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Characteristics of Person born on march 7th :

You are the person who have great respect of law and orders and uphold the convention of the existing social order. You possess a dual element as the main spring of your nature. Your personality depends on which of the two roads you have decided to follow. You are a person of high emotion. If you belong to the weak side of it, you are easily influenced by the people with whom you are in contact, but if you belong to the stronger side, your emotional nature can take you to any height.

You possess and artistic and imaginative power. You also have the capability to earn success in that fields which are related to the art. For this you may consider the fields of painting, writing, music, the theatre and even the higher art. You may have fine inspirational faculties. But you could best develop them in quite surrounding where you are not disturbed by the influences of other people. It is very doubtful if marriage would be favourable unless one was contracted rather late in life, and then with a person sympathetic to your ideals.

You are a person who is full of contradictions. You could easily touch your idealism. But you can-not be driven, for on such an occasion you would show the most the obstinate determination even against your own interests. You are very careful in dealings of the matters which are related to money. You dont dare to touch the business because you dont have the luck for the business. If you join with any tread circle, you must think several times before taking any desire decisions.

You are a person, who has such worldly combination of qualities. You are a person who is really broadminded. You will have some curious ideas about the religion and you must have your own way of looking at such matters. You are a great ambitious person. But you may be rather inclined to live and independent and unconventional life. You may have high ideals. You love to dream the vivid dreams. You may often feel unusual inspiration in whatever your work may be. You are mysterious in nature.

You love to investigate the things which are specially related to the subject of science. You may face some difficult situations through-out your life. In spite of that you may achieve your concerned goal. You are more capable of going to extremes in good and evil than people in any other category. If you develop a love for money, you may stick at nothing to acquire it, and this type is often considered as cunning and even crafty.

Friends of Person born on march 7th :

The persons who are born on the month of June and September may not be your friend because the mentality between you and these persons may not match at all. But the person who are born on the later part of January and early middle part of February may be your most close friend because they may able to match their vibes and views with you very easily. Your school friends may not be with you after your school life. But some of your college friends may be with you after your passing of college. The colleagues are supportive for the businessmen but the persons who are working with the administrative sections may get good and cooperative higher authority.

Health of Person born on march 7th :

You may not be physically strong. But you like to show yourself as a strong one to others. You like to take unnecessary mental tension and it would be a cause of your mental and nervous breakdown. You often feel fatigued and exhausted due to your mental pressure. You are not capable to take any extra work pressure due to your ill health. It is very difficult to stay a single day without any problem of your health of you. You have to consume a lot of water and fresh fruits to make a sound health.

Colour: for Person born on march 7th :

Those who are related to the electrical sector like electrical engineers or any kind, they must wear the dress of all shades of dove grey, especially those known as electric greys. The mauve is lucky colour for the students if you have any important interview and you want to make your fortune favourable for you, you must wear the dress of all shades of violet from lightest to the darkest. The all shades of green colour are lucky for the people who are attached with the administrative section. Crme colour is favour able for those persons who are often suffer from mental anxieties. Purple is also favourable for the persons who are related to art and architecture because this colour may help you to think more deeply. All these above colour may make your fortune more vibrant and special with the help of their respective vibration.

Finance of Person born on march 7th :

Whatever your financial condition is, you are mentally satisfied with your present financial condition. You may able to create money whatever your career is and it may be possible due to your attention towards your respective field. You may be inclined at times to be over generous or allow others to make financial success from your ideas. The accumulation of wealth may never be your only subject or even object in your life. When you have money you may be extravagant, and when you without it you can adopt yourself to your bad financial condition. In fact the greatest danger is that you are by nature too adoptable to others as well as to the conditions.

Career of Person born on march 7th :

The career of the students may not be smooth at all. So you are advised to give your utmost attention towards your studies. Those who are related to the artistic sections, may able to flourish their career at a large scale. If you are connected with any philanthropic or charitable organization, you also be able to move your career to upwards. You will also be able to earn respect from the common people and with the help of your charitable works, you also become in contact with some great personalities.

Famous Persons born on march 7th

They are historian, Film actors, Politician, Leaders, Artists, Scientists, Novel Winners, etc.

