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Characteristics of Person born on february 28th :

You are a person of full of liveliness and activeness. Unexpected changes may happen to your family, plans made for you by them are not likely to be carried out and the chances are that you will start out into the world at an early age to make your own way. You may be the person who may be under less fatalistic influences of some person. The basic fundamental characteristic of you is that you are a person of pre-thinking capability. You have also the power to execute your plan at reality with the full length. You are also an over ambitious person and you can-not leave your ambition its proper success.

You are of a person of versatile genius and also of a person of ideas with full of originality. You have strong may power and determination. You may be inclined to try many roads in your inclined towards your success. You may feel excited treachery and underhand dealings by those jealous you and may have many changes in whatever career you may try during the first part of your life.

You are a friend loving person but be careful while you may deal with your partner or associates. You take a great interest in public meeting and public ceremonies. You love theatres and concert. You like to be where the crowd of people gather and yet you always have the feeling in your mind that you are a lonely person in your life. You should always aim for big things and try to come in contact with those people who are already in higher position than you.

Friends of Person born on february 28th :

The persons who are in above mentioned days on this month, they may able to make a good circle of friends. The persons, who are born in the months of January and the second part of November, may be your good friends. So try to be with them. You may also be assisted by them with a large scale. But the persons, who are born in the months of February and December, may not be able to make friendship with you. You are advised to be selective in case of your friend selection. There is good news that you will able to achieve some good friends at your school life. So be with them. The office colleagues may be supportive to you too.

Health of Person born on february 28th :

You are advised to rake utmost care of yourself because there is a probability that you may suffer from bone weakness during the latter part of your life. The parents of the children who are born during these days are advised to take care of your children because there is a possibility that your children may suffer from cold, cough and fever during the early part of their life. But you are a person of advanced mental energy and this very quality may help you to produce a work very successfully. But you are not a person who is physically strong. The digestive system may tend to get easily out of order, you should eat a lightly but often, and get more sleep than the average person. You will, however, have a very wiry constitution and will recover from illness very quickly.

Colour: for Person born on february 28th :

You are a person of more or less favourable at your fortune. If you want to increase your fortunate quality, you must wear the dresses with the colour of dark blue and grey. These two colours may give you more favourable days. The persons who are related to the fields of business, they may wear the dresses which have all the shades of gold or yellow and even the golden brown. You may wear these coloured dresses on those particular days which have the important dealings and meetings. With the help of these reasons you may able to achieve your good and favourable fortune. The all shades of sapphire are also lucky for you. So try to use the colour.

Finance of Person born on february 28th :

The person who are born in the above mentioned days, are advised to stay apart from the gambles and speculations when other peoples interest are concerned. Some professions like doctors, lawyers, artists and actors are not favourable for the persons of these particular days because you can-not be able to save your earnings though it is a huge one. It would be better that you start your career with the help of any kind of business. It may flourish your financial condition. Be careful and try to be a bit miser because there is a possibility that your money may be drained like water from your hand.

Career of Person born on february 28th :

You may start your career with the solid business. It would help you to flourish your career to a large scale. But you are advised not to take the professions like doctors, and lawyers. Though you are a person of literary and artistic sense, you dont need to take yourself in the field of actor, artist, or any kind of writer. The students may able to make a bright result at your junior classes. But the students of higher courses have to be careful regarding their studies because there is a possibility of failure in your career. So be careful and attentive towards your proposed courses.

Famous Persons born on february 28th

They are historian, Film actors, Politician, Leaders, Artists, Scientists, Novel Winners, etc.

