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Characteristics of Person born on march 15th :

You may change your residence frequently. You hate being tied down or to have to live in one home for any length f time. You are always ready to move or to travel and generally find some excuse for doing so. You are a born romantic person. So you love to have many romances and love affairs at your life. You may be more or less changeable in the matter of affection.

You may be likely to make some unusual marriage at some time in your life and have a great deal of trouble through marriage and meet with much hostility from relatives by marriage. You are a person who is full of self indulgence. You love to save your money for your old age. You should fight against fits of indolence. There may be every livelihood of more than one marriage and unusual experiences in married life. You love to do luxury at a large. Due to such quality you like the entertaining situation, chattering with friends.

You also have the wish to shop the antique thing or the rare work of art of any kinds. All the things must have the touch of artistic quality. You frequently visit the high class restaurant, hotel and even the organized banquet. You have a fortune in business. So you may make money and invest your money in business. You may involve yourself with the business related to the luxury things. There are some faults in your characters.

Instead of all these you make success at your life. You may achieve some favourable influences in your later part of your life. The beautiful things may attract you very much. You are a real worshipper of music, painting, poetry, literature, sculpture, the fine arts and even theatre. If you want your name and fame, you could involve in these things. You are an emotional person. You are also extremely sympathetic to the call of suffering and if well off, you may give generously for the benefit of other.

You may able to make a large circle of friends and it may be crated with the help of your great devotion towards others. You are very interested of society and with the entertaining world. You love the ease and comfort in your life. You are very creative at art. You like to make your surroundings beautiful. You are likely to escape any of the bad indications that may have been given. You may often go back on your promises especially on the questions related to money. You promise to give an impulse, but you have time for reflection then the fear of future, poverty forces you, as a rule, to break your promise or give perhaps, only half of what you had stipulated.

Friends of Person born on march 15th :

You may able to achieve few good friends at your school life and they may be with you up to the last part of your life. These friends also help you some of your problems. As you have a great quality of host or hostess, you may also get some good friends who are also your relative. You may be very friendly and entertaining towards your friends. You will achieve few supportive officemate at your working place and it is applicable for those who are working at the government sector. The persons who are working at the private sectors may get a helpful boss. The persons who are born on the month of July and later middle part of august may be very supportive and friendly towards you. But the persons, who are born on the first part of October may not able to be your friend because they may not able to agree with your views and ideas. So be selective and careful before selecting your friends and companies.

Health of Person born on march 15th :

You may have a splendid healthy constitution during your early years of your life. But you run the risk of running your health by luxurious living unless you keep yourself well under control. There is a possibility that you may suffer from cardiac problem and high blood pressure during the middle part of your life. So you are advised to take care of your heart and health. Dont need to take any unnecessary work pressure and anxiety from your life or life events. This may be the danger for your health. You are also advised to take at least 8 hours sleep in a day to give a sound health to you.

Colour: for Person born on march 15th :

If you want to make yourself more fortunate and prosperous, you must wear the dress with the colour of all shades of blue. It may be from the lightest to darkest. You may also wear in some part of your dress or clothing of the above mentioned colour. The blue is lucky for those who are involved with any kind of challenging field. Violet colour is favourable for the students. If you are involved with any charitable organization or political party you may wear the dress of the colour of mauve at important dates. Purple is lucky for the persons who are related to administrative sections. You may also wear the white dress. This white colour is mostly favourable for who are suffering from cardiac problem.

Finance of Person born on march 15th :

You are somehow lucky in money matters. You will able to gain a large of money from any unexpected sources. You also have the fortune to get some costly presents or gifts, it may be the costly jewels or may be a considerable amount of money or may be a proportion of property. These will help you to increase your financial condition. Though you have gained a lot of properties, money and jewels, you cannot be able to sustain them due to your unnecessary expenses and your addictions towards the any kind of gambling or alcoholic stuffs. For these reasons you may suffer from bad conditions regarding your finance matters during the advanced periods of your life. So you are advised to be careful regarding your finance.

Career of Person born on march 15th :

You may get involve with any kind of low or high budget business. This may help you to produce a brighter future and it may be possible if you give your earnest attention towards your business with the help of your prosperous career you may hold the position of he3ad of any institution. The careers of the students are more or less favourable to them. But they need to be more careful and attentive towards their studies especially during the time of their examination. Administrative section is also favourable for your career.

Famous Persons born on march 15th

They are historian, Film actors, Politician, Leaders, Artists, Scientists, Novel Winners, etc.

