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You are an independent and high minded person in all their actions and detest being under the restraint of others. You are really an ambitious and devoted towards your family and partners. You may be hindered by many obstacles and problems through-out your life. Especially you will be suffered with elements during the first part of your life. But dont need to be worried because you may overcome all these with your great quality of patience and determination.

You like to help the underdogs with your maximum capability and it may bring you a great recognition and respect. Although you have a very generous nature, you will quickly resent any attempt to be imposed upon you. You are easily influenced person and a bit practical minded too. You may never give up your any project without finishing it, instead all kind of your difficulties.

You will have a set purpose at the back of your plans, never giving in allowing yourself to be discouraged by difficulties. You are a courageous personality and it will inspire others people too. It may bring fame to you too. In nature you are a thoughtful and serious person.

You may not fit with your neighbours. You possess the strange ideas regarding the love, duty and social position. For these you may not fully accepted by your family members. You are generally over anxious in financial matters and you make great effort to hoard money. As a general rule you have unusual ups and downs in your early life. You are industrious and hard working in all you undertake. But from stand point of chance or luck you are seldom fortunate. You are generally gifted with strong imagination and often make excellent artists, writer, composer or even musician.

Although of a deeply affectionate disposition, you are seldom demonstrative and you are wrongly considered as cold and unemotional. You often make excellent in physics and you usually have a yearning for the mysterious. You may be very successful in building up enterprises and business, but you may, however, just as easily go in for some professional life or take some public or political career.

Friends of Person born on january 1st :

You may able to make such good numbers of friend through-out your life and it exists near about your whole life. Those who are born in the month of January, December, May, June, and August, may be the closest friend to you. But be selective while you are choosing your friends. You may get some solid and best friends.

Health of Person born on january 1st :

The people who are born during these days, they will have the severe tendency of acidity, indigestion, pain in feet. Instead of that you may have a great vitality. You have a tendency to get cold very early and you may suffer a lot for this. This also leads you a severe breathing problem. Before taking any kind of medicine, you must get a wide regarding that medicine because there have a chance that you may suffer due to unnecessary and wrong intake of medicine. If you want to avoid these kinds of problems, you may stay in such places with dry climate.


The most favourable colours for you are any shade of grey, all types of violet, purple and even black. To increase your personality and magnetic vibrations you can use all shades of gold or yellow. Even you can wear bronze or golden brown while you are going for interview or any important works. It may bring you good luck. The all shades of sapphire blue, any shades of pastel colours and even grey are lucky for the romantic couples.

Finance of Person born on january 1st :

You may prosper a lot in the field of business and even industrial fields. So you can invest youre a proportion of money in the above respective fields. It may return you a huge amount of money which will make your financial condition to a high level. You may able to flourish your career to a long extent if you may attach with the public sectors. Your magnetic influence on others gives you a better success at your financial condition. At the same time you may put your leg in the scandals and calumny situations if you are hankering after money and fame.

Career of Person born on january 1st :

You may start your career in the field of business. You may achieve your dictator quality in the private sectors with your distinctive quality. Those, who are born during these above days, are also favourable for their students career. The students may able to achieve their perspective goals.

Famous Persons born on january 1st

They are historian, Film actors, Politician, Leaders, Artists, Scientists, Novel Winners, etc.

