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Characteristics of Person born on august 2nd :

You may be prone to being president about your views whether right or wrong. You may be rather one sided in your approach. You are also suspicious of peoples actions even when they are for your good. You are inclined to feel that everyone is against you and if you dont conquer such feeling, you run the risk of becoming afflicted with what is called the folly of persecution. In spite of all these, you may have an extremely clever brain through which you may able to gain many unusual and uncommon things in your life and this achievement may help you to prosper your life and your career.

Your persistency would be put to good use in striving for what you want to accomplish. Your intensely sensitive nature could be raised by self sacrifice to the highest plane of thought. Your strong emotional temperament is under proper control could be the lever to remove all obstacles from your path and win people over you. You may be exceptionally loyal to your friends and to your love affair. You are also a person of broad minded and with the help of this you may able to gain the respect and honour from others and it may be a cause of your making of a considerable number of serious enemies surrounded by you, even though they may disagree with your views. If you occupy any field, you may able to make yourself prominent in your perspective position and with show great tact, diplomacy and good management.

You are really popular and wanted (in common sense) among your opposite gender and it may be possible to due to your charming and pleasing personality. You like to attach love affair and unusual relationship which may able to give you some unusual experiences related to your life. You are really social in proper term because you love to spend times and like to continue the communication with your neighbourhood and your relative in spite of all your business. You may be flourished by many opportunities and advantages at the path of your life and it may help you to extent your career on a large scale.

Your desire may always be to see the best in others and to bring out that best if you can help to do so. You should be able to develop gift of eloquence or writing and you would succeed well as a preacher or as a public teacher or as a judge because you possess the quality of taking responsibilities at a proper sense. You may have very keen intuition about people in general but not from any harsh critical stand point rather more to understand and to help them understand themselves.

Friends of Person born on august 2nd :

The persons, who are born on the month of August, may be your good friends and they may always try to give a proper support to you and they may also help you out from any kinds of problem and danger. You are advised to be selective in choosing your friends because the persons of January are very harmful to you. You must stay away from these persons. You may able to get a considerable numbers of friend through-out your whole life and it may possible due to your outspoken quality.

Health of Person born on august 2nd :

The persons, who are born on the above mentioned days in the month of January, are advised to take care about your health. Because there is a possibility that you are liable to have injuries to the lower limbs, weakness or turning of the ankles, injuries to the spinal column caused by falls or by accidents. There is also a probability that you may suffer from heart problem during the latter part of your life. So be careful regarding your health. You must follow a proper diet, if you want to live a healthy life. There is a possibility that you may suffer from the disorder of the internal organs and operations may be expected, but against that there will be long periods of good health.

Colour: for Person born on august 2nd :

If you want to make your life more prosper, you have to wear the dresses with the colour of all shades of ivory. The all shades of dove grey are all also favourable for you. This colour may bring you the proper fortune. If you want to flourish your business at a large, you may wear the dresses of all kinds of light shades, that means the white, the cream and the off white shades. If you want to make you more appealing, you can use the dresses with the all shades of green. The pastels or even the electric colours are favourable for you because these colours may bring you a good fortune and luck.

Finance of Person born on august 2nd :

There is nothing to take any tension regarding you financial condition because under certain conditions. But the surprising thing is that you dont have the quality with which you can use your money properly. You can-not be able to save your flowing and preserved money. This will be a cause of your tension related to finance.

Career of Person born on august 2nd :

You may start your career with the any project of inventive quality. You possess a great imaginative quality and for this very special reason, you may write something related to literature. If you may be a writer, you may really able to make your future career more prosperous and smooth than any other field. You also be the leader of any political parties. The careers of the students are more or less favourable for them. But always try to be obedient towards your teacher and parents also.

Famous Persons born on august 2nd

They are historian, Film actors, Politician, Leaders, Artists, Scientists, Novel Winners, etc.

