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Characteristics of Person born on august 8th :

You may have more satisfaction mentally and materially. You may be likely to gain money, become reach hold some powerful position. But for all such things you may be liable to pay too high a price. Separation, illness or death is likely to play a strangely fatalistic role with those near and dear to you. Marriage may bring to you some unusual experiences out of ordinary. You may pass through some strain contradictions. If you are a materialist in the early part of your life, you may most probably be the extreme opposite in the later half and vice versa. In any case you may expect strange experiences but those leaning more to the mysterious unexplainable or fatalistic than to anything on ordinary plane.

You have many secret enemies and most of the time you are not aware about them no matter what position you may rise to, there may always have the danger of under hand attacks against you. For this reason it would be well for you to be ensured against loss, also against accidents of all kinds. You may earn some unusual experience from your domestic life too. Though you like to be in connection with your relatives, you relatives are not eager to continue this with you on a same motif.

Your relation with your life partners family will not be a usual one. You dont have any belief inter caste marriage system. You should be careful of becoming despondent or feeling what you are misunderstood. Your best friends or companions may be more or less out of the ordinary or engaged in uncommon occupations. You may be intense in all your emotions and desires, in fact too much so for your own happiness or marital success. But it is a matter of concern that how far you may able to achieve this.

You may possess a strong may power which will help you to overcome all kinds of difficulties and oppositions. You are really generous and benevolent by nature. You are also very ambitious but you cannot be able to achieve your success easily. You need to be more focused towards your goal and it may help you to give a proper successful life. For this reason it would be best for you to avoid the partnership or all kinds and not to be afraid of being alone among your fellows.

You may able to achieve your best of your life during the later middle part of your age and it may very difficult for you to maintain this through-out your life. You may not able to get the advantages from the circumstances and the persons related to you. But it may strongly applicable for others because you may be moved by the others words very easily.

Friends of Person born on august 8th :

You may gain some very good friends in your entire life. You also get some good and supportive colleagues at your working places and it is applicable for those who are working at the both private and government offices. The persons, who are born in the month of November, and December, may be your most good friends. So be with them and try to help them to your best extent. But the persons who are born in the month of February, and April, may be your enemies or this persons may try to make harm to you. So be careful from these persons and be selective while you may select your friends.

Health of Person born on august 8th :

There have a possibility that you may meet in danger for the reason of fire. So always be alert from the fire. Through-out your life you may able to lead a more or less average life. In some cases there is a possibility that you may not able to resist yourself from the alcoholic drinks. But you ate advised not to take such kind of stuff because you may suffer from the heart and lung problems at the later part of your life. This drink may damage all of your cardiac and lung systems entirely. There is also a possibility that you may meet an accident or a serious injury while you will travel by car and it mostly applicable when you are in your own car. So be careful while you are driving by yourself.

Colour: for Person born on august 8th :

If you want to make your fortune more bright and promising, you may use the dresses with the colours of yellow, orange to golden brown. Those who are related to the field of business, may where the dresses with the colour of all shades of gold. It may bring your fortune. The favourable colour for the students is all shades of red. If you have any vital interview, you may use the dresses with the colour of crimson. The favourable colour for the lowers is rose. The business man may also use the dresses of yellow colour. This colour may help them to expand their business at a large scale. The golden brown is lucky colour for the doctors.

Finance of Person born on august 8th :

You would do well as a company promoter and create a large following for schemes conceived by you. However there will always be the danger of overreaching yourself and at time meeting with heavy financial loss. So you may consult with others before take any serious decision regarding your business related to finance. You also start your career with public enterprises because you have a good communicative skill. Through this you may able to enlarge your financial condition. The middle part your life will be very favourable to you because you may able to flourish your financial condition with the help of some unexpected money which you may get from lottery. There is a possibility that you may achieve the properties from two or more sources. These sources may be from your fathers side, from the side of your mother or even of your father-in-laws. So it may be stated that you may able to continue a more or less good financial condition through-out your life.

Career of Person born on august 8th :

The persons, who are born on the above days, may start their career with the private sectors. You may also start with the field of any kind of business because you have a great fortune to make prosper in business. The students may achieve their desired goals with the help of their successive study. But the students must be respected towards their teachers. Those who are in the government sectors, may achieve their most desired promotions and with the associations of suitable transfer.

Famous Persons born on august 8th

They are historian, Film actors, Politician, Leaders, Artists, Scientists, Novel Winners, etc.

