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Characteristics of Person born on february 17th :

You may overcome your sensitiveness and will develop your may power. There is no position in life you could not attain. You generally succeed best in some large sphere of action where you can feel your responsibility for other. You are a person of imagination and innovative ideas. You are not demonstrative in affection but you can feel very deeply. You can able to fight to the bitter end for you friend. But of you dislike someone you are just as intense, and if you belong to the lower plain of humanity you will stick at nothing to avenge and injury or what you feel to be an injustice.

You are a person of deep thoughts. No matter whatever your career may be but the main thing is that you possess a philosophical bend of mind. You have the quality to mark your own personality towards the other, together with a life that may stand out among your fellows. You may suffer from evil qualities like separation. Illness or death is likely to play a strangely fatalistic role within your near and dear ones.

Marriage may bring you some unusual experiences which are different from the ordinary people. You may able to achieve more satisfaction mentally than materially. You love to gain money. You may become rich or able to hold some powerful position, but for all things you may be liable to take to high a price. You may find yourself less restricted by circumstances, surroundings or family ties. You may be free to carry out your ambition.

You are the person who has the quality that you have either great success or great failure. Things are inclined to go to extremes for you. You either play a great role on lifes stage, for good or evil, or remain as soul imprisoned which is unable to break free. You may meet few trails and sorrows through your affection and in your domestic like.

During the first part of your life you may have to move through hard and difficult situation. You may not give the promise of success that the later part of your life may bring to you. You may be the victim of your enemies. There is a possibility that you may be attacked by calumny, scandal and hostile criticism. You may come to your way without seeking the peculiar circumstances and opportunities. A strangely fatalistic current of affairs may sweep you into the position of responsibilities even without your seeking.

Friends of Person born on february 17th :

You may not be able to make a large circle of friends. But dont need to be worried because the friends of you may be forever with you and the friends may be more supportive to you too. You will able to make a number of enemies due to your introvert quality. But your enemies may not be able to harm you to some extent. But instead of that you are advised to keep yourself apart from your enemies deliberately. The persons, who are born on the months of February and March, may be your good friends. But the persons, who are related to the months of September and November, will not be your friends. So try to be selective while you are selecting your friends.

Health of Person born on february 17th :

You have to suffer a lot due to your bad health. This may also cause of the down fall of your wealth. But dont need to be worried. You are advised to take care of your health and consult with a good physician. The doctor may help you to recover your some of your chronic diseases. You are advised to take lot of water and food to keep yourself good at health. You may get little or warning about illness. You often collapse suddenly from heart failure or a clot of blood in the brain. So be careful regarding your health. Otherwise it would be a serious one.

Colour: for Person born on february 17th :

If you want to make your fortune more vibrant, you may wear the dresses with the colour of mauve. It is applicable for those who are related to the business. The persons, who are related to the self financed ventures, may wear the dresses coloured with blue. The all colours except red are favourable for the lawyers. Through these colours you may able to make your fortune more vibrant. The dark red colour is favourable colour for the students because with this colour you may be able to flourish your career at a large scale.

Finance of Person born on february 17th :

The person of these above days may able to flourish their financial condition at large scale. They may earn huge amount of money from their service sources. The persons, who are related to the profession of Doctor and Lawyer, may also able to earn their expected money from their respective field. The persons, who are related to the business, will not able to save money because of their ill fortune. So you are advised to think twice before any serious or huge dealing related to your business. You get little be liable to lose money by action caused by your opposite gender or by litigation and blackmail. So you are advised to be careful regarding your financial condition.

Career of Person born on february 17th :

You may start your career with the help of any self financed project. But be careful at the time of your selecting project. If you be able to get a suitable boss at your career, you may achieve your desired success in terms of your career. The students may able to reach to their desired goal. But they need to be more focused and attentive towards their lesson. In spite of all kinds of hindrances you may able to flourish your career in to some extent at your respective field.

Famous Persons born on february 17th

They are historian, Film actors, Politician, Leaders, Artists, Scientists, Novel Winners, etc.