Famous PersonBorn On
Czarevitch (1690) Alexis 28/02/1690
Czarevitch Alexis 28/02/1690
Peter Alliss 28/02/1931
Mario Ancona 28/02/1860
Aldo Andretti 28/02/1940
Mario Andretti 28/02/1940
Jerry T Arbogast 28/02/1938
Henri Breuil 28/02/1877
Rod Chase 28/02/1925
Robert Finlayson Cook 28/02/1946
Nicolaus Copernicus 28/02/1473
Olivier Despax 28/02/1939
Wolfgang Doebereiner 28/02/1928
Henri Duveyrier 28/02/1840
Geraldine Farrar 28/02/1882
Ingo Hoffman 28/02/1953
Richard Kline 28/02/1943
Gavin MacLeod 28/02/1931
Henri Mangin 28/02/1896
Queen Mary 28/02/1516
Barry McGuigan 28/02/1961
Nathalie Merignon 28/02/1957
Marcel Pagnol 28/02/1895
Linus Carl Pauling 28/02/1901
Robert Pelletier 28/02/1927
Clara Petacci 28/02/1912
Bernadette Peters 28/02/1948
Ricardo Ramirez 28/02/1960
Ernest Renan 28/02/1823
Bugsy Siegel 28/02/1906
Barbara Stabiner 28/02/1937
Dorothy Stratten 28/02/1960
Tax Evasion 28/02/1939
Georges Theunis 28/02/1873
Tommy Tune 28/02/1939
W Warendorf 28/02/1959
Geraldine Farrar 28/02/1901
Trude Berliner 28/02/1903
Vincente Minnelli 28/02/1903
Felix E. Feist 28/02/1910
Jim Boles 28/02/1914
Frances Sage 28/02/1915
Zero Mostel 28/02/1915
Alfred Burke 28/02/1918
Antonio Ferrandis 28/02/1921
Joyce Howard 28/02/1922
Danni Sue Nolan 28/02/1923
Bettye Ackerman 28/02/1924
Christopher Kraft 28/02/1924
Harry H. Corbett 28/02/1925
Olan Soule 28/02/1926
Ben Hecht 28/02/1927
Erol Tas 28/02/1928
Louise Erickson 28/02/1928
Tom Aldredge 28/02/1928
Angelina Estrada 28/02/1932
Jennifer Kendal 28/02/1934
Paolo Bonacelli 28/02/1937
Maura McGiveney 28/02/1939
Gloria Paul 28/02/1940
Lyn Peters 28/02/1941
Madeleine Mills 28/02/1941
Robin Phillips 28/02/1942
Frank Bonner 28/02/1942
Brian Jones 28/02/1942
Charles Bernstein 28/02/1943
Della Thomas 28/02/1943
Alf Kjellin 28/02/1944
Kelly Bishop 28/02/1944
Ravindra Jain 28/02/1944
Colin Nutley 28/02/1944
Tracy Keenan Wynn 28/02/1945
Rocky Taylor 28/02/1945
Inger Sundh 28/02/1946
David Harris 28/02/1946
Shari Summers 28/02/1946
Stephanie Beacham 28/02/1947
Mike Figgis 28/02/1948
Ilene Graff 28/02/1949
Stephen Talbot 28/02/1949
Imanol Uribe 28/02/1950
Jaime Fabregas 28/02/1950
Cristina Raines 28/02/1952
Gavin MacLeod 28/02/1952
Mars 28/02/1954
Mag Ruffman 28/02/1957
Ania Pieroni 28/02/1957
Brent Barrett 28/02/1957
Mark Lewis 28/02/1957
Ainsley Harriott 28/02/1957
Rick Skene 28/02/1958
Marcia Mitzman Gaven 28/02/1959
Dorothy Stratten 28/02/1960
Tôru Ohkawa 28/02/1960
Mark Ferguson 28/02/1961
René Simard 28/02/1961
Mimsy Farmer 28/02/1961
Rae Dawn Chong 28/02/1961
Barry Duffield 28/02/1962
Tzahi Grad 28/02/1962
Alan Horn 28/02/1964
Jacque Drew 28/02/1964
Rajia Baroudi 28/02/1965
Christina Zorich 28/02/1965
Emily Zolten Jillette 28/02/1966
Edward Shearmur 28/02/1966
Bubba Smith 28/02/1967
Victor Gardener 28/02/1968
Anne Tremko 28/02/1968
Curt Kaplan 28/02/1968
Matt Smith 28/02/1968
Jorge Enrique Abello 28/02/1968
Pat Monahan 28/02/1969
Daniel Handler 28/02/1970
Hollywood Yates 28/02/1970
Tasha Smith 28/02/1971
Peter Stebbings 28/02/1971
Sidra Smith 28/02/1971
Maxine Bahns 28/02/1971
Paul Stocker 28/02/1971
Kevin Kruchkywich 28/02/1972
Ville Haapasalo 28/02/1972
Rory Cochrane 28/02/1972
Spencer McLaren 28/02/1973
Eden Rountree 28/02/1973
Amanda Abbington 28/02/1974
David Hellenius 28/02/1974
Doreen Jacobi 28/02/1974
Mediha Musliovic 28/02/1975
Cindy Wilson 28/02/1976
Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge 28/02/1976
Ivana Basic 28/02/1976
Jason Aldean 28/02/1977
Rafael Amaya 28/02/1977
Julie Gourson 28/02/1977
Hisham Suliman 28/02/1978
Jimmy Safechuck 28/02/1978
Geoffrey Arend 28/02/1978
Murali Perumal 28/02/1978
Ask Hasselbalch 28/02/1979
Michael Bisping 28/02/1979
Amat Escalante 28/02/1979
Garik Kharlamov 28/02/1980
Annika Boras 28/02/1981
Axel Stein 28/02/1982
Natalia Vodianova 28/02/1982
Rob Margolies 28/02/1983
Tim Redwine 28/02/1983
Ryan Jason Cook 28/02/1983
Tina New 28/02/1983
Andrea Ownbey 28/02/1983
Marleen Lohse 28/02/1984
Yolanda Pecoraro 28/02/1985
Fefe Dobson 28/02/1985
Ziwen Wang 28/02/1987
Hazel Keech 28/02/1987
Markéta Irglová 28/02/1988
Candela Márquez 28/02/1988
Jennie Jacques 28/02/1989
Grace Rouvray 28/02/1990
Georgina Leonidas 28/02/1990
Brett Smrz 28/02/1991
Sarah Bolger 28/02/1991
Josh Green 28/02/1992
Michelle Horn 28/02/1993
Cecily Breaux 28/02/1994
True O'Brien 28/02/1994
Rukku Nahar 28/02/1996
Murray Gold 28/02/1999
Karolina Kurkova 28/02/2000

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