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Characteristics of Person born on march 14th :

Although you are generous by nature, yet you are usually over anxious about money matters. There is a possibility that you may be worried at your future life due to some unexpected reasons. This state of mind may arrive due to your disliking. You also possess a curious mentality. You have the capacity of natural understanding. This very quality you can-not obtain from books or by studying because this is an inherent quality of you. You easily achieve, or rather absorb the knowledge related to books.

You have a great interest in reading. You are especially interested in the matter of history of country, travel, any subject related to research or even any scientific subjects. You may be either a great success or a great failure at your life. It may entirely depend upon you and your deeds. These very qualities may dominate you and your character. There are some strong side is you as well as you have some weak point too. If you able to develop your strong points or characteristics, you may able to flourish you and your career.

You may possess some uncommon intellectual gifts, great adaptability to any class of work that interests you. You have also the versatile understandings of things in general. You may be very ingenious and inventive. You also possess the humorous and witty power. If you remove your weak points, you may face some less difficult situations and it will benefit yourself. Basically you are an outspoken person. Due to your versatile genius of knowledge you may able to deliver a long lecture on any subjects that crop up in general conversation.

You also be able to earn a lot of money. So there is nothing to be worried regarding your financial condition. You may not let your large schemes get out of your control. You have the combination of great inventive power with the ruin of good intellect. If you develop the bright side of your character you may possess the sharp intuitive perception of people and things and methods of acquiring a vast store of knowledge.

You may sometimes feel certain restlessness of mind which would be detrimental if you do not control it and develop concentration. You may able to stick to nothing for long. You are such a person, who has money and position. But it is also true that you may lose all these things due to some misfortunes. You may be inclined to self indulgence of all kinds. It is clearly stated that you are such a person who is called that Jack of all treads but master of none. Your financial condition will face many ups and downs through-out your whole life.

Friends of Person born on march 14th :

The persons who are born on the month of November and later pert of December may not be supportive and friendly towards you. So stay apart from these people because they may mess your all works and actions. But the persons who are born on the month of March and early part of April will be very supportive and friendly towards you. You may get few colleagues who are very supportive to you. Your life partner would be your most close dear and near friends. You can share everything with him or her. As you love the outdoor life, the numbers of your friends are really huge. Your boss may more or less favourable to you. The friends who are from your school life may not be with you after passing your school days. But the friends who are from your college life may be with you up to the first part of your last phase of life. But the numbers of the friends are really rare.

Health of Person born on march 14th :

You have to face irritable conditions regarding your nervous problems. You may suffer from diabetes in the middle part of your life. You may also be affected from various kinds of genetic problems. So you are advised to take regular exercise specially a long time morning walk. You also have to take a balance diet through-out your life. If you want to maintain a proper health you must stay away from any kind of drinks, cigarette, or any narcotic elements because these may be the cause of your lung problems. You also suffer from fever and cold during your child hood. In your advanced year you may be likely to suffer from high blood pressure. So you are advised not to take any kind of mental anxiety or tension because this may harm your health.

Colour: for Person born on march 14th :

Violet is the favourable for those who are related to the any kind of administrative section. Mauve is favourable colour for the student. If you want to make your fortune and fate more promising and prominent, you may use the dress of all shades of blue from the lightest to darkest. Purple is favourable colour for the engineers. If you have any important interview for serviced you may use the dresses coloured by crimson. This colour may bring a fortune for you.

Finance of Person born on march 14th :

You may able to earn a huge amount of money but you cant able to save them. You seldom die in rich. Money seems to melt in your hands and you rarely, if ever, make provision for your advanced years. You are advised to change your nature and save some money for the future because you may face some difficulties regarding your financial condition during the advanced period of your life and it may happen because in your old age you may have to suffer from some expensive diseases or may have to take some surgical operations which are very costly. As your business luck is favourable to you, you may gain a considerable amount of money from it but you are also advised to think twice or take experts decision before taking any serious decision regarding your business. The persons who are related to their self financed organization or projects may able to flourish their organization or projects within the help of their money which may come their respective fields of working.

