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Characteristics of Person born on february 15th :

You have some qualities which are more or less prominent. You may be attracted to the social life of all kinds. You may be fond of unusual romantic episodes. You may have much influence over your opposite gender. Yet have the curious contradiction of being ready to through aside pleasure for the call of duty or for some cause that enlists your support.

You may also have the natural artistic sense. There is a probability that you live for the public or you love the public more. Though you may achieve your desired success and fame, there is a possibility that you may died very soon. You also hanker after for love and affection which you get from the masses. But your own private life may be a tragedy in that respect.

You have the quality of making friends easily wherever you go and forming acquaintances with strangers. You may adore the inferior and those who take orders and at the same time you may attract persons of high rank, position and even wealth. You may do well and with this effort you may able to make your name for your-self in any career that may bring you before the public. On the other hand you will be attracted by the public.

Some of the most wonderful example of love and self sacrifice may appear in the lives of persons who are born on the above mentioned days. In all the cases the desire for love has been a dominant chord in your life. You are a person who likes to trust the people blindly. You also have extreme devotion to those people who love you heartily. You are inclined to give everything you possess to those people who has care for you, weather they prove to be worthless or otherwise. You have the quality to appreciate the other for their noble devotion.

In any case you seldom get the satisfaction in love that you want. It clearly stated that you either marry beneath your social status or someone mentally inferior to you. You like to show yourself as a hero. You love to follow an idealistic dream or some stars that leads you onwards through the nights of hardship and disappointments. Your natural tendency is that you have an exceptionally will power. You love to make luxury and extravagant and in consequence to run into debt. You may help the underdog people from your natural generosity. At times you may risk the feeling in your own heart that to you all things are possible.

Friends of Person born on february 15th :

You may able to make a large number of friends through-out their lives. The persons, who are born on the month of November and the later part of December will be very supportive and friendly for you. But the persons, who are born on the months of April and the first part of June, may not be friendly for you. So you are advised to be selective while you may select your friend. You will achieve few good friends at you r school life. But the friends may no t be with you at the later part of your life. You may not get the support colleague at your working fields. But you boss may be more or less favourable to you.

Health of Person born on february 15th :

You are most likely to be afflicted with pneumonia, afflictions of the bronchial tubes and lungs and overwrought nervous tension. You may suffer from cold and cough through-out your life. So you are advised to not to get cold and try to stay at the hot country. It may give you a healthy life. There is a tendency that you may suffer from the nervous breakdown because of the excessive mental pressure. You may fall often ill because you may take extra work pressure. You need to take the sound sleep to recover yourself from all kinds if mental agony and mental anxieties. You will incline to run risks of exposure to changing climatic condition and bring danger to yourself by not thinking enough about your own health.

Colour: for Person born on february 15th :

If you want to make your fate more vibrant, you may use the dresses of all shades of blue from the lightest to the darkest. The favourable colour for the doctors and lawyers are mauve, purple and white. If the business man wants to bring their luck for them, they may use the dresses with the colour green, blue and even crimson. The favourable colour for the students is violet or purple.

Finance of Person born on february 15th :

You would do well as a company promoter and create a large following for schemes conceived by you. However there will always be the danger of overreaching yourself and at time meeting with heavy financial loss. So you may consult with others before take any serious decision regarding your business related to finance. You also start your career with public enterprises because you have a good communicative skill. Through this you may able to enlarge your financial condition. The middle part your life will be very favourable to you because you may able to flourish your financial condition with the help of some unexpected money which you may get from lottery. There is a possibility that you may achieve the properties from two or more sources. These sources may be from your fathers side, from the side of your mother or even of your father-in-laws. So it may be stated that you may able to continue a more or less good financial condition through-out your life.

Career of Person born on february 15th :

You may start your career with the help of any self-financed project, you may able to flourish your career through this. This project may be a larger or small one. You may make your career vibrant with the help of business too. Your life and career may be flourished with the help of the teaching profession. It may be a school teacher or professor. You are advised not to get involved yourself with the profession related to legal affairs. Few professions like doctor, engineer or even public dealing officer will very suitable to you.

Famous Persons born on february 15th

They are historian, Film actors, Politician, Leaders, Artists, Scientists, Novel Winners, etc.

