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Characteristics of Person born on august 24th :

You may make friend easily and rapidly in whatever sphere of life God has placed you. You may crave much for social life. You love to spend quality time and love to entertain you friends. You will give your friends the best of everything that may be in your power to give. Out of these desire, there is very livelihood that sooner or later, will be born a decided talent for the amusement or entertainment of other. This will be done by employing one or more of the persons who are related to the music or art.

You may feel a magnetic attraction towards your opposite gender. There is a possibility that you may get involved into the intense and ardent in your affections. In other words you cannot live without love in one form or the other. With the help of your charming and over spoken attitude you may able to attract the people towards you. You also possess a great sympathy for others. It is true that you heartily feel pity for those people who are really suffer from different kinds of ailments without having the money to yourself. You also feel the urge to help them in a proper sense. You are generous in your mind.

You are also very affectionate and loving towards your family members especially to your brother or sister. You feel a great passion towards the animals and birds. You are also a home seek person and for this reason you love to spend your time with your family member. You will take a keen interest in young people and at all stages of your life you will gather them around you. Perhaps for this reason you may yourself never look old or feel old. To keep this side of your nature in full activity you will crave for a continual stream of new faces passing in and out of your own domain.

You may have a lucky and successful life and rise to hold important positions in whatever career you follow. It may also true that you may sometime feel really lonely at your heart, though there will be many person surrounded you. You may probably see no harm in what outsiders may criticise and so bring down on yourself that calumny that you would, if possible, avert for others. There is a possibility that sometimes you may be misjudged by others and your life may be threatened. You may feel a strong attraction for the word and unconventional people.

Friends of Person born on august 24th :

You are advised to be selective while you will choose your friends because the persons who are born on the months of November and first part of September may be very friendly towards you. The persons, who are born on the month of August, may feel a strong attraction towards you. But you are advised not to make friendship with these particular people because they may not be able to understand you and your point of views. You may not able to get a good friend circle at your school life but you may get it from your college life and higher studies also. Be serious in your working place because there is a huge possibility that some of your colleague will, try to make harm and spoil your career also. But dont need to be worried so much because your higher authority or your respected boss may be more or less supportive and generous to you and these persons may help you to overcome your all kind of difficulties.

Health of Person born on august 24th :

There is a possibility that you may suffer from nervous breakdown and it may happen due to the excessive work pressure and irregular habit of food. So you need to be very much careful regarding the health of your health. You may also suffer from the stomach problems and it also due to the same reason that is your improper food system. You need to preserve some of your energies for your later part of life. There is a possibility that you may have the problems related heart during the latter part of your life. So try to be systemic at your life style as much as possible.


The most favourable colours for you are any shade of grey, all types of violet, purple and even black. To increase your personality and magnetic vibrations you can use all shades of gold or yellow. Even you can wear bronze or golden brown while you are going for interview or any important works. It may bring you good luck. The all shades of sapphire blue, any shades of pastel colours and even grey are lucky for the romantic couples.


Finance of Person born on august 24th :

The person who are born on the above days of the particular month may be able to maintain a more or less a well financial condition through-out your life. You are a person who may not able to earn a huge amount of money. But you may save them because you are a person who does not like to spend unnecessarily. You are advised not to lend money to others because there is a less possibility to get back the money. This incident may harm your financial condition. Think twice before any large investment because there is a high risk of loss. If you want to control your financial condition, you have to use your brain in the cases of monitory investments.

Career of Person born on august 24th :

You may join with the fields of Navy or Army. These sectors may give you a proper success at your career. You may earn your respective respect from the fields of politics. This field may make you popular among the common masses. The career of the students may be more or less favourable to them. But if you want to make it more promising and flourishing, you must have to pay more attention regarding your studies. You may also able to make your carer smooth, if you put your hand in the fields related to literature because you possess a good quality of writing and a strong sense of imagination.

Famous Persons born on august 24th

They are historian, Film actors, Politician, Leaders, Artists, Scientists, Novel Winners, etc.

