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Characteristics of Person born on april 24th :

You like to travel for the thirst of duty of nature. You are keenly interested in the customs and habits of other nations. You like to assimilate yourself with the others culture and it may help you to make yourself more prominent and outstanding in terms of all sections. You also love the entertainments. You like to watch movies, televisions, play, and drama.

You also earn a lot of money because you want to be a rich one in terms of money. But you cannot be able to save them because of your unnecessary expenses. You are advised to reduce your expenses because it may be a cause of drop down of your financial condition. You are also very fond of the theatre and opera and you should do well if you take these as your professions. You have a great interest in all kinds of art and artistic venture. For this very quality you may be fascinated for painting, poetry, drama, novel, sculpture, music and all forms of dance. There is a possibility that you may marry early, acting from impulse more than reason.

You are advised not to take any sudden decisions in terms of you early marriage because there is a possibility of divorce. It is also true that you may like to marry for the second time in the later part of your life. You like to use most of your money in terms of good things. There is a tendency that you like to live within lots of luxury and enjoyment. You will make a good show in your home and surroundings.

The tendency may be to live too well to expend beyond your income. You are very lucky in terms of getting friends and you may achieve this due to your pleasing personality. You should be very careful to curb your generosity and not let it impoverish you. You may be very popular among your surroundings. You are very affectionate, warm hearted and passionate towards of your opposite gender. You are also demonstrative and easily attracted towards your opposite gender.

You love to join with social organization and charitable works. You also possess a sympathetic nature in your heart. You appeal impulsively for assistance for others. You also possess a genial generous quality in your heart. You are also very energetic and enthusiastic. You are intensely independent in work. You must do everything in your own way and if others interfere you generally make a muddle of your plan and step back and let the other person to take your place.

Friends of Person born on april 24th :

The persons who are born on the later middle part of July and end part of august, may feel a magnetic attraction towards you. They may also be very supportive to you too. You may make a strong bond with them and it may be a strong part of your life. Even you can choose your life partner from these persons. Always try to avoid the persons who are born in the first part of October. These persons may always try to spoil you and your career. The persons who are related to self financed project may get a supportive and friendly boss. Those who are involve with the partnership business, they may also get few cooperative business partners. With the help of these partners you may able to flourish your career at a considerable length. But the person who are working at the govt sector, are advised to be apart from your office mates. Most of your officemate always try to spoil your career.

Health of Person born on april 24th :

You may be liable to suffer with afflictions, concerning the head, such as delicacy of throat, nose and ear. There is also a tendency that you may suffer from the severe headache. It may be due to your eye problems or even for your nervous disorder. You are advised to taste your eyes in a regular basis. With respect to health you may have a good constitution and quickly recovering from any kinds of illness. You need a proper hours of sleep. There is a possibility that you may suffer from glands problem during the later middle part of your life. So be careful regarding your health. Otherwise it would be a serious and expensive one.

Colour: for Person born on april 24th :

The all shades of res is lucky colour for students. The crimson is favourable for those who are related to administrative sections. The persons who are related to the entertainment world they must wear the dress of purple colour at their important dates. The all shades of blue is favourable for the persons who are working at the government fields. If you want to get the mental peace, you must wear the dress of violet from the lightest to the darkest. The persons who are related to the fields of airlines and aircrafts, they may use the dress coloured by grey. If you have any serious interview you must wear the dress which has a touch of green. The persons who are related to literature, they may wear the dress of yellow colour at their important dates. All these above colours may bring the proper fortune for the every persons of their respective fields.

Finance of Person born on april 24th :

You are more or less lucky in terms of money during the early year of your life. But due to your extra expenses and unnecessary luxuries, you cannot be able to save money for your future days. There may be a great danger of your finding yourself in an improvised condition long before the end of your days. It would be well for you to make provision for your advanced year. You gain a few properties and money also by your marriage, by legacies and by gifts.

Career of Person born on april 24th :

The students are more or less favourable at their career. But if you want to make your future more prosperous you have to pay more attention towards your studies. You may attach with the fields of literature because you possess a genius in your writing skill. You also have the artistic talent. So you may put you and into this fields also. This will able to make your career very smooth and prosperous. You may also involve with the entertainment world. From this you may get a huge popularity and success.

Famous Persons born on april 24th

They are historian, Film actors, Politician, Leaders, Artists, Scientists, Novel Winners, etc.