Famous PersonBorn On
Luigi Abete 17/02/1947
Lawrence Berjoan 17/02/1943
Andre Berthomieu 17/02/1903
Stephanie Bohain 17/02/1991
R Bulla 17/02/1954
Philippe Candeloro 17/02/1972
Margaret Truman Daniel 17/02/1924
Angela Eagle 17/02/1961
Maria Eagle 17/02/1961
Isabelle Eberhardt 17/02/1877
Enrico Ferri 17/02/1942
John Gabriel 17/02/1956
Hal Holbrook 17/02/1925
Michael Jordan 17/02/1963
Rene T Laennec 17/02/1781
Harold W McGhee 17/02/1912
Loreena McKennitt 17/02/1957
Kathleen McLaughlin 17/02/1957
Brianna Miller Miller 17/02/1998
Mary Ann Mobley 17/02/1937
Huey Newton 17/02/1942
Werner Popp 17/02/1944
Ruth Rendell 17/02/1930
N Shelf 17/02/1949
Baba Sitaram 17/02/1892
Nando Terruzzi 17/02/1924
Ronald B Tiggle 17/02/1946
Sean Michael Timpanaro 17/02/1998
Paul M Vasse 17/02/1910
Kurt Wigger 17/02/1942
Norman Winski 17/02/1951
Kenne Duncan 17/02/1902
Ted Hecht 17/02/1908
Kate Bruce 17/02/1908
James Millican 17/02/1910
Clifford Evans 17/02/1912
Bern Hoffman 17/02/1913
Milton R. Krasner 17/02/1917
Manning Wilson 17/02/1918
Desmond Tester 17/02/1919
Ivo Caprino 17/02/1920
Margaret Truman 17/02/1924
Ron Goodwin 17/02/1925
Gloria Cromwell 17/02/1927
Tom Jones 17/02/1928
Alejandro Jodorowsky 17/02/1929
Ruth Rendell 17/02/1930
Ed McCready 17/02/1930
Buck Trent 17/02/1932
Ingmar Zeisberg 17/02/1933
Ray Fulmer 17/02/1933
Javier López 17/02/1935
Ravi Tandon 17/02/1935
John Leyton 17/02/1936
Mary Ann Mobley 17/02/1937
Jo Kendall 17/02/1938
Yvonne Romain 17/02/1938
James Laurenson 17/02/1940
Christopher Newman 17/02/1940
Vicente Fernández 17/02/1940
Arthur Kennedy 17/02/1940
Julia McKenzie 17/02/1941
Claire Malis 17/02/1943
Rayisa Nedashkivs'ka 17/02/1943
Karl Jenkins 17/02/1944
Sonia Infante 17/02/1944
Patricia Morrow 17/02/1944
Rosemary McHale 17/02/1944
Calvin Jung 17/02/1945
Sarah Fankboner 17/02/1945
Gwenda Deacon 17/02/1946
André Dussollier 17/02/1946
James Driskill 17/02/1946
Lynne Moody 17/02/1946
Reedy Gibbs 17/02/1947
Dallas Adams 17/02/1947
Malcolm Rennie 17/02/1947
Anne Lonnberg 17/02/1948
José José 17/02/1948
Haydée Balza 17/02/1948
Don Scardino 17/02/1949
Zina Bethune 17/02/1950
Garry Chalk 17/02/1952
Norman Pace 17/02/1953
Evan C. Kim 17/02/1953
Becky Ann Baker 17/02/1953
Shun Sugata 17/02/1955
Gilberto de Anda 17/02/1955
Richard Karn 17/02/1956
Rajko Prodanovic 17/02/1956
Douglas Urbanski 17/02/1957
Lars Brygmann 17/02/1957
Radoslav 'Rale' Milenkovic 17/02/1958
Heidi Hagman 17/02/1958
Carole Davis 17/02/1958
Benjamin Whitrow 17/02/1959
Dave Courtney 17/02/1959
Thom Adcox-Hernandez 17/02/1960
François Zabaleta 17/02/1960
Lou Diamond Phillips 17/02/1962
Mario Iván Martínez 17/02/1962
Sheena Duggal 17/02/1963
Michael Jordan 17/02/1963
Janusz Chabior 17/02/1963
Jill Terashita 17/02/1964
Jim Brown 17/02/1964
Ken Kushner 17/02/1965
Clayton Prince 17/02/1965
Leonardo Pieraccioni 17/02/1965
Jonathan Breck 17/02/1965
Chanté Moore 17/02/1967
Boris Khvoshnyanskiy 17/02/1968
Aaron Blaise 17/02/1968
Stephen Mirrione 17/02/1969
Traci Adell 17/02/1969
Tuesday Knight 17/02/1969
Jonathan Brown 17/02/1970
György Cserhalmi 17/02/1971
Jeremy Edwards 17/02/1971
Cynthia Cleese 17/02/1971
Michal Kapata 17/02/1972
Ralphie May 17/02/1972
Taylor Hawkins 17/02/1972
Allison Silverman 17/02/1972
Iván González 17/02/1973
Lucy Davis 17/02/1973
Prunella Gee 17/02/1973
Jen Taylor 17/02/1973
Bryan White 17/02/1974
Raymond S. Persi 17/02/1975
Elizabeth Collector 17/02/1975
Anya 17/02/1976
Daniel Grao 17/02/1976
Isaac Kappy 17/02/1977
Kara Edwards 17/02/1977
Sadie LeBlanc 17/02/1977
Mira Bartuschek 17/02/1978
Rodney Scott 17/02/1978
Sarah Tiana 17/02/1978
Thom Tran 17/02/1979
Songül Öden 17/02/1979
Jackson Hurst 17/02/1979
Joe Medjuck 17/02/1980
Jim Rygiel 17/02/1980
Zachary Bennett 17/02/1980
Anders Heinrichsen 17/02/1980
Lupe Fiasco 17/02/1981
Su Ma 17/02/1981
Brooke D'Orsay 17/02/1982
Alan Westaway 17/02/1984
Kate Holderness 17/02/1984
Anne Curtis 17/02/1985
Enrica Guidi 17/02/1985
Jackson Stewart 17/02/1985
Zelda Harris 17/02/1985
Krzysztof Wach 17/02/1986
Grigoriy Dobrygin 17/02/1986
Alex Frost 17/02/1987
Isis Valverde 17/02/1987
Nathaniel Bellamy Jr. 17/02/1988
Lindsey Trefger 17/02/1989
Ashley Trefger 17/02/1989
Paris Scott 17/02/1990
Bonnie Wright 17/02/1991
Ed Sheeran 17/02/1991
Burak Deniz 17/02/1991
Allexanne Mitchum 17/02/1991
Meaghan Martin 17/02/1992
Luc Robitaille 17/02/1995
Louis Held 17/02/1996
Sasha Pieterse 17/02/2000

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