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Characteristics of Person born on december 17th :

You are endowed with considerable mechanical ability and ingenuity, especially in dealing with machines made for speed. As a general rule, you are lucky in money matters, gaining through unexpected legacies, by marring well, or by speculation. In some cases you accumulate much wealth, but if you do you become philanthropists, especially in dealing with machines made for speed. You may be very independent in spirit, fearless and courageous in your views and opinions, yet generous, charitable and sympathetic to others.

You may be popular among both your inferiors and those of your own station in life, especially if you allow your-self to take the responsibilities that may be offered to you from time to time. You will view life from a higher and more intellectual standpoint than most people, and you should do well in positions of authority over others and in public, municipal or governmental work of any kind, or as the head of large enterprises. You may have a very decided love for home and country and at the same time have a keen desire to extend your knowledge by travel and to investigate the conditions of other lands.

You may also be devoted to your people. You will be very successful in building up enterprises and businesses, but you may, however, just as easily go in for some professional life or take some public or political career. You may excellent judges, lawyers or businessmen. If anything you are too cautious especially well acting for other peoples interests. You are extremely conscientious in whatever you do.

But if you could develop more dash and self confidence you would better for yourself from a material standpoint. If anything, you are inclined to be too reserved and secretive and too easily hurt or wounded by censure or criticism. When you are aroused by injustice, you are fearless in denouncing it and make many bitter enemies by your unequivocal attitude. You can show biting sarcasm, which you always make use of as a weapon in debate. You are more capable of going extremes in good or evil than people in any other category.

You are usually materialistic in your views of life, and reason everything from your own point of view. You make good literary critics, being quick to see the weak points, and at the same time you are rapid readers and endowed with wonderful memories. You are extremely fond of harmonious surroundings, have good taste in house and dress, and want things that you elegant. You are not so apt to be originators as you are to carry out some plan or works that appear to you and with others have failed to finish, and in the execution of almost all things you do, you achieve success.

Friends of Person born on december 17th :

The friends from your school life may be with you of most of the part of your life. You like the outdoor life so you also able to achieve a considerable number of friends over the world. You also possess a charming and pleasing personality and with help of this you may able to attract the people of your same and opposite gender. The persons, who are with you as friends, may like to help you in all kinds of difficult situation. You also like to communicate with the various kinds of animals and birds. You love to pass your time with the creatures. The persons, who are born on the month of July, may not match their vibes and point of view with you. But the persons of august may easily understand your mentality and also able to make a good and remarkable friendship with you.

Health of Person born on december 17th :

The nasal passage is likely from middle life to become affected and unless care is taken, you may at times suffer from growths in the nose, also with sinus troubles, mastoids and some defect in the hearing. You have a proneness to be affected by cold. So you are advised to take care of yourself otherwise it be a serious one because it may affect your lungs. For this reason you may also suffer from the problems related to bronchial tubes, and even thoughts. You may suffer from influenza also. So you are advised to stay at the dry places or atmosphere to keep yourself fit and fine. To avoid your coldness, you may consume honey and warm milk on a regular basis. It will also produce you a sound health.

Colour: for Person born on december 17th :

If you want to make you fortune and career more prosperous and promising, you must wear the dress with the colour of mauve, violet and even purple. All shades of blue are the favourable colour for those who are related to a charitable organization. The violet is the favourable for the students. The persons who are related music and paintings they may wear the dress coloured by mauve. White is favourable colour of those who are related to the field of literature. The persons, who are related to the administrative section, may wear the dress with the colour yellow. This colour may help you to produce a successful career.

Finance of Person born on december 17th :

You are more or less lucky in terms of money because you may able to collect money as per your desire with the help of your own talent. Your financial condition may increase after getting some unexpected money from any unexpected sources. You also achieve few properties from your parental side and even by your marriage also. So you dont need to be worried regarding your financial condition. It would be better if you try to save some of money for your hard times which may come in your advance years.

Career of Person born on december 17th :

There is a possibility that your career may be hampered due to your many love affairs and your unusual and unnecessary attraction towards your opposite gender. If you marry early, it may also affect your career strongly. But if you want seriously to make you and your career prominent and prosperous, you may able to achieve it from every kind of fields. The career of the students may more or less smooth and well. But if the students want to make their result bright and hold their position strongly, they must have to give more labour and concentration regarding their particular syllabus. You are very fond of reading. So you may able to gather a voracious knowledge. With the help of this quality you may able to gain a prosperous career at your life.

Famous Persons born on december 17th

They are historian, Film actors, Politician, Leaders, Artists, Scientists, Novel Winners, etc.

