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Characteristics of Person born on february 27th :

You are a person of zest and ambition to the mental quality. You also are a free thinker. You possess the quality of writing. You are a person of independents of the character and marked individually that may be expected from you. You also have the artistic power so there is possibility that you may be a famous actor.

You will able to dominant every person on the stage of life. You have to go through with the ups and downs and reversal for fortune that so often happen to you. You may exhibit marked independence in thought and action. You may be strong for any cause you may considered badly treated. You may stamp everything you do with your own distinct personality. You posses the good power of reasoning. You will be very convincing and forceful in debate.

You also possess the capability to see the both sides of an argument and quick to siege on any weak point of your opponent. You may be criticised for being too frank and impulsive in speech. You may win people over to your side by your magnetic personality. You may own your own way with head strong and determined mentality. You possess a good heart. At heart you are a humanitarian. You always ready to devote yourself for the benefit of others or you may able to play a vital role to reform your society.

Your temperament may lead you into making many enemies and cause considerable opposition to you. You may able to organize a work very properly though the work is on a very large scale. You may be very generous to those who are under you and you may be very watchful of their interest. Everything may fit in naturally with you. But in whatever you do, but the call of the public may be prominent.

You have a quite controlling power in your eyes, and so subdue others. Your greatest fault is that it generally takes sudden attack of circumstances to make you more perfect. You are a person who has extremely independent spirit. You also have the control on yourself. You have a great tenacity of purpose. Your may power may bring you to the summit of all success. If once you set your mind on some plan, purpose or position, you usually reach your goal in spite of all kinds of difficulties and obstacles. You are the persons who always love to be active. If circumstances deny your activity, you often become morbid and even despondent.

Friends of Person born on february 27th :

You may able to get a huge circle of friends at your whole life. But there must be very few who may be with you through-out your life. The persons, who are born on the months January and the later part of May may favourable and friendly for you. But the person who are born on the month of December, are not lucky for you. So try to avoid them at your level best because they may try to harm you. These are also applicable at your working place too. So try to be selective while you are choosing your friends and office mate.

Health of Person born on february 27th :

In terms of health there is nothing to be worried to you because you willable to continue sound and healthy life. The only thing is that you have to reduce of taking the unnecessary mental pressure or tension because these may affect your health. If you can-not able to remove these bad qualities you have to suffer from the problems related to your head and nerves. So be careful regarding yourself. You are also advised to pay a great attention to lungs.

Colour: for Person born on february 27th :

Your most favourable colour is rose. The persons, who are related to business, may use the dress with the colour of crimson. The red is suitable colour for the persons who are related business or self financed projects. If you have any serious or vital minte3rview, you must wear the attire with the combination of white and purple. With the above mentioned colours ayou may able to make your fortune more vibrant and flourishing.

Finance of Person born on february 27th :

There is nothing to take any tension regarding you financial condition because under certain conditions. But the surprising thing is that you dont have the quality with which you can use your money properly. You can-not be able to save your flowing and preserved money. This will be a cause of your tension related to finance.

Career of Person born on february 27th :

You may start your career with the help of any small budget business. If you able to manage your brain and intellect in this field, you may flourish your career to a large scale. The students may achieve their career with more or less difficulties. Above all the persons of any field career may flourish their career with their help of intellect.

Famous Persons born on february 27th

They are historian, Film actors, Politician, Leaders, Artists, Scientists, Novel Winners, etc.

