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Characteristics of Person born on may 20th :

You possess an attractive personality. With this kind of quality you may attract the strangers and you also very catchable to your new surroundings. You may able to make a huge circle of friends and the friends may be a combination of good and evil. But as a general rule you will be lucky for the fortune of getting friend. You are very passionate for your love, especially in your relations with your opposite gender.

You will have remarkable intuitions. You love to dream and your dreams are very prominent and accurate. You love to live your life through luxury. You will able to earn pleasure from your life. You also love the entertaining world. You like the good things of your life. You are also a sympathetic person. You feel sympathy for those who are suffering around you. There is a possibility that you may be distracted by the evil forces.

There is also chance that you may change the places of your residence for more than several times. You love to travel. You want to gather knowledge of the wider world. Though you have many friends, you sometimes feel lonely by heart. There is a possibility that you may leave your family specially your parents, in sake of your higher studies or of your profession.

You may find considerable difficulties to achieve your love. But dont need to be worried at all because all, the problems may over with the help of your strong determination and may power. You have a great interest in the subjects related to art and architecture. You may also able to flourish your career in the fields of literature, music, painting, drama, and even the theatre. You love to furnish your homes with the beautiful things. You possess a sensitive nature. You also have the greatest power of imagination.

You are very fond of studies, specially the books which are related to mystery and adventure. You have a strong belief in god and your fate. You are romantic by birth. You may decide to lean towards idealism. You are the most faithful and loyal towards your friends. You are also excellent in public services. You may achieve the higher position in the government sector or even in the army. With the help of your sympathetic attitude you may be a good nurse and healer. You have a great passion for gardening and flouring. You forgive at the slightest show of feeling or kindness and this side of your nature makes you do all kinds of things that the world may call a stupid one.

Friends of Person born on may 20th :

The persons, who are born on the months of February, may not be supportive to you at all. So try to keep yourself away from these persons. But the persons who are born on the middle of August will be very supportive and may feel a strong attraction towards you. As you possess a strong sense and attraction towards your opposite gender, you may able to make a considerable numbers of friend through-out your whole life. Some of your friends may be friends at the proper sense but most of them may not be able to execute their responsibilities at their proper sense.

Health of Person born on may 20th :

The nasal passage is likely from middle life to become affected and unless care is taken, you may at times suffer from growths in the nose, also with sinus troubles, mastoids and some defect in the hearing. You have a proneness to be affected by cold. So you are advised to take care of yourself otherwise it be a serious one because it may affect your lungs. For this reason you may also suffer from the problems related to bronchial tubes, and even thoughts. You may suffer from influenza also. So you are advised to stay at the dry places or atmosphere to keep yourself fit and fine. To avoid your coldness, you may consume honey and warm milk on a regular basis. It will also produce you a sound health.

Colour: for Person born on may 20th :

The white is the favourable colour for those who are related to the philanthropic activities. Crme colour is lucky for the students and the persons who are related to professions. Those who are attached with the fields of politics may wear the dress of grey colour at the important meetings. All shades of blue from lightest to darkest are the favourable colour for the business men. Those, who attached with the self financed projects, must wear the dress of all shades of green. All these above colours may able to flourish the career of the persons of their respective fields at a large scale. Those who have any serious important interview related to service may use the dress of electric shades.

Finance of Person born on may 20th :

You have to move from the ups and downs regarding your financial condition through-out your whole life. Though you will able to earn money from your career, you could not be able to save them for your future because of your unnecessary expenses behaviour. You are advised not to lend money to others because there is no possibility to get back the money at all. You are also not to borrow money from others because there is a huge possibility that you may be cheate3d by the money lenders. So try to be satisfied at your own. You should avoid speculation and gambles of all kinds and hold your inclination for extravagant well in check.

