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Characteristics of Person born on december 24th :

You may able to come in contact with lot of people through-out your life. You have an attraction for few subjects like electricity, television, air travel or invention related to the air, telepathy and even thought transference. You may able to make yourself more prosperous, if you able to get involved with the above sphere. You are likely to experience danger from airplanes, cyclone, lightening and all things related to the air. You have to face some difficulties in the middle part of your life and these will make a strong effect on you.

You may delight in entertaining with your friends. You may able to make yourself as an excellent hosts and hostesses. You love outdoor sports. You also have a great fascination for all kinds of animal. But you possess the special fascination for dog and horses. You love horse racing and generally go in for breeding of through breeds. You often meet great success through-out your life. And you may able to make a lot of money with successful career. You may earn a huge money if you able to attach yourself with any enterprises. You like to help the distressed people and for this reason a considerable amount of money may spend. But with this voluntary work you may able to achieve your due respect from your respective working field.

Marriage is not likely to be favourable unless you have the good fortune to meet a person of the opposite gender who things along the same line as yourself. There is a possibility that you may marry for more than once. The first one may be during the early part of your life. You like the things which are related to mysticism and with this you may able to achieve or gain a lot of experiences in your life. You have to face some problem in your relationship. But during the later part of your life you may able to solve all of your problems.

It is clearly stated that your thoughts and ideas may not connect with your parents. You love the independence. Though you dont to be ruled by thoughts of your parents and it is also a cause of separation of you from your first life partner. You may be disposed to separate from you relatives specially your family members and your friends too. You may be liable to be brought into much litigation which you should try to avoid.

You like to reform the social life. You are likely to have remarkable intuition. You may like peculiar people and thing. It will be the sudden and unexpected that you may play the greatest role in your life. There is also a possibility that you may have to go out of the way for studies or for your jobs. You may display great originality in all you in undertake. You life may be expected to run on most unusual lines.

You may have the ability to bring yourself before the public with the help of your literally genius. You possess some peculiar ideas about religion and you want to establish your ideas around your surroundings. You also want to involve yourself with the social and welfare activities. You love to help the poor. You also able to answer some of questions related to your society. You may flourish your carer if you attach yourself with the politics and you also able to solve few problems related to government.

Friends of Person born on december 24th :

The persons who are born on the months of May and first week of June may not able to make friendship with you. But the persons who are born on the month of August may be very friendly and cooperative towards you. Due to your pleasing and charming personality, you may able to attract the people very easily. Some of them may try to make harm. So you are advised not to misuse your pleasing and charming quality. Some of your school friends may be very friendly towards you. You may able to make a good of numbers of friend at your locality also. Your working fields also give you a considerable number of good colleagues. You may not able to match your vibes with your parents and it may also applicable with your life partner too. So try to be stay in patience.

Health of Person born on december 24th :

You may not be likely to have as much physical stamina as mental stamina, perseverance and even endurance. You like to take unnecessary mental strain which would be a cause of your mental depression and anxiety at your later life. You should avoid drags because it may produce you a bad health. You must avoid the alcoholic and smoking stuffs. As a general rule you may not feel very strong and robust and you may be tired easily in any continuous effort. You are lazy in terms of your nature.

Colour: for Person born on december 24th :

All shades of grey are favourable colour for the students. Those who have the interview for their higher position in their service, must wear the dress or at least in some parts of your clothing with the colour of crimson. Rose colour is the favourable for the persons who are related to the charitable organizations. All shades of green are lucky for the politicians. Crme colour is favourable for those who are working in the government sectors. White is lucky for the interviewers who are going to sit for the interview for the first time. All shades of blue is favourable for those persons who are related to the executive sectors.

Finance of Person born on december 24th :

You have a tendency to get rich by a quick method. For this tendency you like to buy the tickets of lottery and it is nothing but the spoiling of money. You have to give your best effort and have to be more ambitious to overcome your financial problems. If you want to take any decisions regarding your business fields, you must take the opinion of others especially from the expert persons. You have to face many hurdles and may pass through the difficult financial condition through-out your life. You have to be very careful and conscious before taking any serious decision regarding your economic matters. You are advised to strictly avoid all kinds of gambling, horse races, evil companies.