Famous PersonBorn On
Valentin Angelmann 07/03/1910
Anthony Armstrong-Jones 07/03/1930
Astier De La Vigerie 07/03/1886
Tammy Faye Bakker 07/03/1942
David Baltimore 07/03/1938
Earle Besserer 07/03/1926
Steve Beuerlein 07/03/1965
Giulio Bolaffi 07/03/1902
Luther Burbank 07/03/1849
Carolyn Carlson 07/03/1943
William Daley 07/03/1925
Marcel Joseph Deat 07/03/1894
Nathalie Even-Lancien 07/03/1970
Aaron Fischer 07/03/1965
Jesus Genera 07/03/1941
Aline Colby Griffin 07/03/1891
Franco Harris 07/03/1950
Cor Heiljgers 07/03/1920
Reinhard Heydrich 07/03/1904
Ted Kavanaugh 07/03/1892
Michael Lohmann 07/03/1952
Anna Magnani 07/03/1908
Leo Malet 07/03/1909
Jean Massart 07/03/1865
Steven McHugh 07/03/1955
Piet Mondrian 07/03/1872
Joyce O'Rourke 07/03/1948
Annie Pierjean 07/03/1921
Judith Przcdpelski 07/03/1948
Maurice Ravel 07/03/1875
Paul Reclus 07/03/1847
Tommy Sheridan 07/03/1964
Daniel Travanti 07/03/1940
Alois Treindl 07/03/1950
Bice Vanzetta 07/03/1961
Anne Vlietstra 07/03/1969
Joseph M Wade 07/03/1832
Ben Ames Williams 07/03/1889
Carel Willink 07/03/1900
Peter Wolf 07/03/1946
Louis Mercier 07/03/1901
Heinz Rühmann 07/03/1902
Beatrice Roberts 07/03/1905
Anna Magnani 07/03/1908
Len Hendry 07/03/1909
Cosmo Sardo 07/03/1909
Phillip Terry 07/03/1909
John Rodney 07/03/1914
Davis Roberts 07/03/1917
Eleanor Summerfield 07/03/1921
Ejner Johansson 07/03/1922
Arthur Julian 07/03/1923
Luciano Vincenzoni 07/03/1926
Han Hsiang Li 07/03/1926
Alan Sues 07/03/1926
Philippe Clay 07/03/1927
Stephen Joyce 07/03/1931
Nancy Rennick 07/03/1932
Jennifer Raine 07/03/1932
Donald Douglas 07/03/1933
Zena Walker 07/03/1934
Willard Scott 07/03/1934
Gordon Flemyng 07/03/1934
Frank Mazzola 07/03/1935
Perry Henzell 07/03/1936
Daniel J. Travanti 07/03/1940
Richard O'Callaghan 07/03/1940
Joanna Frank 07/03/1941
Erik Clausen 07/03/1942
Morton DaCosta 07/03/1942
Tammy Faye Bakker 07/03/1942
Townes van Zandt 07/03/1944
Ranulph Fiennes 07/03/1944
Luis de Alba 07/03/1945
Michael Chaplin 07/03/1946
Peter Wolf 07/03/1946
Robert F. Colesberry 07/03/1946
Andrea Roncato 07/03/1947
Peter James 07/03/1947
Richard Lawson 07/03/1947
Nívea Maria 07/03/1947
Lizbeth MacKay 07/03/1949
Linda Gibboney 07/03/1950
Boyd Clack 07/03/1951
Waymond Lee 07/03/1952
Lynn Swann 07/03/1952
William Boyd 07/03/1952
Kevin O'Shea 07/03/1952
Momoko Kôchi 07/03/1953
Marienette Dahlin 07/03/1953
Anupam Kher 07/03/1955
Donna Loren 07/03/1955
Bryan Cranston 07/03/1956
Eva Holubová 07/03/1959
Joe Lewis 07/03/1960
Taylor Dayne 07/03/1962
E.L. James 07/03/1963
Chona Jason 07/03/1963
Carlos Bardem 07/03/1963
Ariane 07/03/1963
Bret Easton Ellis 07/03/1964
Ellen McElduff 07/03/1964
Cameron Daddo 07/03/1965
Jennifer Roszell 07/03/1966
Jonathan Del Arco 07/03/1966
Bob Davies 07/03/1968
Emma Davies 07/03/1970
John Heard 07/03/1970
Rachel Weisz 07/03/1970
Petra Mede 07/03/1970
Andy Blankenbuehler 07/03/1970
Justin Dana 07/03/1970
Xavier Giannoli 07/03/1970
Josh Stolberg 07/03/1971
Francesca Rettondini 07/03/1971
kittie KaBoom 07/03/1971
Dina Manzo 07/03/1972
Tylene Buck 07/03/1972
Nathalie Poza 07/03/1972
Kasper Barfoed 07/03/1972
Carla Toutz 07/03/1972
Andrew Haigh 07/03/1973
Jean Hasselhoff 07/03/1973
Alex O'Dogherty 07/03/1973
David Crow 07/03/1974
Tamsin West 07/03/1974
Jolie Jenkins 07/03/1974
Larry Bagby 07/03/1974
Darryl Stephens 07/03/1974
Chad Gabriel 07/03/1975
Audrey Marie Anderson 07/03/1975
Luke de Woolfson 07/03/1976
Chrystee Pharris 07/03/1976
Hiroki Hasegawa 07/03/1977
Karim Saleh 07/03/1978
Christopher Roach 07/03/1979
Stephanie Anne Mills 07/03/1979
Laura Prepon 07/03/1980
Brooke Berry 07/03/1980
Rica Peralejo 07/03/1981
Kathy Searle 07/03/1981
Andreas Wilson 07/03/1981
Saige Hassler 07/03/1981
Aarón Díaz 07/03/1982
Nicholas Gledhill 07/03/1983
Greta Lee 07/03/1983
Raquel Alessi 07/03/1983
Justin Giddings 07/03/1984
Mike Lobel 07/03/1984
Michelle Chase 07/03/1984
Luke Bailey 07/03/1984
Broc Benedict 07/03/1986
Lauren Leech 07/03/1986
Mona Fastvold 07/03/1986
Natalie Vansier 07/03/1986
Molly Lorenne 07/03/1987
Sylta Fee Wegmann 07/03/1987
Erika Ishii 07/03/1987
Mikael Daez 07/03/1988
Adi Schnall 07/03/1988
Kenzie Dalton 07/03/1988
Begüm Öner 07/03/1989
Anton Spieker 07/03/1989
Kimberley Garner 07/03/1989
Diana Gómez 07/03/1989
Abby Hensel 07/03/1990
Hanan Turk 07/03/1991
Robert Harris 07/03/1992
Bel Powley 07/03/1992
Bill Brochtrup 07/03/1993
T.J. Thyne 07/03/1993
Aaron Ellis 07/03/1994
Nick Pitera 07/03/1994
Freddie Thorp 07/03/1994
Sydnee Goodman 07/03/1994
Hailey Clauson 07/03/1995
Nick Searcy 07/03/1996
Honoka Miki 07/03/1997
Jennifer Hammon 07/03/1997
Tobias Menzies 07/03/1998
Matthew Vaughn 07/03/1998
Jack Weber 07/03/2002

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