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Characteristics of Person born on november 1st :

You are inclined to be selfish and sacrifice everything to the need of the moment; but in contradiction to this, you succeed there are back tenfold for any help from you may have received. You may be easily influenced by circumstances and conditions. You like to observe everything critically because you are a bit critical in your mind. You possess an enormous energy and you may able to influence others very easily. You also have a magnetic power to attract others. You are very unique and innovative in your ideas and thoughts.

You like to break the tradition. You also dont like the monotonous activities. There is a possibility that your thoughts and ideas may match with your family members, especially with your parents. It is true that sometimes they may misunderstand you unnecessarily. So dont have possessed enough love for your parents but you like to show the proper respect towards them. You may make a proper success if you involve yourself with the political field. Through this you may able to earn your due respect and fame.

You may also do the social welfare activities. You possess strong mentality through which you may able to solve all kinds of problems which may come in the journey of your life. You are original in your thoughts and ideas. You are innovative in your plans. You also possess a strong capacity to write down something regarding any topics of literature. You may be a good professor, or even a good teacher. You may able to achieve a great success regarding this field. You are very sensitive in your heart.

You cannot neglect the hurts from others. But you cannot be able to bear your anger for other for a long time. You possess a big heart and for this very quality, you also have the power to forgive even your enemies. You like large enterprises. You may also get your proper success in the fields of architecture, engineering, any big scheme project even the builders of daring original designs. You are really aggressive and determined by your heart. You must do everything to achieve your desired goals.

You are also very courteous and helpful to those really need to help. You are extremely ambitious in general. You may able to make your name and fame with the help of your proper intellect. You may also achieve your prominence in whatever you career may be. You are often great humanitarians, with great plans for walking the world right, and you will praise the person who may do the good duds. You may often force others to do great things in the world for your fellow men. You nearly always, however, lead double lives. One is fir the in business and world and another is for you.

Friends of Person born on november 1st :

The persons who are born on the Month of May will be very supportive and cooperative to you. But eth person who are born on the month of August may not able to match their vibes and views with you. The persons who are working at the technical hub are advised to be very careful and try to keep yourself away from all kinds of luxury provided by your office mate because they may try to hamper your career. You may able to make few numbers of friends at your school and it is a matter of happiness that most of them will be with you up to the middle part of your life. It is also true that they need a help from you. So you are advised to help them out from any kinds of their difficulties.

Health of Person born on november 1st :

You may suffer from the problems related to bronchial tubes, and even thoughts. You may suffer from influenza also. So you are advised to stay at the dry places or atmosphere to keep yourself fit and fine. To avoid your coldness, you may consume honey and warm milk on a regular basis. It may also produce you a sound health. The nasal passage is likely from middle life to become affected and unless care is taken, you may at times suffer from growths in the nose, also with sinus troubles, mastoids and some defect in the hearing. You have a proneness to be affected by cold. So you are advised to take care of yourself otherwise it be a serious one because it may affect your lungs.

Colour: for Person born on november 1st :

All shades of blue are favourable for those who are related to the government sector. White is the lucky for students. If you have any important interview related to your new job, you must wear the dress coloured by crme. But if you have any interview for your higher position, you may wear the dress of light pink because this colour may make your career more vibrant. Those who are related to the field of business and any self financed organizations, they may wear the dress of any light colour may glistening material. All shades of green are favourable for those who are related the political activities and philanthropic organizations.

Finance of Person born on november 1st :

You may able to achieve a lot of money from unusual opportunities. It may flourish your financial condition. So it is stated that you are fortunate in money matters. But you have to face some difficulties during the first part of your middle age regarding financial con and it is related to the business men. Those who want to take the higher position and more responsible in their business they are advised to think twice and take the experts opinion before confirming deal and before taking any serious decisions. You may have considerable foresight and vision. You should follow your own intuition in such matter. You may able to make money unless you may able to settle down to a specified field in your career. You are also able to flourish your financial condition if you able to stand yourself to the highest position of any organization.

Career of Person born on november 1st :

You may engage yourself to the social works and even to the politics because these fields may give you a great popularity among the common masses. You may avail the artistic professions like music, paintings, drama or even theatre. With the help of this you may able to start your career from the platforms of literature. You possess a right power of criticism. So you also be a critic. You have a great luck for business also. So you may involve with the fields of hotel business or business related to dress or flower. You feel sympathy and pity for those people who belong to the slums. You possess and intense feelings and emotions. The career of the students is more or less favourable to them. But if you want to make your career more promising and flourishing you must have to pay extra attention towards your proposed studies.

Famous Persons born on november 1st

They are historian, Film actors, Politician, Leaders, Artists, Scientists, Novel Winners, etc.