Famous PersonBorn On
Bartholdi 02/08/1834
Karl Bayer 02/08/1896
Betsy Bloomingdale 02/08/1922
John Crocket Bowis 02/08/1945
Joanna Cassidy 02/08/1945
Corrado 02/08/1924
Tony Costa 02/08/1944
Bernard Marcel Dhellemme 02/08/1943
Linda Fratienne 02/08/1960
Cassidy Erin Gifford 02/08/1993
Lance Allan Ito 02/08/1950
Life Michael Jones 02/08/1953
Kathy Lennon 02/08/1943
Alana Li 02/08/1989
Myrna Loy 02/08/1905
R Naylor 02/08/1889
Peter O'Toole 02/08/1932
Henry Steel Olcott 02/08/1832
Anne Osmont 02/08/1872
David Otwell 02/08/1956
Roger Otwell 02/08/1956
Maya Perez 02/08/1905
Ira Progoff 02/08/1921
Oberon Ramos 02/08/1951
Leigh Stephens 02/08/1937
Craig Virgin 02/08/1955
Ellen Yoakum 02/08/1903
George Zidek 02/08/1973
Myrna Loy 02/08/1905
Howland Chamberlain 02/08/1911
Rusty Wescoatt 02/08/1911
Clark Ross 02/08/1913
Hal Block 02/08/1913
Edric Connor 02/08/1913
Gary Merrill 02/08/1915
Elizabeth Russell 02/08/1916
Ted D. McCord 02/08/1917
Diana King 02/08/1918
Bill Scott 02/08/1920
Jack L. Warner 02/08/1923
James Baldwin 02/08/1924
Arthur Marks 02/08/1927
Bobbie 'Cotton' Beard 02/08/1930
Maureen Connell 02/08/1931
Ruth-Maria Kubitschek 02/08/1931
Pavel Jurácek 02/08/1935
Pauline Taylor 02/08/1935
Jeanne Hepple 02/08/1936
John Hanek 02/08/1937
James Lemp 02/08/1938
Paul Jenkins 02/08/1938
Tell Schreiber 02/08/1941
Fabio Testi 02/08/1941
Christopher Hibler 02/08/1942
Isabel Allende 02/08/1942
Carroll O'Connor 02/08/1942
Kathy Lennon 02/08/1943
Richard Fancy 02/08/1943
Julia Foster 02/08/1943
Max Wright 02/08/1943
Paul Greenwood 02/08/1943
Gordon Anderson 02/08/1944
Kim Charney 02/08/1945
Morten Arnfred 02/08/1945
Ève Karpf 02/08/1947
Dennis Prager 02/08/1948
Charles Roven 02/08/1949
Kathryn Harrold 02/08/1950
Jussi Adler-Olsen 02/08/1950
Mathieu Carrière 02/08/1950
Yôko Tani 02/08/1950
Crystal Smith 02/08/1951
Lianne Halfon 02/08/1953
Lisa Brown 02/08/1954
Rooster McConaughey 02/08/1954
Roberta Wallach 02/08/1955
Tim Dunigan 02/08/1955
Muriel Robin 02/08/1955
Leslie Ackerman 02/08/1956
Michèle Bernier 02/08/1956
Mojo Nixon 02/08/1957
Bernard L. Kowalski 02/08/1957
Damian Harris 02/08/1958
Apollonia Kotero 02/08/1959
Jim Doughan 02/08/1959
Olivier Gruner 02/08/1960
Butch Patrick 02/08/1960
Debbie Russ 02/08/1960
Wendy Finerman 02/08/1961
Karen E. Goulekas 02/08/1962
Patrick Kerton 02/08/1964
Michael Burgess 02/08/1964
Rupert Holliday-Evans 02/08/1964
Mary-Louise Parker 02/08/1964
Giulio Ricciarelli 02/08/1965
Dina Platias 02/08/1966
Kevin Dorff 02/08/1966
Rosalie van Breemen 02/08/1966
Aline Brosh McKenna 02/08/1967
Bridgid Coulter 02/08/1968
Michele Ammon 02/08/1968
Sandra Thigpen 02/08/1968
John MacDonald 02/08/1968
John Ellison Conlee 02/08/1968
Isabel Pantoja 02/08/1969
Cedric Ceballos 02/08/1969
Helli Louise 02/08/1970
Angélica Rivera 02/08/1970
Portia Dawson 02/08/1971
Carsten Myllerup 02/08/1971
Tristan Tait 02/08/1971
Sunny Megatron 02/08/1971
Alice Evans 02/08/1971
Bill R. Dean 02/08/1972
Seth McCook 02/08/1972
Simon Kinberg 02/08/1973
Sandrine Rigaux 02/08/1973
Kia Goodwin 02/08/1973
Angie Cepeda 02/08/1974
Ingrid Rubio 02/08/1975
Ben Coccio 02/08/1975
Sam Worthington 02/08/1976
Rory MacGregor 02/08/1976
Natashia Williams 02/08/1978
Hilda Péter 02/08/1978
Ty O'Neal 02/08/1978
Jeff Leaf 02/08/1979
Donna Air 02/08/1979
Susanne Bormann 02/08/1979
Dingdong Dantes 02/08/1980
Elana Nep 02/08/1981
Helen Bradbury 02/08/1981
Dylan Dreyer 02/08/1981
Tiffan Borelli 02/08/1982
Kerry Rhodes 02/08/1982
Désirée Giorgetti 02/08/1982
Bethany Richards 02/08/1983
Chiara Mastalli 02/08/1984
Lauren Schacher 02/08/1985
Chase Armitage 02/08/1985
Britt Lower 02/08/1985
Kerry James 02/08/1986
Casey Patridge 02/08/1986
Caitlin Murphy 02/08/1986
Kit DeZolt 02/08/1989
Bihter Delüv 02/08/1990
Ryan Shukis 02/08/1990
Orlando Süss 02/08/1991
Zuleyka Silver 02/08/1991
Skyler Day 02/08/1991
Hallie Eisenberg 02/08/1992
Jacinda Barrett 02/08/1992
Sam Thompson 02/08/1992
Cassidy Gifford 02/08/1993
Joivan Wade 02/08/1993
Marina Vasileva 02/08/1993
Angus Imrie 02/08/1994
Wylie Quinn Anderson 02/08/1998
Danica Stewart 02/08/2001
Amyrh Harris 02/08/2002
Kara Hoffman 02/08/2002
Shelby Hoffman 02/08/2002

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