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Characteristics of Person born on december 7th :

You have a great respect for rank and position. And you are a great supporter of the law. You make excellent lawyers and debaters, but you tend towards supporting precedents more than originating a new law. You succeed well in business. You are inclined to become wrapped up in yourself and your own ideas and you are often and selfish in close pursuit of your aims. You are mentally very quick and keen. You seldom know yourself what you want to achieve. At heart you are really ambitious for your social positions. But when this is obtained by you soon tire of it, and you are ready to go in for something else or for something totally different.

You may be fond of all forms of advanced and unique thoughts and ideas. You may be versatile and claver. You may have great courage and in adversity. You may be fond of reading and delving into histories, and may have a remarkable memory for facts and dates. You would have great influence over others by the gift of gab or by the pen. If you developed your may power you may rise in the life to some high position, but one having heavy responsibilities. Should you allow the worse side of your nature to have its sway you may be attracted to evil companions, social extravagance, drinking, gambling, etc. and lead a dissolute life.

You may attract intense love and devotion from others. But you may be impersonal in your own feelings and be rather aloof in matters of the affections. You may be likely to marry more than once and to meet with considerable trouble in your domestic life. You may make enemies by your quick repartee and frankness of speech, but on the whole you may have remarkable influence over others.

You may be very individualistic in character. You may like peculiar people and things, and it may be the sudden and the unexpected that may play the greatest role in your life. You may display great originality in all you undertake. You are likely to have remarkable intuitions or hunches and to be very inventive and attracted to new ideas, reforms in social life and out-of-the-way studies. You may be attracted to search subjects as electricity, television, thought-transference, telepathy, inventions relating to the air and air travel.

You are likely to experience danger from airplanes, cyclones, lighting and all things associated with the air. You will have peculiar ideas about religions, Government problems and social questions. Married is not likely to be favourable unless you have the good fortune to meet a person of the opposite gender who thinks along same lines as yourself. You will be likely to be attracted to some branch of mysticism and if so, you may have the ability to bring it before the public by literary work and perhaps lecturing. You are likely to have a considerable amount of annoyance and trouble in relations; on account of your very independent character you may be disposed to separate from them and live. You may be liable to be brought into muck litigation, which you should try to avoid.

Friends of Person born on december 7th :

You may able to make a good number of friends from your school life and some of them may be with you at the end of your life. It may also happen that the people born on the month of May may be very good friends of you may choose your life partner from the friends of your school. But the persons are born on the months of November and first week of January, will not able to match their vibes and views with you. So try to be selective while you may choose your friends. You may be assisted by your colleagues too and with the help of few of your colleague, you may able to prosper your career easily. So be thankful to them. Some of your college friends may be very supportive to you. But sometimes they also need your help and cooperation very strongly. So be friendly and cooperative to them to maintain your friendship.

Health of Person born on december 7th :

You need a regular basis exercise and morning-walk because you need as fresh air to refresh your lungs and heart also. There is a possibility that you may suffer from hyper acidity. If you want to recover yourself from this problem you must have to take an amount of water and a proper balance diet in time. All these rules and regulations will help you to maintain a sound and profound health. You may have a tendency to some delicacy of lungs and throat, but you may grow out of these if you pass through middle life. Though you posses a strong vitality and good health, you will not able to sustain it because of your excessive work pressure and mental strains.

Colour: for Person born on december 7th :

The all shades of blue from the lightest to darkest are the favourable colour for those who are attached with the fields of executive works. Those, who are the heads of any kinds of institutions or organizations, may wear the dress coloured by golden and even brown. Orange is lucky colour for students. Those who are related to administrative section bronze are the favourable colours form them. All shades of gold are the fortunate colour for those who are related to the entertainment world. Those, who are suffering from chest problem, may wear the dress of white colour. All shades of green colour are lucky for those who are related to the public sectors. Crme is favourable colour for the politicians and even for the persons who are attached with any kind of philanthropic organization.


Finance of Person born on december 7th :

You may make money by your gift for organizations and ability to manage the masses. But you should try to develop tact in the handling of individuals and avoiding disputes. You have a great luck in business, industry or even enterprises. So you may able to make money from these fields. But you try to control your unnecessary expenses. This habit will spoil your money in large amount. You are advised to put some money aside for your future. Dont need to lend money to the others because there is a least possibility to get back the money again and it may drop down your financial condition. You also suffer from economic drop down due to the conspiracy of your enemies towards you.

Career of Person born on december 7th :

You may be a philosopher. You may invent some unusual thongs and prove your individuality. The career of the students is more or less favourable to them. But they need to be more attentive towards their studies. You possess the ability of unusual characteristics often artist. So you may be an artist in your career. You may choose paintings or composing music as your career. You also start business with a small or large amount. With the help of your literary sense, you may put your hand into any literary work.

Famous Persons born on december 7th

They are historian, Film actors, Politician, Leaders, Artists, Scientists, Novel Winners, etc.

