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Characteristics of Person born on may 19th :

You have great power of endurance, both physically and mentally. You may pass through an enormous strain of fatigue as long as the excitement and determination last. You are a person full of patience. You have the gentle behaviour. You are also short tempered person. You may be angry due to the others jealousy towards you or under hand work. You may be liable to sudden out bursts of temper and passion if opposed in your plans and the ambitions. You are also kind hearted person. It may not be an easy matter for you to span interference of any kind, petty announce or criticism.

You have few stronger qualities in you and these qualities may dominant your life and your career. You are a person, who has the proper sense of creativity. You are also the person who is unique and original in your plan. You must do everything to execute your plan. If you able to be pay stick at a fixed point, you must get the success. You may have a considerable amount of self reliance. You may achieve your desired goal very easily. You are also a person who may gain the voracious knowledge. You are fond of reading of any kinds of book. You are also an out spoken person. Through this quality you may join the executive work of any kind such as the receptionist of the enterprises or any institutions or of any nursing home. As you love to talk, you may also join the call centres.

You should always decide all important questions when you are alone, for they seem to be so much in touch with the minds of the persons around you. You may get confused and often try to imagine other people thought and ideas. You also wish to take the ideas as your own. You are always easily misled by your notions, sensation or even your affections. So it is clearly stated that you are an emotional person. You may have a great appreciation for literature, music, poetry, drama, the fine arts in general, glass painting, and even dancing. If you want you may get success in all the above fields.

You may be a patron of them and have patronage in these fields. You are a person of mentally gifted. If you able to maintain your balance you may turn out remarkable work in whatever career you chose. You are extremely loveable and most self-sacrificing to your relatives. But as a rule you always have someone to support or care for.

Friends of Person born on may 19th :

You are advised to be selective while you will choose your friends because the persons who are born on the months of November and first part of September may be very friendly towards you. The persons, who are born on the month of August, may feel a strong attraction towards you. But you are advised not to make friendship with these particular people because they may not be able to understand you and your point of views. You may not able to get a good friend circle at your school life but you may get it from your college life and higher studies also. Be serious in your working place because there is a huge possibility that some of your colleague will, try to make harm and spoil your career also. But dont need to be worried so much because your higher authority or your respected boss may be more or less supportive and generous to you and these persons may help you to overcome your all kind of difficulties.

Health of Person born on may 19th :

The chief ailments that you may have at times undermine by expending too much energy in carrying out your plans and not taking enough rest and sleep. You may be neglected colds. This may be a reason for your disaster for your lungs and chest. You need to take fresh air and sun-birth everyday to keep yourself protected from these kinds of problems. This is also needed that you must get the pleasure of morning work which will provide you a considerable amount of fresh air. This may also give you a great vitality and energy. Dont need to take extra work and mental pressure because this would be a cause of your nervous breakdown or even it may seize the process of your brains.

Colour: for Person born on may 19th :

The all shades of blue from the lightest to darkest are the favourable colour for those who are attached with the fields of executive works. Those, who are the heads of any kinds of institutions or organization, may wear the dress coloured by golden and even brown. Orange is lucky colour for students. Those who are related to administrative section bronze is the favourable colour form them. All shades of gold are the fortunate colour for those who are related to the entertainment world. Those who are suffering from chest problem, may wear the dress of white colour. All shades of green colour are lucky for those who are related to the public sectors. Crme is favourable colour for the politicians and even for the persons who are attached with any kind of philanthropic organization.

Finance of Person born on may 19th :

You are more or less lucky in terms of money because you may able to collect money as per your desire with the help of your own talent. Your financial condition may increase after getting some unexpected money from any unexpected sources. You also achieve few properties from your parental side and even by your marriage also. So you dont need to be worried regarding your financial condition. It would be better if you try to save some of money for your hard times which may come in your advance years.