Famous PersonBorn On
Princess of York Beatrice 08/08/1988
Prescilla Bergamaschi 08/08/1988
Laurence Bonnafous 08/08/1978
J Bulmer 08/08/1881
Rory Calhoun 08/08/1922
Dennis Andrew Canavan 08/08/1942
Keith Carradine 08/08/1949
Crosby Jr 08/08/1958
Dino De Laurentiis 08/08/1919
Mark Quinn Denton 08/08/1956
Kat Duff 08/08/1952
J Earley 08/08/1858
Feret 08/08/1960
Arthur J Goldberg 08/08/1908
Rory Bruce Hayes 08/08/1949
Bill Hillman 08/08/1954
Dustin Hoffman 08/08/1937
John Holmes 08/08/1944
Ewald Von Kliest 08/08/1881
Fenwick Lansdowne 08/08/1937
Carol Lewis 08/08/1963
Kelli Lee O'Brien 08/08/1988
Martha J Patterson 08/08/1962
Christina Pavarotti 08/08/1964
Anthony Petruzelli 08/08/1953
Christina Piirainen 08/08/1962
Robin Quivers 08/08/1952
Bangalor Venkata Raman 08/08/1912
Bangalore Venkata Raman 08/08/1912
Craig Randall 08/08/1972
Randy Shilts 08/08/1951
Giovanna Stefanel 08/08/1954
Mike Weddel 08/08/1949
Esther Williams 08/08/1921
Dayton Lummis 08/08/1903
Jerold Wells 08/08/1908
Sylvia Sidney 08/08/1910
Daniel Mann 08/08/1912
Sheila Darcy 08/08/1914
Earl Cameron 08/08/1917
Ann Lee 08/08/1918
Esther Williams 08/08/1921
William Asher 08/08/1921
James Pierce 08/08/1921
Eve Miller 08/08/1923
Philip Barry Jr. 08/08/1923
Colin Male 08/08/1925
Ginny Tyler 08/08/1925
Tom Reese 08/08/1928
Rosetta LeNoire 08/08/1930
Nita Talbot 08/08/1930
Joseph Hoover 08/08/1932
Dada Kondke 08/08/1932
Mel Tillis 08/08/1932
Mark Bailey 08/08/1934
Keith Barron 08/08/1934
Michael Lombard 08/08/1934
Shirley Lawrence 08/08/1935
Tom Georgeson 08/08/1937
Marcia Lewis 08/08/1938
David Leary 08/08/1939
Just Jaeckin 08/08/1940
Talya Ferro 08/08/1940
Giannetto De Rossi 08/08/1942
Peter Biziou 08/08/1944
Brooke Bundy 08/08/1944
Bernard Menez 08/08/1944
Paintal 08/08/1947
Veronica Redd 08/08/1948
Wincey Willis 08/08/1948
Terry Burnham 08/08/1949
Antonia Santilli 08/08/1949
Willie Hall 08/08/1950
Martin Brest 08/08/1951
Pîtâ 08/08/1952
Jim Jinkins 08/08/1953
Doran Clark 08/08/1954
Nancy Glass 08/08/1955
Bridget Holloman 08/08/1955
Gene Deitch 08/08/1955
Lena Stolze 08/08/1956
Jerry Lambert 08/08/1957
Harry Crosby 08/08/1958
Jorge Berlanga 08/08/1958
Jane Scali 08/08/1959
Adam Roarke 08/08/1960
The Edge 08/08/1961
Sanja Vejnovic 08/08/1961
John G. Brennan 08/08/1961
Oliver Stokowski 08/08/1962
Levent Ülgen 08/08/1962
Suzee Pai 08/08/1962
Kyoko Ono Cox 08/08/1963
Chris Rebello 08/08/1963
Jon Turteltaub 08/08/1963
Jan Josef Liefers 08/08/1964
Marion Mitterhammer 08/08/1965
Margarita Rosa de Francisco 08/08/1965
Veronica Falcón 08/08/1966
Elaine Lordan 08/08/1966
Chris Eubank 08/08/1966
Yûki Amami 08/08/1967
Jessica Moore 08/08/1967
Rena Mero 08/08/1967
Steve Callahan 08/08/1967
Ian McLellan Hunter 08/08/1967
Anne Wheaton 08/08/1969
Chris Beetem 08/08/1970
Byron Browne 08/08/1970
Lochlann O'Mearáin 08/08/1973
Jessica Calvello 08/08/1973
Jade Marx-Berti 08/08/1974
Enzo Cilenti 08/08/1974
Kohl Sudduth 08/08/1974
Raquel Meroño 08/08/1975
Matt Shakman 08/08/1975
J.C. Chasez 08/08/1976
Norman Matlock 08/08/1976
Nigel Thatch 08/08/1976
Cecilia Roth 08/08/1976
Jocelyn Towne 08/08/1976
Countess Vaughn 08/08/1978
David Rapaport 08/08/1978
Terence Corrigan 08/08/1978
Kenneth A. Brown 08/08/1979
T.J. Fixman 08/08/1979
Pooja Shah 08/08/1979
Mary Faber 08/08/1979
Meagan Good 08/08/1981
Valerie LaPointe 08/08/1981
Britta Hammelstein 08/08/1981
José Ron 08/08/1981
Maria Ylipää 08/08/1981
James Graham 08/08/1982
Nutsa Kukhianidze 08/08/1983
Guy Burnet 08/08/1983
Bade Iscil 08/08/1983
Trina Nishimura 08/08/1983
Veerta Motiani 08/08/1984
Amanda Chou 08/08/1984
Liya Tong 08/08/1984
Yuqi Zhang 08/08/1986
Peyton List 08/08/1986
Cody Lightning 08/08/1986
Pierre Boulanger 08/08/1987
Esther Liu 08/08/1988
Jake Goldsbie 08/08/1988
Ni Ni 08/08/1988
Deborah Norville 08/08/1988
Ken Baumann 08/08/1989
Melia Renee 08/08/1989
Shavon Kirksey 08/08/1989
Oti Mabuse 08/08/1990
Dennis Bendersky 08/08/1990
Kaicheng Xu 08/08/1990
Makenzie Leigh 08/08/1990
Julie Grundtvig Wester 08/08/1991
Tony Clay 08/08/1991
Tahlena Chikami 08/08/1992
Veronica Afflerbach 08/08/1992
Queen Kate Ajike 08/08/1993
Devery Jacobs 08/08/1993
Erica Pappas 08/08/1995
Dani Dyer 08/08/1996
Michael Breen 08/08/1997
Robin Quivers 08/08/1998
Shawn Mendes 08/08/1998
Fred Meyers 08/08/2000
Dylan Michael Douglas 08/08/2000
Aubrey K. Miller 08/08/2001
Braden Fitzgerald 08/08/2002

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