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Characteristics of Person born on february 25th :

You are the person who may cling to the obstinacy and determination. You may find some purpose to occupy your attention. There is a possibility that you may spend your whole life just to in search of your true career. But you have to face an extreme difficult situation to find it. You are a person of peculiarly sensitiveness and highly strung nature.

As you are an extremely sensitive towards your surroundings and the vibrations of others, you may be the most careful where you live or with whom you come in contact. You may able to draw the others attention towards you unusual phenomena, such as telepathy, occultism, spiritualism, magnetism, astronomy and even Astrology. For such special qualities the people may like you very much.

You may make any sacrifice or you may have to face any hardship to do what you considered to be your duty. You have a person who has the proper devotion and attention towards the art and artistic elements. It may always be the purpose or object that may attract you more than your personal gain. You are godly gifted with some unusual qualities like imagination, idealist and even romance.

You may be inclined not to have enough self confidence and belief in yourself to force your way into public notice unless the calls come from some external source. You possess a sympathetic mind. You love to task which have the full risk. You are a person of unusual sympathy and it is for them who are mentally unbalanced. You love to show your resources for those person whom you love. You often utilize your proper talent at that institution with which you are attached and you may do such for just to flourish your work and career.

You will have what might be termed natural intuition about people. Sometime you will able to be logical with proper reason for your likes and dislikes. You are a person who love to read and want to absorb in knowledge but you dont like the ordinary study types. You are intensely do any work with which you are engaged. This very quality may input your financial condition. You love to excel in literary work and as artist before the public.

You may able to develop your peculiar ideas regarding the religion and you may never follow any old customs and norms which are already established but you are not irreligious. You also guided by mystery and the influences of the masses which sometimes make you more prominent in the society, whatever with a good or a bad aspect.

Friends of Person born on february 25th :

The persons, who are born on the month of January and December, may feel a magnetic attraction towards you. Because of your good communicative skill you may able to make a good number of friends at your life. You may have some good friends at your school lie and these friends will be with you for your whole life. You may achieve some supportive office mate at your working place. But it is applicable for those only who are working at the private sectors. But there is also a problem that your office boss will not be supportive to you.

Health of Person born on february 25th :

You may generally go through with a goods and delicate health. But it also true that you may have some peculiar experiences related to your health at your life. You have to visit several times with the doctors. In the later part of your life you may able to cure some of your chronic disease with the help of some good physicians. This may give you a proper relaxation. You often have some mysterious form of stomach problem and it would be due your bad timings of food. You are advised to take a proper diet with proper choice of food and you also have to take your food in time. You are so sensitive that you often ill from being in the company of someone towards whom you feel antipathy. You should avoid unnecessary medicine and drugs. You also have to take a plenty of fresh and pure water and sleep as much as possible. These above rules will able to produce you a sound health.

Colour: for Person born on february 25th :

The most vibrant colour for you the secondary colour. The persons, who are related to the self-financed projects, may wear the dresses coloured with mob and violet. The favourable colour for the students is red. If the business man wants to prosper their fortune they have to wear the dresses with the combination of purple and violet. White is the favourable colour for lawyer. The students who are related to higher studies can wear the dresses related to cream colour. The all shades of green colour are favourable for interviewers. The dark grey colour is lucky for the actors and actress. This colour is also fortunate for the writers too.

Finance of Person born on february 25th :

The persons who are related to the government bonds may able to flourish their financial condition. You are advised to stay away from all forms of gambling because it may bring you a heavy loss. You are fortunate in that case because you may able to earn a bit of money from the unexpected sources. Dont try to borrow money from others because you may not able to give them back. There is a possibility that you may lose your parental property with the cases related to your legal problems.

Career of Person born on february 25th :

You are a person with literary genius. So you may able to start your career with the field of writing of any kind of profession related to literature. This profession may bring a proper fortune for you. If you can-not be able to start your career with the help of government services, you may start with the help of private sectors.

Famous Persons born on february 25th

They are historian, Film actors, Politician, Leaders, Artists, Scientists, Novel Winners, etc.

