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Characteristics of Person born on november 12th :

You must earnestly advise yourself to concentrate on one object on a single time. It may good for you. First you win success in one thing, then you can chase romances as much as you like. During last phase of your life you may able to take control at sentimental side of your nature and you may allow any one of your hidden talents to come to the surface. Sometimes it may see that you take wrong decisions regarding your life and it may be a great cause of your life difficulties. On the contrast your some vital decisions may pave the way in your life.

You are generally loved and adored by those who know you. But there are very few born under this sign who at some stage in your career escape being attacked by calumny or scandal. Whether you grew up to be with-out conceit or ego, you always have a feeling of superiority. You are person of self-confidence and with the help of this quality you may le to gain many successes at your life. During the early part of your life you have pass through many problems and difficulties. But you may able to overcome all of your problems easily with the help of your intellect.

There is also a possibility that you may lose your parent at the early part of your life and it may be a great effect on you. You possess a huge belief on yourself. This quality may stand you in good stead on account of the responsibilities that must sooner and later fall on your shoulders. After losing your parent, you may suffer from monetary break down and this incident also may hamper your career. Such difficulties in your case would be, however, blessings in disguise and these difficulties may train you to take on early responsibilities.

If you may look back to the years of your childhood, you may see that for one reason or another, your little shoulders had to take on a burden of care or you had to look after others. Sometimes it will be seen that you may feel restless to control all the problems and responsibilities at your life and all these incidents may help you to gather many unusual experiences regarding your life. This may also be a cause of breakdown of your nervous system. You may also have a tendency to become too authoritative or dictatorial to those around to you and so have to face troubles from your servants, employees or even from your inferiors. With the help of tis fault you may make many enemies surrounded by you.

Friends of Person born on november 12th :

As a general rule you love to make friends. The persons, who are born on the months of November, April, and June, may be the good friends to you. They may be very supportive to you too. But the persons, who are born on the first week of March and third week of September, may not be your supportive friends. Even they may be your enemies. So be selective while you select your friends. Some of your friends may exist through-out your life. Even you may achieve few favourable colleagues at your working places.

Health of Person born on november 12th :

The chief ailments that you may have at times undermine by expending too much energy in carrying out your plans and not taking enough rest and sleep. You may be neglected colds. This may be a reason for your disaster for your lungs and chest. You need to take fresh air and sun-birth everyday to keep yourself protected from these kinds of problems. This is also needed that you must get the pleasure of morning work which will provide you a considerable amount of fresh air. This may also give you a great vitality and energy. Dont need to take extra work and mental pressure because this would be a cause of your nervous breakdown or even it may seize the process of your brains.

Colour: for Person born on november 12th :

All light colours are the favourable colour for those who are related to the philanthropic activities. Crme colour is lucky for the persons who are related to government sectors. Those who are attached with the fields of politics may wear the dress of white colour at the important meetings. All shades of green from lightest to darkest are the favourable colour for those person who are related to the self financed organization. Those, who attached with the field of architecture, should not wear dark and heavy colours of any descriptions. All shades of pastel colours are favourable for the doctors. All these above colour may able to flourish the career of the persons of their respective fields at a large scale. Those who have any serious important interview related to service may use the dress of pale green or crme.

Finance of Person born on november 12th :

In the matter of finance you may be fortunate and you may be likely to acquire considerable wealth. As a general rule you are fortunate in the fields of any kinds of business, finance and even industrial concern. You may be benefited from any of your powerful friends or from your marriage or from your opposite gender in terms of money. So be happy with them. You may able to make whatever your fields your career may be. But you are advised to save a bit for your future because there is a possibility that you may suffer from hard times at your advanced days.

Career of Person born on november 12th :

You possess an excellent imaginative power and with the help of this you may earn success in the fields of art and literary work. You also flourish your career if you able to make yourself a lecturer or a preacher because you possess the quality of good talking. The field of music are also very supportive for your career. It may be better for you if you dont concentrate towards the fields of business. But you may join with any small self financed organization. The careers of the students are near to good but you need to be more attentive towards your studies during the time of your higher studies.

Famous Persons born on november 12th

They are historian, Film actors, Politician, Leaders, Artists, Scientists, Novel Winners, etc.