Famous PersonBorn On
Peter Alexander 27/02/1939
Alexandre Arnoux 27/02/1884
Paddy Ashdown 27/02/1941
Roberto Assagioli 27/02/1888
Franc Hammer Baird 27/02/1886
Maryse Bastie 27/02/1898
Joan Bennett 27/02/1910
Hugo Black 27/02/1886
Luitzen Brouwer 27/02/1881
Enrico Caruso 27/02/1873
Sri Chaitanya 27/02/1486
Chelsea Clinton 27/02/1980
John Connally 27/02/1917
Deirdre Curron 27/02/1939
Samuel Dash 27/02/1925
Liane Dayde-Giraud 27/02/1932
John Errol Ferguson 27/02/1948
Mirella Freni 27/02/1935
Dr Garnett 27/02/1835
Jean Gaudin 27/02/1953
Michael Jay Grossman 27/02/1943
Alan Harvey Guth 27/02/1947
Heather Jenner 27/02/1914
Lotte Lehmann 27/02/1888
Bernard Ferdinand Lyot 27/02/1897
Cardinal Mahony 27/02/1936
Charles Maurain 27/02/1871
Georges Migot 27/02/1891
Ralph Nader 27/02/1934
Paul Ricoeur 27/02/1913
David Sarnoff 27/02/1891
Monica Schreiner 27/02/1954
Claudio Scubla 27/02/1962
Ariel Sharon 27/02/1928
Nancy Spungen 27/02/1958
Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu 27/02/1486
John Steinbeck 27/02/1902
Elizabeth Taylor 27/02/1932
Ellen Terry 27/02/1847
Bruce Wayne 27/02/1958
Karl Nikolai Wellner 27/02/1991
Christopher Wilding 27/02/1955
Francis Alfred Wilson 27/02/1949
Joanne Woodward 27/02/1930
Fritz Diez 27/02/1901
William Demarest 27/02/1905
Kazuo Hasegawa 27/02/1908
Dick Rich 27/02/1909
Wolfgang Preiss 27/02/1910
Joan Bennett 27/02/1910
Natasa Gollová 27/02/1912
Irwin Shaw 27/02/1913
David Orrick McDearmon 27/02/1914
Donald Curtis 27/02/1915
Dick Crockett 27/02/1915
Lorraine Krueger 27/02/1918
Ian Keith 27/02/1920
Lorinne Crawford 27/02/1926
Linda Douglas 27/02/1928
Peter Stone 27/02/1930
Lieux Dressler 27/02/1930
Elisabeth Welch 27/02/1930
Joanne Woodward 27/02/1930
Reginald Gardiner 27/02/1930
Raymond Berry 27/02/1933
N. Scott Momaday 27/02/1934
Ralph Nader 27/02/1934
Garland Atkins 27/02/1935
Virginia Maskell 27/02/1936
Meri Welles 27/02/1937
Barbara Babcock 27/02/1937
Pascale Petit 27/02/1938
Rosanna Yanni 27/02/1938
Derek Ware 27/02/1938
Tim Wylton 27/02/1940
Charles Parks 27/02/1940
Andrew MacLachlan 27/02/1941
Charlotte Stewart 27/02/1941
Harry Carter 27/02/1942
Michel Forget 27/02/1942
Aimi MacDonald 27/02/1942
Mary Frann 27/02/1943
Daniel Olbrychski 27/02/1945
Carl Anderson 27/02/1945
Brasse Brännström 27/02/1945
Tom Chadbon 27/02/1946
Roger Pratt 27/02/1947
Shelley Plimpton 27/02/1947
Terry O'Neill 27/02/1948
Féodor Atkine 27/02/1948
Debra Monk 27/02/1949
Van Williams 27/02/1950
Jane Galloway 27/02/1950
Don Leifert 27/02/1951
Prakash Jha 27/02/1952
Yolande Moreau 27/02/1953
Neal Schon 27/02/1954
Peter Christopherson 27/02/1955
Rene Kirby 27/02/1955
Christopher Edward Wilding 27/02/1955
Julia Chambers 27/02/1956
Kevin Curran 27/02/1957
Danny Antonucci 27/02/1957
Tatyana Dogileva 27/02/1957
Tim Topper 27/02/1958
Katie Fiala 27/02/1959
Tracey Ross 27/02/1959
Howard Hesseman 27/02/1960
Mary Jo Pehl 27/02/1960
James Worthy 27/02/1961
George Kapiniaris 27/02/1961
Grant Shaud 27/02/1961
Ilene S. Landress 27/02/1961
Erik van 't Wout 27/02/1961
Leon Mobley 27/02/1961
Anne-Marie Pisani 27/02/1961
Wendy Liebman 27/02/1961
Adam Baldwin 27/02/1962
Markus Rosenmüller 27/02/1963
Cameron De Palma 27/02/1964
Kunickaa Sadanand 27/02/1964
John Pyper-Ferguson 27/02/1964
Joakim Sundström 27/02/1965
Maggie Siu 27/02/1965
David Gail 27/02/1965
Gregg Rainwater 27/02/1966
Pam Trotter 27/02/1966
Jennifer Burton 27/02/1968
Jacqueline Collen 27/02/1968
Mikkel Gaup 27/02/1968
Vanessa Dorman 27/02/1969
Derren Brown 27/02/1971
Jill Vandenberg Curtis 27/02/1971
Rozonda 'Chilli' Thomas 27/02/1971
Charles Baker 27/02/1971
Tifanie Christun 27/02/1972
Jennifer Lyon 27/02/1972
Peter Andre 27/02/1973
Bingbing Li 27/02/1973
Filippo Timi 27/02/1974
Loredana Simioli 27/02/1974
César Gamiño 27/02/1974
Christina Nigra 27/02/1975
Christopher Landon 27/02/1975
Yukari Tamura 27/02/1976
Stoney Jackson 27/02/1976
Tony Gonzalez 27/02/1976
Rhea Harder 27/02/1976
Mavis Fan 27/02/1977
Seong Ji 27/02/1977
Angela Aames 27/02/1978
Alba Rohrwacher 27/02/1979
Tim Oliehoek 27/02/1979
Chelsea Clinton 27/02/1980
Brandon Beemer 27/02/1980
Stephen Wight 27/02/1980
Ilaria Spada 27/02/1981
Josh Groban 27/02/1981
Maja Mandzuka 27/02/1982
Adetokumboh M'Cormack 27/02/1982
Jenni Farley 27/02/1986
Nicole Linkletter 27/02/1986
Chris Duchaine 27/02/1986
Ashley Morgan 27/02/1986
Esther Huang 27/02/1989
Lara Woodhull 27/02/1989
Brittany Ashton Holmes 27/02/1989
James Cotter 27/02/1990
Megan Young 27/02/1990
Gary J. Tunnicliffe 27/02/1990
Richard Coyle 27/02/1992
Kim Whalen 27/02/1992
Mara Prates 27/02/1993
Rie Takahashi 27/02/1994
Ellie Pettit 27/02/1995
Kristoffer Jørgensen 27/02/1995
Matt Greenwood 27/02/1995
Nick Vorsselman 27/02/1996
Victoria Staley 27/02/1996
Erica Huang 27/02/1997
Theo Stevenson 27/02/1998

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