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Characteristics of Person born on may 21st :

There is a possibility that you may marry early. There is also a possibility that you may marry for three times and the third one may be the best one. Some of the love affairs in your life are likely to be quite out of the ordinary. So it must be stated that you are fond of love and your opposite gender. You have deep affectionate feelings towards the member of your family and your native land. You may try to foster national project for the benefit of your country. You are a person, who has a sense of social activities and from this particular sense you may connect with the philanthropic activities and even with the charitable organization. You feel a strong may to work for these particular organizations.

You may earn a lot of honour and respect from your society and the people related to the fields and due to this you may be the honourable person at your community which you belong. You have an interest of free thinking. You also possess the artistic qualities. You are really interested for the fields which are related to art and literature. You love to paint and like to hear music. You may have the versatile genius. You are also able to lead a good and happy public life.

You may have a very intense sense of justice and may often find yourself in opposition to others on this question. You love to take the side of the underdogs and you also fight for those people especially for their justice in your society. For this reason you may earn sympathy and may be attracted by them. You love to lead and independent life and like to give independence the other. You have your own philosophy. You also possess a unique thought related to religion.

You are a positive minded person and you wish to carry out your plans in reality. You also have a strong and determined will power. You have an innate sense of harmony, rhythm and colour. You also succeed well in poetry, music and art. You love to be a leader. You also inspire other for love and devotion. You often have great responsibilities forced upon you. There may be two courses opening before you at the very beginning. One may be a very strict, pure kind of life with a devotional or deeply religious trend.

You may be much influenced by your family members and by your upbringing. The other, are desire for freedom from your home, love of adventure and active life. You may follow one or the other, according to the circumstances ruling your early years and the interests you develop. You may be good at all kinds of sports and games and very devoted to different kinds of animals like dog, horses, cats and even the other animals.

Friends of Person born on may 21st :

The persons, who are born on the month of July, will feel a strong attraction towards you and these people may also able to help you out from any kind of difficulties and problems. You must be selective regarding your friends because the persons, who are born on the month of November especially during its end part, may always try to harm you and will try to spoil your career also. You may get some good and cooperative colleagues at your working place and it is applicable for those who are working in private sectors. It is a matter of sorrow that your view and vibes may not match with your parents especially with your mother. So your parents may never be a good friends rather friends to you.

Health of Person born on may 21st :

You may have a tendency to some delicacy of lungs and throat, but you may grow out of these if you pass through middle life. Though you posses a strong vitality and good health, you may not able to sustain it because of your excessive work pressure and mental strains. You need a regular basis exercise and morning-walk because you need as fresh air to refresh your lungs and heart also. There is a possibility that you may suffer from hyper acidity. If you want to recover yourself from this problem you must have to take an amount of water and a proper balance diet in time. All these rules and regulations may help you to maintain a sound and profound health.

Colour: for Person born on may 21st :

If you want to make you fortune and career more prosperous and promising, you must wear the dress with the colour of mauve, violet and even purple. All shades of blue are the favourable colour for those who are related to a charitable organization. The violet is the favourable for the students. The persons who are related music and paintings they may wear the dress coloured by mauve. White is favourable colour of those who are related to the field of literature. The persons, who are related to the administrative section, may wear the dress with the colour yellow. This colour may help you to produce a successful career.

Finance of Person born on may 21st :

You could create much out of nothing, your only danger being that of undermining your resources by going in for large schemes of speculative nature. You may be lightly to control on have large sums of money passing through your hands. Thereafter, to the end you may need to exercise a greater prudence and acre if you are to keep your positions and wealth. Some great opportunity may come on the way of your life but it is important that you have to take the right opportunity at right time. With this way you may able to continue your stability in terms of financial position.

Career of Person born on may 21st :

If you have the interest in the fields of literature, you may take it as your career. You may choose also music and painting as your optional career. If you put your hand in the fields of philanthropic activities or attach yourself with charitable organization, you will earn your due respect and popularity on the common masses. You may be able to flourish your career with the help of a great personality at the field of your business. You possess sympathetic mind and for this reason you have an urge to help the underdogs and it may be supportive career for you also.

Famous Persons born on may 21st

They are historian, Film actors, Politician, Leaders, Artists, Scientists, Novel Winners, etc.