Famous PersonBorn On
Everett Brown 01/01/1902
Nelson Leigh 01/01/1905
Russ Bender 01/01/1910
Kien Shih 01/01/1913
Gilbert Green 01/01/1914
Teinosuke Kinugasa 01/01/1917
Shannon Bolin 01/01/1917
Bay White 01/01/1918
Carole Landis 01/01/1919
Sheila Mercier 01/01/1919
Barbara Baxley 01/01/1923
Valentina Cortese 01/01/1923
Teruo Ishii 01/01/1924
Matthew 'Stymie' Beard 01/01/1925
Helen Westcott 01/01/1928
Ernest Tidyman 01/01/1928
Don Sullivan 01/01/1929
Metin Erksan 01/01/1929
Haruo Nakajima 01/01/1929
Frederick Wiseman 01/01/1930
Pat Gorman 01/01/1931
Jacqueline Scott 01/01/1932
Lewis John Carlino 01/01/1932
William Fruet 01/01/1933
Doris Davenport 01/01/1934
Brian G. Hutton 01/01/1935
Shakila 01/01/1935
Robert Getchell 01/01/1936
Aydemir Akbas 01/01/1936
Anne Aubrey 01/01/1937
Kumi Mizuno 01/01/1937
Matt Robinson 01/01/1937
Dana Andrews 01/01/1940
Martin Shakar 01/01/1940
Sandra Knight 01/01/1940
Simón Andreu 01/01/1941
John Rowe 01/01/1941
Dorothy Tristan 01/01/1942
Country Joe McDonald 01/01/1942
Don Novello 01/01/1943
Ronald O. Perelman 01/01/1943
Stanley Kamel 01/01/1943
Parikshat Sahni 01/01/1944
Bob Minor 01/01/1944
Rick Hurst 01/01/1946
George Lutz 01/01/1947
Pegi Boucher 01/01/1948
Katya Wyeth 01/01/1948
Penny Spencer 01/01/1948
Leon Isaac Kennedy 01/01/1949
Aimee Eccles 01/01/1949
Don Keith Opper 01/01/1949
Doran Godwin 01/01/1950
Nana Patekar 01/01/1951
J.D. Salinger 01/01/1951
Ibrahim Tatlises 01/01/1952
Stephanie Faracy 01/01/1952
William M. Finkelstein 01/01/1952
Erik Larson 01/01/1954
Richard Gibson 01/01/1954
Mary Beard 01/01/1955
Andrew Lesnie 01/01/1956
Sung-Ki Ahn 01/01/1957
Madolyn Smith Osborne 01/01/1957
Erkan Can 01/01/1958
Albie Selznick 01/01/1959
Peter Cook 01/01/1959
Shin'ya Tsukamoto 01/01/1960
Suzy Kendall 01/01/1960
Alexia Robinson 01/01/1960
Brixton Karnes 01/01/1960
James O'Barr 01/01/1960
Karina Huff 01/01/1961
Jeffrey Falcon 01/01/1962
Elizabeth Gorcey 01/01/1962
Srdjan Dragojevic 01/01/1963
Juliana Donald 01/01/1964
Dedee Pfeiffer 01/01/1964
Alan Mak 01/01/1965
Jennifer Hale 01/01/1965
Eloy de la Iglesia 01/01/1966
Michelle Holmes 01/01/1967
Sharon Small 01/01/1967
Alison Newman 01/01/1968
Felix Chong 01/01/1968
Mr. Lawrence 01/01/1969
Berkan Sal 01/01/1969
Melissa DiMarco 01/01/1969
Jossie Thacker 01/01/1970
Kimberly Page 01/01/1970
Erkan Petekkaya 01/01/1970
Kalabhavan Mani 01/01/1971
Sara Ballingall 01/01/1972
Deniz Ugur 01/01/1973
Guido Caprino 01/01/1973
Jennifer Podemski 01/01/1974
Toni Ann Gisondi 01/01/1975
Elodie Frenck 01/01/1975
Amanda Billing 01/01/1976
Inge Paulussen 01/01/1976
Durrell 'Tank' Babbs 01/01/1976
Sam Spruell 01/01/1977
Mark Wingett 01/01/1979
Anders Danielsen Lie 01/01/1979
Hermila Guedes 01/01/1980
Danny Lloyd 01/01/1980
Julie Bernard 01/01/1980
Lexi Randall 01/01/1980
Ray Sahetapy 01/01/1980
Christopher Redman 01/01/1980
Elin Nordegren 01/01/1980
Zach Moyes 01/01/1981
Jonas Armstrong 01/01/1981
Sheila McCarthy 01/01/1983
Richard Edson 01/01/1983
Jasmine Dustin 01/01/1983
Sayali Bhagat 01/01/1984
Maja Aro 01/01/1984
Peshang Rad 01/01/1984
Danny Perea 01/01/1985
Ashley Gorrell 01/01/1985
Anna Brewster 01/01/1986
Mary Sweeney 01/01/1986
Jeff Gulka 01/01/1987
Brandon Gill 01/01/1987
Gia Coppola 01/01/1987
Miyavi Matsunoi 01/01/1988
Anil Çelik 01/01/1988
Fatih Artman 01/01/1988
Oya Unustasi 01/01/1988
Adèle Haenel 01/01/1989
Sruthi Hariharan 01/01/1989
Stacy Martin 01/01/1991
Nikita Pavlenko 01/01/1992
Rachel Amanda 01/01/1995
Jack Fowler 01/01/1996
Lara Robinson 01/01/1998
Grant Goodman 01/01/2000
Clare Calbraith 01/01/2000

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