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Characteristics of Person born on february 3rd :

You are a person of strong determination of purpose. You have also the quality of strong will. You have a decided talent for organization, particularly in public matters and government department. Sometime you become a person with a negative mentality. In the middle part of your life you may be the example of others and it would be from a good side.

You will also able to lead a happy conjugal life. You should allow your ambition to have full rein with every promise being successful. All work leading to responsibility and authority over other if decidedly favourable to you, no matter what the work may be. You may be full of opportunities of your whole life. But the main thing is that you have to utilize the right option at the right time. There is no career in which you can-not succeed provided your ambition is aroused.

Your ambition may be more mental than physical. This means that although fitted for positions of authority over other, you may shrink from what might be called the physical contact. You have very contradictory in the quality. You show under the call of circumstances. Although you are a very high strung and easily over wrought person, you have the very greatest power over excitable people and over the insane. You are in the run of your life often brought much in contact with such classes.

In all matters of affection you are a human of puzzle. You can laugh passionately and yet be constant at the same moment and it is only your shield of diplomacy that often keep you from making a mess of your life. In appearance, you generally have a rather long, narrow head and face. You also possess good, clean and sharp looking eyes.

The hands, as a rule, are long, thin or bony because these are really restless or even they always try to do something. In nature you are inclined to have too many irons in the fire at the same time.

Friends of Person born on february 3rd :

You may able to make a good circle of friends. The persons, who are born on the months of November, and December, may be your very good friends. These persons may also help you to remove your problems at any cases. But the persons who are born in the months of February and April will not be your friends. There is a possibility that the persons may try to make you harm. So you are advised to be selective while you are selecting your friends. You may able to get a large number of good and supportive office mates at your working places. But your boss may not be favourable to you. You will get some good friends at your school life and these friends may remain through-out your life.

Health of Person born on february 3rd :

The persons, who are born on the above mentioned days, may possess a more or less good health. But there is a possibility that you may suffer from nervous exhaustion. It may be happen due to the over work. So you are advised to take care of yourself. You must take a balance and nutritious food through-out your life. You must maintain this specially at your latter part of your life. You may suffer from neuritis, sciatica, inflammation of liver, hardening of the blood vessels and arteries, and high blood pressure. You are advised not to take extra tension. You have to live on a simple diet and get plenty of sleep. This process may give you a sound health.

Colour: for Person born on february 3rd :

If you want to make yourself more fortunate and lucky, you may use the dresses with the colour of violet. The persons who are related to the teaching profession specially school teacher or professor, may use the dresses of all shades of mauve. This colour may bring luck for them. The persons who are related to the business can wear the dresses with the colour of violet or purple. The business men must use these colours at their important business deals.

Finance of Person born on february 3rd :

You may able to get some unexpected money from lottery. This incident may make your financial condition well. Though you will able to earn a lot of money, you can-not be able to save them because you are not person who are able to be miser at your spending. This may affect your financial condition. You also get a proportion of property from your father. You may depend on what you set your mind to accomplish. You may meet some heavy losses in money in spite of whatever prudence you may use.

Career of Person born on february 3rd :

You may start your career with the help of an individual project. It may be a small or a big one. You may be the leader of any project because through this you may able to flourish your career at a large scale. The career of the students is also smooth. But the students who are at the higher studies, they have to pay extra attention towards their studies. Other-wise they can-not be able to make their career perfect. The business fortune is also available to you. So you may invest your money at your business ground and by this effort you may enlarge your career.

Famous Persons born on february 3rd

They are historian, Film actors, Politician, Leaders, Artists, Scientists, Novel Winners, etc.