Career of Person born on may 19th :

You may begin your career with the fields of any public sectors. You may join the executive fields also. You may flourish your career if you want to be a officer or head of any organization or institution like any hospital, large enterprises etc. You possess a good sense of words and with the help of this quality you may able to manage the public very well. So you may attach with the politics or even any kind of social welfares. It will produce you a respective respect and popularity as per your work.

Famous Persons born on may 19th

They are historian, Film actors, Politician, Leaders, Artists, Scientists, Novel Winners, etc.

Famous PersonBorn On
Mons Beaute 19/05/1877
Jane Brody 19/05/1941
William Wallace Daniel 19/05/1959
A Day 19/05/1908
Nicholas De Vore 19/05/1882
Steve Ford 19/05/1956
Nathuram Vinayak Godse 19/05/1910
Loraine Hansberry 19/05/1930
Harris Jr 19/05/1942
David Helfgott 19/05/1947
Ho Chi Minh 19/05/1890
Beatrice Lillie 19/05/1899
Frank Lorenzo 19/05/1940
Laurie Lynd 19/05/1959
Enrico Mainardi 19/05/1897
Albert Hay Malotte 19/05/1895
Dame Nellie Melba 19/05/1861
H Miller 19/05/1926
Jesse Peretz 19/05/1968
Nancy Connie Pham 19/05/1996
Lucy Pond 19/05/1946
Ida Rolf 19/05/1896
Mario de Sa Carneiro 19/05/1890
Carole Saline 19/05/1939
Francis R Scobee 19/05/1939
Nicole Brown Simpson 19/05/1959
Josep Broz Tito 19/05/1892
Pete Townshend 19/05/1945
Malcolm X 19/05/1925
Manuel Parada 19/05/1902
Hugh Sinclair 19/05/1903
Marty Martyn 19/05/1903
Anthony Bushell 19/05/1904
Milton Parsons 19/05/1904
James MacDonald 19/05/1906
Sherwood Keith 19/05/1912
Jorge Moreno 19/05/1916
Ferdinando Baldi 19/05/1917
Michael Balcon 19/05/1920
Billy Pearson 19/05/1920
Naomi Hale 19/05/1922
Dora Doll 19/05/1922
Malcolm X 19/05/1925
Eve Brenner 19/05/1926
Mark Gordon 19/05/1926
Bruce Bennett 19/05/1928
Bruce Bilson 19/05/1928
Antonio Cifariello 19/05/1930
Alexander Allerson 19/05/1930
Lorraine Hansberry 19/05/1930
Leonid Kharitonov 19/05/1930
James Greene 19/05/1931
Trevor Peacock 19/05/1931
Barbara Whiting 19/05/1931
Eva Kotthaus 19/05/1932
Carl Billquist 19/05/1933
Jim Lehrer 19/05/1934
Michael Wisher 19/05/1935
Sabrina 19/05/1936
Marilyn Chris 19/05/1938
Madge Hindle 19/05/1938
Girish Karnad 19/05/1938
Jim McManus 19/05/1940
Carlos Diegues 19/05/1940
Iva Janzurová 19/05/1941
Bobby Burgess 19/05/1941
Davey Davison 19/05/1943
Frank Pellegrino 19/05/1944
Peter Mayhew 19/05/1944
Pete Townshend 19/05/1945
Roger Sloman 19/05/1946
Deirdre Lenihan 19/05/1946
Paul Moriarty 19/05/1946
Michele Placido 19/05/1946
Trevor Adams 19/05/1946
Christopher Chittell 19/05/1948
Charlie Chin 19/05/1948
Tom Scott 19/05/1948