Famous PersonBorn On
Amurri Daughter 15/03/1985
Alice M Arpe 15/03/1892
Alan Lavern Bean 15/03/1932
Alan Bean 15/03/1932
Dr Berman 15/03/1893
Fabio 15/03/1959
Hanns Joachim Friedrichs 15/03/1927
Lady Augusta Gregory 15/03/1852
Mickey Hatcher 15/03/1955
Judd Hirsch 15/03/1935
Andrew Jackson 15/03/1767
Camille Jullian 15/03/1859
Boy Keating 15/03/1999
Yorg Lanner 15/03/1939
Luigi Longo 15/03/1900
Mike Love 15/03/1941
Ted Marchibroda 15/03/1931
Emile Mathis 15/03/1880
Gerhardus Mercator 15/03/1512
Michelangelo 15/03/1475
Charles Nungesser 15/03/1892
Simon Piper 15/03/1973
Marjorie Post 15/03/1887
Mary Pratt 15/03/1935
Stone Jr 15/03/1950
Jimmy Swaggart 15/03/1935
Claude Thomas 15/03/1943
Lawrence Tierney 15/03/1919
Leoda Richards 15/03/1907
Paul Maxey 15/03/1907
Sheila Raynor 15/03/1908
Nick Stewart 15/03/1910
Constance Bergen 15/03/1912
Richard Fraser 15/03/1913
Caterina Boratto 15/03/1915
Carol Adams 15/03/1918
Madelyn Davis 15/03/1921
Verree Teasdale 15/03/1924
Walter Gotell 15/03/1924
Rex Hamilton 15/03/1924
Hildy Parks 15/03/1926
Jeanne Mockford 15/03/1926
Christian Marquand 15/03/1927
Carl Smith 15/03/1927
Zarah Leander 15/03/1929
Cardella Di Milo 15/03/1930
James Ellis 15/03/1931
D.J. Fontana 15/03/1931
Marion Eaton 15/03/1932
Robert Milli 15/03/1933
Ruth Bader Ginsburg 15/03/1933
Philippe de Broca 15/03/1933
Barbara English 15/03/1933
Jost Vacano 15/03/1934
Claire Kelly 15/03/1934
Judd Hirsch 15/03/1935
Jimmy Swaggart 15/03/1935
Bridget Armstrong 15/03/1937
Anne Anderson 15/03/1937
Bill Hays 15/03/1938
Margo Howard 15/03/1940
Jill Donohue 15/03/1940
Mike Love 15/03/1941
Don Washbrook 15/03/1941
Sly Stone 15/03/1943
Olga Schoberová 15/03/1943
Lynda La Plante 15/03/1943
Brenda Scott 15/03/1943
David Cronenberg 15/03/1943
Nebahat Çehre 15/03/1944
Jacques Doillon 15/03/1944
Viveka Seldahl 15/03/1944
David Firth 15/03/1945
Robert Lewis Bush 15/03/1945
Lawrence Tierney 15/03/1945
Naomi Foner 15/03/1946
Juraj Kukura 15/03/1947
Brad Blaisdell 15/03/1949
Timothy L. Raynor 15/03/1950
Harry Bromley Davenport 15/03/1950
Madeleine Howard 15/03/1951
Lisa Dunsheath 15/03/1952
Josse De Pauw 15/03/1952
Tony Abatemarco 15/03/1952
Craig Wasson 15/03/1954
François-Eric Gendron 15/03/1954
Nancy Cameron 15/03/1954
Isobel Buchanan 15/03/1954
Issei Futamata 15/03/1955
Bunny DeBarge 15/03/1955
Dee Snider 15/03/1955
Mohsin Khan 15/03/1955
Jacqueline Schultz 15/03/1956
Sergio Stivaletti 15/03/1957
Mary Carillo 15/03/1957
David Silverman 15/03/1957
Laura Carrington 15/03/1958
Sophiah Koikas 15/03/1958
John Friedrich 15/03/1958
Fabio 15/03/1959
Gorman Bechard 15/03/1959
Lisa Langlois 15/03/1959
Renny Harlin 15/03/1959
Antonio Orlando 15/03/1960
Tom Hartig 15/03/1960
Ted Marcoux 15/03/1962
Jimmy Baio 15/03/1962
Brian Brown 15/03/1963
Bret Michaels 15/03/1963
Derek Kelly 15/03/1964
Éric Besnard 15/03/1964
Nikki Diamond 15/03/1965
Macdonald Carey 15/03/1965
Tonya Lewis Lee 15/03/1966
Pierre Coffin 15/03/1967
Claudine Wilde 15/03/1967
Isa Dick Hackett 15/03/1967
Dominique Louis 15/03/1967
Mark McGrath 15/03/1968
D'Andra Simmons 15/03/1969
Kristen Vermilyea 15/03/1969
Monica Dolan 15/03/1969
Kim Raver 15/03/1969
J. Brennan Smith 15/03/1970
Penny Lancaster 15/03/1971
Mark Hoppus 15/03/1972
Barbara Schulz 15/03/1972
Ashley Greenfield 15/03/1974
Dorismar 15/03/1975
Benjamín Echazarreta 15/03/1975 15/03/1975
Darren Dunstan 15/03/1976
Abhay Deol 15/03/1976
Cara Pifko 15/03/1976
Ben Tolpin 15/03/1976
Jishu Sengupta 15/03/1977
Dawn Acton 15/03/1977
Takeru Kobayashi 15/03/1978
Sid Wilson 15/03/1978
Evgeniy Tsyganov 15/03/1979
Andrew Roach 15/03/1979
Camilla Renschke 15/03/1980
Khosrow Vaziri 15/03/1980
John Duttine 15/03/1980
Tom Budge 15/03/1982
Lauren Melendez 15/03/1982
Peter Atencio 15/03/1983
Mike Drucker 15/03/1984
Yun-ji Lee 15/03/1984
Tatum Langton 15/03/1984
Malin Buska 15/03/1984
Matthew Camp 15/03/1984
Nico Colaleo 15/03/1985
Ko Iwagami 15/03/1985
Eva Amurri Martino 15/03/1985
Jai Courtney 15/03/1986
Sabrina Salerno 15/03/1986
Vimala Pons 15/03/1986
Keith Haskel 15/03/1986
Greg Nicotero 15/03/1988
Bérangère Mc Neese 15/03/1989
Caitlin Wachs 15/03/1989
Tom Bateman 15/03/1989
Lyubov Aksyonova 15/03/1990
Zooey Tseng 15/03/1991
Sosie Bacon 15/03/1992
Anna Shaffer 15/03/1992
Valeria Andrews 15/03/1993
Jung-jae Lee 15/03/1993
Alia Bhatt 15/03/1993
Celesta DeAstis 15/03/1994
Callie Thompson 15/03/1999
Chris Patton 15/03/1999
Ellie Leach 15/03/2001
Richard Griffiths 15/03/2003

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