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Characteristics of Person born on august 16th :

You may have very decided attraction and aversion to people, many exciting adventure and out of the ordinary romance fraught with criticism and trouble. You may be more successful in the line of work where you depend purely on your personality than in any form of business or commercial life. You have a great love for the outdoor life and you love to travel. You have a great fascination for mountain ride and sea voyages. You should keep the restless side of your disposition well under control. There is a possibility that you my change your residence for several times.

You are really original in your thought and independent in your views of the opinions of others. You also love the unconventional things. You love the religion sections but you dont have any blind faith upon it. You have strong belief that man is the only creator of their fate and with the influence of it you like to perform at the best level of yourself. You are really focused at you ambition and desired goal and you Always try to do reach at this point by means of anything.

You are not ambitious in ordinary ways because you always try to achieve some outstanding and extra success. Your ambition may not be to dominate all rule others but you are really concern regarding your work. You also have a great fascination for the art and music, especially you like the painting, poetry, dramatic art, the opera and others. Yon possess also high philosophic thought at your heart. It may produce a greet outlook to the lives of others. You may be quite and rather dignified in manner, with high emotional feelings more or less spiritually inclined but one hearted and benevolent towards your fellow beings.

You are a person of full of sensitiveness. You are really affectionate towards all kinds of relationships surrounding you. You will be gifted with intuitions and inspirations. You would do well in writing in mysticism or any form of painting or mythical elements. You may also do well in literary work bearing your strongly individual outlook. You may suffer from heartaches and disappointment and it may be the cause of your affections towards your surroundings. Though you love the others you may not able to gain the love and a return because most of the time the people surrounded you will misunderstand you and they may not also able to match their mentality with yours. But dont need to be worried because they may realise their fault very shortly with their mown effort.

Friends of Person born on august 16th :

The persons, who are born on the months of February, may not be supportive to you at all. So try to keep yourself away from these persons. But the persons who are born on the middle of August will be very supportive and may feel a strong attraction towards you. As you possess a strong sense and attraction towards your opposite gender, you may able to make a considerable numbers of friend through-out your whole life. Some of your friends may be friends at the proper sense but most of them may not be able to execute their responsibilities at their proper sense.

Health of Person born on august 16th :

You may possess a good health. You may have a lot of great vitality and a splendid constitution. Sometimes you may feel lazy. There is a possibility that you may suffer from the nervous breakdown because of your excessive work pressure. There is a chance that you may suffer from cardiac problems on the letter part of your life. So you are advised to take care of your health. You may also suffer from high blood pressure. So dont need to take unnecessary mental pressure and tension. If you want to maintain a good health, you have to take a simple and balance diet. You always take your food in time. It may help you to recover yourself from the tendency of acidity.

Colour: for Person born on august 16th :

If you want to make your fortune more clear and vibrant, you may use the dresses related to the colour of red or rose or even mauve. The favourable colour for the students is blue. If you want to appear any competitive examination, you may use the dresses of al shades of blue from the lightest to the darkest. The persons, who are related to business, may use the dresses of all shades of violet. Mauve is favourable colour the persons who are related to the administrative section. The persons who are related to the teaching profession, all shades of crimson are favourable for them. All this above colours may bring the fortune for the persons.

Finance of Person born on august 16th :

You may able to get some unexpected money from lottery. This incident may make your financial condition well. Though you will able to earn a lot of money, you can-not be able to save them because you are not person who are able to be miser at your spending. This may affect your financial condition. You also get a proportion of property from your father. You may depend on what you set your mind to accomplish. You may meet some heavy losses in money in spite of whatever prudence you may use.

Career of Person born on august 16th :

You may start your career with any administrative works because you possess a good sense of judgement. You may also attach yourself with the self -financed projects. It may be a large or small one. You have the good luck for the business too. So you may invest your money to your business. There is a possibility that you may be supported by a great person to extend your business to a large scale. But you are advised to think twice before invest a lump sum amount of money at your business because it may be worse one. You also get involve into the fields of doctor, or even in the teaching professions, it may be a school teacher or professor.

Famous Persons born on august 16th

They are historian, Film actors, Politician, Leaders, Artists, Scientists, Novel Winners, etc.