Career of Person born on december 24th :

You may succeed in whatever your ambition may be by sheer force of may power and self confidence. You may be an excellent contractor, builder, designer of railways, transport, and shipping. You also be successful as the head of industrial concerns. If you induced to go into any form of government life, you rise to hold distinguished positions but of great responsibilities. You possess a practical quality and a great ability to manage or supervise something. With the help of these you may involve yourself with the field of executive ranks. You may also start a business of high or low range. You would also rise rapidly in the Army, Navy or in connection with any government work.

Famous Persons born on december 24th

They are historian, Film actors, Politician, Leaders, Artists, Scientists, Novel Winners, etc.

Famous PersonBorn On
Henri Bornier 24/12/1825
Tycho Brahe 24/12/1546
Paul Buissonneau 24/12/1926
Kit Carson 24/12/1809
Ruth Chatterton 24/12/1893
Dean Arnold Corll 24/12/1939
George Crabbe 24/12/1754
Empress Elizabeth 24/12/1837
Nicholas Fairbairn 24/12/1933
Ava Gardner 24/12/1922
Georges Guynemer 24/12/1894
King Henri IV 24/12/1553
Charles Hermite 24/12/1822
Howard Hughes 24/12/1905
Ralph Inbar 24/12/1938
Jesus Christ 24/12/-6
Juan Ramon Jimenez 24/12/1881
Anver Joffrey 24/12/1928
Louis Jouvet 24/12/1887
Mauricio Kagel 24/12/1931
Dr Lasker 24/12/1868
George Cardinal Legros 24/12/1905
Cosima Liszt 24/12/1837
Ricky Martin 24/12/1971
Leigh Hope Milburn 24/12/1877
Michael P Munkasey 24/12/1938
Michel de Nostradamus 24/12/1503
Cynthia Payne 24/12/1932
Noella Pontois 24/12/1943
Richard Keith Powell 24/12/1950
Presley Jr 24/12/1961
Herbert Reinecker 24/12/1914
Marleen Renders 24/12/1968
Pierre Soulages 24/12/1919
Marcia Starck 24/12/1939
Boy Sugarman 24/12/1991
Juan Trigo 24/12/1944
Chuck Webster 24/12/1906
Frank Marlowe 24/12/1906
Betty Ann Davies 24/12/1910
Louis Jouvet 24/12/1910
Michael Curtiz 24/12/1912
Ruth Chatterton 24/12/1914
Bob Kortman 24/12/1915
Helen Brown 24/12/1915
Jimmy Clitheroe 24/12/1915
Carlo Rustichelli 24/12/1916
Valerie Lush 24/12/1918
David Bartholomew 24/12/1918
John Barron 24/12/1920
Paul Zastupnevich 24/12/1921
Mickey Knox 24/12/1921
Ava Gardner 24/12/1922
Jonas Mekas 24/12/1922
Thelma Pelish 24/12/1926
Serena Sande 24/12/1928
Sunny Vickers 24/12/1928
Neil Vipond 24/12/1929
Julian Barry 24/12/1930
Art Scholl 24/12/1931
Robert Ridgely 24/12/1931
Jill Bennett 24/12/1931
Brian Smith 24/12/1932
Noëlle Adam 24/12/1933
Philippe Nahon 24/12/1938
Sheikh Mukhtar 24/12/1939
Melissa Converse 24/12/1939
Sharon Farrell 24/12/1940
B.G. Norman 24/12/1940
Michael Billington 24/12/1941
David Arkin 24/12/1941
Carol Haney 24/12/1942
Peter Bonke 24/12/1942
Karl Marlantes 24/12/1944
Barry Chuckle 24/12/1944
Mike Curb 24/12/1944
Alibe Parsons 24/12/1945
Steve Smith 24/12/1945
Lemmy 24/12/1945
Leonid Filatov 24/12/1946
