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Characteristics of Person born on august 22nd :

If you have the means to strike out for yourself and you can do so, you would probably make a distinct success in some individual and unusual kind of work or career. You love to be unconventional and unique in every form of our action. You really are a worshipper of independence. You really want to make you free and like to give freedom others. You are likely to be considered more or less eccentric and word and you will not easily fit in with the plans of others.

You may like to make proper and close relations with your near and dear relatives. But it may sometimes be seemed that most of your relative may not able to continue a good relation with you because your relatives may not able to match their mentality with you and they always try to take undue advantages from you. So it may make all the relationships very difficult and critical also. You may recent restrain and criticism and if you are in the position to do so, you may break away from home and travel expensively. You are a person of impatience. So you may require developing great patience, especially dealing with any intimate relationship. The impatient quality may hamper your love affair and also hamper the happiness of your conjugal life.

You possess the unusual and unique views and it will very difficult to match yourself with other. So you may not able to make a good number of friends. It is also true that for this quality you make a considerable number of enemies surrounded by you. You may have many unusual adventures in the course of your life and these incidents may help you to gather many unusual, unconventional and even sensitive experiences. All the experiences in your affections with many disappointments and sorrows may be seen also in your love affair.

Disappointments may particularly afflict your home and domestic life. This may not be so much in evidence if you able to restrict yourself form all kinds of unnecessary and unusual attachment. You will be inclined to be too generous with money. You are also rash in speculation. You may be very ambitious. And you have to go through among many difficulties and problems to reach your desired goals. If you should engage in business or industry you may raised to a position of author but you may not be able to keep it on account of your tendency to make a good fortune. You will also possess a magnetic personality and it may help you to attract the people towards you.

Friends of Person born on august 22nd :

The persons, who are born on the month of January and early part of November, may be your very good friend. These persons may also help you to remove your problems and difficulties. They also need a bit of help from you also. So try your best to help them because this kind of process may help you to continue the friendship. You may make good circles of friend at your school life and few of them may be with you at the end of your life. It may be possible that from these friends you may choose one as your life partner. You cannot be able to make any good friends in your college life. But dont need to be worried at all because you may get few cooperative and supportive colleagues at your working place. It is applicable for all the service men. You also get a considerable higher authority.

Health of Person born on august 22nd :

You may possess a robust constitution. There is a possibility that you may suffer from fever and cold and cough during the first part of your life. It is also possible that you may have the disorders of your blood circulation because of boils and eruptions on the heads face and body. You may suffer from the problems related to your teeth, the gums, the nose, the throat, the ears, mastoids and the sinus passages. You may have to space some experiences surgical operations. It may be dangerous for you and even it may lead to death for you. There is a possibility that you may meet some accidents in your whole life. You may have get danger from your enemies because they may try to take your life and may run the risk of assassination or a violent death.

Colour: for Person born on august 22nd :

The all shades of res is lucky colour for students. The crimson is favourable for those who are related to administrative sections. The persons who are related to the entertainment world they must wear the dress of purple colour at their important dates. The all shades of blue is favourable for the persons who are working at the government fields. If you want to get the mental peace, you must wear the dress of violet from the lightest to the darkest. The persons who are related to the fields of airlines and aircrafts, they may use the dress coloured by grey. If you have any serious interview you must wear the dress which has a touch of green. The persons who are related to literature, they may wear the dress of yellow colour at their important dates. All, these above colours may bring the proper fortune for the every persons of their respective fields.

Finance of Person born on august 22nd :

The person of these above days may able to flourish their financial condition at large scale. They may earn huge amount of money from their service sources. The persons, who are related to the profession of Doctor and Lawyer, may also able to earn their expected money from their respective field. The persons, who are related to the business, will not able to save money because of their ill fortune. So you are advised to think twice before any serious or huge dealing related to your business. You get little be liable to lose money by action caused by your opposite gender or by litigation and blackmail. So you are advised to be careful regarding your financial condition.

Career of Person born on august 22nd :

The persons who are born during the above mentioned days, the most suitable option as your career is the things which are related to the teaching professions that is especially the school teacher or the professors. You may also do the works which are related to the self financed projects. But it does not matter whether it is large or small. You will also try for the business also. There is a possibility that you may flourish your career with the help of the literary flavour because you have a good literary sense. You may also be a good writer.

Famous Persons born on august 22nd

They are historian, Film actors, Politician, Leaders, Artists, Scientists, Novel Winners, etc.