Barbara Hunter 19/05/1948
Bruce Jarchow 19/05/1948
Grace Jones 19/05/1948
Leslie Denniston 19/05/1950
Stephen Boxer 19/05/1950
Victoria Chaplin 19/05/1951
Robert Harper 19/05/1951
Jörgen Lindström 19/05/1951
Dave Florek 19/05/1953
Hôchû Ôtsuka 19/05/1954
Zdena Studenková 19/05/1954
Peter Hesse Overgaard 19/05/1954
Steven Ford 19/05/1956
Tom Sito 19/05/1956
Tom Gammill 19/05/1957
Jim Ward 19/05/1959
Nicole Brown Simpson 19/05/1959
Laurie Lynd 19/05/1959
Jann Carl 19/05/1960
Yazz 19/05/1960
Gregory Poirier 19/05/1961
Jeanne Basone 19/05/1963
Ana Fernández 19/05/1963
Lawrence Zarian 19/05/1965
Joshua Beckett 19/05/1965
Michael Gor 19/05/1965
Ben Volpeliere-Pierrot 19/05/1965
Polly Walker 19/05/1966
Zoltán Ambrus 19/05/1966
Jodi Picoult 19/05/1966
Ingjerd Egeberg 19/05/1967
Morten Tyldum 19/05/1967
Tony Carey 19/05/1968
Kyle Eastwood 19/05/1968
Judy McBurney 19/05/1970
Sally Wheeler 19/05/1970
Keith Ewell 19/05/1970
Kathryn Masak 19/05/1970
Jason Gray-Stanford 19/05/1970
Ilse De Meulemeester 19/05/1971
Cheryl De Luca 19/05/1971
Grant George 19/05/1971
Stephanie Nadolny 19/05/1971
Amanda De Cadenet 19/05/1972
Özcan Deniz 19/05/1972
Katarzyna Wolejnio 19/05/1973
Bülent Inal 19/05/1973
Dario Franchitti 19/05/1973
Nawazuddin Siddiqui 19/05/1974
Jin Zhang 19/05/1974
Joey Ramone 19/05/1974
Maria Sundbom 19/05/1975
Ozan Güven 19/05/1975
Masanobu Andô 19/05/1975
Terence Yin 19/05/1975
Nora Ephron 19/05/1975
Michelle Kath Sinclair 19/05/1976
Gail Simmons 19/05/1976
Natalia Oreiro 19/05/1977
Szonja Oroszlán 19/05/1977
Kelly Sheridan 19/05/1977
Kim Zolciak-Biermann 19/05/1978
Emma Bates 19/05/1978
Jillian Peterson 19/05/1978
Shooter Jennings 19/05/1979
Caroline de Souza Correa 19/05/1979
Giulia Bevilacqua 19/05/1979
Dimitri Hamlin 19/05/1980
Drew Fuller 19/05/1980
Demet Evgar 19/05/1980
Victoria Wood 19/05/1980
Isabella Ragonese 19/05/1981
Georges St-Pierre 19/05/1981
Mateusz Damiecki 19/05/1981
Jenny Drugan 19/05/1982
Hilary Pingle 19/05/1982
Kyle Patrick Alvarez 19/05/1983
Tenley Molzahn 19/05/1984
Heinz Weixelbraun 19/05/1984
Catherine Haena Kim 19/05/1984
Jon Kortajarena 19/05/1985
Tom Budgen 19/05/1985
Sophia Crawford 19/05/1986
Dale Launer 19/05/1986
Linzey Cocker 19/05/1987
Jayne Wisener 19/05/1987
Eric Lloyd 19/05/1988
Gaelan Connell 19/05/1989
Aleksey Zavgorodniy 19/05/1989
Jacob Kraemer 19/05/1990
Jordan Pruitt 19/05/1991
Lindsey Pelas 19/05/1991
Eleanor Tomlinson 19/05/1992
Sam Smith 19/05/1992
Hilmi Cem Intepe 19/05/1992
Rob Mallard 19/05/1992
Nik Sadhnani 19/05/1993
Emilie Kruse 19/05/1993
Thomas Vinterberg 19/05/1993
Ross Katz 19/05/2001
Maile Flanagan 19/05/2003

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