Arlene Banas 24/12/1946
Edwige Fenech 24/12/1948
Barra Grant 24/12/1948
Mircea Diaconu 24/12/1949
Ed Call 24/12/1949
Steve Kramer 24/12/1950
Dick Powell Jr. 24/12/1950
Beatriz Galbó 24/12/1951
Julius Tennon 24/12/1953
Apache Ramos 24/12/1953
Ulrike Kriener 24/12/1954
Grand L. Bush 24/12/1955
Clarence Gilyard Jr. 24/12/1955
Randy Crenshaw 24/12/1955
Ilias Kanchan 24/12/1956
Stephanie Hodge 24/12/1956
Scott Spiegel 24/12/1957
Priti Sapru 24/12/1957
Janfri Topera 24/12/1958
Lee Daniels 24/12/1959
Jesús Ochoa 24/12/1959
Anil Kapoor 24/12/1959
Lem Dobbs 24/12/1959
Perry Lang 24/12/1959
Glenn McQueen 24/12/1960
Eva Tamargo 24/12/1960
Carol Vorderman 24/12/1960
Fei Xiang 24/12/1960
Marcia Swayze 24/12/1961
Wade Williams 24/12/1961
Ricky Grover 24/12/1961
Spike Brandt 24/12/1961
Christiane Schmidtmer 24/12/1961
Scott Whitehurst 24/12/1962
Kate Spade 24/12/1962
Tim Marback 24/12/1963
Caroline Aherne 24/12/1963
Gavin O'Connor 24/12/1963
Mark Valley 24/12/1964
Jean-Paul Civeyrac 24/12/1964
Cengiz Bozkurt 24/12/1965
Pernilla Wahlgren 24/12/1967
Randy J. Goodwin 24/12/1967
Jin-shil Choi 24/12/1968
Jennifer Tighe 24/12/1968
Nick Love 24/12/1969
Pernille Fischer Christensen 24/12/1969
Breck Eisner 24/12/1970
Amaury Nolasco 24/12/1970
Szabolcs Thuróczy 24/12/1971
Darren Stein 24/12/1971
Jeremy Davidson 24/12/1971
Stephenie Meyer 24/12/1973
J.D. Walsh 24/12/1973
Darius Petkevicius 24/12/1973
Matt Passmore 24/12/1973
Thure Lindhardt 24/12/1974
Sean Meehan 24/12/1974
Henny Reents 24/12/1974
Maarten Claeyssens 24/12/1975
Pepe Ocio 24/12/1976
Serkan Altunorak 24/12/1976
Vaughn Wilson 24/12/1976
Judit Viktor 24/12/1977
Michael Raymond-James 24/12/1977
Kate McIninch 24/12/1978
Lane Carlson 24/12/1978
Nicola Berwick 24/12/1978
Kate Danson 24/12/1979
Leah Clark 24/12/1979
Donovan McCrary 24/12/1979
Ben Geurens 24/12/1979
Danny Raco 24/12/1979
Jason Miller 24/12/1980
Valérie Cormier 24/12/1980
Kevin Gillese 24/12/1980
Meghan Glennon 24/12/1980
Richard Gates 24/12/1982
Tetsuya Kakihara 24/12/1982
Robert Schwartzman 24/12/1982
Larry Jack Dotson 24/12/1984
Burak Özçivit 24/12/1984
Catie Anderson 24/12/1984
Laura Aikman 24/12/1985
Ilenia Pastorelli 24/12/1985
Kaan Yildirim 24/12/1986
Satomi Ishihara 24/12/1986
Ana Brenda Contreras 24/12/1986
Jay Bilas 24/12/1986
Tomoya Nakamura 24/12/1986
Rose McConnell 24/12/1988
Jin-joo Park 24/12/1988
Abigail Klein 24/12/1988
Camille Balsamo 24/12/1988
Nao Albet 24/12/1990
Louis Tomlinson 24/12/1991
Jordan Ranft 24/12/1991
Arisa Nakano 24/12/1991
Mary Ashleigh Green 24/12/1992
Melissa Suffield 24/12/1992
Alfie Stewart 24/12/1993
LaShawn Jefferies 24/12/1994
Soleil Borda 24/12/1995
Michael E. Ryan 24/12/1997
Eden Ocean Sanders 24/12/1998
Ryan Seacrest 24/12/2000
Ethan Bortnick 24/12/2000
Mary Higgins Clark 24/12/2002
Kayden James Buchanan 24/12/2003
Austin Stowell 24/12/2003
Tess Bu Cuarón 24/12/2003

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