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Characteristics of Person born on may 16th :

You are person who have a heart which is full of kindness and generosity. You have your own view and you try to convince others at your own point of view. You may find considerable difficulties in suiting yourself to married life and if possible avoid doing so. If you marry early, you may not be a happy one. So you should not marry in your early years. You will be endowed with unusual intelligence. You have a great fascination regarding the art and architecture. You may be a good writer, a poet or even a good painter. You also may compose music.

You like to invent the new things. Your ideas and thoughts are really different from the others. You may not care much for the ordinary pleasure of your life and you may be considered odd or eccentric in your manner of living. With the help of your unique ideas and thoughts, you will able to possess the heart of the others. It is quite true that the person, who may meet you, may be attracted towards your charming personality and with the very special quality you may able to form a big circle of friends. You have a great fascination for politics. So you may be likely to take an interest in secret societies or political organizations dealing with large masses of people.

You will have a gift or expression in writing and eloquence that may give you position and weight among wide circles. You have a strong desire to earn a huge amount of money and you may able to earn them into to some extent. But you can -not be able to save them at all because you invest most of your earnings in the aid of clinics, hospital or to the institutions which are related to the benefit of society. You may not feel at home in matters tending towards monotony of any kind. But you can have every reason to expect success in even unusual lines of work or in some career connected with humanitarian development for public welfare.

You will able to encourage other and this attitude may able to bring the persons from the great danger. You have a great regard towards mysticism, occultism, and very thing pertaining to such subjects. You love to dream. You have to face some unusual experiences through-out your whole life. Yon are likely at times to have remarkable presentiments. You love to do work in such fields which are wireless like television, radio etc. You may be liable to bring great sorrow into your life through favourable love affairs and secret alliances. You will be egotistical in such matters, and you may find it difficult to accept advice.

Friends of Person born on may 16th :

The persons who are born on the months of December and first week of January may not able to make friendship with you. But the persons who are born on the month of August may be very friendly and cooperative towards you. Due to your pleasing and charming personality, you will able to attract the people very easily. Some of them may try to make harm. So you are advised not to misuse your pleasing and charming quality. Some of your school friends may be very friendly towards you. You may able to make good numbers of friend at your locality also. Your working fields also give you a considerable number of good colleagues. You may not able to match your vibes with your parents and it may also applicable with your life partner too. So try to be stay in patience.

Health of Person born on may 16th :

You may not be likely to have as much physical stamina as mental stamina, perseverance and even endurance. You like to take unnecessary mental strain which would be a cause of your mental depression and anxiety at your later life. You should avoid drags because it may produce you a bad health. You must avoid the alcoholic and smoking stuffs. As a general rule you may not feel very strong and robust and you may be tired easily in any continuous effort. You are lazy in terms of your nature.

Colour: for Person born on may 16th :

White is the favourable for those who are suffering from mental anxieties and weakness. If you want to recover the weakness regarding your financial matter, you may wear the dresses of electric colours. Crme colour is favourable for those who are related to the fields of teaching profession. All shades of green are the favourable colour for the persons who are related to art and literature. All shades of dove colour are lucky for the doctors. Grey may bring fortune for those who are working at the government sector. All shades of blue are the favourable one for those who are related to the fields of entertainment.

Finance of Person born on may 16th :

If you want to make your financial career prominent, you have to be laborious and have to fight against the disadvantages which may come during the early ages of your life. But dont need to be worried too much because you may able to overcome all sorts of problems and difficulties with the help of your proper spirit and enthusiasm. You may able to earn a proper success at your financial matter during the middle part of your life. And it may continue through-out your life.

Career of Person born on may 16th :

You may involve as a head of any clinic, hospital or any institution. As you have the urge to help the underdogs, you may take the social welfare activity as your career. You may also join with the politics. This politics and welfare activities may produce you a proper popularity and recognition among the common people. You may also take the fields related the subjects like mysticism. You may prosper your career in the fields of invention of unusual things. You possess the peculiar and new ideas which may help you to achieve some peculiar invention. You possess an unusual intellect and with the help of this particular quality you may be successful as writer, poet, a painter or even a musician.

Famous Persons born on may 16th

They are historian, Film actors, Politician, Leaders, Artists, Scientists, Novel Winners, etc.