Career of Person born on may 20th :

The career of the students may be more or less flourishing. But you are advised to keep yourself apart from the persons of your opposite gender because they may not give you the proper scope to concentrate on your suggestive studies. The career of the persons, who are related to art and architecture, may be smooth and promising. You possess a strong sense of imagination and with the help of this quality you may start your career in the fields of literature as writer or as a critic. You also be a philosopher because you have the capability to point out the views on the running society. You also able to read out the minds of others very easily and with this quality you may be a good psychologist.

Famous Persons born on may 20th

They are historian, Film actors, Politician, Leaders, Artists, Scientists, Novel Winners, etc.

Famous PersonBorn On
Al Bano 20/05/1943
Margery Louise Allingham 20/05/1904
Magi Aurelius 20/05/1886
Mary E Baker 20/05/1890
Honore de Balzac 20/05/1799
Eleonora Benfatto 20/05/1973
Lya Bosi 20/05/1926
Cher 20/05/1946
Joe Cocker 20/05/1944
Cipa Dichter 20/05/1944
Dr Euwe 20/05/1901
Tiffany Fairfax 20/05/1947
Nigel Griffiths 20/05/1955
Edna Haid 20/05/1892
Pat Harris 20/05/1953
Lawrence R Kessing 20/05/1883
William E Kullgren 20/05/1885
Toussaint L'Ouverture 20/05/1743
Jim Lyttle 20/05/1946
Gregory Massialas 20/05/1956
Minister 5063 20/05/1917
Prince Pavlos 20/05/1967
Olga Peters 20/05/1971
Herbert Thomas Potter 20/05/1925
Ronald P Reagan 20/05/1958
Karen Sanchez 20/05/1956
Sri Candrasekhar Saraswati 20/05/1894
Christoph Schubert-Weller 20/05/1950
Lise Simard 20/05/1946
Ernie Stautner 20/05/1925
Jimmy Stewart 20/05/1908
Ondina Valla 20/05/1916
Mary Lewis Vohryzek 20/05/1921
Jane Wiedlin 20/05/1958
Otto Waldis 20/05/1901
Russell Hardie 20/05/1904
John Emery 20/05/1905
James Stewart 20/05/1908
Nana Palsikar 20/05/1908
Jerry Hausner 20/05/1909
Gardner Fox 20/05/1911
Edward Montagne 20/05/1912
James Alexander 20/05/1914
Peter Copley 20/05/1915
Helen Ticknor 20/05/1915
Moshe Dayan 20/05/1915
Dennis McCarthy 20/05/1920
Virginia Vale 20/05/1920
Peter Hughes 20/05/1922
Edith Fellows 20/05/1923
Herman Wedemeyer 20/05/1924
Vic Ames 20/05/1925
Emy Storm 20/05/1925
James Douglas 20/05/1929
Frank Salsedo 20/05/1929
Betty DeGeneres 20/05/1930
James McEachin 20/05/1930
Patricia Ellis 20/05/1932
Vera Fusek 20/05/1932
Constance Towers 20/05/1933
Tonino Valerii 20/05/1934
Roy Heather 20/05/1935
Mickey Rose 20/05/1935
Sterling Magee 20/05/1936
Balu Mahendra 20/05/1939
Ted Rusoff 20/05/1939
Norman Ornellas 20/05/1939
Stan Mikita 20/05/1940
Frank Ward 20/05/1940
Joan Staley 20/05/1940
David Hedison 20/05/1941
Noralee Norman 20/05/1942
Carita 20/05/1943
Al Bano 20/05/1943
Francesca Romana Coluzzi 20/05/1943
Joe Cocker 20/05/1944
Michael Segerström 20/05/1944
John Liu 20/05/1944
Michael Sullivan 20/05/1945
