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Characteristics of Person born on december 18th :

You have great loyalty to friends or to any cause you take up, provide you feel. You are trusted or looked up to. You are generally successful in all positions of responsibility. But at the same time you are not inclined to push your-self forward. You are great respecters of law and order and up hold the conventions of the exiting social order. You are generally fond of the sea and large expanses of water. In business you are good in dealing with shipping and trade with foreign countries. You almost have a curiously mystical as well as the practical side to your nature.

You are often classed as superstitious, the occult in all its forms appealing to you. You are likely to meet a considerable amount of sorrows and afflictions in the earlier part of your life, difficulties with your relations, home life and relatives by marriage. People will be likely to take from you instead of giving to you, and you may have to rely on your-self in carrying out your plans. You may be original in your ideas and more of less unconventional on your views. You may be very independent in action and inclined to attract criticism in all you do. Your nature may be one full of contradictions.

You may be both strong and weak at the same moment. Others persons could easily lead you if they can touch your idealism, but you cannot be driven, for or such an occasion you would show the most obstinate determination even against your won interest. You may be artistic and imaginative and have the ability to succeed in painting, writing, music, the theatre and the higher arts. You may have fine inspirational faculties, but could best develop them in quiet surroundings where you are not disturbed by the influences of other people. You may be philanthropic and charitable, very desirous of helping institutions occupied in humanitarian work.

Even if circumstances should not allow you to develop your own artistic talents, you may willingly help artists, by their works, or make gifts to art galleries if you have the money at your disposal. You may crave for love and affection and yet feel very isolated in life. You will not be demonstrative in your emotions and may find great difficulty in expressing your feelings. You may sacrifice your-self greatly for others, especially your own relations or those bound to you by ties of affection, yet you may feel lonely and be inclined to feel that your affection is no reciprocated. You are in a sense indifferent about money, very generous to those in trouble, giving large sums to institutions or charities if you have it and if you do not have money, you give your time.

Friends of Person born on december 18th :

You may able to make a numbers of friend through-out your life and it may be possible due to your out spoken quality. You also love the outdoor life. So you may able to make a considerable number of good friends over the world, especially over your country. The persons, who are born on the months of September and early part of April, may not be supportive and friendly to you. So try to be a part from these people. But the persons, who are born on the month of October, may feel a strong attraction and may be very supportive and friendly towards you. Some of your friends are really friends at their proper words. They always try to help you to overcome your all sorts of problems. So be supportive and friendly towards these people. You may achieve a cooperative boo at your working fields. Some of your relatives may be your very good friends. You may get involve in to misunderstanding with your parents due to your peculiar and updated views of life.

Health of Person born on december 18th :

In the matters of health, there is a possibility that you easy suffer from the ailments related to your nerves and nervous system. It may happen due to your over work and excessive intake of mental pressure. There is also a possibility that you may have to face a few serious surgical operations on you. One of them may be a dangerous one because that would snatch your life. You are advised to be very careful while you are in road because you are really prone of accidents and wounds. These kinds of incidents may affect your head, face, teeth, jaws and even the bones of the skull. The gender organs may be delicate. There is a tendency that you may suffer from inflammation and chills. So try to stay in the dry areas.

Colour: for Person born on december 18th :

White is the favourable for those who are suffering from mental anxieties and weakness. If you want to recover the weakness regarding your financial matter, you may wear the dresses of electric colours. Crme colour is favourable for those who are related to the fields of teaching profession. All shades of green are the favourable colour for the persons who are related to art and literature. All shades of dove colour are lucky for the doctors. Grey may bring fortune for those who are working at the government sector. All shades of blue are the favourable one for those who are related to the fields of entertainment.

