2 Ruling Planets for Love

2 Ruling Planets for Love
One of the most significant parts of our life is marriage. We can check how the marriage will continue, will there be any harmony or not through the Astrology. We all know that love is an essential part of marriage. Anyone can fall in love, the most wonderful experience of life. Love is celestial. It is advanced form of spirituality. From the ancient ages love marriage has been happening through put the world. In the Vedic period we can find it is familiar in the name of Gandharva Vivah. Now a day, love marriage is a common incident comparing to the arrange marriage. In the case of love marriage both men and women get the opportunity to understand each other completely. They have the chance to know the likes or dislikes, nature and interest of each other. In spite of that we can experience breakdown of love marriage man occasions. There may be some reasons behind the failure of love marriage. It is possible that one get into love without performing yoga of love-marriage in one’s chart of birth.

The planet Venus is known as “planet of love”, “king of romance” and “biggest provider of happy moments in the universe”. Hence, in case of love Venus is the main planet. The success of love marriage will be a matter of joke without Venus’ support. Owing to the planet likes Rahu, Jupiter, Mars or Moon you may fall in love. But it will not be fruitful one. You will face many obstacles throughout your life.

Venus – the Karaka of Love

The planet Venus has a crucial role regarding marriage. The planet decides itself whether you will go for love marriage or not. It is the owner of desire, joy and pleasure. Venus must be unaffected and pure for a steady emotional life and true love. The Karaka of love, Venus when is located at ascendant, fifth house, seventh house or eleventh house then it denotes the caring and adorable nature of an individual. The planet Venus denotes senses and purity.

Hence, if it is well-placed and unaffected then sense of your would be your control. And the love would be genuine. If Venus is the owner of the fifth house and is located in the seventh house then you will definitely get a happy ending regarding your love marriage. The chance of love marriage is there if Venus is located in the ascendant in the chart of Moon or is located in the fifth house from the planet Moon.

Mars is key planet also for love

Both Mars and Venus possess a big impact on successful, happy and committed relationship. Both of them are the planets of relationship foundation. It these planets are well-placed on your chart then you will always enjoy a happy married life. The planet Jupiter plays a significant role in case of women. But do you know why these two planets i.e. Mars and Venus are more important? It is easy to fall in love. But the most difficult task is to keep going your love and fight for your dear ones. And this feature only Mars can provide to you. Bravely represent your love marriage in front of people.

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