Famous PersonBorn On
William Allarde 16/08/1952
Sidney Astourian 16/08/1923
Jim Blaikie 16/08/1945
Ann Blyth 16/08/1928
Don Giovanni Di Bosco 16/08/1815
Don Giovanni Bosco 16/08/1815
Charles Bukowski 16/08/1920
J Burkett 16/08/1887
Fabio Casartelli 16/08/1970
Juanita Alice Coleman 16/08/1914
Armand Cortes 16/08/1880
Robert Culp 16/08/1930
Suzanne Farrell 16/08/1945
Roy C Firebrace 16/08/1889
Frank Gifford 16/08/1930
Kathie Lee Gifford 16/08/1953
Ben Gray 16/08/1927
Debra Greenlaw 16/08/1953
Dr Inglis 16/08/1864
L Jensen 16/08/1900
Lawrence of Arabia 16/08/1888
T Lawrence 16/08/1888
Jon Morrow Lindbergh 16/08/1932
Carmen Longo 16/08/1947
Bernard MacFadden 16/08/1868
Madonna 16/08/1958
Eugene Moore 16/08/1921
Julie Newmar 16/08/1933
Marcello Pacini 16/08/1936
Stephen Peck 16/08/1946
Stuart Allen Roosa 16/08/1933
Joseph Scanlan 16/08/1929
Billy Joe Shaver 16/08/1939
Pamela Smart 16/08/1967
David Thomas 16/08/1934
Tony Trabert 16/08/1930
Emily Grace Trebec 16/08/1993
Rumor Glenn Willis 16/08/1988
Wilhelm Wundt 16/08/1932
Clarice Davis Zion 16/08/1888
Vittorio Zucconi 16/08/1944
Walter Kinsella 16/08/1900
Beulah Archuletta 16/08/1912
Jean Sincere 16/08/1919
Charles Bukowski 16/08/1920
Mimi Kelly 16/08/1922
Eydie Gormé 16/08/1928
Frank Gifford 16/08/1930
Betsy von Furstenberg 16/08/1931
Dorinda Stevens 16/08/1932
Ricardo Blume 16/08/1933
Bunta Sugawara 16/08/1933
Max Kleven 16/08/1933
Gary Clarke 16/08/1933
Julie Newmar 16/08/1933
Kipp Hamilton 16/08/1934
Ketty Lester 16/08/1934
Gloria Blondell 16/08/1935
Anthony Charnota 16/08/1936
Anita Gillette 16/08/1936
Lorraine Gary 16/08/1937
Almut Berg 16/08/1938
Trevor McDonald 16/08/1939
Billy Joe Shaver 16/08/1939
Kanchana 16/08/1939
Malcolm McFee 16/08/1940
John Craven 16/08/1940
Jeremy Leven 16/08/1941
Paul Hecht 16/08/1941
George Eastman 16/08/1942
Dietrich Hollinderbäumer 16/08/1942
Bob Balaban 16/08/1945
Stephen Peck 16/08/1946
Marc Messier 16/08/1947
Lois Nettleton 16/08/1948
Mirta Miller 16/08/1948
John McArdle 16/08/1949
Alena Penz 16/08/1949
Robert Culp 16/08/1950
Flor Silvestre 16/08/1950
Reginald VelJohnson 16/08/1952
Dee Hoty 16/08/1952
Fess Parker 16/08/1952
Isa Jank 16/08/1952
Vincent Curatola 16/08/1953
Caitlin O'Heaney 16/08/1953
Ben Jurand 16/08/1953
Jeff O'Haco 16/08/1954
James Cameron 16/08/1954
Sharon Baird 16/08/1955
Jeff Perry 16/08/1955
Josh Clark 16/08/1955
Marneen Fields 16/08/1955
Mirella D'Angelo 16/08/1956
Dale Raoul 16/08/1956
Laura Innes 16/08/1957
Bijan Daneshmand 16/08/1958
Tristan MacAvery 16/08/1958
Angela Bassett 16/08/1958
Jonathan Prince 16/08/1958
Jennifer Dorr White 16/08/1959
Gunilla Röör 16/08/1959
LaVelda Fann 16/08/1960
Noam Murro 16/08/1961
Elpidia Carrillo 16/08/1961
Steve Carell 16/08/1962
Robin Campillo 16/08/1962
King of All Blacks 16/08/1962
Bruce Beresford 16/08/1962
Christine Cavanaugh 16/08/1963
Joseph Griffin 16/08/1963
Andreas Dresen 16/08/1963
William Salyers 16/08/1964
Carrie Aizley 16/08/1964
Sharunas Bartas 16/08/1964
Brian McCann 16/08/1965
J.R. Bookwalter 16/08/1966
Tanya Franks 16/08/1967
Ulrika Jonsson 16/08/1967
Clovis Cornillac 16/08/1967
Andy Milder 16/08/1969
Kate Higgins 16/08/1969
Elaine Irwin 16/08/1969
Caron Bernstein 16/08/1970
Timothy Hutton 16/08/1970
John Louie 16/08/1970
Hongmei Mai 16/08/1970
Daniel Stewart Sherman 16/08/1970
Seth Peterson 16/08/1970
Manisha Koirala 16/08/1970
Kari Ketonen 16/08/1971
John Friedmann 16/08/1971
Emily Robison 16/08/1972
Frankie Boyle 16/08/1972
Yuliya Vysotskaya 16/08/1973
Carmen Llywelyn 16/08/1973
Mauricio Islas 16/08/1973
Manu Narayan 16/08/1973
George Stults 16/08/1975
Brad Morris 16/08/1975
Lori Rom 16/08/1975
Özlem Baskaya 16/08/1975
Sebastian Rice-Edwards 16/08/1976
Tze Chung Lam 16/08/1976
Whitney Dylan 16/08/1976
Jeremy Kewley 16/08/1976
Michelle Noh 16/08/1977
Jennifer Mudge 16/08/1978
Gyu-ri Kim 16/08/1979
Kevin Turen 16/08/1979
Upen Patel 16/08/1980
Vanessa Carlton 16/08/1980
Todd Haberkorn 16/08/1982
Rotem Sela 16/08/1983
Maaike Neuville 16/08/1983
John Fincher 16/08/1984
Alex Kaluzhsky 16/08/1984
Tilly Keeper 16/08/1985
Agnes Bruckner 16/08/1985
Arden Cho 16/08/1985
Hope Olaide Wilson 16/08/1985
Joren Seldeslachts 16/08/1986
Tara Mason 16/08/1986
Rina Grishina 16/08/1987
Alex Mills 16/08/1988
Marcella Lentz-Pope 16/08/1988
Rumer Willis 16/08/1988
Hauke Diekamp 16/08/1989
Shelise Hufstetler 16/08/1990
Jinyan Wu 16/08/1990
Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse 16/08/1991
G.E.M. 16/08/1991
Tarun Keram 16/08/1991
Young Thug 16/08/1991
Kévin Azaïs 16/08/1992
Rarmian Newton 16/08/1993
Eili Harboe 16/08/1994
Rob Fox 16/08/1996
Cam Gigandet 16/08/2001
Cole Jensen 16/08/2001
Tamer Hosny 16/08/2002
Cameron Monaghan 16/08/2003

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