Famous PersonBorn On
Jean Marie Charles Abrial 17/12/1879
King Alexander I 17/12/1888
Aviation - First flight 17/12/1903
Erskine Caldwell 17/12/1903
Humphrey Davy 17/12/1778
Sanford Dye 17/12/1908
Arthur Fiedler 17/12/1894
Francois Geny 17/12/1861
Judy Granit 17/12/1962
Robert C Guccione 17/12/1930
Mackenzie King 17/12/1874
Mary C Kline 17/12/1880
William F McDonnell 17/12/1946
Mike Mills 17/12/1958
Maria Fida Moro 17/12/1946
Rick Ostrander 17/12/1928
Jurgen Ponto 17/12/1923
Sam Robards 17/12/1961
Lois Haines Sargent 17/12/1900
Jan Sluyters 17/12/1881
Matthew Solomon 17/12/1996
Tommy Steele 17/12/1936
John Greenleaf Whittier 17/12/1807
Katina Paxinou 17/12/1900
House Jameson 17/12/1902
Sugar Geise 17/12/1909
William Roerick 17/12/1911
Joan Woodbury 17/12/1915
Dusty Anderson 17/12/1918
Barbara Slater 17/12/1920
Dennis Cross 17/12/1924
Julia Meade 17/12/1925
Rijk de Gooyer 17/12/1925
Patricia Plunkett 17/12/1926
Patricia Driscoll 17/12/1927
Jack Rebney 17/12/1929
Jacqueline Hill 17/12/1929
Bob Guccione 17/12/1930
Armin Mueller-Stahl 17/12/1930
Dave Madden 17/12/1931
John Brennan 17/12/1933
Pope Francis 17/12/1936
Rosemary Martin 17/12/1936
Sergio Jiménez 17/12/1937
Jean-Claude Drouot 17/12/1938
Lourdes de Oliveira 17/12/1938
Richard Ng 17/12/1939
Novella Nelson 17/12/1939
Anna Prucnal 17/12/1940
Lilly Christine 17/12/1940
María Elena Velasco 17/12/1940
Viju Khote 17/12/1941
Christopher Cazenove 17/12/1943
Rebecca Welles 17/12/1944
Bernard Hill 17/12/1944
Charles Briles 17/12/1945
Jacqueline Wilson 17/12/1945
Lázaro Pérez 17/12/1945
Terri Messina 17/12/1945
Chris Matthews 17/12/1945
Dena Kaye 17/12/1946
Suresh Oberoi 17/12/1946
Jayne Eastwood 17/12/1946
Sandra Walker 17/12/1947
Robert Dornhelm 17/12/1947
Marilyn Hassett 17/12/1947
David Selburg 17/12/1948
Craig Safan 17/12/1948
Joel Brooks 17/12/1949
Paul Rodgers 17/12/1949
Michael Cashman 17/12/1950
Fiona Mathieson 17/12/1950
Michael Tarn 17/12/1951
John Walter Davis 17/12/1951
Charlotte Schwab 17/12/1952
Ksenia Prohaska 17/12/1953
Barry Livingston 17/12/1953
Sally Menke 17/12/1953
Siddharth Randeria 17/12/1955
Richard Young 17/12/1955
Peter Farrelly 17/12/1956
Mary Appleseth 17/12/1956
Itir Esen 17/12/1956
Owen Brenman 17/12/1956
Patrick Murray 17/12/1956
Jayasudha 17/12/1958
Denise Cheshire 17/12/1958
Felicia Mercado 17/12/1959
Gregg Araki 17/12/1959
Hattie Hayridge 17/12/1959
Rae Sunshine Lee 17/12/1960
Liam Ferguson 17/12/1960
Claudia Neidig 17/12/1960
Tilly Vosburgh 17/12/1960
George Lindsey 17/12/1960
Kay Burley 17/12/1960
Sara Dallin 17/12/1961
Ari Folman 17/12/1962
Giulia Boschi 17/12/1962
Adrienne Hurd 17/12/1964
Eric Brown 17/12/1964
Eui-sung Kim 17/12/1965
Clive Robertson 17/12/1965
Lynette Nusbacher 17/12/1966
Emily Raymond 17/12/1966
Steve Filice 17/12/1967
Joey Floyd 17/12/1968
David Waters 17/12/1969
Michael V. 17/12/1969
Mario Mirkovic 17/12/1969
Chuck Liddell 17/12/1969
Sean Patrick Thomas 17/12/1970
Agnieszka Wagner 17/12/1970
Carson Grant 17/12/1970
Desmond Askew 17/12/1972
Elena Ksenofontova 17/12/1972
Jeremy Shouldis 17/12/1973
Tony D'Aquino 17/12/1973
Duff Goldman 17/12/1974
Ian Fried 17/12/1974
Paul Briggs 17/12/1974
Brennan Thicke 17/12/1974
Marissa Ribisi 17/12/1974
Sarah Paulson 17/12/1974
Bree Sharp 17/12/1975
Shana Hiatt 17/12/1975
Napiera Groves 17/12/1975
Seth Caskey 17/12/1975
Kendrick Roger Ong 17/12/1975
Joannah Portman 17/12/1975
Roger Casamajor 17/12/1976
Natalie O'Hara 17/12/1976
Christian Coleman 17/12/1977
Aaron Franklin 17/12/1977
Maria Brink 17/12/1977
Samuel Hadida 17/12/1978
David MacInnis 17/12/1978
Mark Lawson 17/12/1978
Jochum ten Haaf 17/12/1978
Yun Zhou 17/12/1978
Mark Wystrach 17/12/1979
Ryan Key 17/12/1979
Jaimee Foxworth 17/12/1979
Baird Wallace 17/12/1980
Benoît Laberge 17/12/1980
Veronica Lauren 17/12/1980
Tinarie van Wyk Loots 17/12/1980
Tolgahan Sayisman 17/12/1981
Midi Z 17/12/1982
Dynamo 17/12/1982
David Fetzer 17/12/1982
Leander Suleiman 17/12/1982
Eric McIntire 17/12/1982
Jamie Tisdale 17/12/1983
Kerry Bennett 17/12/1984
Antoine Ashley 17/12/1984
Josefin Neldén 17/12/1984
Shannon Woodward 17/12/1984
Jonathan Langdon 17/12/1986
Emma Bell 17/12/1986
Mariya Smolnikova 17/12/1987
Aslihan Güner 17/12/1987
Rin Takanashi 17/12/1988
Marija Pikic 17/12/1989
Ashley Edner 17/12/1990
Gina DeVivo 17/12/1990
Daniel Tay 17/12/1991
Pauline Acquart 17/12/1992
Jordan Garrett 17/12/1992
Derek Chang 17/12/1992
Thomas Law 17/12/1992
Matthew Harrison 17/12/1996
Jasmine Armfield 17/12/1998
Hannah Kurczeski 17/12/2003

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