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Characteristics of Person born on december 20th :

You may be highly intellectual, more inclined to devote yourselves to some serious study than being involved in social life. You may be excellent doctor, scientist and lawyers. The women are deep readers, often writers on social reforms, become interested in far reaching political questions that affect the masses, or you may through yourselves heart and soul into some cause which you believe is for the good of humanity at a large scale. There is a possibility that you may be involved into a bad scandal and it may worse your life.

You may have the fine brains with a refine memory. You love independence and like to make independent others. You are extremely adaptable to the persons and conditions. You possess the versatile genius in all fields. You dont like to read very much but due to your sharp brain you may able to grip your lesson very easily. But if you want to make yourself bright in terms of your career, you have to concentrate more on your proposed studies. You may not easily be tied down to any one thing or to any one person and in consequence may expect to have many changes in your life and also in your career.

With the help of your versatile genius you can get your success i n almost every ways of your life, provided you were sufficiently interested to make the effort. You also have the strong power of reasoning. You like to analysis and conclude e everything critically. You have an unusual keenness, originality of mind. As you have to face some difficulties in your life, you become more and more conscious and alert regarding the every step in the journey of your life. You may make yourself most wonderful hosts and hostesses. You have great taste for food and in the management of your house you may make much out of little.

You may be highly attracted and influenced by your opposite gender and yet strangely be independent of them. There is a possibility that you may get involved into many love affairs. You may be rather changeable in your affection. It is also possible that you may marry early. But any marriage in your early life may not be likely to last very long. So it may be a cause of your disappointment and interfere with your career. It is also probable that you may marry more than once. Exceptionally fine brains are the key note of person born under this combination.

Friends of Person born on december 20th :

The persons who are born on the months of November and later middle part February, may not be able to make a good friendship with you. But the persons, who are born months of January, may be the very good friends to you. But the most important thing is that you may not able to set a proper understanding state with your parents. They never make you understand and your feelings also. So, never expect that. But you may get some good friends at your college life. Even some of your neighbours may be supportive to you. They always try to help you out from any kind of problems critical situations.

Health of Person born on december 20th :

You are seldom robust and strong although you often have large frames. There is a possibility that you may suffer from cold during your child-hood. It is also possible that you suffer from heart problems during the latter part of your life. So be careful regarding that. You have to take the proper nutritious and balanced food at a regular basis. It may provide you a food and sound health. You also need a proper exercise on a regular basis to keep your health profound. You are liable to have lung trouble and delicacy of the bronchial tubes. So take utmost care of yourself. There is an also possibility that you may get into problems for your throat and rheumatism in the joints.

Colour: for Person born on december 20th :

Green is the favourable for those who are working at the different parts of Multinational Companies, white is the favourable colour for those who are working at the Private Sectors. You are advised to wear the dresses, coloured by white at your important dates. All delicate shades of mauve are favourable for those who are involved with any administrative Sectors. Those, who are working in the Government field, must use the dresses related to the colour of cream. Those, who are suffering from heart problems, may wear the dresses with the colour of all shades of dove.

Finance of Person born on december 20th :

You are not the person who is worried regarding your financial conditions. You like to help the others. But you are advised not to lend money to others because there is a least possibility to get the money back again. You may have remarkable prevision as to the course stocks and shares and industry in general are likely to take. You may be strongly inclined to speculation and any form of taking changes. You are likely to be successful in such things, if you can follow your own ideas and intuition. You will be inclined to undermine your splendid mentality by drugs, drinks and loose living, and may gamble away your chances of good opportunities that come your way.

Career of Person born on december 20th :

You may start your career with field of any self- financed organization. You also have luck in business. So may start your career with the help of this. But you are advised to be very careful before taking any serious decision because there is a possibility of great loss of you in your business. The careers of the students are more or less favourable to them but of you want to make your career more prominent and flourishing, you need to be more respectful and attentive towards your study. You may put your hand into the fields of art, music, painting, poetry and any kind of fields related to literature. You also be a good philosopher.

Famous Persons born on december 20th

They are historian, Film actors, Politician, Leaders, Artists, Scientists, Novel Winners, etc.

