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Characteristics of Person born on april 28th :

As far as material success or power is concerned, there are no heights to which persons born in this sign cannot rise. You may provide flattery from the persons who are attracted by you. You may incline to lack of caution. You are an impulsive by nature and quick in thought and action. You are very frank and out spoken. You may incline to make enemies for want of fact. You may be a kind person. You should be enabled you to carry out your plans. You are also able to execute your plans and ambitions successfully.

You are an extremely generous person. You allow your own way to oppose yourself. If anyone should try to take advantage of you, you may able to finish the person very easily. You are a person who has a great interest for outdoor life. You love the sports in all its forms. You are a careful person in all matters. You will also run considerable risks from fire, explosions. There is a possibility that you may meet the accident especially when you may travel through cars.

There will lots of opportunities at your hand. But the main thing is that you will able to make prosper at your life if you able to take the right chance at the right time. You may have to face some difficulties to achieve your goals. You love all the animals specially the dogs. In all matters of affection you are human puzzles. You can love passionately and yet to be inconstant at the same moment. It is only your shield of diplomacy and exquisite tact that often keeps you from making a mess of your lives.

You are more generous to the individuals than to the institutions. You may impulse in giving as in everything else you do. You generally have a rather long, narrow head and face. You may be forceful, masterful and self-reliant in all positions of authority overs others. You may stand out as a dominant leader, especially if you take an interest in political life or in military organizations. In such things you would be aggressive in your manner of speech or in writings, but at the same time you would command a large following. In business or industry you would aim to become the head and would be noted for your originality of ideas.

Friends of Person born on april 28th :

You may able to make good friends through -out your life. Your school life may be very favourable for you to make friends. You may achieve few good companies at your higher studies too. You may also get some good colleagues at your office mates. Your boss also may be very supportive to you. The persons, who are born on the months of November and the later part of December, may be your supportive friends. You are advised to be selective while you may select your friends. The persons, who are born o the months of September and March, may not be your friends. Be careful from your enemies because they may try to harm you.

Health of Person born on april 28th :

You may possess a good health. You may have a lot of great vitality and a splendid constitution. Sometimes you may feel lazy. There is a possibility that you may suffer from the nervous breakdown because of your excessive work pressure. There is a chance that you may suffer from cardiac problems on the letter part of your life. So you are advised to take care of your health. You may also suffer from high blood pressure. So dont need to take unnecessary mental pressure and tension. If you want to maintain a good health, you have to take a simple and balance diet. You always take your food in time. It may help you to recover yourself from the tendency of acidity.

Colour: for Person born on april 28th :

If you want to make your fortune more bright and promising, you may use the dresses with the colours of yellow, orange to golden brown. Those who are related to the field of business, may where the dresses with the colour of all shades of gold. It may bring your fortune. The favourable colour for the students is all shades of red. If you have any vital interview, you may use the dresses with the colour of crimson. The favourable colour for the lowers is rose. The business man may also use the dresses of yellow colour. This colour may help them to expand their business at a large scale. The golden brown is lucky colour for the doctors.

Finance of Person born on april 28th :

You have to pass your life through the ups and downs in terms of finance. You may able to earn a lot of money but cannot be able to save them because of your extra expenses. So you are advised to cut off your expense. You may make your fortune bright if you involve yourself in the fields of self -finance projects. There is a possibility that you may spend a lot of money on the sake of your opposite gender. So you are advised to keep yourself apart from the opposite gender. By your magnetic personality you will able to charm the great persons and these persons may help you to expand your business. There is a possibility that you may earn some unusual money from lottery and it may flourish your financial condition.

Career of Person born on april 28th :

You may start your career with any administrative works because you possess a good sense of judgement. You may also attach yourself with the self -financed projects. It may be a large or small one. You have the good luck for the business too. So you may invest your money to your business. There is a possibility that you may be supported by a great person to extend your business to a large scale. But you are advised to think twice before invest a lump sum amount of money at your business because it may be worse one. You also get involve into the fields of doctor, or even in the teaching professions, it may be a school teacher or professor.

Famous Persons born on april 28th

They are historian, Film actors, Politician, Leaders, Artists, Scientists, Novel Winners, etc.