Famous PersonBorn On
Maurice Andre 21/05/1933
Paul Brenner 21/05/1933
Lazaro Cardenas De Rio 21/05/1895
Alma L Chapin 21/05/1923
Jeffrey Dahmer 21/05/1960
Ron Fernandes 21/05/1938
Fouche 21/05/1759
Malcolm Fraser 21/05/1930
Felix Gilbert 21/05/1905
Delia Gualtiero 21/05/1952
Richard Hatch 21/05/1945
Peter Hurkos 21/05/1911
Rudolph Isley 21/05/1941
Jan Konrad 21/05/1942
Catulle Mendes 21/05/1841
Robert Montgomery 21/05/1904
Andrew Fergusson Neil 21/05/1949
Maritha Pottenger 21/05/1952
Beppe Recchia 21/05/1934
Judge Reinhold 21/05/1957
Henri Rousseau 21/05/1844
R Santhanam 21/05/1944
Margaret Spevik 21/05/1942
Emile Verhaeren 21/05/1855
Fats Waller 21/05/1904
Dandy Nichols 21/05/1907
Hilda Haynes 21/05/1912
Romain Gary 21/05/1914
Danny Sands 21/05/1914
Bill Williams 21/05/1915
Cathleen Cordell 21/05/1915
Doreen McLean 21/05/1916
Raymond Burr 21/05/1917
Vernon Cansino 21/05/1922
Evelyn Ward 21/05/1923
Peggy Cass 21/05/1924
Inge Langen 21/05/1924
Olof Thunberg 21/05/1925
Kay Kendall 21/05/1926
Alice Drummond 21/05/1928
Kelton Garwood 21/05/1928
Frank Avruch 21/05/1928
Jim Goodwin 21/05/1929
Ann Stephens 21/05/1931
Betty Bunch 21/05/1934
Zulema Dene 21/05/1934
Johnny Stewart 21/05/1934
Joe Alves 21/05/1936
Alan Heim 21/05/1936
Sofiko Chiaureli 21/05/1937
Kay Pollak 21/05/1938
Françoise Ruggieri 21/05/1938
Ross Hagen 21/05/1938
Ronald Isley 21/05/1941
Barbara Handler 21/05/1941
Samantha Jones 21/05/1943
Märta Torén 21/05/1944
Claudia Fielers 21/05/1946
Allan McKeown 21/05/1946
Christopher Mitchell 21/05/1947
John Everson 21/05/1947
Magic Schwarz 21/05/1948
Leo Sayer 21/05/1948
Carol Potter 21/05/1948
Jonathan Hyde 21/05/1948
Lyubov Polishchuk 21/05/1949
Andrew Neil 21/05/1949
Anthony Steel 21/05/1950
Booker Bradshaw 21/05/1951
Leon Schuster 21/05/1951
Jacqueline Tong 21/05/1951
Mr. T 21/05/1952
Trevor Cooper 21/05/1953
Janice Karman 21/05/1954
Lynnie Greene 21/05/1954
Ben Lemon 21/05/1955
Lisa Evans 21/05/1955
Rebecca Jones 21/05/1957
Bruce Buffer 21/05/1957
Staffan Hallerstam 21/05/1957
George Englund Jr. 21/05/1957
Alan Gelfant 21/05/1957
Johann Carlo 21/05/1957
Renée Soutendijk 21/05/1957
Cristina Sánchez Pascual 21/05/1959
Lowell Cunningham 21/05/1959
Adriana Ozores 21/05/1959
Sarah Forbes 21/05/1959
Peter Rosenfeld 21/05/1960
Jeffrey Toobin 21/05/1960
Mohanlal 21/05/1960
Jackie Lind 21/05/1961
Richard Appel 21/05/1963
David Lonsdale 21/05/1963
Nancy Daus-Sullivan 21/05/1964
Josh Richman 21/05/1965
E.J. Carroll 21/05/1965
Sally Boyden 21/05/1965
Cliff Bemis 21/05/1966
Sujoy Ghosh 21/05/1966
Elisabetta Rocchetti 21/05/1970
Aditya Chopra 21/05/1971
Harold Robbins 21/05/1971
Jen Apgar 21/05/1972
Sunny Doench 21/05/1972
Olga Sosnovska 21/05/1972
The Notorious B.I.G. 21/05/1972
Brett Tucker 21/05/1972
Alesha Oreskovich 21/05/1972
Noel Fielding 21/05/1973
Tripp Pickell 21/05/1974
Craig Zimmerman 21/05/1974
Aditi Govitrikar 21/05/1974
Eduardo Verástegui 21/05/1974
David Groh 21/05/1974
Fairuza Balk 21/05/1974
Juliet Cowan 21/05/1974
Inge Hornstra 21/05/1974
Julia Thurnau 21/05/1974
Belinda Bromilow 21/05/1975
Al Franken 21/05/1975
Patrick Rapold 21/05/1975
Carlo Ljubek 21/05/1976
Deron Miller 21/05/1976
Stéphanie Anne Weber Biron 21/05/1976
Matthew Newmark 21/05/1976
Muffy Marracco 21/05/1976
Liz Feldman 21/05/1977
Kathleen McDermott 21/05/1977
Paloma Duarte 21/05/1977
Kerstin Landsmann 21/05/1977
Kimberly Pressler 21/05/1978
Lino Guanciale 21/05/1979
Jo Andres 21/05/1980
Lucia Siposová 21/05/1980
Cam Brainard 21/05/1980
Onira Tares 21/05/1981
Josh Hamilton 21/05/1981
Russell Balogh 21/05/1981
Melissa Anne Young 21/05/1982
Saygin Soysal 21/05/1982
Alexandre Rodrigues 21/05/1983
Sunkrish Bala 21/05/1984
Calvin A. Dean 21/05/1985
Cameron Van Hoy 21/05/1985
Brent Briscoe 21/05/1985
Kane Robinson 21/05/1985
Jonathan Baron 21/05/1986
Nicci Roessler 21/05/1986
Myra 21/05/1986
Francesco Carril 21/05/1986
Melanie Ehrlich 21/05/1987
Maike Jüttendonk 21/05/1987
Roxy Sowlaty 21/05/1988
Thomas Morris 21/05/1989
Scotty Leavenworth 21/05/1990
Emily Behny 21/05/1991
Vanda Chaloupková 21/05/1991
Duo Wang 21/05/1991
Jefery Levy 21/05/1991
Sarah Ramos 21/05/1991
Lexi Johnson 21/05/1992
Olivia Olson 21/05/1992
Alicia Rodríguez 21/05/1992
Brianna Ferris 21/05/1992
Lauren Hays 21/05/1994
Zoe McLane 21/05/1996
Ben Konigsberg 21/05/1996
Kevin Quinn 21/05/1997
Fergus Drysdale 21/05/1999

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