Famous PersonBorn On
Garth Allen 16/05/1925
Henry Armetta 16/05/1887
Stuart Bell 16/05/1938
Joan Benoit 16/05/1957
Eugenia Borgo 16/05/1996
Carey Jr 16/05/1921
Martine Carol 16/05/1920
Helma Esslinger 16/05/1942
Henry Fonda 16/05/1905
Zoe Fontana 16/05/1911
John Frawley 16/05/1955
Jose Luis Gonzales 16/05/1933
Woody Herman 16/05/1913
James Hood 16/05/1948
Jeff Jawer 16/05/1946
Hilda Kirsch 16/05/1902
Jacques de Lescaut 16/05/1939
Liberace 16/05/1919
David John MacLean 16/05/1953
Billy Martin 16/05/1928
Bull Montana 16/05/1887
Gurudev Muktananda Baba 16/05/1908
Swami Muktananda 16/05/1908
Bill Nigro 16/05/1949
Adrienne Rich 16/05/1929
Anthony Saidy 16/05/1937
Mildred Smith 16/05/1921
Joe Sorrentino 16/05/1937
Tori Spelling 16/05/1973
Charles Stiehr 16/05/1947
Margaret Sullavan 16/05/1909
Richard Tauber 16/05/1891
Eliza Hope Thomas 16/05/1974
Debra Winger 16/05/1955
John Holland 16/05/1908
Natasha Lytess 16/05/1911
Studs Terkel 16/05/1912
Mario Monicelli 16/05/1915
Bernard Braden 16/05/1916
Barry Atwater 16/05/1918
Gisela Uhlen 16/05/1919
Lloyd Kino 16/05/1919
Jacques François 16/05/1920
Basil Appleby 16/05/1920
Winnie Markus 16/05/1921
Kenji Mizoguchi 16/05/1922
Thom Carney 16/05/1923
Edward 'Babe' Heffron 16/05/1923
Osgood Perkins 16/05/1924
Frank Mankiewicz 16/05/1924
Rose Arrick 16/05/1928
Süheyl Egriboz 16/05/1928
Carolyn Conwell 16/05/1930
Frank Albanese 16/05/1931
Denise Filiatrault 16/05/1931
Magda Guzmán 16/05/1931
Brian Trueman 16/05/1932
Roy Hudd 16/05/1936
Sylvia Kay 16/05/1936
Yvonne Craig 16/05/1937
Jocelyn Lane 16/05/1937
Larry Olsen 16/05/1938
Carol Ann Daniels 16/05/1940
David Lyon 16/05/1941
Ben Andrews 16/05/1942
Jon Jost 16/05/1943
Frank Coppola 16/05/1944
Robert Fripp 16/05/1946
Bill Smitrovich 16/05/1947
Janette Krankie 16/05/1947
Jesper Christensen 16/05/1948
Catherine Demongeot 16/05/1950
Jo McDonnell 16/05/1950
Unshô Ishizuka 16/05/1951
Allan Wasserman 16/05/1952
Janet Maw 16/05/1954
Edgar Bronfman Jr. 16/05/1955
Eunetta T. Boone 16/05/1955
Debra Winger 16/05/1955
Laurie Bartram 16/05/1958
Donald Fullilove 16/05/1958
Steven Paul 16/05/1959
Francesca Archibugi 16/05/1960
Bruce Norris 16/05/1960
Jack Dodson 16/05/1960
Jeannette Rodríguez 16/05/1961
Solveig Dommartin 16/05/1961
Nina Arvesen 16/05/1961
Nuria González 16/05/1962
Sidney Cole 16/05/1962
Samuel Labarthe 16/05/1962
Marina Massironi 16/05/1963
Anthony Asbury 16/05/1964
Scott Garrison 16/05/1964
Rebecca Front 16/05/1964
John Salley 16/05/1964
Chris Ayres 16/05/1965
Krist Novoselic 16/05/1965
Vincent Regan 16/05/1965
Scott Reeves 16/05/1966
Janet Jackson 16/05/1966
Brad Silverman 16/05/1966
Jon Schnepp 16/05/1967
Brían F. O'Byrne 16/05/1967
Ramon Tikaram 16/05/1967
Ralph E. Tresvant 16/05/1968
Sandra Nedeleff 16/05/1968
Shawn Murphy 16/05/1968
Kenneth Ian Davis 16/05/1968
Chingmy Yau 16/05/1968
Ursula Buschhorn 16/05/1969
Tucker Carlson 16/05/1969
Yannick Bisson 16/05/1969
Danielle Spencer 16/05/1969
Tori Spelling 16/05/1970
Martin Gruber 16/05/1970
Chuti Tiu 16/05/1970
Bill Rancic 16/05/1971
Todd Alan Crain 16/05/1972
Khary Payton 16/05/1972
Kôsuke Toriumi 16/05/1973
Deborah Riley 16/05/1973
Jason 'Wee Man' Acuña 16/05/1973
Richard Dempsey 16/05/1973
Adam Richman 16/05/1974
Sean Carrigan 16/05/1974
Josh Robinson 16/05/1974
Laura Pausini 16/05/1974
Charlotte Hawkins 16/05/1975
Jackey Vinson 16/05/1976
Mare Winningham 16/05/1976
Christoph von Friedl 16/05/1976
Asami Imai 16/05/1977
Chris Ackerman 16/05/1978
Vincent LaRusso 16/05/1978
Trent Cameron 16/05/1979
Brandi Passante 16/05/1980
Hazel O'Connor 16/05/1980
Suzanne Quast 16/05/1981
Melissa Altro 16/05/1982
Angie Griffin 16/05/1982
Ji-Hoon Ju 16/05/1982
Kulraj Randhawa 16/05/1983
Ondrej Vetchý 16/05/1984
Setu Taase 16/05/1984
Alex Pall 16/05/1985
Julia Voth 16/05/1985
Stanislav Yanevski 16/05/1985
Shane Madej 16/05/1986
Drew Roy 16/05/1986
Mike McCutchen 16/05/1986
Ryan Winsley 16/05/1986
Owen de Lancie 16/05/1987
Ana Varela 16/05/1988
Behati Prinsloo 16/05/1989
Agnes Mayasari 16/05/1989
Cansu Gultekin 16/05/1990
Nicôle Lecky 16/05/1990
Charlotte Crosby 16/05/1990
Marc John Jefferies 16/05/1990
Thomas Brodie-Sangster 16/05/1990
Grigor Dimitrov 16/05/1991
Jenovéfa Boková 16/05/1992
Iu 16/05/1993
Melanie Lynskey 16/05/1994
Miles Heizer 16/05/1994
Stephen Mangan 16/05/1994
Christie Abbott 16/05/1995
Frances Sholto-Douglas 16/05/1996
Celia Ireland 16/05/1998
Tien You Chui 16/05/1999
Belle Shouse 16/05/2000
Thomas Curley 16/05/2001

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