Person Born on February 23rd

If you are born on February 23rd then Astrology or numerology can predicts many information about you as every year on February 23rd Sun will be in same position. Every planets has different frequency and take more or less time to revolve around Sun compared to earth , hence all the other planet will be in different location every year on February 23rd. Sun is the most powerful among all other powers hence Being Sun on a fixed location on February 23rd on your birth date, a lot can be predicted about you from your horoscope or kundali..


You are not demonstrative and are not willing or ready to express yourselves in words. You are more organizer than orator. You care little for convention or for the opinion of other. You have a philosophical trend in your outlook of life. You have a strong magnetic power of attraction. This very quality may attract the persons towards you.

You will incline to be much misunderstood. You love to live within yourselves as you are. There is a possibility that your plans and thoughts may not be same with the others. You are a person who has excellence for mental development. You will be influenced by the conscientious painstaking nature. You may be very dominant and independent in your character.

You have to care little whether the world appreciate your work or not. You are a person who has a quality of self contained. You deeply appreciate encouragement. You may do almost anything for a few words of praise of kindness. You possess a remarkable power of the eye which easily subduing excitable people and compelling you to listen to the reason and logics.

You may give a keen penetrating knowledge of human nature with a curiously strong influence over other. You are a person who has the great quality of voracious reading. You may able to absorb what you read or hear rapidly, with good memory, which you draw upon when the occasion requires this for the benefits of others.

You have a fascination for the subjects related to science and you love to prove the fact. At the same time you are extremely ambitious and your work should be recognized. You also hanker after the wealth and position. You are sceptical of theories and yet are heart metaphysically inclined. You are a person who is unhappy in their domestic life.

You rarely meet the member of the opposite gender who may understand you properly. On the domestic front opposition for you usually come through your children. As far as the marital success or power is concern, there are no heights to which person born in this sign can-not rise. Success, however, is often your undoing praise and flattery is inclined to make you have bloated heads.

You will embrace yourself to meet many secret sorrows and disappointments which may be continually cropping up, but by the development of strength of will, determination and never letting go of your ambition, you may run the chances of surmounting all difficulties in the end.


You may able to make a great circle of friends. You may able to make this with the support of your outspoken quality. But the main problem is that due to this quality you may also able to make some strong enemies too. So be careful before talking with the persons. The persons, who are born on the months of March and the later part of November, may be your good friends. You may able to communicate with them very clearly. Some of the friends may be with you whole of your life. But the persons, who are born on the months of December and January, may be worst enemies. So very selective you ate selecting your friends.


You are a person full of energy. You may able to maintain a healthy life. But there is a probability that you may suffer from the problem related to kidney and bladders. You are advised to take proper rest and to take the sound sleep. It may help you to maintain a sound health. You are also advised to take the food in time and to take much water because there is possibility that you may suffer from disease related to liver. Try to stay away yourself from the strong drinks and alcohol because it may ruin your internal system you may be recognized by your purpose, restlessness and extreme irritability.


If you want to make your fortune more prosperous you have to use the dress with the colour of white. The all shades of grey are lucky for you. The persons, who are related to business , may use the dresses of glittering colour. These colours may bring a prosperous fortune for you. If you have any important interview you can use the dress coloured with yellow or green because these colours are favourable for you. When you decide any serious deal regarding your service you may wear the attire which have the combination of cherry red and purple.


You may be able to maintain a more or less a well financial condition through-out your life. You are a person who may not able to earn a huge amount of money. But you may save them because you are a person who does not like to spend unnecessarily. You are advised not to lend money to others because there is a less possibility to get back the money. This incident may harm your financial condition. Think twice before any large investment because there is a high risk of loss. If you want to control your financial condition, you have to use your brain in the cases of monitory investments.


You may able to start your career from any government sector. May be it would be a lower grade one. But there is a possibility that you may able flourish your career on the later part of your life. The person who are related to the business they may flourish their career with the spanning your business field at a large scale. The students may able to reach their goals if they can concentrate on their proposed syllabus and studies. There is a possibility that the students may face a lot of hindrances at their higher studies. So be careful regarding your study.

Famous Persons born on February 23rd are listed bellow. They are historian, Film actors, Politician, Leaders, Artists, Scientists, Novel Winners, etc.

Famous PersonBorn On
Gail Barber 23/02/1937
James Houston Baxter 23/02/1894
Youssef Ben Khedha 23/02/1920
Shelley Berman 23/02/1926
Shelby Blackstock 23/02/1990
Titus Brandsma 23/02/1881
Ryan John Cassidy 23/02/1966
Federico Chabod 23/02/1901
Regine Crespin 23/02/1927
Dorothea DeLuce 23/02/1897
Peter Fonda 23/02/1940
Harmony Foster 23/02/1947
Thomas Gallagher 23/02/1918
Marc Garneau 23/02/1949
Lila U Gregory 23/02/1898
William A Gunter 23/02/1888
Joyce Jackson 23/02/1954
Karl Jaspers 23/02/1883
Viktoras Kulvinskas 23/02/1939
Hendrik Willem Mesdag 23/02/1831
Colin Miles 23/02/1942
Johannes Morinus 23/02/1583
Prince Naruhito 23/02/1960
Helen Nearing 23/02/1904
Rita Poelvoorde 23/02/1951
Theodosia Preston 23/02/1914
Baron Rothschild 23/02/1743
Baron Rotschild 23/02/1743
Flip Saunders 23/02/1955
Claude Sautet 23/02/1924
Margot Seitelman 23/02/1928
William L Shirer 23/02/1904
Luigi Oreste Speciani 23/02/1921
Patricia Sun 23/02/1941
Bruno Traven 23/02/1882
Diane Varsi 23/02/1938
Jean Jacques Waltz 23/02/1873
G Watts 23/02/1817
Brad Whitford 23/02/1952

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