Famous PersonBorn On
Paul Adam 07/12/1862
A Antoon 07/12/1944
Ellen Burstyn 07/12/1932
Harry Chapin 07/12/1942
Roberta Close 07/12/1964
Gene Dennis 07/12/1907
Rudolf Friml 07/12/1879
M Hunter 07/12/1949
Tony Joseph 07/12/1946
Ted Knight 07/12/1923
Esther Kupcinet 07/12/1914
Dal Lee 07/12/1895
Queen Margaret Tudor 07/12/1489
Lula James Miller 07/12/1888
Bobby Van Osborne 07/12/1931
Sonny Schaum 07/12/1970
Mark Thomas 07/12/1952
Tom Waits 07/12/1949
Charles Goldner 07/12/1900
Harry Stanton 07/12/1901
Paul Power 07/12/1902
Michael Trubshawe 07/12/1905
William 'Wee Willie' Davis 07/12/1906
Fred Stewart 07/12/1906
Roberto Bianchi Montero 07/12/1907
Phyllis Barry 07/12/1908
Arch Oboler 07/12/1909
Kenneth Craig 07/12/1914
Kim Spalding 07/12/1915
Leigh Brackett 07/12/1915
Joyce Redman 07/12/1915
John Hawkesworth 07/12/1920
Tilda Thamar 07/12/1921
Jose Gonzales-Gonzales 07/12/1922
Patricia Place 07/12/1924
Pauline Brailsford 07/12/1928
Noam Chomsky 07/12/1928
Boyd Holister 07/12/1930
Hans Paetsch 07/12/1931
Ligia Branice 07/12/1932
Krsto Papic 07/12/1933
Kenneth Colley 07/12/1937
Milton James 07/12/1939
Rod Cameron 07/12/1940
Peter Tomarken 07/12/1942
Bill Stewart 07/12/1942
Peter Chatel 07/12/1943
Christopher Wynkoop 07/12/1943
Sue Johnston 07/12/1943
Vincent Baggetta 07/12/1944
W.D. Richter 07/12/1945
Liv Lindeland 07/12/1945
Hurd Hatfield 07/12/1945
Rosalind Ayres 07/12/1946
James Keach 07/12/1947
Spencer Henderson 07/12/1948
Tony Thomas 07/12/1948
Phillip Simms 07/12/1948
Eli Wallach 07/12/1949
Melanie Vincz 07/12/1949
Jymn Magon 07/12/1949
Christopher Beaumont 07/12/1950
Annette Stroyberg 07/12/1950
Susie Coelho 07/12/1953
Julie Halston 07/12/1954
Chuy Bravo 07/12/1956
Don Gallagher 07/12/1957
Grazyna Wolszczak 07/12/1958
Rick Rude 07/12/1958
Tracy Wright 07/12/1959
Barbara Wilshere 07/12/1959
Gillian Wright 07/12/1959
Bronwyn Thomas 07/12/1959
Abdellatif Kechiche 07/12/1960
Kevin Ruf 07/12/1961
Alejandro Awada 07/12/1961
Grecia Colmenares 07/12/1962
Blackie Dammett 07/12/1962
Jennifer Calvert 07/12/1963
Dale Waddington 07/12/1963
Paul Dobson 07/12/1963
Randall Einhorn 07/12/1963
Teruyuki Kagawa 07/12/1965
Cathy Scorsese 07/12/1965
Lucia Rijker 07/12/1967
Danny Hassel 07/12/1967
Bryan Johnson 07/12/1967
Derrick Borte 07/12/1967
Johnny Bench 07/12/1967
Arcelia Ramírez 07/12/1967
Greg Ayres 07/12/1968
DuShon Monique Brown 07/12/1968
Patrice O'Neal 07/12/1969
Charissa Saverio 07/12/1969
Cam Cannon 07/12/1970
Claude Whatham 07/12/1970
Stephanie D'Abruzzo 07/12/1971
Carmen Becerra 07/12/1971
Tammy Sytch 07/12/1972
Mi-seon Jeon 07/12/1972
Terrell Owens 07/12/1973
Damien Rice 07/12/1973
Fredrik Hallgren 07/12/1973
Carrie Kei Heim 07/12/1973
George O'Hanlon Jr. 07/12/1974
Larry Bird 07/12/1974
Nicole Appleton 07/12/1974
Denise Zich 07/12/1975
Jay Frank 07/12/1975
Michael Ambrose 07/12/1975
Basma 07/12/1976
T.J. Lavin 07/12/1976
Alexandre Varga 07/12/1976
Georges Laraque 07/12/1976
Mark Duplass 07/12/1976
Fernando Vargas 07/12/1977
Roman Bilyk 07/12/1977
Johnny Holiday 07/12/1977
Justin R. Durban 07/12/1977
Arisa Cox 07/12/1978
Kristofer Hivju 07/12/1978
Jeff Nichols 07/12/1978
Shiri Appleby 07/12/1978
Donny Alamsyah 07/12/1978
Eric Bauza 07/12/1979
Sara Bareilles 07/12/1979
Derek Ramsay 07/12/1979
Stephen Ashfield 07/12/1979
Ayako Fujitani 07/12/1979
Laura Torrisi 07/12/1979
T.J. Martin 07/12/1979
Julie De Bona 07/12/1980
Carollani Sandberg 07/12/1980
Jeff Rosenberg 07/12/1981
Emma Catherwood 07/12/1981
Shariff Korver 07/12/1982
Jack Huston 07/12/1982
Colie Edison 07/12/1983
Lydia Zadel 07/12/1983
C. Thomas Howell 07/12/1983
Sara Lukasiewicz 07/12/1986
Jeffrey Wright 07/12/1987
Aaron Carter 07/12/1987
Chris Crocker 07/12/1987
Natalya Zemtsova 07/12/1987
Angel Carter 07/12/1987
Emily Browning 07/12/1988
Cody Blue Snider 07/12/1989
Caleb Landry Jones 07/12/1989
Ida Nowakowska 07/12/1990
Dôri Sakurada 07/12/1991
Anjalee Patel 07/12/1991
Edd Hall 07/12/1992
Lena Meckel 07/12/1992
Tyshon Dye 07/12/1993
Myrtle Sarrosa 07/12/1994
Evan Gilchrist 07/12/1996
Hasan Shah 07/12/1997
Tommy Nelson 07/12/1997
Jennifer Syme 07/12/1999
Tyler Craig 07/12/1999
Bethany Whitmore 07/12/1999

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