Famous PersonBorn On
Baha Ullah 12/11/1817
Mirza Husayn Baha'U'Llah 12/11/1817
Alexander Borodin 12/11/1833
Benvenuto Cellini 12/11/1500
Richard Christmann 12/11/1905
Amy Fitzgerald 12/11/1962
Eleanor Kask Friede 12/11/1920
Greg Gagne 12/11/1961
John Gosch 12/11/1969
Princess Grace 12/11/1929
Grossberg-Peterson Baby 12/11/1996
William Gustafson 12/11/1982
Tonya Harding 12/11/1970
Roland Hepp 12/11/1939
Fred Kimball 12/11/1904
Charles Manson 12/11/1934
Marino Jr 12/11/1924
Jack Oakie 12/11/1903
Richard Lee Roberts 12/11/1948
Louis de Rougemont 12/11/1847
Edward Schillebeeckx 12/11/1914
Heinz Specht 12/11/1925
Ruth Averil Steele 12/11/1889
Ralph Sugimoto 12/11/1941
Sun Yat-Sen 12/11/1866
Carolina Vanin 12/11/1991
Mark E Wallis 12/11/1952
Sam Winston 12/11/1940
Neil Young 12/11/1945
Julian Somers 12/11/1903
Jacques Tourneur 12/11/1904
José Elías Moreno 12/11/1910
Liam Dunn 12/11/1916
George Wang 12/11/1918
Ray Kellogg 12/11/1919
James Sheldon 12/11/1920
Gwen Lee 12/11/1920
Richard Quine 12/11/1920
Paul Maxwell 12/11/1921
William Lanteau 12/11/1922
Ernie Anderson 12/11/1923
Richard Venture 12/11/1923
Heinz Schubert 12/11/1925
Kim Hunter 12/11/1926
John Hollis 12/11/1927
Fritz Ford 12/11/1927
Rolan Bykov 12/11/1929
Grace Kelly 12/11/1929
Michael Ende 12/11/1929
Peter Lamont 12/11/1929
Damian London 12/11/1931
Mary Louise Wilson 12/11/1931
Dick Clair 12/11/1931
Tatyana Konyukhova 12/11/1931
Brian Rawlinson 12/11/1931
Carmen Munroe 12/11/1932
Jerry Douglas 12/11/1932
Mark Russell 12/11/1933
Roger Booth 12/11/1933
Ann Flood 12/11/1934
Edward Ellis 12/11/1934
Joaquin Jackson 12/11/1935
John Charlesworth 12/11/1935
Madeleine Fischer 12/11/1935
Mills Lane 12/11/1936
Ina Balin 12/11/1937
Mort Shuman 12/11/1938
Amjad Khan 12/11/1940
Judith Arthy 12/11/1940
Sunset Carson 12/11/1940
Julie Ege 12/11/1943
Booker T. Jones 12/11/1944
Jo Stafford 12/11/1944
Al Michaels 12/11/1944
Richard Fire 12/11/1945
Ranjeet 12/11/1946
Lynn Dearth 12/11/1946
Krister Henriksson 12/11/1946
Patrice Leconte 12/11/1947
Donald Roeser 12/11/1947
Thomas Milano 12/11/1947
Carlos Ezquerra 12/11/1947
Banjô Ginga 12/11/1948
Ayshea Brough 12/11/1948
Deborah Strang 12/11/1950
Lyudmila Gurchenko 12/11/1950
Hideyuki Tanaka 12/11/1950
Barbara Fairchild 12/11/1950
Coen van Vrijberghe de Coningh 12/11/1950
Philip H. Reisman Jr. 12/11/1952
Max Grodénchik 12/11/1952
Aaron Lipstadt 12/11/1952
Clayton LeBouef 12/11/1954
Louan Gideon 12/11/1955
Harald Maack 12/11/1955
Joshua Cadman 12/11/1955
Willard Carroll 12/11/1955
Laura Diebel 12/11/1956
Brian Hackney 12/11/1957
Georgiana Tarjan 12/11/1957
Bob Holness 12/11/1957
Karen Ziemba 12/11/1957
Gilbert Melki 12/11/1958
Leanne Lau 12/11/1959
Teddy Quinn 12/11/1959
Vincent Irizarry 12/11/1959
Vicco von Bülow 12/11/1960
Brian Hyland 12/11/1960
Melissa Knatchbull 12/11/1960
Nadia Comaneci 12/11/1961
Mariella Frostrup 12/11/1962
Ramon Madaula 12/11/1962
Alban Branton 12/11/1962
Paul Kolsby 12/11/1962
Karen Praxel 12/11/1963
Sam Lloyd 12/11/1963
Natalya Negoda 12/11/1963
Alex Carter 12/11/1964
Vic Chesnutt 12/11/1964
Jacobo Morales 12/11/1965
Todd Terry 12/11/1966
Kathleen Hanna 12/11/1968
Aya Hisakawa 12/11/1968
Chantel Dubay 12/11/1968
Leo O'Brien 12/11/1970
Tonya Harding 12/11/1970
Harvey Stephens 12/11/1970
Craig Parker 12/11/1970
Charles Manson 12/11/1971
Reynaldo Gianecchini 12/11/1972
Emily Peden 12/11/1972
Roger Gual 12/11/1973
Radha Mitchell 12/11/1973
Mayte Garcia 12/11/1973
Melanie Gaffin 12/11/1973
Anastasia Masaro 12/11/1974
Eric Cubiche 12/11/1974
Tamala Jones 12/11/1974
Lourdes Benedicto 12/11/1974
Tevin Campbell 12/11/1976
Dalene Kurtis 12/11/1977
Rachel Dolezal 12/11/1977
Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy 12/11/1978
Stacey Alysson 12/11/1978
Nicolas Giraud 12/11/1978
Devrim Evin 12/11/1978
Johnny Hawkes 12/11/1978
Alexandra Maria Lara 12/11/1978
Ashley Williams 12/11/1978
Guy Branum 12/11/1979
Daisy McCrackin 12/11/1979
Tiana Pongs 12/11/1979
Aaron Roberts 12/11/1979
Céline Sciamma 12/11/1980
Nur Fettahoglu 12/11/1980
Gustaf Skarsgård 12/11/1980
Ryan Gosling 12/11/1980
Meghan Allen 12/11/1980
Jimmy Clabots 12/11/1980
Dorina Martinovics 12/11/1981
Ivy Yi-Han Chen 12/11/1982
Kelly Kruger 12/11/1982
Heather Lauren Olson 12/11/1982
Candice Woodcock 12/11/1982
Sonny Castillo 12/11/1983
Yael Eitan 12/11/1983
Annemarie Pazmino 12/11/1984
Bhairavi Goswami 12/11/1984
Sandara Park 12/11/1984
Arianny Celeste 12/11/1985
Ben Aldridge 12/11/1985
Russell Westbrook 12/11/1988
Alistair Brammer 12/11/1988
Marika Soposká 12/11/1989
Shweta Salve 12/11/1990
Cankat Aydos 12/11/1992
Clemens Rehbein 12/11/1992
Macey Cruthird 12/11/1992
EJ Jallorina 12/11/1993
Athena Strates 12/11/1995
Juan José Ballesta 12/11/1997
Anastasia Tsilimpiou 12/11/1997
Cote de Pablo 12/11/2000

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