Finance of Person born on december 18th :

You like to make your financial status prominent and you love to hold your position at a stress, whether you possess an ordinary career. But be careful and think twice before lending money to others and even to your near friends because they may make you puzzle while they may back your money. You may employ money you make in word and unusual ways because you like to take risk. But with the help of your intellectual ability, you must achieve the success and can come out from every risk. As a general rule, you will be lucky in making money and you may also able to accumulate your earnings. You have the quality not to spend unnecessarily and this very habit will help you to make a prosperous status in matters of financial condition. You may also able to gain a considerable amount of land some houses or speculations, if you make a pure mind to go in for such things.

Career of Person born on december 18th :

You may be able to flourish your career with the help of a great personality at the field of your business. You possess sympathetic mind and for this reason you have an urge to help the underdogs and it may be supportive career for you also. If you have the interest in the fields of literature, you may take it as your career. You may choose also music and painting as your optional career. If you put your hand in the fields of philanthropic activities or attach yourself with charitable organization, you will earn your due respect and popularity on the common masses.

Famous Persons born on december 18th

They are historian, Film actors, Politician, Leaders, Artists, Scientists, Novel Winners, etc.

Famous PersonBorn On
Alligator Man 18/12/1904
Earl C Anthony 18/12/1880
Armendariz Jr 18/12/1916
Jay Becker 18/12/1944
Willy Brandt 18/12/1913
Ty Cobb 18/12/1886
John Phillip Delfrano 18/12/1972
Wanda Ferragamo 18/12/1921
Christopher Fry 18/12/1907
Betty Grable 18/12/1916
Robson Green 18/12/1964
Deena Grier 18/12/1933
Walter Otto Hieber 18/12/1895
Adrienne Hirt 18/12/1947
George Johnson 18/12/1948
Edmund Kemper 18/12/1948
Paul Klee 18/12/1879
Gina Knight 18/12/1937
Leslie Langham 18/12/1897
Berto Lardera 18/12/1911
Ray Liotta 18/12/1954
Queen of Scots Mary Stuart 18/12/1542
Queen of Mary Stuart 18/12/1542
Joan McCulla 18/12/1924
Kathleen Pearson 18/12/1942
Keith Richards 18/12/1943
Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario 18/12/1971
Roger Smith 18/12/1932
Steven Spielberg 18/12/1946
Joseph Stalin 18/12/1878
Charles Stuart 18/12/1959
Tibor Istvan Tausz 18/12/1961
Carol Voytas 18/12/1953
Jean Inness 18/12/1900
Paco Martínez Soria 18/12/1902
Kam Tong 18/12/1906
Celia Johnson 18/12/1908
Freddie Steele 18/12/1912
Bill Zuckert 18/12/1915
Betty Grable 18/12/1916
Ossie Davis 18/12/1917
Helmuth Schneider 18/12/1920
Gianni Di Venanzo 18/12/1920
Norma McCarty 18/12/1920
John Myhers 18/12/1921
Manuel Monroy 18/12/1921
William Roberts 18/12/1921
Klaus Schwarzkopf 18/12/1922
Larry D. Mann 18/12/1922
Peggy Cummins 18/12/1925
Walter Lassally 18/12/1926
Noelle Middleton 18/12/1926