Famous PersonBorn On
Katherine Bernhardt 01/11/1949
Ryan Burgess 01/11/1978
Cheiro 01/11/1866
Toni Collette 01/11/1972
Robert Couteau 01/11/1956
Stephen T Crane 01/11/1871
Cult Member Jim 01/11/1952
Andre Alfred Dumas 01/11/1908
Daniel Asher Fleck 01/11/1982
Larry Flynt 01/11/1942
Robert Foxworth 01/11/1941
Lillian Freeland 01/11/1910
Eugen Joachum 01/11/1902
Sri Krishnamurthi 01/11/1908
Britt Ann Larsen 01/11/1969
Tawn Leigh Larsen 01/11/1969
Richard Lewis 01/11/1917
Kimberly Ann McSherry 01/11/1950
Naomi Mitchison 01/11/1897
Gary Player 01/11/1935
Ashwarya Rai 01/11/1973
Eric Rohmer 01/11/1920
Jean Tardieu 01/11/1903
Gina Valentino 01/11/1989
Fernando Valenzuela 01/11/1960
Paul Walliker 01/11/1947
George Bruggeman 01/11/1904
Victoria Horne 01/11/1911
Åke Engfeldt 01/11/1913
Jack Mann 01/11/1920
Laura La Plante 01/11/1921
Harp McGuire 01/11/1921
George S. Irving 01/11/1922
John Westbrook 01/11/1922
Umberto Paolo Quintavalle 01/11/1926
George Malpas 01/11/1926
Riccardo Garrone 01/11/1926
Danny Daniels 01/11/1927
Marcel Ophüls 01/11/1927
Emmaline Henry 01/11/1928
Jerry Tucker 01/11/1929
Mark Schoonmaker 01/11/1930
Brandy Bryan 01/11/1933
Philip Bond 01/11/1934
Alejandro Doria 01/11/1936
Bill Anderson 01/11/1937
Frances White 01/11/1938
Sylvia Bataille 01/11/1939
Jon Skolmen 01/11/1940
Beth Fowler 01/11/1940
John Bell 01/11/1940
Rodney Kageyama 01/11/1941
Pamela Payton-Wright 01/11/1941
Archie Hahn 01/11/1941
Robert Foxworth 01/11/1941
Alan Riche 01/11/1941
Aldo Fabrizi 01/11/1942
Michael Zaslow 01/11/1942
John McEnery 01/11/1943
Elizabeth Knight 01/11/1944
Bobby Heenan 01/11/1944
Rony Clanton 01/11/1946
Jim Steinman 01/11/1947
Karen Hensel 01/11/1948
Anna Stuart 01/11/1948
Rainer Hunold 01/11/1949
David Foster 01/11/1949
Jeannie Berlin 01/11/1949
Belita Moreno 01/11/1949
Edgar Reitz 01/11/1950
Dan Peek 01/11/1950
Tom Henschel 01/11/1951
Fabrice Luchini 01/11/1951
Kevin Brophy 01/11/1953
Gela Nash 01/11/1953
Maribel Martín 01/11/1954
Mindee de Lacey 01/11/1954
Beth Leavel 01/11/1955
Peter Ostrum 01/11/1957
David Gruner 01/11/1957
Johannes Joner 01/11/1958
Will Finn 01/11/1958
Valéria Cavalli 01/11/1959
Tim Cook 01/11/1960
Lauren-Marie Taylor 01/11/1961
Hella Joof 01/11/1962
Brenda Chapman 01/11/1962
Katja Riemann 01/11/1963
Katherine Disque 01/11/1963
Sophie B. Hawkins 01/11/1964
John Forker 01/11/1964
Michael Gruber 01/11/1964
Kathy Trageser 01/11/1964
Inka Friedrich 01/11/1965
Padmini Kolhapure 01/11/1965
Barbara Feltus 01/11/1966
Jonathan Fraser 01/11/1967
Kara Vallow 01/11/1967
Tina Arena 01/11/1967
Bruce Linser 01/11/1967
Paul Moreno 01/11/1968
Roman Varshavsky 01/11/1968
Géraldine Danon 01/11/1968
Alberto San Juan 01/11/1968
Diane Parish 01/11/1969
Lisa Akey 01/11/1969
Morag Siller 01/11/1969
Jani Volanen 01/11/1971
Chris Prynoski 01/11/1971
Alice Bendová 01/11/1973
Robert Luketic 01/11/1973
Zay Harding 01/11/1974
Bo Bice 01/11/1975
Preston Wigasi Brant 01/11/1975
Chad Lindberg 01/11/1976
Alla Korot 01/11/1976
Matt Chapman 01/11/1976
Judith El Zein 01/11/1976
Marcelle Duprey 01/11/1976
Martin Copping 01/11/1977
Lázaro Ramos 01/11/1978
Gabriella Hámori 01/11/1978
Stephen Dunlevy 01/11/1978
Selma Ergeç 01/11/1978
Lei Hao 01/11/1978
Salina Duplessis 01/11/1979
Irene Anula 01/11/1979
Rhet Kidd 01/11/1980
Dani Rovira 01/11/1980
Betsy Palmer 01/11/1980
Matt Jones 01/11/1981
LaTavia Roberson 01/11/1981
Thiago Fragoso 01/11/1981
Barbara Howlin 01/11/1981
Tanel Toom 01/11/1982
Tania Verafield 01/11/1982
Ryanne Duzich 01/11/1983
Robbie Sublett 01/11/1983
Micaela Schäfer 01/11/1983
Andie Bolt 01/11/1984
Dominique Geisendorff 01/11/1984
Natalia Tena 01/11/1984
Thomas Price 01/11/1985
Morgan Krantz 01/11/1986
Nan Zhang 01/11/1986
Catalina Vera 01/11/1987
Daniela Aita 01/11/1987
Eric Mendelsohn 01/11/1989
Jordan Johnson-Hinds 01/11/1989
Lyle Lovett 01/11/1989
Joelle Fletcher 01/11/1990
Jake Foy 01/11/1990
Shain Gandee 01/11/1991
Anthony Ramos 01/11/1991
Dillon Lane 01/11/1993
Fernando Gaviria 01/11/1995
Barbara Bosson 01/11/1995
Daniela Melchior 01/11/1996
Julia Batelaan 01/11/1996
Min-jae Kim 01/11/1996
Justin Linville 01/11/1996
Alex Wolff 01/11/1997
Max Burkholder 01/11/1997
Toni Collette 01/11/1999
Lolita Ritmanis 01/11/2002

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