peter Hooten 29/11/1950
Roger Troutman 29/11/1951
Tom Wright 29/11/1952
Samantha Lewes 29/11/1952
Christine Pascal 29/11/1953
Joel Coen 29/11/1954
Joel Surnow 29/11/1954
Ralf Huettner 29/11/1954
Concha Velasco 29/11/1954
Hinton Battle 29/11/1956
Y.K. Kim 29/11/1956
Charles Grant 29/11/1957
Lise Mayer 29/11/1957
Devon Scott 29/11/1958
Elizabeth Storm 29/11/1958
Sean Bobbitt 29/11/1958
Steve Timmons 29/11/1958
Rahm Emanuel 29/11/1959
Sally Timms 29/11/1959
Mike Jolly 29/11/1959
Jackie Hoffman 29/11/1960
Kim Delaney 29/11/1961
Florian Koerner von Gustorf 29/11/1963
Debi Mae West 29/11/1963
Don Cheadle 29/11/1964
Kris Kamm 29/11/1964
Ellen Cleghorne 29/11/1965
Samantha Follows 29/11/1965
Neill Barry 29/11/1965
Mike Barker 29/11/1965
John Layfield 29/11/1966
Ursula Burton 29/11/1966
Andrée Bernard 29/11/1966
Charlotte Valandrey 29/11/1968
Tobias Aspelin 29/11/1968
Christina Eliason 29/11/1968
Jonathan Knight 29/11/1968
Greg Rucka 29/11/1969
Seung-ryong Ryu 29/11/1970
Ylenia Carrisi 29/11/1970
Jesse V. Johnson 29/11/1971
Gena Lee Nolin 29/11/1971
Klára Melísková 29/11/1971
Scot Williams 29/11/1972
Brian Baumgartner 29/11/1972
Mariusz Frankowski 29/11/1973
Kyrre Hellum 29/11/1973
Jane Silvia 29/11/1973
Chiling Lin 29/11/1974
Diane Ladd 29/11/1974
Laura Lane 29/11/1974
Sean O'Neal 29/11/1975
Anna Faris 29/11/1976
Julian Ovenden 29/11/1976
Ehren McGhehey 29/11/1976
Aimée Castle 29/11/1978
Ace Gibson 29/11/1978
Lauren German 29/11/1978
Jessica Makinson 29/11/1978
Gable Carr 29/11/1979
Simon Amstell 29/11/1979
Timo Vuorensola 29/11/1979
Game 29/11/1979
Cathy Moriarty 29/11/1980
Janina Gavankar 29/11/1980
Ian Bernardo 29/11/1980
Brian Vaughan 29/11/1981
Nicholas Teo 29/11/1981
Kimberly Cullum 29/11/1981
Ramya 29/11/1982
Mariana Karr 29/11/1982
Paolo Ballesteros 29/11/1982
Gemma Chan 29/11/1982
Lucas Black 29/11/1982
Samantha Ivers 29/11/1982
Eddie Spears 29/11/1982
Jennifer Sterger 29/11/1983
Adam Zolotin 29/11/1983
Beatrice Rosen 29/11/1984
Ana Vucak 29/11/1986
Evelyn Mok 29/11/1987
Russell Wilson 29/11/1988
Briana Cuoco 29/11/1988
Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit 29/11/1990
Blake Tuomy-Wilhoit 29/11/1990
Evgeniy Mironov 29/11/1990
Tom Sizemore 29/11/1990
David Lambert 29/11/1992
Hannah Endicott-Douglas 29/11/1994
Jennifer Elise Cox 29/11/1995
Louisa May Alcott 29/11/1996
Yaniv Raz 29/11/1998
Rebecca Emilie Sattrup 29/11/2001

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