Famous PersonBorn On
Princess (1883) Alice 25/02/1883
T Andrews Family 25/02/1948
Jim Backus 25/02/1913
John M Black 25/02/1881
Elkie Brooks 25/02/1945
Camposa Baby 25/02/1991
James Earl III Carter 25/02/1977
Jean Charon 25/02/1920
Benedetto Croce 25/02/1866
Adelle Davis 25/02/1904
John Foster Dulles 25/02/1888
Herb Elliot 25/02/1938
Jeff Fisher 25/02/1958
Sidney J Furie 25/02/1933
Galilei Galileo 25/02/1564
Anthony Joseph Lloyd 25/02/1950
Karl May 25/02/1842
A Page 25/02/1919
Star Parodi 25/02/1961
Karl Pribram 25/02/1919
Auguste Renoir 25/02/1841
John Saul 25/02/1942
Gino Scipione 25/02/1904
Hippolyte Simon 25/02/1944
Rudolf Steiner 25/02/1861
Rudolph Steiner 25/02/1861
Sally Victor 25/02/1905
Samaki Walker 25/02/1976
Stuart Wood 25/02/1957
Warren Parker 25/02/1904
Rita Webb 25/02/1904
Warren Hymer 25/02/1906
Shimen Ruskin 25/02/1907
Kazuo Miyagawa 25/02/1908
Jim Backus 25/02/1913
Carroll Borland 25/02/1914
Warde Donovan 25/02/1916
Anthony Burgess 25/02/1917
Clare Kelly 25/02/1922
Dorothy Jo Gideon 25/02/1924
Nora Eddington 25/02/1924
Jane Nigh 25/02/1925
Stephen C. Apostolof 25/02/1928
Tommy Newsom 25/02/1929
Anne Hayes 25/02/1930
Ann McCrea 25/02/1931
Clarence Avant 25/02/1931
Jud Taylor 25/02/1932
Faron Young 25/02/1932
Wini Shaw 25/02/1934
Sally Jessy Raphael 25/02/1935
Toni Wayne 25/02/1936
Ralph Cosham 25/02/1936
Jeffrey Silver 25/02/1937
Bob Schieffer 25/02/1937
Malcolm Tierney 25/02/1938
Susan Browning 25/02/1941
David Puttnam 25/02/1941
Karen Grassle 25/02/1942
Valérie Lagrange 25/02/1942
Timothy Burns 25/02/1943
Jane Wood 25/02/1943
Val McLane 25/02/1943
George Harrison 25/02/1943
Kristina Holland 25/02/1944
Mary Hughes 25/02/1944
Neil Jordan 25/02/1950
John Doe 25/02/1953
Yeong-cheol Kim 25/02/1953
Leann Hunley 25/02/1955
Jean Bruce Scott 25/02/1956
Ing-Marie Carlsson 25/02/1957
Miroslaw Zbrojewicz 25/02/1957
Bernard Bresslaw 25/02/1957
Aleksey Balabanov 25/02/1959
Carl Marotte 25/02/1959
Chris Matheson 25/02/1959
Rita Wolf 25/02/1960
Luis Gatica 25/02/1961
LaGena Hart 25/02/1961
David Lansbury 25/02/1961
Víctor Reyes 25/02/1962
Doris Younane 25/02/1963
Diego Peretti 25/02/1963
Mimi Lesseos 25/02/1964
Scott 'Carrot Top' Thompson 25/02/1965
Maricel Soriano 25/02/1965
Shawnte Northcutte 25/02/1965
Xin Xin Xiong 25/02/1965
Téa Leoni 25/02/1966
Alexis Denisof 25/02/1966
Lesley Boone 25/02/1968
Sandrine Kiberlain 25/02/1968
Christophe Paou 25/02/1969
Jay Koch 25/02/1969
Beatriz Rico 25/02/1970
Julie Hesmondhalgh 25/02/1970
Heather Simms 25/02/1970
Rebecca Lowman 25/02/1970
Sean Astin 25/02/1971
Anneke Kim Sarnau 25/02/1972
Julio Iglesias Jr. 25/02/1973
Bobby Riggs 25/02/1973
Hélène de Fougerolles 25/02/1973
Divya Bharti 25/02/1974
Shotaro Morikubo 25/02/1974
Kata Dobó 25/02/1974
Nína Dögg Filippusdóttir 25/02/1974
Gabriela Platas 25/02/1974
Naga Munchetty 25/02/1975
Tai Nguyen 25/02/1975
Chris Cashman 25/02/1975
Carey Van Dyke 25/02/1976
Hee-seon Kim 25/02/1977
Stan Spry 25/02/1977
Roger Christian 25/02/1977
Ross Patterson 25/02/1977
Matt Shallenberger 25/02/1978
Shona McWilliams 25/02/1979
David Hoflin 25/02/1979
Jennifer Ferrin 25/02/1979
Christy Knowings 25/02/1980
Lee Jackson 25/02/1980
Fernanda de Freitas 25/02/1980
Christopher Knowings 25/02/1980
Nicole Greenwood 25/02/1980
Yuri Brown 25/02/1981
Manuel Garcia-Rulfo 25/02/1981
Kimberly Caldwell 25/02/1982
Tara Wilson 25/02/1982
Dave Bridges 25/02/1982
James C. Burns 25/02/1983
Steve Lewington 25/02/1983
Sadie Miller 25/02/1985
James Phelps 25/02/1986
Justin Berfield 25/02/1986
Natalie Dreyfuss 25/02/1987
Emily Pendergast 25/02/1987
Christien Anholt 25/02/1988
Melania Dalla Costa 25/02/1988
Zarif Kabier 25/02/1988
Kana Hanazawa 25/02/1989
Geordie Johnson 25/02/1990
Tony Oller 25/02/1991
Barclay Hope 25/02/1991
Ellyn Jameson 25/02/1991
Melissa Campbell 25/02/1991
Kelii Miyata 25/02/1991
Tekle Baroti 25/02/1992
Zahia Dehar 25/02/1992
Christina Kirkman 25/02/1993
Ricardo Gómez 25/02/1994
Aybüke Pusat 25/02/1995
Megan Brown 25/02/1998
Libby Tanner 25/02/1998
Oliver Phelps 25/02/2000
Laura Ann Kesling 25/02/2000
Michael Fairman 25/02/2000

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