Mona Barrie 18/12/1930
Jesús Puente 18/12/1930
Roger Smith 18/12/1932
Diane Disney 18/12/1933
Corny Collins 18/12/1933
Jacques Pepin 18/12/1935
Richard Dunn 18/12/1935
Roger E. Mosley 18/12/1938
Wes Dawn 18/12/1938
Karen Kirschenbauer 18/12/1938
Gillian Spencer 18/12/1939
Jens Okking 18/12/1939
Christina Gregg 18/12/1939
Michael Moorcock 18/12/1939
Klaus Wennemann 18/12/1940
Bram Morrison 18/12/1940
Alice Borden 18/12/1941
Annazette Chase 18/12/1941
Michelle Breeze 18/12/1942
Harvey Atkin 18/12/1942
Alan Rudolph 18/12/1943
Angela Richards 18/12/1944
Beau Billingslea 18/12/1944
Milena Zupancic 18/12/1946
Akira Fuse 18/12/1947
Gary Gray 18/12/1948
Ed Kemper 18/12/1948
Joni Flynn 18/12/1949
Gunnel Lindblom 18/12/1950
Gillian Armstrong 18/12/1950
Su Elliot 18/12/1950
Hal Kanter 18/12/1950
Randy Castillo 18/12/1950
Danny Simon 18/12/1950
Francesca Shrapnel 18/12/1951
John Henry Cox 18/12/1951
Steven Catalano 18/12/1952
Krystyna Janda 18/12/1952
Frankie J. Holden 18/12/1952
Rosie Vela 18/12/1952
Jeff Kober 18/12/1953
Melanie Kinnaman 18/12/1953
Jules Dassin 18/12/1955
Ron White 18/12/1956
Rick Moser 18/12/1956
Bent Hamer 18/12/1956
Igor Sklyar 18/12/1957
Ann Serrano Lopez 18/12/1960
Tony Melody 18/12/1960
Sion Sono 18/12/1961
Angie Stone 18/12/1961
Michel Vuillermoz 18/12/1962
Robert Chestnut 18/12/1962
Lucas Donat 18/12/1962
James Sie 18/12/1962
Allan Kayser 18/12/1963
Rikiya Koyama 18/12/1963
Robson Green 18/12/1964
Steve Austin 18/12/1964
Len J. Phillips 18/12/1966
Jayden Lund 18/12/1966
Robert Wahlberg 18/12/1967
Nina Wadia 18/12/1968
Alejandro Sanz 18/12/1968
Brent Bolthouse 18/12/1969
Ian Shaw 18/12/1969
Alexandra Dickson Gray 18/12/1969
Candice Rialson 18/12/1970
DMX 18/12/1970
Susan Johnson 18/12/1970
Gero Camilo 18/12/1970
Matt Moline 18/12/1970
Lucy Deakins 18/12/1971
Sarina Taylor 18/12/1971
Shinji Takeda 18/12/1972
Jason Mantzoukas 18/12/1972
Julian Arahanga 18/12/1972
Leila Arcieri 18/12/1973
Lucy Worsley 18/12/1973
Chris Furrh 18/12/1974
Nelly Karim 18/12/1974
Kari Byron 18/12/1974
Dino Castelli 18/12/1974
Alejandro Lozano 18/12/1975
Nicolás Saavedra 18/12/1975
Sia 18/12/1975
Shruti Seth 18/12/1977
Vanessa Trump 18/12/1977
Jamie Fox 18/12/1977
Ravi Patel 18/12/1978
Anna Powierza 18/12/1978
Matty Whitmore 18/12/1978
Lindsay Armaou 18/12/1978
Carl Washington 18/12/1978
Katie Holmes 18/12/1978
Ania Sowinski 18/12/1979
Amy Grabow 18/12/1979
Baron Vaughn 18/12/1980
Christina Aguilera 18/12/1980
Anna Walton 18/12/1980
Jameel Khoury 18/12/1980
Joseph Wayne Miller 18/12/1981
Molinee Green 18/12/1981
Leonard Maltin 18/12/1981
Crystal McCahill 18/12/1983
Kenji Chen 18/12/1984
Horst Krause 18/12/1984
Hana Soukupova 18/12/1985
Krizia Bajos 18/12/1985
Tara Conner 18/12/1985
Yûki Furukawa 18/12/1987
Natalie Gal 18/12/1989
Ray Liotta 18/12/1989
Ashley Benson 18/12/1989
Alana Wolfe 18/12/1989
Elyse Jean 18/12/1991
Megan Penn 18/12/1991
Elizabeth Stanton 18/12/1995
Casper Van Dien 18/12/1997
Emma Karwandy 18/12/1998
Brad Pitt 18/12/1999
Marc Minardi 18/12/2001
Koyuki 18/12/2003

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