Famous PersonBorn On
Lidia Alfonsi 28/04/1928
Michel Andrieux 28/04/1967
Ann-Margret 28/04/1941
Pietro Aretino 28/04/1492
Jim Baker 28/04/1930
Piersilvio Berlusconi 28/04/1969
Dr Bok 28/04/1906
Lucrezia Borgia 28/04/1479
Vivian F Butler 28/04/1910
John Daly 28/04/1966
Matthew Paul Davis 28/04/1956
Jody Driscoll 28/04/1972
Fremont Cutler Foss 28/04/1896
Saddam Hussein 28/04/1937
Ferruccio Lamborghini 28/04/1916
Harper Lee 28/04/1926
Jay Leno 28/04/1950
Simone Levi 28/04/1951
Susan Lukegord 28/04/1939
Gerard Majax 28/04/1943
James Monroe 28/04/1758
Antonio De Salazar 28/04/1889
Odette Sansome 28/04/1912
Eugene Shoemaker 28/04/1928
William Soutar 28/04/1898
Claudia Squitieri 28/04/1979
James Wray 28/04/1935
Gary Zack 28/04/1961
Walter Zenga 28/04/1960
Pierre Boileau 28/04/1906
Oskar Schindler 28/04/1908
Marjorie Kane 28/04/1909
Gertrude Messinger 28/04/1911
Paul Curran 28/04/1913
Patricia Knight 28/04/1915
Robert Anderson 28/04/1917
Harper Lee 28/04/1920
John Strauss 28/04/1920
Nancie Jackson 28/04/1921
Vivian Brown 28/04/1925
Adele Mara 28/04/1925
Bhanu Athaiya 28/04/1929
Evangelina Elizondo 28/04/1929
Carolyn Jones 28/04/1930
Gerry Crampton 28/04/1930
Paul Vecchiali 28/04/1930
Richard C. Sarafian 28/04/1930
Wanda Warska 28/04/1932
Lois Duncan 28/04/1934
Diane Johnson 28/04/1934
Tom Quinn 28/04/1934
Dorothy White 28/04/1935
Robert Cornthwaite 28/04/1935
Gwyneth Guthrie 28/04/1937
Frank J. Urioste 28/04/1938
Connie Marshall 28/04/1938
Madge Sinclair 28/04/1938
Fred Dibnah 28/04/1938
Emily Yancy 28/04/1939
Carolyn Moody 28/04/1940
Indus Arthur 28/04/1941
Nico Mastorakis 28/04/1941
Ilona Rodgers 28/04/1942
Beba Loncar 28/04/1943
Neil Summers 28/04/1944
Lionel Barrymore 28/04/1944
Pamela Murphy 28/04/1945
Charles Boswell 28/04/1945
Nour El-Sherif 28/04/1946
Martin Fisk 28/04/1946
John 'Bear' Curtis 28/04/1948
Marcia Strassman 28/04/1948
Terry Pratchett 28/04/1948
Rod Culbertson 28/04/1950
Franco Rossi 28/04/1952
Bob Rumnock 28/04/1953
Kim Gordon 28/04/1953
Mary Jo Randle 28/04/1954
Vic Sotto 28/04/1954
Todd Waring 28/04/1955
Douglas Warhit 28/04/1955
Jimmy Barnes 28/04/1956
Nancy Lee Grahn 28/04/1956
Christopher Young 28/04/1957
Gabrielle Lazure 28/04/1957
Jeannine Bisignano 28/04/1957
Teodor Corban 28/04/1957
Carolyn Komant 28/04/1958
Cassandra Gava 28/04/1959
Ann-Margret 28/04/1960
Ian Rankin 28/04/1960
Jamieson Price 28/04/1961
David Pollock 28/04/1961
Sandrine Dumas 28/04/1963
Lloyd Eisler 28/04/1963
Donatas Banionis 28/04/1965
Too $hort 28/04/1966
John Daly 28/04/1966
Sig Hansen 28/04/1966
Kari Wuhrer 28/04/1967
Jonathan Gilbert 28/04/1967
Claes Bang 28/04/1967
Monique Noel 28/04/1967
Melissa Fahn 28/04/1967
Kevin Jubinville 28/04/1967
Howard Donald 28/04/1968
Blake Neely 28/04/1969
Bobby Deen 28/04/1970
Taj Johnson 28/04/1971
Anna Anka 28/04/1971
Chris Young 28/04/1971
Simbi Kali 28/04/1971
Nikkhil Advani 28/04/1971
Bridget Moynahan 28/04/1971
Anana Rydvald 28/04/1972
Jason Hall 28/04/1972
Vernon Kay 28/04/1972
Gabriel Casseus 28/04/1972
Jorge Garcia 28/04/1973
Elena Arvigo 28/04/1974
Eric Vale 28/04/1974
Alitzah 28/04/1975
Daniel J. Goor 28/04/1975
Peta-Marie Rixon 28/04/1975
Brad Raider 28/04/1975
Veronika Hadrava 28/04/1976
Nathan Lee Chasing His Horse 28/04/1976
Alex Leigh 28/04/1977
Robert Oliveri 28/04/1978
Nate Richert 28/04/1978
Dave Power 28/04/1978
Lauren Laverne 28/04/1978
Bahram Radan 28/04/1979
Saddam Hussein 28/04/1979
Henry David 28/04/1979
Sharman Joshi 28/04/1979
Josh Young 28/04/1980
Jessica Alba 28/04/1981
Catherine Reitman 28/04/1981
Cheyenne Rushing 28/04/1981
Ben Loyd-Holmes 28/04/1981
Michael Carbonaro 28/04/1982
Laure de Butler 28/04/1982
Olivia Friedman 28/04/1982
Koyel Mallick 28/04/1982
Donna Feldman 28/04/1982
Harry Shum Jr. 28/04/1982
Maximilien Poullein 28/04/1983
Ayse Melike Çerçi 28/04/1983
Toshiyuki Toyonaga 28/04/1984
Norelle Van Herk 28/04/1984
Nausicaa Bonnín 28/04/1985
Shinelle Azoroh 28/04/1985
Tom Taus 28/04/1986
Jenna Ushkowitz 28/04/1986
Stephanie Corneliussen 28/04/1987
Tonia Sotiropoulou 28/04/1987
Tyler Boyco 28/04/1987
Addie Land 28/04/1988
Annie Chen 28/04/1989
Miriam Giovanelli 28/04/1989
Franciska Töröcsik 28/04/1990
Stephen J. Eads 28/04/1990
Julienne Liberto 28/04/1990
Victoria Shefer 28/04/1991
Patricia Ashley 28/04/1991
Taylor Anne Reid 28/04/1991
Aleisha Allen 28/04/1991
Jay Leno 28/04/1992
Olivia Ross 28/04/1992
Mark Durbin 28/04/1995
Melanie Martinez 28/04/1995
Joshua DesRoches 28/04/1998
Edvard Olsson 28/04/2000
Dorothée Berryman 28/04/2000
Frankie Fitzgerald 28/04/2000
Paul Guilfoyle 28/04/2000
Samantha Lockwood 28/04/2001
Madeleine Harris 28/04/2001

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