Career of Person born on march 14th :

You may start your career with the help of any self financed organization as well as any projects related to business. The career of the students may move smoothly with the help of their considerable talent and their attentions towards their respective studies. But the students of the board examinations are advised to give their rapt attention towards their proposed lessons to make a brilliant result. You may also get involve yourself with the fields machinery equipments. Administrative section is also favourable for you. You also attached with airlines and aircrafts. But you are advised not to take part in to the field related to literature because through this you may not be able flourish your career.

Famous Persons born on march 14th

They are historian, Film actors, Politician, Leaders, Artists, Scientists, Novel Winners, etc.

Famous PersonBorn On
Gennaro Acquaviva 14/03/1935
Prince Albert 14/03/1958
Pierre Alcover 14/03/1893
Guido Angeli 14/03/1931
Raymond Aron 14/03/1905
Pam Ayres 14/03/1947
Hans Baker 14/03/1951
Theodore de Banville 14/03/1823
Thomas Batiuk 14/03/1947
Oliver Miller Bernsen 14/03/1989
Algernon Blackwood 14/03/1869
Frank Borman 14/03/1928
Linda M Brough 14/03/1947
Michael Caine 14/03/1933
Gene Cernan 14/03/1934
Brother Charles 14/03/1945
David B Connors 14/03/1963
Christopher Nixon Cox 14/03/1979
Billy Crystal 14/03/1948
Ishbell Davidson 14/03/1947
Kristen Eide 14/03/1972
Albert Einstein 14/03/1879
Georgio Forattini 14/03/1931
Michael Ford 14/03/1950
Dr Gully 14/03/1808
Ferdinand Holder 14/03/1853
Col Honasan 14/03/1948
Quincy Jones 14/03/1933
Hank Ketcham 14/03/1920
Helmut Knochen 14/03/1910
Maurice Merleau-Ponty 14/03/1908
Luther R Noble 14/03/1984
Cosimo Pinto 14/03/1943
Robert Rimmer 14/03/1917
Lynn Rodden 14/03/1951
Mario Schimberni 14/03/1923
Max Shulman 14/03/1919
Johann Strauss 14/03/1804
Dionigi Tettamanzi 14/03/1934
King Umberto I 14/03/1844
Wes Unseld 14/03/1946
King Victor Emmanuel II 14/03/1820
Adrian Zmed 14/03/1954
Elmer Clifton 14/03/1907
Harriet Medin 14/03/1914
Rodolfo Hoyos Jr. 14/03/1916
Horton Foote 14/03/1916
George Offerman Jr. 14/03/1917
Dennis Patrick 14/03/1918
John McCallum 14/03/1918
Memduh Ün 14/03/1920
Betsy King Ross 14/03/1921
China Zorrilla 14/03/1922
Les Baxter 14/03/1922
Arch Johnson 14/03/1922
Philippe Lemaire 14/03/1927
Frank Borman 14/03/1928
Skip Young 14/03/1930
Sheila Connolly 14/03/1930
Helen Richman 14/03/1930
Christiane Maybach 14/03/1932
Quincy Jones 14/03/1933
Eugene Cernan 14/03/1934
Sloane Shelton 14/03/1934
Sandra Warner 14/03/1935
Mary Selway 14/03/1936
Jarl Borssén 14/03/1937
John Brent 14/03/1938
Héctor Bonilla 14/03/1939
Pilar Bardem 14/03/1939
Yves Boisset 14/03/1939
Bertrand Blier 14/03/1939
Rita Tushingham 14/03/1942
William Marquez 14/03/1943
Ivor Powell 14/03/1943
Anita Morris 14/03/1943