Famous PersonBorn On
Susanna Agnelli 24/04/1922
Gail Ember Alkovich 24/04/1949
Laura Breska 24/04/1906
Sharon Brown 24/04/1950
Ray Burns 24/04/1954
Paul Cellucci 24/04/1948
Richard M Daley 24/04/1927
Willem De Kooning 24/04/1904
Giorgio De Lullo 24/04/1921
Hugh Dowding 24/04/1882
Janet Downing 24/04/1953
Madeline West Duchovny 24/04/1999
Joseph Simon Galliene 24/04/1849
Sue Grafton 24/04/1940
Timothy Green 24/04/1967
Diana Guerrero 24/04/1960
Sam Ibera 24/04/1960
Jill Ireland 24/04/1936
Sue Kay 24/04/1941
Daniel Logan 24/04/1936
Renee Longarini 24/04/1931
Shirley MacLaine 24/04/1934
Bernardo Mattia 24/04/1981
Henri Petain 24/04/1856
Jean Prouvost 24/04/1885
Erich Raeder 24/04/1876
Carmina Cecilia Salcido 24/04/1986
Veronique Sanson 24/04/1949
Jose Sarney 24/04/1930
Monte Gene Smith 24/04/1967
Eric Snow 24/04/1973
Barbra Streisand 24/04/1942
Stanny Van Paesschen 24/04/1957
Paula Yates 24/04/1959
Joe Garcio 24/04/1904
Gabriel Figueroa 24/04/1907
Pupella Maggio 24/04/1910
Albert Zugsmith 24/04/1910
Jack E. Leonard 24/04/1910
Paul Esser 24/04/1913
William Castle 24/04/1914
Larry J. Blake 24/04/1914
Ruth White 24/04/1914
Michael Pertwee 24/04/1916
Richard Karlan 24/04/1919
Lucy Griffiths 24/04/1919
Betty Jane Rhodes 24/04/1921
Ruth Kobart 24/04/1924
Jay Lawrence 24/04/1924
John J. Fox 24/04/1924
Martine Bartlett 24/04/1925
Cindy Adams 24/04/1925
Virginia Huston 24/04/1925
Marilyn Erskine 24/04/1926
Florinda Chico 24/04/1926
Ralston Hill 24/04/1927
Pasqualino De Santis 24/04/1927
Tatsumi Kumashiro 24/04/1927
Bruce Kirby 24/04/1928
Rajkumar 24/04/1929
Richard Donner 24/04/1930
Lisa Howard 24/04/1930
Claire Davenport 24/04/1933
John Barbour 24/04/1933
Patricia Bosworth 24/04/1933
Helmuth Lohner 24/04/1933
Shirley Boone 24/04/1934
Eva Lee Kuney 24/04/1934
Isabella Rye 24/04/1935
Graham Armitage 24/04/1936
Tucker Smith 24/04/1936
Mac Mohan 24/04/1938
David L. Ross 24/04/1939
J.D. Cannon 24/04/1940
Chris Kelly 24/04/1940
John Williams 24/04/1941
Roy Alon 24/04/1942
Luree Holmes 24/04/1942
Ed Bianchi 24/04/1942
David Morrell 24/04/1943
Donald G. Jackson 24/04/1943
Christian Pätzold 24/04/1944
Dominique Lavanant 24/04/1944
Valerie Kairys 24/04/1945
Scutter McKay 24/04/1945
Peter Friedman 24/04/1949
Sien Eggers 24/04/1951
Steven Lisberger 24/04/1951
Charles Black Jr. 24/04/1952
Jean-Paul Gaultier 24/04/1952
Tim Woodward 24/04/1953
Ely Galleani 24/04/1953
Jonathan Coy 24/04/1953
Marii Mak 24/04/1954
Joe Gieb 24/04/1954
John de Mol 24/04/1955
Michael O'Keefe 24/04/1955
Neil Schell 24/04/1957
Tricia Lange 24/04/1957
Pauli Poranen 24/04/1958
John Vargas 24/04/1958
Glenn Morshower 24/04/1959
Todd Hunter 24/04/1959
Paula Yates 24/04/1959
Alex Corrado 24/04/1961
Scott Rosenberg 24/04/1963
Cedric the Entertainer 24/04/1964
Mia Bendixsen 24/04/1964
Jennifer Thanisch 24/04/1964
Hagen Bogdanski 24/04/1965
Victoria Carreras 24/04/1966
Jill Ireland 24/04/1966
Nada Despotovich 24/04/1967
Patty Schemel 24/04/1967
Héctor Holten 24/04/1967
Ajai Sanders 24/04/1967
Stacy Haiduk 24/04/1968
Ian Murray 24/04/1968
Veit Helmer 24/04/1968
Ludovic Berthillot 24/04/1969
Mark Hentemann 24/04/1969
Viveca Paulin 24/04/1969
Jeremy Lowe 24/04/1970
Stefania Rocca 24/04/1971
Dan Kyle 24/04/1972
Damon Lindelof 24/04/1973
Louis Tripp 24/04/1973
Gabby Logan 24/04/1973
Jennifer Paz 24/04/1974
Eric Kripke 24/04/1974
Antoin Cox 24/04/1974
Derek Luke 24/04/1974
Trent Luckinbill 24/04/1975
Thad Luckinbill 24/04/1975
Joe Towne 24/04/1975
Kenny Saylors 24/04/1976
Shane McDermott 24/04/1976
Nicolas Cazalé 24/04/1977
Eric Balfour 24/04/1977
Rebecca Mader 24/04/1977
Matthew Steer 24/04/1978
Hyun-joo Kim 24/04/1978
Jules Lund 24/04/1979
Reagan Gomez-Preston 24/04/1980
Kimberley Cooper 24/04/1980
Danny Gokey 24/04/1980
Jasmine Trinca 24/04/1981
Alexis Ohanian 24/04/1983
Lindsey Gort 24/04/1984
Sia Berkeley 24/04/1985
Courtnee Draper 24/04/1985
Joséphine Jobert 24/04/1985
Jason Maza 24/04/1987
Maja Rung 24/04/1987
Dylan Hafertepen 24/04/1987
Varun Dhawan 24/04/1987
Jade Gordon 24/04/1987
Jinri Park 24/04/1988
Katherine Webb 24/04/1989
Christina Stojanovich 24/04/1989
Agathe Bonitzer 24/04/1989
Nino Del Padre 24/04/1991
Nicole Gulasekharam 24/04/1991
Erica Muse 24/04/1992
Jack Quaid 24/04/1992
Leah Messer 24/04/1992
Jenna Stone 24/04/1993
Stella Damasus 24/04/1994
Austin Rogers 24/04/1994
Ludmilla 24/04/1995
Angelica Jopling 24/04/1997
Hanna Obbeek 24/04/1998
West Duchovny 24/04/1999
Sonia Conlin 24/04/2000
Miles Butler-Hughton 24/04/2001

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