Famous PersonBorn On
Maggie Anderson 24/08/1937
Anne Archer 24/08/1947
Jorge Luis Borges 24/08/1899
Chris Chubbuck 24/08/1944
Leonardo Conti 24/08/1900
Robert DeLuce 24/08/1877
Theodore Dubois 24/08/1837
Molly Duncan 24/08/1945
Leo Ferre 24/08/1916
Rudolf Geiger 24/08/1894
Jean-Michel Jarre 24/08/1948
Roger Linn 24/08/1955
Jose Martinez 24/08/1971
Reggie Miller 24/08/1965
John Powless 24/08/1932
Barbara Shafferman 24/08/1928
Nancy Spero 24/08/1926
Bill Sweeney 24/08/1947
Thalberg Jr 24/08/1930
Gregory Villemin 24/08/1980
Whiting Sr 24/08/1956
Mason Williams 24/08/1938
Peppino De Filippo 24/08/1903
Rodd Redwing 24/08/1904
Donald Douglas 24/08/1905
Durward Kirby 24/08/1911
Duke Kahanamoku 24/08/1912
Mary Howard 24/08/1914
Inge Birkmann 24/08/1915
Hugh Franklin 24/08/1916
Hal Smith 24/08/1916
Dennis James 24/08/1917
Jack Collins 24/08/1918
Jean Desailly 24/08/1920
Scott Elliott 24/08/1921
June Dayton 24/08/1923
Jimmy Gardner 24/08/1924
Anjali Devi 24/08/1927
Preston Foster 24/08/1928
Penny Edwards 24/08/1928
Robert Ellis 24/08/1933
Kenny Baker 24/08/1934
Ancel Cook 24/08/1935
Vernon Weddle 24/08/1935
Sten Johan Hedman 24/08/1937
Connie Mason 24/08/1937
Allyson Ames 24/08/1937
Rami Sarmasto 24/08/1938
Frank Craven 24/08/1938
Mason Williams 24/08/1938
Sidney Hayers 24/08/1940
Dorothy Comingore 24/08/1941
Karen Arthur 24/08/1941
Paola Pitagora 24/08/1941
Reathel Bean 24/08/1942
Dennis Donnelly 24/08/1942
Hugh Wilson 24/08/1943
Rocky Johnson 24/08/1944
Irma Lozano 24/08/1944
Vince McMahon 24/08/1945
Castulo Guerra 24/08/1945
Bucklind Beery 24/08/1945
Joan Chandler 24/08/1946
Stephen Parr 24/08/1947
Paulo Coelho 24/08/1947
Stephen Keep Mills 24/08/1947
Raven De La Croix 24/08/1947
Azizi Johari 24/08/1948
Isolde Barth 24/08/1948
John C. Vennema 24/08/1948
Joe Regalbuto 24/08/1949
Carole White 24/08/1949
Ray Ferrell 24/08/1949
Jeffrey Friedman 24/08/1951
Renee Chahoy 24/08/1952
Holly Hallstrom 24/08/1952
Craig Schaefer 24/08/1953
Antonio Valero 24/08/1955
Meg Gibson 24/08/1955
Kevin Dunn 24/08/1956
Jayni Chase 24/08/1957
Victor Hammer 24/08/1957
Billy Chow 24/08/1958
Steve Guttenberg 24/08/1958
Rodrigo García 24/08/1959
Linda Hogan 24/08/1959
Joan Blair 24/08/1960
Peter Ellenstein 24/08/1961
Tara Cash 24/08/1961
Mark Protosevich 24/08/1961
Kathe Mazur 24/08/1961
Gordon Warnecke 24/08/1962
Craig Kilborn 24/08/1962
Hideo Kojima 24/08/1963
Kirk Wise 24/08/1963
Linda Henry 24/08/1963
Dana Gould 24/08/1964
Simon Harding 24/08/1964
Robert Pulcini 24/08/1964
Reggie Miller 24/08/1965
Goran Markovic 24/08/1965
Candy Law 24/08/1965
James Toney 24/08/1968
Eric Bear 24/08/1968
Daniel Pollock 24/08/1968
Mukesh Tiwari 24/08/1969
Pierfrancesco Favino 24/08/1969
David Gregory 24/08/1970
Nikka La Rue 24/08/1970
Denis Burgazliev 24/08/1970
Ray Laska 24/08/1971
Srdan Golubovic 24/08/1972
Barret Oliver 24/08/1973
Carmine Giovinazzo 24/08/1973
Jennifer Lien 24/08/1974
Tony Amendola 24/08/1974
Dalila Carmo 24/08/1974
Julie Cypher 24/08/1974
Keith Andreen 24/08/1974
Kwesi Ameyaw 24/08/1975
Bonnie Root 24/08/1975
Ronee Blakley 24/08/1975
Drew Pearce 24/08/1975
Rebecca Soler 24/08/1976
Alex O'Loughlin 24/08/1976
Everette Wallin 24/08/1976
John Green 24/08/1977
Renzo Rossellini 24/08/1977
Beth Riesgraf 24/08/1978
Jilon VanOver 24/08/1978
Mary Padian 24/08/1980
Sonja Bennett 24/08/1980
Mercedes Scelba-Shorte 24/08/1981
Tomás Fonzi 24/08/1981
Jennifer Widerstrom 24/08/1982
Sandra Seeling 24/08/1983
Antonio Campos 24/08/1983
Bat-Chen Sabag 24/08/1984
Blake Berris 24/08/1984
Ji-hye Seo 24/08/1984
Kimi Hsia 24/08/1984
John Fasano 24/08/1984
Ace Hicks 24/08/1985
Minka Kuustonen 24/08/1985
Destiny Davis 24/08/1985
Arian Foster 24/08/1986
Sarik Andreasyan 24/08/1988
Anna Bauert 24/08/1989
Aloysius Pang 24/08/1990
Yagmur Tanrisevsin 24/08/1990
Peter Lanzani 24/08/1990
Bryson Baugus 24/08/1994
Aqib Khan 24/08/1994
Patty Roberts 24/08/1995
James D'Arcy 24/08/1995
Oteil Burbridge 24/08/1997
Payton Ackerman 24/08/1997
Miki Yanagi 24/08/1997
Sofia Richie 24/08/1998
Dakota Trancher Williams 24/08/1999
Nicolas Roye 24/08/1999
Cameron Goodman 24/08/2002
Diogo Sales 24/08/2002

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