Famous PersonBorn On
Giampiero Albertini 20/12/1927
Fred E Berry 20/12/1949
Boardman Jr 20/12/1930
Princess Elena Borbon 20/12/1963
Robin Bush 20/12/1949
Bruce Conners 20/12/1918
Peter Criss 20/12/1947
Barbara Frances Curley 20/12/1955
Raymond Dot 20/12/1926
Uri Geller 20/12/1946
Gordon Getty 20/12/1933
Alia Griffin 20/12/1940
Robert Helfer 20/12/1913
George Roy Hill 20/12/1921
John Hillerman 20/12/1932
Dennis Morgan 20/12/1908
Thomas Odle 20/12/1966
Rachel Frances Peeples 20/12/1992
Helen Judson Ragon 20/12/1915
Alia Ryder 20/12/1940
Friedrich Sieggruen 20/12/1877
Jennifer Sischy 20/12/1976
Gerald Sousa 20/12/1941
Norman Stevens 20/12/1892
Johannes Stoeffler 20/12/1452
Lady Tamara 20/12/1979
A Thierens 20/12/1875
Jan Toorop 20/12/1858
Audrey Totter 20/12/1917
Lowell Gilmore 20/12/1906
Paul Francis Webster 20/12/1907
Augusto Benedico 20/12/1909
Jim Diehl 20/12/1916
Valerie Bettis 20/12/1919
Bruni Löbel 20/12/1920
Giampiero Albertini 20/12/1927
Philip Hurlic 20/12/1927
Charlie Callas 20/12/1927
Albert Dekker 20/12/1927
John 'Bud' Cardos 20/12/1929
David Cargill 20/12/1929
Joyce Easton 20/12/1930
Dominic Barto 20/12/1930
Terry Sanders 20/12/1931
Linda Hutchings 20/12/1932
Joe Greco 20/12/1932
Narda Onyx 20/12/1934
Julie Stevens 20/12/1936
Chih-Hung Kuei 20/12/1937
Pamela Austin 20/12/1941
Carol Lee Scott 20/12/1942
Jean Fergusson 20/12/1944
Nicole Maurey 20/12/1944
Peter Criss 20/12/1945
Dick Wolf 20/12/1946
Errol John 20/12/1946
Lesley Judd 20/12/1946
Uri Geller 20/12/1946
Beatrice Richter 20/12/1948
Orchidea de Santis 20/12/1948
Terry George 20/12/1952
Jenny Agutter 20/12/1952
Jakob Beks 20/12/1952
Peter Donen 20/12/1953
Pierre Bokma 20/12/1955
Maureen Kelly 20/12/1956
Gina Martin 20/12/1956
Blanche Baker 20/12/1956
Tom McKitterick 20/12/1956
Joyce Hyser 20/12/1957
Tim Bevan 20/12/1957
Eva Lyberten 20/12/1958
Jerome Ehlers 20/12/1958
Neil Giuntoli 20/12/1959
Ian Sharrock 20/12/1959
Fred Warmbier 20/12/1959
Sean Campion 20/12/1959
Joel Gretsch 20/12/1963
Cheryl Lawson 20/12/1963
Marshall Rohner 20/12/1963
Tal Friedman 20/12/1963
Jörg Buttgereit 20/12/1963
Jacqueline Ramel 20/12/1964
Gigliola Cinquetti 20/12/1964
Howard Berger 20/12/1964
Robert Gustafsson 20/12/1964
Robert Cavanah 20/12/1965
Hallmark Van Noy 20/12/1965
Claudia Jennings 20/12/1966
Chris Robinson 20/12/1966
Hélène Rolles 20/12/1966
Wendy Hamilton 20/12/1967
Eugenia Cauduro 20/12/1967
Eva Loseth 20/12/1968
Nadia Farès 20/12/1968
Joe Cornish 20/12/1968
Eduardo Sánchez 20/12/1968
Hans-Jochen Wagner 20/12/1968
Brian O'Halloran 20/12/1969
Sohail Khan 20/12/1969
George Roy Hill 20/12/1969
Marina Seresesky 20/12/1969
Edouard Montoute 20/12/1970
Harsh Chhaya 20/12/1970
Todd Phillips 20/12/1970
Jamie Nash 20/12/1971
Michael Yurchak 20/12/1971
Alexandre Willaume 20/12/1972
Esperanza Pedreño 20/12/1974
Rachel Ramras 20/12/1974
Samantha Buck 20/12/1974
Mason Novick 20/12/1974
Casey Walker 20/12/1975
Hyuk Jang 20/12/1976
Chiara Francini 20/12/1976
Laura Alvea 20/12/1976
Amanda Swisten 20/12/1978
Sarah Larson 20/12/1978
Ramon Rodriguez 20/12/1979
Matthew Reeve 20/12/1979
Marilyn Porayko 20/12/1979
Jason McKinnon 20/12/1980
J.B. Ghuman Jr. 20/12/1980
John Hillerman 20/12/1980
Ashley Cole 20/12/1980
Luis Moco 20/12/1980
Brinton Bryan 20/12/1981
Brad Jones 20/12/1981
Adrien Jolivet 20/12/1981
Toby Holguin 20/12/1982
Gia Allemand 20/12/1983
Mark Keyloun 20/12/1983
Kimberly Coon 20/12/1983
Bob Morley 20/12/1984
Alejandra Ley 20/12/1984
Sanjeeda Sheikh 20/12/1984
Sam Lisenco 20/12/1984
Tommy Savas 20/12/1984
Emerson Collins 20/12/1984
Anja Stanic 20/12/1985
Alex Urbom 20/12/1985
Vanya Asher 20/12/1985
Jillian Grace 20/12/1985
Kai Lanette 20/12/1986
Josh Webber 20/12/1986
Mishti 20/12/1987
Taliana Vargas 20/12/1987
Sarah Hart 20/12/1988
Sara Magdalin 20/12/1989
Sara Matos 20/12/1989
Allan Hyde 20/12/1989
Ki-duk Kim 20/12/1990
Andrea Guasch 20/12/1990
Destiny Edmond 20/12/1990
Vicky Yu 20/12/1990
Madison Bontempo 20/12/1991
Hunter Gomez 20/12/1991
Colin Woodell 20/12/1991
Thomas Kasp 20/12/1992
In Deok Hwang 20/12/1992
Se-yeong Lee 20/12/1992
Callie Croughwell 20/12/1995
Sloane Momsen 20/12/1996
Suzuka Nakamoto 20/12/1997
Kye-Sang Yoon 20/12/1997
Tommy Cole 20/12/2003

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