Famous PersonBorn On
John Bayard Anderson 15/02/1922
Georges Auric 15/02/1899
Mick Avory 15/02/1944
Marisa Berenson 15/02/1947
Marc Beriault 15/02/1944
Rene Guy Cadou 15/02/1920
Roger B Chaffee 15/02/1935
Nancy Dionne 15/02/1932
Geoff Edwards 15/02/1931
Chris Farley 15/02/1964
James Forrestal 15/02/1892
Chuck Gilreath 15/02/1938
Herman Kahn 15/02/1922
Kenny Kingston 15/02/1927
Harvey Korman 15/02/1927
Jean Langlais 15/02/1907
Jules Lenier 15/02/1929
King Louis XV 15/02/1710
Bill McLoud 15/02/1950
Ademar E Mello 15/02/1947
Montgomery Jr 15/02/1936
Sara Jane Moore 15/02/1930
Sir Thomas More 15/02/1478
Fiona Morrell 15/02/1957
Harmony Pearl 15/02/1893
Race Driver 15/02/1924
Domingo Sarmiento 15/02/1811
Sir Ernest Shackelton 15/02/1874
Situ Rimpoche 15/02/1954
Johann August Sutter 15/02/1803
Fulvio Valbusa 15/02/1969
Vincent Vanechop 15/02/1948
Julia Wagner 15/02/1924
Liliane Wouters 15/02/1930
Art Miles 15/02/1901
Albert Bessler 15/02/1905
Sidney Gilliat 15/02/1908
Frances Grant 15/02/1909
Vicki Cummings 15/02/1914
Shaken Ajmanov 15/02/1914
Charles Lang 15/02/1915
Doreen Lang 15/02/1915
Mimi Weddell 15/02/1915
Ann Morrison 15/02/1916
Meg Wyllie 15/02/1917
Allan Arbus 15/02/1918
Frank Behrens 15/02/1919
Fritzi Jane Courtney 15/02/1923
Keene Curtis 15/02/1923
Erik Schumann 15/02/1925
Carlos Romero 15/02/1927
Gerald Harper 15/02/1929
Nico Minardos 15/02/1930
Patti MacLeod 15/02/1931
Erika Remberg 15/02/1932
Lou Lombardo 15/02/1932
Troy Kennedy-Martin 15/02/1932
Graham Kennedy 15/02/1934
Robert Nadder 15/02/1935
Ann Rye 15/02/1935
Richard Michaels 15/02/1936
Les Brown Jr. 15/02/1940
Brian Holland 15/02/1941
Francis X. McCarthy 15/02/1942
Dennis Skotak 15/02/1943
Florence Giorgetti 15/02/1943
Helmert Woudenberg 15/02/1945
Christine Edzard 15/02/1945
Irmelin DiCaprio 15/02/1945
Bobby Zarin 15/02/1946
Sam Kydd 15/02/1946
John Adams 15/02/1947
Marisa Berenson 15/02/1947
Harold Michelson 15/02/1947
Wenche Myhre 15/02/1947
Martine Kelly 15/02/1948
Tino Insana 15/02/1948
Anita Graham 15/02/1948
Jane Seymour 15/02/1951
Paul Kandel 15/02/1951
Mary Jane Croft 15/02/1951
Kitty Carl 15/02/1952
Ray Gaspard 15/02/1954
Joy Mangano 15/02/1956
Olga Merediz 15/02/1956
Karen E. Fraction 15/02/1958
Susan Teesdale 15/02/1959
Edoardo Margheriti 15/02/1959
Camila Griggs 15/02/1959
Joseph R. Gannascoli 15/02/1959
Delilah 15/02/1960
Marie Liljedahl 15/02/1960
Mikael Tornving 15/02/1961
Niklas Hjulström 15/02/1962
Santiago Amigorena 15/02/1962
John Trudell 15/02/1963
Christel Domen 15/02/1963
Chris Farley 15/02/1964
Nebojsa Bakocevic 15/02/1965
Tom Fridley 15/02/1965
Claire Yarlett 15/02/1965
Kim Myers 15/02/1966
Cynthia LaMontagne 15/02/1966
Kelly Menighan 15/02/1967
Megan Folsom 15/02/1969
Melissa Manchester 15/02/1970
Ron Cey 15/02/1970
Peter Giles 15/02/1971
Birdman 15/02/1971
Clemens Schick 15/02/1972
Anna Jane Casey 15/02/1972
Sarah Wynter 15/02/1973
Jim Haggerty 15/02/1973
Jeffrey G. Hunt 15/02/1973
Eun-Kyung Shin 15/02/1973
Renee Sandstrom 15/02/1974
Zoe Paul 15/02/1974
Omarosa Manigault 15/02/1974
Jason Loftus 15/02/1975
Gregory McDonald 15/02/1975
George Morris 15/02/1975
Brea Bee 15/02/1975
Brandon Boyd 15/02/1976
Robert Vataj 15/02/1976
Jana Kolesárová 15/02/1976
Laurie Seidman 15/02/1976
Rachida Brakni 15/02/1977
Irmak Ünal 15/02/1977
Julie Mintz 15/02/1978
Ruairi Robinson 15/02/1978
Matt Groening 15/02/1980
Olivia Longott 15/02/1980
Conor Oberst 15/02/1980
Samira Makhmalbaf 15/02/1980
Gloria Trevi 15/02/1980
Kavita Kaushik 15/02/1981
Ray Armando Morabito 15/02/1981
Jenna Morasca 15/02/1981
Meera Jasmine 15/02/1982
Joel Kullberg 15/02/1983
Laura Eichhorn 15/02/1983
Sílvia Pérez Cruz 15/02/1983
Seán T. Ó Meallaigh 15/02/1983
Josh Byrne 15/02/1984
Peter Anthony Tambakis 15/02/1984
Lacy Phillips 15/02/1985
Paloma Estevez 15/02/1986
Erika Schwarzgruber 15/02/1986
Ami Koshimizu 15/02/1986
Amber Riley 15/02/1986
Nick Eversman 15/02/1986
Jessica De Gouw 15/02/1987
Chun Li 15/02/1988
Nikki Majors 15/02/1988
Allie Cohen 15/02/1988
Berenika Kohoutová 15/02/1991
Ashley Hughes 15/02/1991
Greer Grammer 15/02/1992
Alex ter Avest 15/02/1993
Maddie Baillio 15/02/1996
Brendon Small 15/02/1997
Zachary Gordon 15/02/1998
Alex Borstein 15/02/1999
Stephen Edwards 15/02/2001

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