Gregory Moffett 14/03/1943
Steve Dash 14/03/1944
Komaki Kurihara 14/03/1945
Jasper Carrott 14/03/1945
Steve Kanaly 14/03/1946
Brian Rhodes 14/03/1947
Roy Budd 14/03/1947
Billy Crystal 14/03/1948
Karen Sue Trent 14/03/1948
Rick Dees 14/03/1950
Ka-Kui Ho 14/03/1951
Season Hubley 14/03/1951
Zuzana Geislerová 14/03/1952
Deborah Hedwall 14/03/1952
Kat Sawyer 14/03/1952
Claes Ljungmark 14/03/1954
Adrian Zmed 14/03/1954
Garwin Sanford 14/03/1955
Helen Atkinson Wood 14/03/1955
Sean Mathias 14/03/1956
Tom Neal Jr. 14/03/1957
Jean van de Velde 14/03/1957
Faith Minton 14/03/1957
Russell Todd 14/03/1958
Prince Albert of Monaco 14/03/1958
Bruno Dumont 14/03/1958
Laila Robins 14/03/1959
Tamara Tunie 14/03/1959
Farida Jalal 14/03/1960
Anna Katarina 14/03/1960
Louise Robey 14/03/1960
Petter Næss 14/03/1960
Penny Johnson Jerald 14/03/1961
Gary Dell'Abate 14/03/1961
Mike Muir 14/03/1963
Judy Carmen 14/03/1963
Mahiro Maeda 14/03/1963
Robert Allen Mukes 14/03/1964
Sachin Khedekar 14/03/1965
Guilaine Londez 14/03/1965
Brian Lally 14/03/1965
Kiana Tom 14/03/1965
Gary Anthony Williams 14/03/1966
Leigh Koechner 14/03/1966
Melissa Reeves 14/03/1967
Natalya Surkova 14/03/1967
Bill Coyne 14/03/1967
Priscilla Garita 14/03/1968
Channing Dungey 14/03/1969
Larry Johnson 14/03/1969
Carol Speed 14/03/1970
Kürt Rogiers 14/03/1971
Jean Butler 14/03/1971
Jens Harzer 14/03/1972
Rossano Rubicondi 14/03/1972
Betsy Brandt 14/03/1973
Grace Park 14/03/1974
Anthony Carelli 14/03/1974
Karin Proia 14/03/1974
Teona Strugar Mitevska 14/03/1974
Eva Martín 14/03/1974
Etan Cohen 14/03/1974
Rohit Shetty 14/03/1974
Barbara Sotelsek 14/03/1974
Angela Rockwood 14/03/1975
Preben Kristensen 14/03/1975
Corey Stoll 14/03/1976
Brian Quinn 14/03/1976
Daniel Gillies 14/03/1976
Dan Avidan 14/03/1979
Chris Klein 14/03/1979
Nick Atkinson 14/03/1979
Michele Riondino 14/03/1979
Munetaka Aoki 14/03/1980
Janko Popovic Volaric 14/03/1980
Angela Lin 14/03/1981
Ryan Cartwright 14/03/1981
Paul Hsu 14/03/1982
Annika Ernst 14/03/1982
Paolo Contis 14/03/1984
Liesel Matthews 14/03/1984
Robin Weisman 14/03/1984
Rachelle Corbeil 14/03/1985
Emma Samuelsson 14/03/1985
Jamie Bell 14/03/1986
Robert Clark 14/03/1987
Sichun Ma 14/03/1988
Stephen Curry 14/03/1988
Seth Dousman 14/03/1988
Kate Tucci 14/03/1989
Haru Kuroki 14/03/1990
Tianna Gregory 14/03/1990
Kendre Berry 14/03/1991
Greta Onieogou 14/03/1991
Rhiannon Fish 14/03/1991
Kylie Tyndall 14/03/1992
Chris Ihlenfeldt 14/03/1992
Kailyn Lowry 14/03/1992
Keaton Tyndall 14/03/1992
Ena Saha 14/03/1992
Aaron Wolff 14/03/1994
Frankie Ryan Manriquez 14/03/1994
Jake Fogelnest 14/03/1994
Wolfgang Petersen 14/03/1995
Rachel Hilbert 14/03/1995
Shijia Lü 14/03/1995
Sam Maccarone 14/03/1995
Simone Biles 14/03/1997
Eduardo Moratilla 14/03/1997
Dave Holmes 14/03/1998
Carla Hacken 14/03/2000
Jason Waud 14/03/2003

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