Famous PersonBorn On
Sarah Adams 03/02/1995
Jehan Alain 03/02/1911
William Allen 03/02/1920
Gilbert H Bessemeyer 03/02/1885
Neil Bogart 03/02/1943
Dave Davies 03/02/1947
Douglas K DeVorss 03/02/1900
Mark Douglas 03/02/1927
Morgan Fairchild 03/02/1950
Peggy Ann Garner 03/02/1932
Jeanne Hazelhurst 03/02/1909
Blanca Holmes 03/02/1892
Melanie Kafka 03/02/1947
Philip Levine 03/02/1947
Stefano Mei 03/02/1963
Max Josef Metzger 03/02/1887
Maurizio Micheli 03/02/1947
Paul Peters 03/02/1983
Pierre Ernest Pinoy 03/02/1873
Florian Rousseau 03/02/1974
Gertrude Stein 03/02/1874
Glen Tetley 03/02/1926
Georg Trakl 03/02/1887
Heinrich Wilhelm Trubner 03/02/1851
Frederic Van Norstrand 03/02/1891
Simone Weil 03/02/1909
Bob Okazaki 03/02/1902
James A. Michener 03/02/1907
Geneva Mitchell 03/02/1908
André Cayatte 03/02/1909
Robert Earl Jones 03/02/1910
Eddie Hall 03/02/1912
Edward Sinclair 03/02/1914
Henki Kolstad 03/02/1915
Joey Bishop 03/02/1918
Bibi Osterwald 03/02/1920
Russell Arms 03/02/1920
Pat Hogan 03/02/1920
Françoise Christophe 03/02/1923
Beach Dickerson 03/02/1924
Joan Rice 03/02/1930
Jerry Summers 03/02/1931
Clay Tanner 03/02/1931
Patricia Haines 03/02/1932
Peggy Ann Garner 03/02/1932
Catherine Samie 03/02/1933
Evan MacNeil 03/02/1934
Suzan Ball 03/02/1934
Royal Robbins 03/02/1935
Mariclare Costello 03/02/1936
James Bridges 03/02/1936
Marshall Efron 03/02/1938
Stephen Mines 03/02/1939
Fran Tarkenton 03/02/1940
Monica Nordquist 03/02/1941
Bridget Hanley 03/02/1941
Lidia Biondi 03/02/1941
Jan Vlasák 03/02/1943
Seizô Fukumoto 03/02/1943
Trisha Noble 03/02/1944
Marius Weyers 03/02/1945
Paul Auster 03/02/1947
Stephen McHattie 03/02/1947
Tina Martin 03/02/1948
Thomas Rosales Jr. 03/02/1948
John McIndoe 03/02/1948
Henning Mankell 03/02/1948
Susanne Benton 03/02/1948
Waheeda Rehman 03/02/1948
Alvaro Vitali 03/02/1950
David Chandler 03/02/1950
Per Eggers 03/02/1951
David Ursin 03/02/1951
Chris Forbes 03/02/1951
Victoria Medlin 03/02/1951
Kirsty Wark 03/02/1955
Nathan Lane 03/02/1956
Time Winters 03/02/1956
Marlon Riggs 03/02/1957
Donna Smythe 03/02/1957
Willeke Alberti 03/02/1958
Lizzie Borden 03/02/1958
Radoje Cupic 03/02/1958
Jimmy Vee 03/02/1959
Thomas Calabro 03/02/1959
Ferzan Ozpetek 03/02/1959
Kerry Von Erich 03/02/1960
Bonnie Burroughs 03/02/1961
Jay Adams 03/02/1961
Keith Gordon 03/02/1961
Geoffrey Nauffts 03/02/1961
Richard Yates 03/02/1961
Ellen Thomas 03/02/1964
Ann Harada 03/02/1964
Vinko Bresan 03/02/1964
Søren Malling 03/02/1964
Gary Webster 03/02/1964
Corinne Masiero 03/02/1964
Dave Benson Phillips 03/02/1965
Ben Shockley 03/02/1965
Kathleen Kinmont 03/02/1965
Gillian Bonner 03/02/1966
Kara Wai 03/02/1966
Kathy Alzado Murray 03/02/1966
Alix Bailey 03/02/1967
Vlade Divac 03/02/1968
Aleen Keshishian 03/02/1968
Paolo Roberto 03/02/1969
Shane Rangi 03/02/1969
Milton Welsh 03/02/1969
Matt Winston 03/02/1970
Anthony Russo 03/02/1970
Linda Papadopoulos 03/02/1971
Vincent Elbaz 03/02/1971
Marta Bizon 03/02/1971
Sean Gerlis 03/02/1972
John Fiedler 03/02/1972
Brenda Dickson 03/02/1973
Lara Corrochano 03/02/1973
Vijay Antony 03/02/1974
Miriam Chin Wah Yeung 03/02/1974
Shahab Hosseini 03/02/1974
Mat King 03/02/1975
Latham Gaines 03/02/1976
Eihi Shiina 03/02/1976
Daddy Yankee 03/02/1976
Isla Fisher 03/02/1976
Tim Heidecker 03/02/1976
Chad Gundersen 03/02/1977
Matt Charles 03/02/1977
Maitland Ward 03/02/1977
Ciro Miró 03/02/1977
Kelly Sullivan 03/02/1978
Amal Clooney 03/02/1978
Arvie Lowe Jr. 03/02/1978
Inga Birkenfeld 03/02/1978
Victoria Matlock 03/02/1978
Marie Zielcke 03/02/1979
Nicole Sciacca 03/02/1979
Dawei Tong 03/02/1979
Ben Turner 03/02/1980
Jennifer Candy 03/02/1980
Maura Tierney 03/02/1980
Vera Brezhneva 03/02/1982
Michael Bien 03/02/1982
Martin Billany 03/02/1983
Laurence Kinlan 03/02/1983
Elizabeth Holmes 03/02/1984
Matthew Moy 03/02/1984
Tristan D. Lalla 03/02/1984
Stine Fischer Christensen 03/02/1985
Sergej Onopko 03/02/1985
Angela Fong 03/02/1985
London Vale 03/02/1987
Jaren Brandt Bartlett 03/02/1988
David Scarboro 03/02/1988
Ryne Sanborn 03/02/1989
John Koyama 03/02/1990
Tonea Stewart 03/02/1990
Sean Kingston 03/02/1990
Mariah Buzolin 03/02/1991
Haley Busch 03/02/1993
Samantha Swanson 03/02/1993
Tallulah Willis 03/02/1994
Markus Krojer 03/02/1994
Elisa Donovan 03/02/1995
Kellen Goff 03/02/1995
Costa Ronin 03/02/1996
Abigail Hargrove 03/02/1999
Kanna Hashimoto 03/02/1999
Eva Josefíková 03/02/1999

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