Sky du Mont 20/05/1947
Tesshô Genda 20/05/1948
Richard Freeman Skelton 20/05/1948
Darrell Fetty 20/05/1948
Alan Zweibel 20/05/1950
Staffan Götestam 20/05/1952
Sherry Lynn 20/05/1952
Maryedith Burrell 20/05/1952
Suzanne Barnes 20/05/1954
Diego Abatantuono 20/05/1955
Zbigniew Preisner 20/05/1955
Jimmie Lee Gaines 20/05/1955
Anton Corbijn 20/05/1955
Brian Nash 20/05/1956
Renate Langer 20/05/1956
Dean Butler 20/05/1956
Christine Matchett 20/05/1957
Lucélia Santos 20/05/1957
Hildegard Schroedter 20/05/1958
Molly Cleator 20/05/1958
Frank Medrano 20/05/1958
Judy Kuhn 20/05/1958
Ron Reagan 20/05/1958
Jane Wiedlin 20/05/1958
Matt McCoy 20/05/1958
Aleksey Guskov 20/05/1958
Anthony Zerbe 20/05/1960
John Billingsley 20/05/1960
Betty Driver 20/05/1960
Christiane Felscherinow 20/05/1962
Julie Allred 20/05/1962
Dirk Küchmeister 20/05/1962
Eileen McDonough 20/05/1962
John Landgraf 20/05/1962
Jonathan Guy Lewis 20/05/1963
Paul Haddad 20/05/1963
Jenny Funnell 20/05/1963
Lebo M. 20/05/1964
Christian Juttner 20/05/1964
Claire Nebout 20/05/1964
Earl Charles Spencer 20/05/1964
Kevin Frazier 20/05/1964
Bouli Lanners 20/05/1965
Eric Norris 20/05/1965
Marla Sucharetza 20/05/1965
Dato Bakhtadze 20/05/1966
Dan Abrams 20/05/1966
J.R. Ventimilia 20/05/1966
Dario Scardapane 20/05/1966
Gina Ravera 20/05/1966
Mindy Cohn 20/05/1966
Gabriele Muccino 20/05/1967
Stephanie Niznik 20/05/1967
Andrew Secunda 20/05/1970
Oleg Vasilkov 20/05/1970
Louis Theroux 20/05/1970
Sally Grey 20/05/1971
Peppino Mazzotta 20/05/1971
Tina Hobley 20/05/1971
Busta Rhymes 20/05/1972
Elsa Lunghini 20/05/1973
Murat Akkoyunlu 20/05/1973
Patricia Navidad 20/05/1973
David Proval 20/05/1973
DonnaMarie Recco 20/05/1975
Jason Torrens 20/05/1975
Marc Thompson 20/05/1975
Trine Christensen 20/05/1977
Matt Czuchry 20/05/1977
Angela Goethals 20/05/1977
Miriam Parrish 20/05/1977
Mike Flanagan 20/05/1978
Jana Pallaske 20/05/1979
Rick Edwards 20/05/1979
Craig Melvin 20/05/1979
Agnes Kittelsen 20/05/1980
Rachel Platten 20/05/1981
Candace Bailey 20/05/1982
Sierra Boggess 20/05/1982
Daniel Ribeiro 20/05/1982
Emma Williams 20/05/1983
Michaela McManus 20/05/1983
N.T. Rama Rao Jr. 20/05/1983
Darya Ekamasova 20/05/1984
Joel Kelley Dauten 20/05/1986
Yon González 20/05/1986
Louisa Krause 20/05/1986
Robert Emms 20/05/1986
Will Lyman 20/05/1987
Sanna Haynes 20/05/1987
Nathaniel Brown 20/05/1988
Comfort Fedoke 20/05/1988
Ava Karabatic 20/05/1988
Madeleine Humphries 20/05/1988
Sainty Nelsen 20/05/1989
Daria Novokolska 20/05/1990
Owen Teale 20/05/1990
Christian Antidormi 20/05/1992
Jack Gleeson 20/05/1992
Julia Macchio 20/05/1992
Tayla Fernandez 20/05/1993
Jeffrey Tedmori 20/05/1993
Abbey Hoes 20/05/1994
Peyton Clark 20/05/1994
Timothy Olyphant 20/05/1996
Jake Johnson 20/05/1997
Yuriy Kutsenko 20/05/1998
Honoré de Balzac 20/05/1998
Raine Michaels 20/05/2000
Cauã Reymond 20/05/2002

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