Famous PersonBorn On
Charles Douglas Bair 22/08/1949
Max Bircher-Benner 22/08/1867
Ray Bradbury 22/08/1920
Gerald Paul Carr 22/08/1932
Henri Cartier-Bresson 22/08/1908
Joe Chambers 22/08/1942
Chiranjeevi 22/08/1955
Jeff Davis 22/08/1883
Claude Debussy 22/08/1862
Deng Xiao Ping 22/08/1904
Edwin Deveny 22/08/1930
John Scott Fisher 22/08/1943
Daniel Frohman 22/08/1851
Dr Goodrich 22/08/1933
Valerie Harper 22/08/1939
Dorothy Parker 22/08/1893
Guy de Penguern 22/08/1924
Emanuela Pierantozzi 22/08/1968
Chris Plass 22/08/1949
Bruno Pontecorvo 22/08/1913
Romy Ransom 22/08/1964
Norman H Schwarzkopf 22/08/1934
Karlheinz Stockhausen 22/08/1928
Leopold S Stokowski 22/08/1950
Cindy Williams 22/08/1947
Jean Yarbrough 22/08/1900
Wade Crosby 22/08/1905
Oliver McGowan 22/08/1907
Julius J. Epstein 22/08/1909
Lesley Woods 22/08/1910
Lucille Ricksen 22/08/1910
Milton Quon 22/08/1913
Elisabeth Bergner 22/08/1915
John Slater 22/08/1916
John Lee Hooker 22/08/1917
Zeke Mills 22/08/1918
Milos Kopecký 22/08/1922
Theoni V. Aldredge 22/08/1922
James Kirkwood Jr. 22/08/1924
Ivor Salter 22/08/1925
Ernst Hofbauer 22/08/1925
Lois Hall 22/08/1926
David de Keyser 22/08/1927
Warren Stanhope 22/08/1929
Cecil Kellaway 22/08/1930
Andréas Voutsinas 22/08/1930
Gabriele Tinti 22/08/1932
Geoffrey Horne 22/08/1933
Sylva Koscina 22/08/1933
Achyut Potdar 22/08/1934
Norman Schwarzkopf 22/08/1934
Diana Sands 22/08/1934
Annie Proulx 22/08/1935
Tony Kendall 22/08/1936
Mita Chatterjee 22/08/1936
Richard Krisher 22/08/1938
Robert Wall 22/08/1939
Pilita Corrales 22/08/1939
Judy Nugent 22/08/1940
Julia Breck 22/08/1941
Aysen Gruda 22/08/1944
James G. Richardson 22/08/1945
Catherine Wilkin 22/08/1945
Alma Beltran 22/08/1945
Joseph F. Kosala 22/08/1946
Cindy Williams 22/08/1947
Eleonora Brown 22/08/1948
Joey Aresco 22/08/1949
Toshirô Suga 22/08/1950
Timothy Landfield 22/08/1950
Natalya Egorova 22/08/1950
Chia-Hui Liu 22/08/1951
Claire Pimparé 22/08/1952
Cheryl Burfield 22/08/1952
Laraine Humphrys 22/08/1953
Jay Patterson 22/08/1954
John Lupton 22/08/1956
Nigel Cooke 22/08/1957
Steve Davis 22/08/1957
Shane Withington 22/08/1958
Colm Feore 22/08/1958
Hugo Ng 22/08/1959
Mark Williams 22/08/1959
Roland Orzabal 22/08/1961
Raye Dowell 22/08/1961
Stephen Stanton 22/08/1961
Jeffrey Voorhees 22/08/1962
Lara Harris 22/08/1962
Ron Stefaniuk 22/08/1963
James DeBarge 22/08/1963
Andrew Wilson 22/08/1964
Trey Gowdy 22/08/1964
Tom Gibis 22/08/1964
Stuart Whelan 22/08/1965
Michael Gordin Shore 22/08/1966
The GZA 22/08/1966
Olga Sumskaya 22/08/1966
Irina Skobtseva 22/08/1966
Mark Bramhall 22/08/1966
Brooke Dillman 22/08/1966
Ty Burrell 22/08/1967
Alfred Gough 22/08/1967
Pamella D'Pella 22/08/1967
Layne Staley 22/08/1967
Christopher Williams 22/08/1967
Casper Christensen 22/08/1968
Lynn Talley 22/08/1969
Giada De Laurentiis 22/08/1970
Luz Elena González 22/08/1970
Tyce Diorio 22/08/1970
Vojin Cetkovic 22/08/1971
Rick Yune 22/08/1971
Paul Doucette 22/08/1972
Marisa Growaldt 22/08/1972
Kristen Wiig 22/08/1973
Heidi Lenhart 22/08/1973
Jeff Biehl 22/08/1973
Laurent Lafitte 22/08/1973
Melinda Page Hamilton 22/08/1974
Samrat Chakrabarti 22/08/1975
Sheree Murphy 22/08/1975
Maximilian Erlenwein 22/08/1975
Cindy Valentine Leone 22/08/1975
Matthew Edison 22/08/1975
Ryan Honey 22/08/1976
Chiranjeevi 22/08/1976
Noaz Deshe 22/08/1977
Jackie Geary 22/08/1977
Irandhir Santos 22/08/1978
Michael Scovotti 22/08/1978
Mandy Gonzalez 22/08/1978
Malin Crépin 22/08/1978
Chris Heuisler 22/08/1979
Ingeborg Raustøl 22/08/1979
Charlie Sanders 22/08/1979
Megan Duffy 22/08/1979
Evis Xheneti 22/08/1979
Courtney Gains 22/08/1980
Aya Sumika 22/08/1980
Eun-woo Lee 22/08/1980
Christi Shake 22/08/1980
Aparna Nancherla 22/08/1982
Laura Breckenridge 22/08/1983
Jorge Diaz 22/08/1983
Paloma Jiménez 22/08/1983
Ekin Türkmen 22/08/1984
Jonathan Solofa Fatu 22/08/1985
Ashley Platz 22/08/1985
Joshua Samuel Fatu 22/08/1985
Laura Marie Steigers 22/08/1986
John Seaward 22/08/1988
Sarah Major 22/08/1988
Olivia Joof Lewerissa 22/08/1988
Chariz Solomon 22/08/1989
Trond Nilssen 22/08/1990
Regina Taylor 22/08/1991
Shuang Zheng 22/08/1991
Jason Benjamin 22/08/1991
Dominic Creasey 22/08/1993
Max Fairchild 22/08/1993
Ant 22/08/1993
Israel Broussard 22/08/1994
Shannon Flynn 22/08/1996
Ravshana Kurkova 22/08/2003

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